Tanzanite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

tanzanite meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Tanzanite Crystals

  1. Develops spiritual awakening and a sense of purpose
  2. Facilitates the development of psychic abilities and communication with other realms
  3. Promotes overall healthand wellbeing

What Is Tanzanite Stone Good For?

Tanzanite is a rare and beautiful stone with powerful healing properties and benefits. Tanzanite’s meaning led it to be considered as one of the “stones of transformation”. Tanzanite helps connect us to the Divine Plan and to our karmic past, past lives and the Akashic records. This helps us understand our current situation, fears, relationships, and what we are meant to do in this lifetime. It gives us direction and helps break old karmic patterns that keep us from moving forward.

Tanzanite is also known to awaken the Third Eye and bring us to a higher state of awareness. It awakens and develops dormant psychic powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance and channeling. Furthermore, Tanzanite brings healing in all levels. It opens the gateway of the etheric realms to our physical bodies, allowing Diving energy to flood in and bring overall healing.

What Are the Healing Properties of Tanzanite?

Spiritual Healing Properties

Tanzanite is a stone that rapidly accelerates spiritual growth, and then takes it a step further. Tanzanite’s high energy strengthens the bridge between our physical bodies and the etheric realms which hold important information such as why we are incarnated into our current identities and how our present lives fit into the bigger picture of universal consciousness. Tanzanite also facilitates interdimensional communication. By communing with spirit guides, angels and the ascended masters, we learn of other worldly wisdom that aligns us with our higher selves and teaches us about the Master Plan. Tanzanite gemstone also links us to the Higher Heart or the Thymus Chakra, thus enabling us to feel Divine Love. All of these factors: the attunement to the Akashic Records and the higher realms, and the connection with the Divine Mind and Divine Love, elevate us to an advanced level of spiritual awakening and understanding of our place in the universe.

Emotional Healing Properties

Tanzanite benefits our emotional wellbeing by aligning the heart, mind and soul so that they act as one being. This link allows us to process even the toughest situations from a spiritually and mentally elevated state. We are emboldened to respond to circumstances from a place of wisdom, compassion and love. Tanzanite also empowers us to face truths about ourselves and to work on them with humility and courage. As a communication stone, it empowers us to open up suppressed feelings and issues, which is crucial to self-healing and building healthy relationships with others.

Mental Healing Properties

In addition, Tanzanite has a slew of benefits for the mind. It is capable of awakening the Third Eye, enhance intuition, language and communication, and even mathematical skills. Tanzanite heightens perception to messages from other realms, which can come in many forms such as dreams or visions, and enhances our capacity to understand them. Tanzanite improves psychic abilities and psychic communication. It helps us develop the powers of the mind to influence the physical plane.

Tanzanite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Tanzanite healing properties is especially useful for those born under the sign of the twins (Gemini).

The keyword for this zodiac is communication. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini is associated with language, logic and the conscious mind. Geminis are born with the gift of gab and are able to see both sides of a situation. They are curious, inquisitive and knowledgeable on a wide range of topics, making them excellent journalists, writers and artists. On the flipside, they can be flighty and indecisive.

For Geminis, Tanzanite can open doors to otherworldly knowledge that will elevate their natural wit and linguistic skill. Tanzanite advances Gemini’s communication skills by taking it into the psychic realm, and with practice, expand it into psychic communication skills such as clairvoyance, telepathy and channeling. These abilities require sharpened intuition and perception which Tanzanite can help stimulate. The process of communing with higher beings will allow Gemini to expand their insight on the universe and how we are all interlinked. They will come to a deeper understanding of humanity, the Divine Mind, and humanity’s purpose.

Tanzanite helps Geminis reach their full potential, resulting to a sense of stability and direction in life. This direction decreases their indecisiveness and guides them with their life choices. The best part is that they reach a position where they can also help those seeking guidance and enlightenment. 

Tanzanite and The Elements

Tanzanite healing properties resonates with Air. The Air element represents the power of the mind and is associated with knowledge, intellect, logic and communication. Like this element, our thoughts are invisible to the naked eye but forceful and moves when focused. Major changes always start as mere ideas. Like Air, Tanzanite influences the mind. By harnessing Tanzanite’s energy, we receive air’s powers such as enhanced creativity, imagination, memory, comprehension, communication, intuition and inspiration. Tanzanite also attunes us to etheric planes, stimulates psychic abilities and develops psychic communication, which are all properties of the mind resulting from an awakened Third Eye. Tanzanite develops visionary leaders when its energy is consistently harnessed.

Tanzanite and Numerology

In Numerology, the number 4 represents security, stability and good, strong foundations. This energy is not easily shaken by adversity but emanates a deep sense of balance and harmony.

Tanzanite gemstone vibrates to the anchoring energy of this number. It gives us the stability by developing the power of our minds and spiritual fortitude, and linking us to the Divine. Its effect of increasing the mind’s power allows us more control over our internal state and more influence over our environment. This gives us a sense of control over our lives.

For those who feel directionless, Tanzanite brings back balance and grounding by aligning the energies of the heart, mind and soul. This leads to a sense of peace and developed inner wisdom. The strengthened connection to the Divine from Tanzanite gives a sense of “alrightness” in the world despite all odds and gives us insight on our problems, even those that are karmic related.

Tanzanite helps reveal to us our life’s calling. This in itself can deeply root us and give us strong foundations to weather any storm that comes our way.

Tanzanite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Tanzanite benefits five different chakras, specifically the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and the Etheric Chakras.

The Heart Chakra is the energy point of our physical body that deals with our ability to love and receive love. This chakra helps us feel compassion for others and for ourselves, and teaches us how to treat all beings with respect, dignity and kindness.

The Throat Chakra sits above the Heart Chakra and relates to our ability to speak our truth. It gives us the power to communicate our authenticity and express our true selves. This energy point helps us communicate fluently, accurately, powerfully and truthfully.

The Third Eye Chakra is the energy point of our intellect, intuition and psychic abilities. A developed Third Eye Chakra manifests in higher consciousness and psychic abilities.

The Crown Chakra is our tether or gateway to our higher selves and universal consciousness. It connects us to the spirit. A weakened Crown Chakra manifests in cynicism, disconnection from things of the spirit and a lack of meaning and purpose.

The Etheric Chakra is connected to our Crown Chakra and is the energy point where energy from the Divine Source comes in and reaches our Crown Chakra. This chakra connects with our higher selves. Developing this leads to advanced spiritual abilities. This chakra is related to karmic memories and is all about “letting go”. It can help us break old habits that hinder us from forward movement.

Tanzanite opens and connects all these chakras, turning this stone into a powerful transformative stone. Tanzanite connects the heart and mind, and connects these to the Throat Chakra. This enables to speak to others from a place of wisdom and love. By connecting this chakra pathway to the Crown Chakra, Tanzanite helps us to respond to circumstances from a spiritually enlightened perspective. And, with the connection of Crown Chakra and the Etheric Chakra strengthened, we are empowered to engage in a spiritual journey where we face information about ourselves and our past lives. This can be very confronting but constructive when properly received. Furthermore, Tanzanite helps us through the experience by connecting us to spirit guides through the Third Eye. Success in dealing with these truths will help us transform our lives by incorporating insights from our past lives.

Tanzanite for Channeling and Psychic Powers

Tanzanite helps with communication with ourselves, with others and with beings from higher dimensions. To boost channeling and psychic powers, you can combine Tanzanite with any of these crystals.

5 Crystals to Combine With Tanzanite to Enhance Channeling and Psychic Powers

1. Moldavite

Moldavite is a transformation stone that connects the heart, mind and spirit. Some Moldavite benefits include spiritual and interdimensional communication, psychic abilities and vivid dreams.

2. Lemurian Seed Crystals

A Lemurian Seed Crystal is a special type of Clear Quartz that align the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakra. This means that, like Tanzanite, Lemurian Seed Crystals help with past life recall. This crystal also stimulates lucid dreaming, astral travel and inner vision.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is another high energy crystal for spiritual awakening and higher consciousness. Amethyst helps expand one’s awareness of other realms and awakens dormant psychic abilities. These include clairvoyance, vivid dreams and deepened insight. It also protects from psychic attacks.

4. Angelite

Angelite gemstone connects us to spirit guides, angels and higher realms and helps us decode their messages that come in dreams or in seemingly mundane events. Angelite is also good for developing clairvoyance and lucid dreaming.

5. Larimar

Larimar is a powerful communication stone for articulating thoughts and feelings. Combining this with Tanzanite’s powerful effects on the Third Eye will amplify our psychic communication skills and help us communicate better with otherworldly beings.

Tanzanite for Better Communication

Being articulate clearly is important in all situations: in a relationship, at work, to build friendships, etc. A fulfilled life requires good communication and the ability to speak your truth. Enhance your communication skills by pairing Tanzanite with any of these crystals. 

4 Crystals to Pair with Tanzanite to Improve Communication Skills

1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of friendship, truth and total awareness. Its influences on the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra make it a powerful communication stone. It also encourages communication of suppressed emotions, which helps in healing.

2. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is known as the stone of articulation. The strength of this communication stone is its ability to help you choose the best words at the appropriate times in order to make you more persuasive, clear and effective in your messages.

3. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the stone of courage and protection. It stimulates creative expression and helps with speech problems. Aquamarine also cools down anger and encourages peaceful communication.

4. Turquoise

Turquoise is the stone of communication and improves this by reducing our shyness and teaching us how to listen, which is one crucial skill in effective communication. This helps us learn and appreciate different perspectives and viewpoints.

How to Use Your Tanzanite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

There are many ways to activate Tanzanite healing properties. The first is by wearing Tanzanite jewelry. Consistent use of bracelets, rings and necklaces that contain Tanzanite gemstones can help bring out the wearer’s full potential. These can also be worn during arguments with loved ones. In these situations, Tanzanite can calm us, soften our words, and help us choose the right words to express our feelings and resolve conflict.

During meditation, hold the Tanzanite stone or wand in your hand and focus on your intentions. You can also do this when attempting to communicate with etheric beings. You can also opt to keep a piece of Tanzanite nearby or under your pillow while you sleep if you wish to communicate with the higher realms in dreams. During crystal therapy, place a piece of Tanzanite on the chakras you wish to work with.

Because of its high energy, a grounding stone such as Hematite can be used when working with Tanzanite.

How to Use Tanzanite for Feng Shui

Tanzanite utilizes two energies in feng shui: Water and Fire. For fire, it is specifically the violet Tanzanite variety that taps into this chi energy.

Water Energy in feng shui is linked to the flow of money and career. At the same time, this energy is about letting go. The Water Energy brings calm and peace. It refreshes and gives renewed strength and beginnings. It also allows for the flow of creativity. Increase the Water Energy in your home by placing Tanzanite gemstones in the north area, situated by the entrance of the home.

Fire Energy in feng shui is considered the most powerful of the elements. This energy is associated with expansion and transformation, warmth, inspiration and passion. Bring positive energy to your fame and reputation by placing Tanzanite in the southern area of the home, add warmth and passion to your partnership or marriage by placing it in the southwest area, and stimulate inspiration by placing Tanzanite in the northeast part of your home.

Tanzanite in Folklore and Ancient Times

The discovery of Tanzanite is credited to a prospector named Manuel d’Souza. In 1967, he began a quest for sapphires in the northeastern wilds of Tanzania. There, he met some natives who took him to a place near Mount Kilimanjaro where he thought he stumbled upon sapphires. Upon discovering that the stones were not sapphires, he staked a claim for ownership of the stones and started mining.

Legend has it that the real first discovery of these beautiful gemstones were by Masai herders. The story goes that one day, lightning struck and set some grasslands on fire. When the herders returned with their livestock, they discovered the blue gemstones scattered all over the ground.

Come the 70’s, this new gemstone became the rage all over America and Europe. Tiffany & Co.’s chairman at that time, Mr. Henry Platt, got wind of these stones and put out a widespread marketing campaign to introduce it to the public as “Tanzanite”, named after its country of origin. The stone became a success, gained worldwide acclaim and became the pride of Tanzania. It reached the top five of the most precious gems, coming in after diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. However, a murderous attack in the guise of a car accident ended d’Souza’s life as well as the steady supply of the precious stone. In the next two years, the Tanzanite supply failed to keep up with the growing demand.

Tanzanite is now rarer than diamonds. It is projected that the supply of Tanzanite will run dry around the year 2022, making this gemstone even more valuable and desirable.

How Is Tanzanite Formed?

Tanzanite is a variety of zoisite crystal that gets its blue and violet colors when subjected to heat of around 400-500 degrees Celsius, or 752-932 degrees Fahrenheit. This blue violet variety is actually very rare in nature and more often appears in a yellow or brown color. It is the blue violet variety, however, that is marketable.

Tanzanite is bountiful in the volcanic basin called Merlani at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  


Tanzanite is a great addition to any healing crystal collection because of its ability to promote spiritual awakening, develop psychic abilities and promote overall healing. Its associations with the element of air, the number 4 and the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras give us strong foundations by connecting us to our higher selves and the Divine Mind. It is also a great addition for Gemini collectors.


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