White Jade: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

white jade meanning and benefits

White Jade: What is White Jade Stone Good For?

White Jade is a natural crystal that emanates vibrant white light. It has an interesting depth to its meaning and properties, with its roots in calm and positive energies. However, White Jade exhibits these energies in a very tangible manner. With this crystal, you will feel threads of calmness weaving around you.

Now that you know a little about White Jade meaning, let’s talk more about the crystal’s physical properties.The White Jade gemstone is a Nephrite Jade, which is a silicate of calcium and magnesium (the other type is Jadeite), found in shades of white: pure white, off-white, or a creamy color. Due to these colors, it earned the quirky names of “mutton-fat jade” and “chicken bone jade”.

What Are the Healing Properties of White Jade?

White Jade healing properties are diverse and extremely powerful, which is one of the many reasons this gemstone is highly cherished.

  • Spiritual

White Jade gemstone purifies your heart and rejuvenates your inner energy. It cleanses you from harmful, dark energy and makes your chest feel lighter. Picture this crystal as a smooth wave of the ocean rushing to the shore, merging with the sand and leaving it refreshed as it goes back.That is how a White Jade interacts with you. It has powerful properties that are known to lighten you up spiritually. It gets rid of your troubling auras, inspiring you to find more meaning in life.

Interestingly, White Jade is called a grounding stone, but why?

We humans are filled with a whole range of emotions, some more unstable and exasperating than others. White Jade interlinks with these emotions and placates them, connecting with your energies on a deeper level and soothing them. It helps you keep your composure and enhances your capabilities in your personal and social lives.

  • Mental

The White Jade gemstone acts as an empowering shield by protecting you from recurring senseless thoughts. It also strengthens your mind and gives you clarity in your perspectives. You will be able to make decisions more assertively and calmly.

It is also incredible how White Jade helps you claim power over your mind. Clearing away flimsy obstructions in your mental ventures, it enables you to gain insight and prudence.

Apart from this, it uplifts your confidence and self-assurance. This quality opens new doors for you in all aspects of your life. White Jade tackles overly negative criticism of the self and inspires a healthy amount of certainty in your dealings of daily life.

White Jade, furthermore, calms down anxiety, which is an emotion you never want to face in critical situations. The stone is also known to clear away nervousness and worry. It also pacifies aggravation and instills a more composed disposition. This crystal can act as your soothing talisman!

  • Emotional

When it comes to your emotional stability, White Jade is alleged to have a significant influence in this regard. The feeling of love – the most fundamental and treasured emotion of all – is inspired and enhanced by this particular gemstone. We all hear that we could use a little more love if we were to survive on this planet, and it looks like White Jade takes it upon itself to make that happen!

The beautiful,light-and-love-inducing energies of this stone open your heart to others. This works like a charm for your relationships with your loved ones. You will be more open to communication, affection, and endearment. This factor, in turn, brings happiness and peace in your life. Hardly believable, isn’t it?

Plus, White Jade has the power to saturate your personality with kindness, love, and nobility. It sets your moral compass straight when you’re confused. This is why it is always encouraged to use White Jade for the betterment of the self. It shifts your inclinations towards better and healthier life choices.  

Moreover, White Jade miraculously handles feelings of disappointment and resentment. It helps you get over feelings that hold you back and illuminates your shortcomings in a positive light so you can improve yourself and become a better person.

But that is not all! The White Jade gemstone is known to bring luck and prosperity at your doorstep. It has been used as a lucky charm and talisman for centuries. It is associated with wealth as well. It is a favorite stone among business owners for its specialties with fortune and wealth.

  • Physical

White Jade holds remarkable healing properties on a physical level as well. We know it is a healing crystal at its core. The minerals that form White Jade are a common element between this gemstone and the human body. Therefore,the stone readily resonates with one’s personal energies and encourages the body to cure itself.

It does wonders with bladder and kidney problems. White Jade is helpful with fluid retention and balancing blood sugar levels. It also stabilizes high blood pressure.

Besides this, White Jade may help with arthritis, hip pains, and other joint conditions. It is also believed by shamans that White Jade regulates the reproductive system if there are problems in the fertility cycle.

White Jade, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Astrology, astrological signs, and horoscopes have played a substantial role in the lives of so many civilizations before us.  However, how is the White Jade stone linked with zodiac signs?

White Jade is majorly associated with two of the 12 zodiac signs: Libra and Pisces.

White Jade is a traditional stone for Librans, who emanate the qualities of the stone. They are strong-willed, fair-minded, and calm, and thus share the element of “balance” with the White Jade stone.

White Jade is a birthstone for people born in March, who are Pisces. It is a good luck charm for all Pisces people and provides them with emotional strength and stability since they are very sensitive and emotional individuals.

White Jade and the Elements

Out of the four main elements (earth, water, fire, and air), White Jade resonates with the earth element. It draws its energies from the earth and shares in the earth’s fundamental traits and characteristics.

The earth element is known to birth abundance, prosperity, and fertility, which reflects in several different facets of your life, including health, wealth, love, friendships, and the likes. Furthermore, the earth element of the White Jade helps in grounding your energy and stabilizing it. It unlocks your potential and boosts you up towards a better position in life, both mentally and emotionally. You will attract money, success, and prosperity. This aspect of the stone helps you open a lot of closed doors and gives you stable ground to work on.

Clarity of thoughts and surety in decisions will be a prominent and improved change in your life due to this particular feature of the White Jade stone.

White Jade and Numerology

Apart from its other energies, it might be interesting to look at the actual physical energy infused and emitted by this multidimensional rock. Time for a little bit of science!

It’s common knowledge that everything in the universe is a bundle of “energy”, meaning that at the core of everything – all matter – raw energy exists. It exhibits in the form of vibrations and frequencies. The same goes for our healing crystals.

All these crystals have a specific vibration number, which makes them exceptionally unique in their properties. How they vibrate with a specific frequency gives them their individuality when it comes to their energies.

White Jade has a vibration number of 11, which holds significance for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. It can be useful to know a crystal’s vibration number because it helps you pick the ones whose frequencies match with what you’re trying to achieve from a stone.

But what exactly does the number 11 mean?

11 is a significant number in the world of enlightenment. It represents spiritual enlightenment. It is a Master number, which is a symbol for knowledge of the divine and deeper insight. It transmutes your powers from a personal level to a higher level.

The number 11 is also considered an angel number. It has been considered the closest numerical relation with the divine and higher realms. The vibration number 11 of the White Jade gemstone provides you with insight and strong intuitive skills. If you consistently see the number 11 showing up in your life, that is a sign from your higher self that you are on the right path to spiritual enlightenment.

White Jade for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Chakra balancing has maintained people’s interest and intrigue since forever. Gemstones are linked with specific chakras and are used to align them.

The White Jade gemstone is known to align two specific chakras: the Heart and Crown Chakras.

The Heart Chakra is placed near the breastbone. When you feel out of place and out of control of your own life, it means your Heart Chakra is unaligned. This causes trouble with your capacity to love, accept, and let go.

White Jade helps you as it purifies the energies of your heart and re-energizes your emotional potential by realigning your Heart Chakra. It helps you react calmly and coolly towards situations that would otherwise displace your emotional standing. You are able to handle the struggles and difficulties of daily life without feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

Additionally, White Jade opens your heart to positive, healthy acceptance. Communication will become effective, and you will be more capable of handling your range of emotions. It also helps you unhook yourself from negative feelings that drain your happiness, like feelings of resentment, grudges, etc.

As mentioned earlier, White Jade also helps with the Crown Chakra. It is related to the mind and works with your mental disposition. Aligning the Crown Chakra instills a sort of clarity inside you. Things you are confused or conflicted about will take a new clarified form in your mind. It provides calmness and serenity.

Decision-making becomes easier and more effective by balancing the Crown Chakra with White Jade. It activates your potential to learn, observe, and acknowledge. This stone, thus, induces wisdom and intuition.

Balancing the Crown Chakra is important for self-realization and to fully comprehend your strengths and limits. White Jade helps a great deal with self-confidence, making you more sure of your actions and ensuring that every step you take solidifies your confidence further.

White Jade for Building Wealth and Prosperity

The glowing white color of this Jade gemstone represents luck, hope, and abundance. White Jade is particularly known for this purpose and is also famously associated with wealth.

The stone will get rid of energies that bring you down, in turn enabling you to redirect your energy towards where it is needed. With that, you will be able to visualize your goals clearly and direct all your focus on them.

It prepares you for dealing with business problems in a smart fashion and helps you tackle and solve them with a clear head.

Apart from this, White Jade brings abundance in luck and ensures that it stays with you throughout your hard times.

Stones to Combine with White Jade to Attract Money, Success, and Abundance

To direct your intention even more intensely towards manifesting success and abundance, you can pair White Jade jewelry or White Jade stone with several other stones.

  • White Jade with Pyrite
    Pyrite is known as Fool’s Gold. Its cubic structure and outer form resemble that of gold. For this reason, it has been very popular as a talisman for wealth attraction, and it works! It paves your path to a wealthy future. Paired with White Jade, Pyrite will bring heaps of luck and wealth in your life.
  • White Jade with Green Aventurine
    Known as the stone of opportunity, Green Aventurine is responsible for guiding you towards a better future by presenting great opportunities in your life. It is a stone that prevents you from missing out on chances that can potentially turn your life around.
  • White Jade with Tiger’s Eye
    Labeled as the stone of the mind, this stone helps you accept the harsh truth and realities. Thus, it plunges you forward in life by clearing away past obstacles and providing clarity of mind. It deters you from bad impulsive decisions and encourages patience for the right things in your life. Tiger’s Eye is also famous for helping you concentrate and stay focus on your goals, aiding you towards completion of projects.
  • White Jade with Citrine
    Known as the Lucky Merchant’s stone, Citrine welcomes success and wealth abundantly. It is known for its financial enrichment as well as for helping you maintain a positive mindset. Citrine also encourages generosity with wealth, which is important for you to keep your morals in check, in case you get greedy!

White Jade for Spiritual Enlightenment

White Jade has been recognized as the ultimate “Dream Stone” since the beginning of time. It is used in rituals, magic practices, and other things with divine or supernatural purposes. The reason behind that is its profound connection with the divine.

The White Jade gemstone enables you to get in touch with your higher self. It guides you towards enlightenment, wisdom, and sagacity and also works for dream solving. You can tap into a small fraction of divine knowledge through this stone.

Stones to Combine with White Jade for Spiritual Enlightenment

To direct your intention towards spiritual enlightenment and connection to your higher self, you can pair White Jade with these other stones:

  • Amethyst
    The beautiful Amethyst is a soothing stone. It calms your inner self and opens doors for communication within different realms of the world. To say that it is a stone for psychic communication won’t be wrong because it helps you achieve spiritual enlightenment and greater awareness of the world you live in.
  • Labradorite
    Known as the ‘Stone of Magic’, Labradorite is a very peculiar stone that has mystical powers. It protects you from the unknown as you acquire a deeper insight into the spiritual world. It is known to aid telepathic powers and clairvoyance.
  • Blue Lace Agate
    It is famous for its specialty with communication, whether this communication is with yourself, with your loved ones, or with the spiritual angelic realm. It helps you brush off unfavorable emotions and gives you a better understanding of yourself and the world as well.
  • Lapis Lazuli
    Linked with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, Lapis Lazuli is a master in higher consciousness, deeper enlightenment, self-discovery, and speaking your truth. This stone enhances your cognitive skills and perception. It also allows you a look into the spiritual world through dreams and their meanings.

How to Use Your White Jade Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Before you begin to reap the benefits from the healing properties of White Jade, you need to know that there are certain ways to use this gemstone correctly.

  • Hold your stone during meditation. Place it near your prayer mat or in your hands while you pray.
  • Wear a White Jade mala beads, which is essentially a necklace.
  • Wear White Jade bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces, as a reminder to yourself of your spiritual journey on a daily basis.
  • Hold the stone near the center of your breastbone or above your head while meditating to align the heart and crown chakra, respectively.

How to Use White Jade for Feng Shui

Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice carried out to harmonize your energies with your surroundings. It is a great way to achieve harmony, balance, and peace in your life.White Jade is associated with Wood Energy, signifying nourishment, abundance, and growth. Wood energy directs towards new beginnings and opportunities.

  • Combine White Jade with Feng Shui for Financial and Monetary Abundance
    It is a tradition to place White Jade in the east and southeast parts of a house, workplace, or a room for abundance in luck and fortune. It is also paired with other money-attracting crystals.

    You can create crystal grids out of these wealth crystals, which is also a sacred tradition. Crystal grids are done in the shapes of sacred geometries as these geometric patterns are believed to be a form of language use to communicate with the Universe. When combining crystals with sacred geometry and feng shui you are broadcasting your intentions in a much more amplified fashion to the Universe. This in turns give you a better chance of attracting prosperity, wealth, and good luck for new projects and ideas much faster than just simply praying.
  • Combine White Jade with Feng Shui for Spiritual Growth
    The tradition is to place White Jade along with other crystals in the northeast parts of your office, home, or even in your child’s room. This will give way to knowledge, self-actualization, and enlightenment.

How Was White Jade Used in Ancient Times?

This stone was prized as a noble stone through the centuries. Its medicinal use was extensive. It was believed to cure heart and lung diseases, strengthen vocal cords, and even prolong life!

It was a norm to make an elixir out of Jade stone. People from different tribes believed Jade elixir to provide immortality.

Apart from the medicinal uses, this stone was used for adornment and embellishment of clothes, breastplates, amulets, tablets, etc. White Jade jewelry was considered a thing of the nobles and the high gentry.

How Do You Care for Your White Jade?

It is very imperative to cleanse your crystals as they are your metaphysical tools. If you have been using your White Jade gemstone for healing purposes, it is definite that it has been sucking in negative energies. Now it is time to cleanse it properly because it is important to keep it at its most effective state.

The following tips can be followed to cleanse your White Jade gemstone:

  • Sage Smoke
    Immerse your crystal in a bowl of sage smoke. It is important that you fully sink the crystal into the smoke so that it is engulfed in sage essence.
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
    To perform this, you’ll need a singing bowl. Place your White Jade stone near the crystal singing bowl as you play the vibrations of the bowl. The sounds will resonate through the crystal, cleaning it thoroughly. As you are playing the singing bowl, have a positive mindset and mentally say, “May this healing vibration cleans my crystals of all negativity and soak in love and light.”
  • Sunlight
    White Jade can be cleansed with a nice sunbath. The sunlight re-energizes the crystal and gets it back to its full form.
  • Moonlight
    You can always trust the moonlight to cleanse your crystals. To do it perfectly, wait for the night of the full moon and place your White Jade stone where the moonlight shines on it wholly. The moonlight lifts the crystal’s energies and purifies it. You can also pair this method with crystal singing bowls. 

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