Tangerine Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

tangerine quartz meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Tangerine Quartz Crystals

  • Protection from evil energies
  • The manifestation of desires and needs
  • Enlightenment and awakening

What is Tangerine Quartz Stone Good For?

Tangerine Quartz meaning includes diverse phenomena. Being a striking tone of orange, this beautiful crystal attracts a lot of attention. Metaphysically, this stone is a distinct symbol of abundance which means that its energies are perfect for manifestation purposes.

Further, this beautiful crystal gemstone impacts the highly sensitive core of humans which makes it a remarkable healing crystal. It is particularly concerned with the retrieval of ‘self’ after a painful incident or a traumatic experience.

Moreover, the Tangerine Quartz benefits include realigning your aura and stabilizing your energy fields. Along with making you more ‘grounded’, this crystal also frees you from the limitations of your world. Also, pushing you to expand your mind, it lets you go beyond your very own thought process and imagination.

The powerful Tangerine Quartz crystal also symbolizes the true spirit of life. Accordingly, its energies are interconnected with your enlivening experiences, fearless ventures, and wild curiosity. Besides that, this crystal stone stimulates a higher level of understanding which lets you attain a better grasp of your reality.

Another important attribute influenced by the Tangerine Quartz crystal stone infuses your aura with a new spark, youthfulness, and joy. Mainly, it introduces a clarity of heart, mind, and soul. As a consequence of that, you run into exciting inspirations that revitalize your creative potential.

What Are the Healing Properties of Tangerine Quartz?

Spiritual Healing Properties

Spiritually, the Tangerine Quartz crystal elevates your inner energies for you to connect with your higher self. Moreover, this crystal stone lifts the burden off your soul which keeps drowning you. It might be emotions of regret or guilt from the past. This is your cue from the spiritual world that it is okay to forgive yourself and that you have punished yourself enough.

More importantly, this stone guards you against psychic attacks and shields you from negative energies.

Emotional Healing Properties

The stunning Tangerine Quartz crystal is especially helpful when it comes to emotional attachments. For example, it heals wounds created by broken relationships or toxic friendships. It also strengthens you and helps you acknowledge your value.

Further, this crystal helps you overcome relationship problems and general issues in your love life. By reigniting your passion and romance, you can build a deeper connection with your significant other.

Mental Healing Properties

This red-orange crystal enables you to courageously maneuver obstructions in your mental path, assuring you that you are the master of your destiny. Mainly, its empowering energies tap into your potential and remind you of all your talents. This fills you up with a new ambition to follow your dreams.

Apart from that, this stone is great for increasing your self-esteem and confidence.

Tangerine Quartz, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

This beautiful sunset-colored crystal has a bias towards two of the zodiac signs. These are Leo and Libra. It means that the vibrations of this crystal are particularly beneficial for people with these signs.

When it comes to Leos, the Tangerine Quartz crystal brings an abundance of peaceful and calming energies into their lives. While constantly protecting them from harmful vibes, this crystal enhances their passion and ambition.

As Leos are known to be ambitious, talented, and fierce, this crystal also helps them find the best past to pursue their dreams. Apart from that, Leos are very likely to end up in unwanted situations due to their naïve nature. Hence, the Tangerine Quartz acts as an intervention in this process, forcing Leo people to think and rethink every decision they make.

Coming to the peace-loving Libras, this crystal helps them in various ways as well. These people are very idealistic and fair-minded. But sometimes, these qualities tend to frustrate them because the world is not a fair place. This is where the Tangerine Quartz comes in with its soothing vibrations.

Further, this crystal also illuminates a clear path for Libras that appeases their mindset which helps them deal with the harsh realities of life while retaining their inner goodness. Along with this, this crystal brings vibrations of greater intellect and wisdom which impressively tackles the famous Libra indecisiveness.

Tangerine Quartz and Numerology

Gemstones vibrate with different frequencies that are characteristic of each kind of crystal. Tangerine Quartz crystal has a vibration number of 7 which massively influences its properties.

Number 7 is high-powered in the divine realm and naturally, it exhibits its powers through this crystal stone. Among its primary characteristics, this number is deeply spiritual, therefore it represents spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment.

Further, this number is the force that compels you to rise above the apparent truths of the universe and to look beyond them. It is about deep introspection, mysticism, understanding, myth, intuition, discernment, knowledge, and psychic abilities.

Besides that, the number 7 also signifies peace, calmness, poise, and tranquility. Lastly, this number brings attributes into your life such as endurance, perseverance, and evolution.

Tangerine Quartz for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The energy centers in our body are known as ‘chakras’ and they directly control your state of heart and mind. When any of these chakras are unbalanced, you will experience certain negative effects.

Interestingly, vibrations of crystal stones help align your chakras. If we talk about the Tangerine Quartz gemstone, two chakras are associated with it.

The first one is the Sacral Chakra. When it is unaligned, you will sense a major disturbance in your romantic life. It can manifest as a lack of sexual desire or overindulgence in sexual fantasies. Similarly, this disturbance can also present as a lack of emotional control in your life.

You may also feel like you are being driven by your emotions. With the help of the Tangerine Quartz crystal, you can overcome these issues. Also, if you deal with extreme mood swings, it means you need to align your Sacral Chakra.

The second chakra associated with the Tangerine Quartz gemstone is the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the center that manages your personality and will power. It also oversees your mental abilities, intellect, confidence, and personal identity.

Surely, when it is unbalanced, you will feel like you are unfocused and that you do not have a sense of direction anymore. Moreover, you can also become overly assertive and controlling. However, if you align this chakra with your Tangerine Quartz crystal, you can easily achieve a balanced headspace.

How to Use Your Tangerine Quartz Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

  • Wear Tangerine Quartz jewelry and make sure you have it near you at all times.
  • Invest in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. made out of Tangerine Quartz gemstone.
  • Meditate with this crystal to keep your Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra aligned.

How to Use Tangerine Quartz for Feng Shui

As it is a fire-colored orange gemstone, the Tangerine Quartz reflects Fire energy which is traditionally associated with the south area of a house. So place your Tangerine Quartz in the south of your house to bring vitality into your life.

Furthermore, this area is also connected with the energies of fame and reputation in the community. By utilizing the Fire energy of this stone, you can achieve both.

How is Tangerine Quartz Formed?

Being a silicon dioxide mineral, the Tangerine Quartz belongs to the quartz family. This gemstone is present in clusters or masses. Further, the striking red or orange color is given to it by iron oxide.

Around the world, Tangerine Quartz is found in Madagascar and the Santinho mine of Brazil.


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