Third Eye Chakra Healing

Third Eye Chakra Healing

Third Eye Chakra 101 for Beginners

Our life force flows through a series of concentrated energy centers in our bodies called Chakras. There are 7 chakras in our bodies, each responsible for a certain aspect of our lives. Healers, thinkers, spiritual leaders, and people from all walks of life try to connect with these chakras to reach their best and most elevated selves.

My goal is to help you explore the Third Eye and Third Eye Chakra healing through various techniques used by yogis and shamans. We will go through what the chakra is, why Third Eye Chakra healing is important, the signs of a balanced and unbalanced Third Eye Chakra, and the use of Third Eye Chakra stones and crystals for healing the mind.

What is The Third Eye Chakra and its Meaning?

The Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna, contains the known and unknown powers of the mind. It holds your intellect, wisdom, perception, imagination, and intuition. It also holds your inherent psychic abilities like clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and abilities to communicate with ethereal realms.

Ajna perceives all the impulses, emotions and experiences produced by other chakras. That’s why your Third Eye Chakra is the “Seat of the Soul”. It is your soul’s eye from where you observe and interpret the internal, external and spiritual worlds. This chakra determines what is true in order to make decisions.

The Third Eye is symbolized by a two-petalled purple lotus. Inside this lotus is a circle, and inside the circle is an inverted triangle. OM, the source-sound of all creation, is inside the triangle. The color purple/indigo and a lotus are symbols for wisdom. The two petals represent dualities: feminine and masculine, intuition and logic, you and the world. This says that life appears to us as dualities. The OM in the center represents ultimate consciousness and reality, which is union and the transcendence of dualities. Taken as the whole, the Third Eye symbol means that to achieve transcendental wisdom, one needs to transcend dualities and unite with all that is.

What Causes Third Eye Chakra Blockage?

The modern world highlights the physical and discredits intuitive and spiritual development. People who adopt this mentality learn to depend too much on their five senses. They interpret the world as just physical and shut down their Third Eye. Their overly analytical minds fail to grasp spiritual experiences that they often develop intense fear, purposelessness and disconnection. People who habitually silence their intuition, or gut feel, learn to discredit the inherent inner guidance system that is tuned in to the energy of the universe. When your gut feel’s voice becomes too weak, it gets harder for you to separate thoughts from your higher consciousness and thoughts born from your fears and illusions.

Another reason for a blocked Third Eye is a blockage in other chakras. Because chakras are connected to each other, it is important to take care of your lower chakras. The Root Chakra, which is associated with physical and financial stability, has an especially great impact on the Third Eye.

A blocked Third Eye makes it harder to see past your own self and see the bigger picture of life. Life loses meaning, and it becomes harder to accept truths about yourself that can help you overcome limiting beliefs. Indecisiveness, confusion, close-mindedness, fear of change, the feeling of “me against the world” and being separate from the source occur. Nightmares, paranoia, depression and burnout are also symptoms of a blocked Third Eye.

How to Open and Heal the Third Eye Chakra?

There are so many healing techniques you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle to heal your Third Eye Chakra. You do not have to do all of the healing methods listed below. A good place to start is to incorporate as many as you can without totally disrupting your current lifestyle.

  • Use Crystals to Heal Third Eye Chakra

    Third Eye Chakra crystals can help rejuvenate a blocked Third Eye. To activate healing, place your crystal on your forehead directly on your Third Eye, meditate with crystal wands or grids, orwear Third Eye Chakra crystals as jewelry. If you go with jewelry, wear them near the forehead to keep their energy close to the Third Eye. Earrings or a headband decorated in Third Eye Chakra stones will do the trick!
  • Practice Affirmations

    Strengthen the energy of your crystals with Third Eye Chakra mantras like “Om” or affirmations like “I am a wise decision maker”, “I trust my intuition” and “I am open to the wisdom within”.
  • Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils

    Or, use Third Eye Chakra essential oils like sage, sandalwood, frankincense, rosemary, juniper and marjoram on your skin or in a diffuser.
  • Yoga Poses for Third Eye Opening

    You can also utilize yoga poses that stimulate the Third Eye like the lotus, downward-facing dog, eagle pose and child pose.
  • Meditation and Visualization

    When meditating, visualize the color indigo between your eyes and hold it there for 5-10 minutes. If you seek answers to certain questions, hold your Third Eye Chakra stone and focus on your question. Answers will come to you in any form: music, a scent, a call.
  • Third Eye Mudra

    The Hakini Mudra while meditating can also help your Third Eye.
  • Third Eye Chakra Foods

    In addition, purple foods like grapes and blackberries also support the Third Eye, as well as foods rich in omega-3 and dark chocolate as it enhances mental clarity.

How Do You Know if Your Third Eye Chakra is Open and Balanced?

An open and balanced Third Eye Chakra gives us the capacity for “transcendental seeing”. An open Third Eye Chakra is all about transcending dualities that limit us. It breaks the barriers that separates you from the universe, you from the Divine, masculine energy from feminine energy. We move into unity with all that is. We get to see the bigger picture and the meaning of it all. We recognize truth and go beyond the limited information of our five senses.

An open Third Eye Chakra makes us feel like an unbiased observer. We see the world with a detachment that opens us to higher meaning instead of quickly reacting to experiences. We quickly spot the deeper meaning in our experiences, a skill that comes when we have transcended the barriers that separated logic from intuition. The truth is, knowledge can be limiting. An open Third Eye Chakra helps us use knowledge instead of our knowledge using us.

It is easier to align to your soul’s true purpose when your Third Eye is open. Life becomes more satisfying. Psychic abilities can also be developed and improved.


The Third Eye Chakra is a crucial energy center because it determines how you see, interpret and live your life; whether you live in truth or in illusions. Unblock this chakra using Third Eye Chakra stones and crystals. Complement their energy with Third Eye Chakra mantras, words of affirmations, oils, yoga poses, foods and the invocation of Archangels. The result is a life filled with purpose and satisfaction.

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