Tiger’s Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

Tiger's eye meanning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Tiger’s Eye

  1. Known as the Stone of the Mind, Tiger’s Eye helps you stay strong and resilient during times of overwhelming challenges.
  2. Helps build courage to overcome fear, doubt, uncertainty, and other self-limiting beliefs.
  3. Tiger’s Eye helps shift your perspective and enhances discipline; hence, it is a great stone for creating wealth as well as conquering depression.

Tiger’s Eye is an arrestingly beautiful stone with its bands of brown, gold and tan. But this is much more than a pretty rock. Its powerful healing properties have been used for centuries. Read on to find out how you can harness its energy to transform your life.

Tiger’s Eye: What is Tiger’s Eye Stone Good For?

Tiger’s Eye meaning lies in the concept of perception. Just as we use our eyes to see the physical world around us, so does the Tiger’s Eye gemstone allow us to see the metaphysical world around us.With this healing crystal, we perceive ourselves and others more clearly.

We can see past the noise to discern others’ true intentions, to observe more astutely the events that we take part in, and to have a bigger picture of ourselves and the role we play in the world. This gives us the ability to make wiser decisions, helps protect us from harm and ill intentions, and become more understanding of others and ourselves. The Tiger’s Eye gemstone helps us put together information more cohesively to allow us to make sense of the world around us.

What Are the Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye healing properties are effective on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments.

Many people who suffer from hormone imbalances turn to the Tiger’s Eye gemstone to resolve their problems. It is believed to regulate the endocrine system, which has positive effects on those trying to conceive. It strengthens the blood to help boost one’s vitality.

Ancient soldiers wore Tiger’s Eye jewelry to battle for courage and vitality. This is likely to be related to its blood-fortifying properties. It also helps with digestion, particularly if the issue is concentrated in the stomach and gallbladder. If you are undergoing medical treatment for diseases related to the eyes or throat, or recovering from broken bones, keeping Tiger’s Eye at your bedside or wearing Tiger’s Eye jewelry is likely to hasten the healing process.

Tiger’s Eye encourages mental health and intellectual stimulation.When Tiger’s Eye is placed on both sides of the head, it creates an energy balance between the left and right hemispheres. This is helpful for those learning a new skill or experiencing a creative block. It greatly helps with tasks that require critical thinking, from lessons at school to resolving problems in the workplace. In the metaphysical community, Tiger’s Eye has also been known to aid those suffering from seasonal affective disorder and depression.

Tiger’s Eye helps you see yourself more clearly. You are able to be objective with yourself, stepping back from your emotions and biases in order to discern what you truly need. This way, you can make wiser decisions. This healing crystal represents willpower and drive, an ideal stone to help those reaching for a goal. It helps you cope with the low points of your journey–when you are tired, discouraged, or feel that you are getting nowhere. But drive means nothing when you are doing it for just yourself. Tiger’s Eye helps you keep in mind that your actions greatly impact others, and the power inside you should be used for the good.

Tiger’s Eye Zodiac Signs and Birthstone

Tiger’s Eye healing properties can benefit many people, but Leos and Capricorns may find that this gemstone is particularly helpful to them.

Leos are typically fiery, passionate, magnetic extroverts. However, when their energy is excessive, they can come off as arrogant, power-hungry, and self-serving. Tiger’s Eye is one of the top healing crystals that help balance out their energy, bringing out the best in them.

Capricorns have an unerring sense of responsibility, excellent self-control, and well-developed discipline. But too much of these positive traits can be harmful. They have a tendency to act like know-it-alls, being condescending and uncompromising to others. Tiger’s Eye, particularly the red Tiger’s Eye variety, is a Capricorn birthstone. Hence, it can help round out their traits so these serve as strengths rather than weaknesses.

Tiger’s Eye and Planetary Connection

Tiger’s Eye is strongly connected to the sun. In astrology, the energy of the sun governs our very personality. The essence of who we are, our idea of our “self” is represented by this all-powerful star. Just as the sun is the center of the solar system, so does our sense of self remain central to what we say, how we act, and what we think. It is our ego, our pride, our courage to express who we are, our drive and passion. However, when unbalanced, it may lead to arrogance and stubbornness.

Because Tiger’s Eye is associated with the energy of the sun, it is best used by those who feel disconnected to themselves. The loss of vitality and drive, internal dilemmas, questioning one’s identity, and losing trust in oneself–these are all signs that one needs to harness the energy of the sun. A great conduit of that energy is the Tiger’s Eye gemstone.

Tiger’s Eye and the Elements

Tiger’s Eye healing properties are related to its connection to the element of earth and the element of fire.

The earth element is about creating a strong foundation so you can develop. Your energy should be grounded and stable so you can grow in strength and wealth. Tiger’s Eye nurtures the earth energy within so that your inner power can be reliable, steadfast, and stable. The fire element revolves around power and rebirth. If you harness this element properly, you will be successful in burning away the bad habits and thoughts you have, as well as in igniting the drive to grow in a more positive way. Fire also has a protective function, keeping you safe from negativity.

Tiger’s Eye and Numerology

One of the most important aspects of numerology are vibration numbers. All things in the world have energy within them, and each vibrates at a certain frequency. This concept is often used in the study of healing crystals. Ancient metaphysical experts have determined the vibrational frequencies of almost all the gemstones in the world. However, it is important to note that these may change depending on the cut, thickness, and size of the gem–among other factors.

Tiger’s Eye gemstone is known to vibrate at the frequencies of 2 and 4.

In numerology, the number 2 is associated with a decisiveness, a need to serve others, and sense of justice. It revolves around selflessness and gives emphasis to cooperation. These are important in pursuing your life mission, your purpose for being put on this earth.

Number 4 vibrates with the need for order, practicality, and the discipline required to uphold morals and personal values. Traits associated with this frequency include being steadfast, diligent, and patient. The energy of the archangels resonates at this number.

Tiger’s Eye for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The standard Tiger’s Eye, also known as the yellow or golden Tiger’s Eye, has been used for many years to balance the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is the energy center that governs our emotions and passions. When this chakra is balanced, you feel deeply and beautifully. You are able to experience pleasure in the little things, and appreciate the beauty in any situation. This chakra is the center of creativity, where emotions give birth to novel ideas. This chakra allows us to fully experience the joy of living–that is, connecting with others and the world around us.

When this energy center is misaligned, you may feel numb. Your world loses its color and it is hard for you to feel happy. Your creative energies are blocked. Your relationships–particularly sexual relationships–are not as fulfilling as they once were.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the locus of willpower and sense of self. When this chakra is aligned, you have the drive to move forward and create positive change in your life. You feel empowered and energized.

When this energy center is blocked, you allow life to pass you by. You feel that you never have a choice in important matters. Motivation is an issue because your sense of self is weak. You may not feel smart enough, strong enough, energized enough to accomplish any of your goals.

Because Tiger’s Eye aids in balancing both the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra, you can expect a surge in passion and drive. You are excited about your goals, and take pleasure in the journey you are taking. You see the positives even in difficult situations. Your motivation remains strong even as you encounter challenges. You see your relationship with yourself and with others blossom.

Tiger’s Eye for Wealth, Prosperity and Luck

Tiger’s Eye gemstones are known to be harbingers of good fortune. This is because many of this crystal’s healing properties allow us to make wiser decisions with our resources.

Because Tiger’s Eye allows us to be more perceptive, we tend to notice things that others gloss over. These could be opportunities and innovative ideas that can change your career or business trajectory. When we are able to see the full picture, we can think of out-of-the-box solutions that make things easier for ourselves. Depending on the situation, this could mean making processes faster, getting materials cheaper, or making management decisions that positively impact those around us. Beware though–not everyone is used to such clarity of thinking. There may be times when our loved ones cannot see our vision, but persevere and you will be rewarded.

In addition, Tiger’s Eye strengthens resolve. We become calculated risk-takers, ready to move out of our comfort zone to push our growth and development. It gives us the courage to ask for that job assignment, to head that project, to join that club, or to open that business.

Remember that Tiger’s Eye healing properties include being able to see oneself more clearly. With this, we can finally be honest with ourselves about the kind of life we want. We understand ourselves more–what makes us happy, what makes us grow, what makes us frustrated, what makes us motivated–and we can use that knowledge to forge a path that truly fits who we are. By knowing our strengths and weaknesses, we can capitalize on the former and improve on the latter. We become intrinsically motivated so we are better able to focus on what we need to do.

Tiger’s Eye attracts positivity and luck. We are able to create abundance only when we are in a positive mindset. Things will never turn out the way we want them to, so we must not feel too bad when it happens. What is important is to acknowledge our feelings, learn from the experience, and do our best to avoid the mistakes we made. Tiger’s Eye helps us retain this kind of constructive, positive thinking.

Stones to Pair Tiger’s Eye with for Wealth, Prosperity and Luck

If you would like to increase your financial status, it is best to pair Tiger’s Eye with the following healing crystals:


Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold” due to its metallic yellow appearance, but the nickname is a misnomer given its metaphysical power. It has a very strong power to manifest intentions because it harnesses the high frequency energy of the body and focuses towards a certain goal.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is considered by many to be the luckiest of healing crystals. It turns the odds in favor of its user. It seems to have the mysterious ability to help pieces fall exactly where they should be in order for a good opportunity to arise.


Carnelian has long been used as a talisman to attract wealth and prosperity. It is a stone that favors ambition and boldness. It helps create a go-getter attitude in its wearer, with its fiery red energy. In high-pressure situations, it provides a calm anchor and protection against negative thoughts.


Citrine helps temper the need for excess. It curbs greed and the need to impress others with one’s status, and instead encourages proper use of money. It reminds us to use what we have to better ourselves and those around us. At the same time, it helps bring rewards to those who are generous.

Tiger’s Eye for Love and Relationships

Tiger’s Eye meaning extends to the realm of romance. Whether you are single or taken, you can derive the benefits of Tiger’s Eye gemstone.

If you want to be with someone but are hindered by self-doubt or fear of getting hurt, this healing crystal can help you. It helps you look inward and see yourself in a kinder and more positive light. You build a stronger identity, and as you do that, you learn to love yourself.  This love radiates to others and they start to see how beautiful you are as a person. With this newfound confidence, you have the courage to go up to your crush and ask him or her out.

If you are currently in a relationship that is making you unhappy, Tiger’s Eye can help give you the courage to break free. You may be scared of leaving because you feel like you might not meet another person who would want to be with you, or because you’ve grown too dependent on your current flame. But Tiger’s Eye helps you realize your worth. It gives you the strength to go through with the break-up, and the difficult aftermath as you miss your ex. It helps you heal and look inward to find what truly makes you happy.

For those in relationships that have faded over time, spark excitement with Tiger’s Eye gemstone. This helps revive dormant feelings of romance and desire, increasing intimacy in both the physical and emotional aspects.

Stones to Combine with Tiger’s Eye for Romance and Sexual Stamina

If you are using Tiger’s Eye for your love life, amplify its powers by pairing it with these stones:

Red Jasper

Red Jasper helps return the slow burn of sexual desire by gently energizing one’s chi or life force. This healing crystal targets problems with sexual compatibility, bring down those who have excessive libido and raising the level of those who have lost their sex drive.

Red Garnet

Red Garnet is a stone that brings warmth to the body and the heart. Those who have been hurt by previous partners will feel their walls lowered as they begin to trust others again. While it opens the heart to new experiences, it does so while providing a blanket of protection against negative energies.

Tiger’s Eye to Heal from Depression

Tiger’s Eye healing properties have a positive impact on mental health. Many people who suffer from depression and anxiety report faster improvement in mood when they use Tiger’s Eye as they undergo psychological treatment.

The metaphysical healing power of Tiger’s Eye gemstone allows you to be honest with yourself and treat yourself gently. Depression and anxiety often root from low self-esteem and fear of rejection. Tiger’s Eye helps lift our spirits, seeing ourselves as capable and deserving of happiness and success.

Stones to Combine with Tiger’s Eye for Depression

Use Tiger’s Eye with any of these stones to strengthen its healing powers on mental health issues:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz encourages self-love. It encourages us to nurture ourselves, to become a kind person to ourselves even when others are not. This healing crystal also helps us have good dreams and restful sleep.


Citrine’s cheerful color reflects its meaning. It is a stone that encourages happiness and positivity. It helps us see the brighter side of life, and the silver lining in every situation.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper helps the heart feel soothed. It brings a sense of tranquility, a quieting of the spirit that calms down frantic thoughts. Allow its power to wash over you, bringing peace and stillness.


Sunstone, like its namesake, brings warmth and energy to those who use it. It can bring back a zest for life for those who have been feeling depressed. It encourages us to shine with our personality and talents, reveling in who we are and what we can accomplish.


Amber helps keep negative thoughts away. If your default mindset is that everything will go wrong, that you are a terrible person, or that nothing is worth doing, this healing crystal can help change it to one that is more conducive to healing and living fully.

How to use Tiger’s Eye Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

There are a number of ways to bring to life Tiger’s Eye meaning. Many people use Tiger’s Eye tumbled stone during their regular prayer or meditation session. If you have a step-by-step process for your reflection, using Tiger’s Eye mala or Tiger’s Eye prayer beads would be an alternative.

Tiger’s Eye jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. Having its power against your skin is a good way to promote self-confidence, willpower, and discipline while you are going about your day. Choose between different kinds of Tiger’s Eye jewelry, from rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants or charms–all of them look great and, more importantly, help you feel great.

If you plan to use Tiger’s Eye for chakra healing, you may place the Tiger’s Eye gemstone in the energy center you want to balance. To unblock the Sacral Chakra, place the stone around three inches below your belly button. To work on the Solar Plexus Chakra, place the stone at the level of your diaphragm, which is around six inches above your belly button.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye for Feng Shui

Tiger’s Eye meaning can easily be integrated into feng shui. Just as it heals the energy centers of the body, this crystal can also help energy flow in the home. Placing Tiger’s Eye ornaments or tumble stones near the main doorway or a large window will protect your home from harmful elements.

To make the most of its ability to help clear the mind, make better decisions, and see the big picture, it is best to put Tiger’s Eye in your office or work desk.

The northwest and north parts of your house would also benefit from Tiger’s Eye gemstones. These bagua are strongly associated with the metal element in feng shui, which indicates clarity and sharpness of mind. Tiger’s Eye meaning is derived from the earth element, from which metal came. This healing crystal supports and strengthens the metal element.

Tiger’s Eye in Folklore and Ancient Times

The history of Tiger’s Eye healing properties extends all the way back to Egyptian times. This stone was used as the eye of stone sculptures of ancient Egyptian gods as it represents divine sight.

Tiger’s Eye jewelry was often worn as talismans to protect against attack. It was believed that this gemstone allowed one to see who harbored ill intentions towards the wearer, to observe what happens even behind closed doors, and to increase the power of all five senses. Roman soldiers wore it battle, as it is strongly associated with courage, integrity, and use of power for the good.

Its name is derived from one of the most powerful creatures in the world, especially revered in the East where it is found. One of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, tigers represent strength, personal power, and resolve. In tantric Buddhism, the skin of the tiger is associated with the process of anger maturing past fury and towards wisdom and deep insight.

How is Tiger’s Eye formed?

There is a hot debate on the origin of the Tiger’s Eye gemstone. For decades, the accepted explanation was that Tiger’s Eye is an example for a crocidolite-quartz pseudomorph. Crocidolite is a type of asbestos that contains iron–as such, it is colored blue. The idea was that quartz had dissolved in water and seeped in between crocidolite fibers, where it replaced the asbestos molecules atom by atom. The resulting quartz was of the chalcedony variety, that appears defective and fibrous.

However, research as recent as 2003 suggests otherwise. Upon microscopic examination, the quartz in Tiger’s Eye was not defective and fibrous, but relatively fault-free and columnar. Scientists now believe that Tiger’s Eye is formed when water rich in crocidolite and quartz infiltrates very small cracks in the rock and grow to fill it in.

While its origin is still under debate among mineralogists, it is relatively well-known to miners where to find Tiger’s Eye. It can be mined in the United States, China, Australia, and Namibia. But the most commercially viable Tiger’s Eye mines are found in Prieska, Northern Cape, South Africa.

There are many different varieties of Tiger’s Eye, but the most common is the yellow or golden Tiger’s Eye. This serves as the standard, and is probably what the vast majority of people imagine when anyone mentions this gemstone. However, there are other varieties such as the cat’s eye, falcon’s eye, among others.

Other Tiger’s Eye Stones and their Properties

There are a number of variations of Tiger’s Eye aside from the standard yellow Tiger’s Eye.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye has the distinctive banding patterns of your typical Tiger’s Eye, except that the colors are ethereal shades of blue. Also known as Hawk’s Eye, this differs from its cousin in that its primary power lies in its ability to soothe strong emotions such as anger, anxiety, and fear.

Instead of earth element, it is more closely associated with the air element. This makes sense given blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties help make you feel as weightless as air. The air is the medium in which we exchange words and where we can move freely. As such, the blue Tiger’s Eye helps with communication and verbalizing. It also helps us move forward free of hindrances. We let go of our bias and become more accepting of others. We let go of our self-doubt and enjoy the process of learning. We let go of fears and explore the world.

Blue Tiger’s Eye meaning is associated with the Throat Chakra. This is the energy center that allows us to talk and connect with others. As it rebalances the Throat Chakra, you may find you become a more effective communicator, are no longer as nervous about speaking publicly, and find yourself enjoying talking to others.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye has bands of iridescent red ranging from light to deep red. It also goes by the name “dragon’s eye”. Just like the mystical and powerful creature, this healing crystal is about strength, confidence, and protecting the precious treasure that is oneself. Given this, it should not come as a surprise that red Tiger’s Eye meaning is associated with the Root Chakra. The first primary energy center in the body is the one responsible for our drive for security, safety, and building a strong foundation for our lives–in fact, this stone is also known as the “survival stone”.

Its color reflects its element: fire. Fire increases enthusiasm and zest for life, giving you the motivation to go after what you believe makes life worth living. It enhances the metaphysical power of your body to protect itself from negative elements in an effort to survive.

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron may be difficult to differentiate from Tiger’s Eye to the untrained eye, but if you see grey hematite bands and deep red jasper bands, then most likely it is the former. It is also known as the Mugglestone, which is thought to refer to its origin in Moclestone, Great Britain.

Like Tiger’s Eye, it stimulates the Sacral Chakra. It helps us become emotionally healthy–far from being numb and disconnected, but also far from being controlled by our emotions. Tiger Iron helps to balance the Root Chakra, just like its cousin red Tiger’s Eye. It increases drive to be secure and stable physically, financially, and emotionally.

Tiger Iron is associated with the element of fire. Fire represents vitality, energy, and enthusiasm. It gives us that verve to push ourselves out of our boundaries.

How do you care for Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye, just like most other healing crystals, requires proper care to work at its full potential. When you first obtain your crystal, make sure to cleanse it so remove any negative energy it might have accrued on its way to your home. If you have been using your crystal for a while, it is likely to have absorbed negative energy to protect you. Accumulation of harmful vibrations can render your crystal less effective.

There are a myriad of ways to metaphysically cleanse your Tiger’s Eye gemstone or Tiger’s Eye jewelry. You can place it in a sunny spot in the morning sun or the setting sun, allowing the warm energy to dissipate negativity. Alternatively, you can leave your healing crystal overnight under a bright moon in order to let the spirit of Luna cleanse it.

Using Tibetan singing bowls can also effectively cleanse crystals. Monks have used this technique for centuries for purification. Firmly grasp the mallet and stroke the outer rim of the bowl in a circular motion. Allow the bright and clear sound to resonate through your crystal, its vibrations shaking off the negative energy that it has accumulated.

Sage is a holy herb used by different cultures for spiritual practices. Take a bundle of sage and set it on fire. Once the fire catches, a fragrant smoke will arise. Hold the bundle and gently wave it to allow the smoke to engulf your Tiger’s Eye gemstone or Tiger’s Eye jewelry.


Tiger’s Eye is a versatile gemstone that would be a great addition to any healing crystal collection. Its power to sharpen our powers of observation, to help us see ourselves more clearly, and to protect us from negative energy can help in a wide variety of situations. This includes increasing our wealth and building intimate relationships.

With the element of earth and its association to numbers 3 and 4, Tiger’s Eye helps us cement ourselves on firm and strong foundations.

Tiger’s Eye has the power to align not just one, but two chakras. In unblocking the Sacral Chakra, we become emotionally healthy. In aligning the Solar Plexus Chakra, we gain the self-confidence and willpower needed to accomplish our goals.

The Tiger’s Eye meaning differs with each variety. With so many to choose from, it is easy to see why this crystal is on everyone’s list.


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