Watermelon Tourmaline: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

watermelon tourmaline meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Watermelon Tourmaline Crystals

The Watermelon Tourmaline is a miracle stone. It has natural powers to heal your emotional wounds and understand the meaning of things that are significant in your life. It also helps you explore new meaning in your life through the healthier trends of your personality.

  1. Health and Healing – assures overall health, boosts your immune system, and gets rid of blockages
  2. Wealth and Prosperity – offers strong support, motivates and inspires you to reach your goals, and increases your confidence
  3. Love and Relationships – attracts love, allows positive energies into your life, and removes negative feelings and thoughts

As one of the most popular types of Tourmaline, the Watermelon Tourmaline is recognizable with its pink center and green parameter that resembles the sweet and refreshing fruit. But, it is also best-known as a powerful heart stone that soothes your emotions and helps you uncover the deepest parts of your heart. Furthermore, the gemstone instills joy in your mind and heart to aid you in combating stress, anxiety, and depression.

Meditating with a piece of the crystal imbues your aura with its healing vibrations. The Watermelon Tourmaline meaning resonates with the beat of your heart, giving off calming, cooling energies that help rejuvenate your life force. It also releases you from your negative weight, such as grief, trauma, and emotional pain.  Moreover, it serves as a balancing stone that improves your strength and gets rid of your insecurities in life.

As the juiciest of gems, the Watermelon Tourmaline benefits your health, promotes prosperity, and attracts love. It also acts as a protective stone that keeps you from negative emotions and the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

What Is Watermelon Tourmaline Stone Good For?

The Watermelon Tourmaline gemstone has incredible psychic benefits that resonate with the energies of your chakra and boosts your psychic abilities. It acts as a balancing crystal that magnifies your strengths and releases your insecurities. It also keeps your yin and yang energies in harmony. Moreover, the stone relieves your stress and helps you become more empathic and compassionate, aiding you in discovering your purpose in life.

The red and green crystal ensures overall good health for your body. It boosts your immune system and treats symptoms of heart disorder and hyperactivity. It also increases your metabolism and helps alleviate your pain. Furthermore, the Watermelon Tourmaline eliminates tension in your body, removes blockages, and hastens the healing process. These benefits make it an excellent addition to your medicine kit.

The Watermelon Tourmaline stone helps issues related to prosperity and abundance. It inspires and motivates you to work on your goals and achieve your dreams. It also helps get rid of your fears, which hinders you from taking risks. Additionally, the crystal boosts your confidence to assist you in executing your plan, encourages you to work harder, and removes the negative energies that come from your environment and the surrounding people.

Finally, wearing a Watermelon Tourmaline jewelry helps you attract love and find your soulmate. It clears your aura to let positive energy flow into your life and removes your negative thoughts and feelings. It also helps bring solutions to your relationship problems and teaches you to be more patient, forgiving, and understanding. Moreover, it encourages you to accept yourself and others, making you feel more connected to everyone on a spiritual and emotional level.

What Are the Healing Properties of Watermelon Tourmaline?

The Watermelon Tourmaline healing properties work spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. It is an excellent gemstone that brings many meanings and effects. It supports your creativity from the moment you get an idea until its actualization.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The crystal is a delightful tool for communicating with the Earth and nature spirits. It gives you incredible psychic abilities and connects to your heart chakra. It also exudes spiritual energies that bring you closer to your inner self. Furthermore, The Watermelon Tourmaline puts your heart chakra in harmony with your physical and mystical vibrations, allowing you to calm your overactive emotions and encourage you to look beyond the superficial.

Mental Healing Properties

Resembling a ripe slice of the watermelon, this Tourmaline imbues your mind with happiness and gives you the self-confidence to reach your dreams. It also has grounding and stabilizing energies that help you think clearly. Overall, the vibrant gemstone cleanses, heals, and balances your mind. It enables you to solve your problems by keeping your mind and heart in harmony and relieving your stress and anxiety.

Emotional Healing Properties

The Watermelon Tourmaline is a powerful heart stone that calms and soothes your emotions. It helps you move forward from grief, trauma, and emotional pain. It also gives you positive vitality when your heart is full of sadness. Ultimately, the beautiful gemstone inspires you to honor and celebrate love. It allows you to hear what your heart is trying to tell you and make you feel safe and comfortable with yourself.

Watermelon Tourmaline, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Associated with the zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini, the Watermelon Tourmaline is a rare and unique type of Tourmaline. The combination of pink and green has a soothing effect on the heart and counters negative thoughts and feelings. It also allows you to maintain a calm and balanced state of mind.

  • Virgo. Virgos are analytical and hardworking. They are keen and observant. They are kind and loyal friends, too. Watermelon Tourmaline helps them approach life with care and preparation. It also keeps them from being too critical. Moreover, the stone enables them to focus on things that matter.
  • Gemini. Geminis are friendly and ready for fun. They are also thoughtful. However, they can be restless at times. Watermelon Tourmaline calms and balances the heart and mind to help Geminis understand love and life. It also removes their insecurities while boosting their energies. Additionally, the crystal helps relieve stress and eliminates negative emotions.

Watermelon Tourmaline and Planetary Connection

The Watermelon Tourmaline meaning is in line with the planets Venus and Saturn. Venus governs love, desire, and relationships. It works through matters of the heart and helps you rid of old habits, emotional wounds, and negative attitudes around love. It imbues your life with positive and life-giving energies, helping your refine your relationships and move your heart up to a higher place.

On the other hand, Saturn has commanding energy that helps you take responsibility and achieve your goals. Associated with authority and structure, it imposes limits and restrictions to keep you safe and protected. It also enhances your emotional well-being to help you cope with your life’s challenges, tackle your problems wisely, and bounce back from setbacks.

Watermelon Tourmaline and The Elements

The water element influences the Watermelon Tourmaline crystal. It has cleansing and healing properties that restore your emotional body and rejuvenate your life force. It also inspires love and promotes relationships, helping you make new friends and make peace with people. Moreover, water induces peace and healing to assist in moving forward with your life.

Watermelon Tourmaline and Numerology

The crystal vibrates with Number 2, creating peace and harmony between different entities. Twos can separate and unite all for the greater good as it signifies partnership and cooperation. It also represents two personas: loving and vengeful. Thus, they can be thorough lovers but unremorseful enemies. Finally, they have a sense of security and happiness. They are more diplomatic in handling difficult situations and crave a harmonious life.

Watermelon Tourmaline for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The Watermelon Tourmaline resonates with the Heart Chakra. It cleanses and removes blockages in your heart to relieve stress and increase your sense of compassion, sympathy, and empathy. It also super-activates your heart to inspire both creativity and practicality. Furthermore, the beautiful gemstone puts your Heart Chakra in touch with your physical and spiritual vibrations to keep negative energies away and cleanses your mind, body, and soul remarkably.

Other Popular Tourmaline Crystals

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is an extraordinary gemstone that cleanses your emotional body of negative energies and heals wounds accumulated over time. It also converts negative emotions to self-love and generates the confidence to accomplish your goals. Moreover, the pink crystal restores a sense of wholeness for the optimal balance of your ethereal body.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is the best healing crystal for the physical heart. It creates a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of your body to remove blockages and clear your aura. It also opens and activates your Heart Chakra to induce peace. Additionally, the green gemstone brings inspiration from higher realms. This connection allows you to have more understanding and awareness of the cycles of life.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a meditation crystal with exceptional grounding energies. It aligns the energy centers of your body to promote healing and removes your negative thoughts, anxieties, and feelings of unworthiness. It also gives you a clear view of the world and inspires a positive attitude, even under challenging situations.


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