The Striking Green Emerald – Hidden Meanings of Oldest Birthstone Known to Man

This stunning and gorgeous gemstone is known to be the birthstone of May and it is known to bring a sense of clarity, rejuvenation and regrowth to all wearers. The emerald has been popular throughout centuries and is known for evoking renewal and rebirth which is embodied by its vivacious green colour. Throughout millennia Egyptian pharaohs and emperors have been enchanted by the beauty of the emerald and the word itself comes from “Smaragdos” which is an Ancient Greek word for green gem.

Where Did This Giant Green Rock Originate From?

Emeralds are naturally found in Columbia and this country has been known for being the primary source of the finest emeralds for as long as 500 years. These stunning Colombian emeralds are the standard against which all the other emeralds are measured. In addition to this, there are several mining sites in Colombia which include Muzo, Chico and Coscuez. Each of these mining sites produces a wide range of colours, however, the darker tones of green emeralds are extracted from Muzo.

On the other hand, emeralds that are slightly bluish-green are extracted from Chivor and emeralds that are slightly yellowish green come from Coscuez. In addition to this, this stunning birthstone is also found in Minas Gerais which is in the vibrant country of Brazil. Emeralds are also found in Africa and Zambia is a major region where these emerald mines are located and it is known for producing the best quality of bluish-green and darker green emeralds.

Cleopatra’s Favourite Gem Was An Emerald

It is no mystery that royalty has been enchanted by the beauty of the emerald. Queen Cleopatra the Egyptian Queen was obsessed with emeralds and her collection of emeralds is the world’s most famous collection of emeralds. The queen was obsessed and enchanted with this gemstone and mining of emeralds was said to have taken place in ancient Egypt before any other country. The queen adored emeralds so much that she bought all the emerald mines in Egypt so that only she could have the beauty of this gemstone.

The queen was fanatical about emeralds as she and other ancient Egyptians believed that emeralds could treat several diseases. They believed that the gemstone could be used to treat eye diseases and the green colour was a representation of fertility and rebirth hence it attracted the queen.  Since ancient Egyptians believed that emeralds were sacred symbols and signs of immortality Cleopatra adorned herself with these gemstones and her palace was decorated and adorned with emeralds. She would also give them as gifts to the foreign dignitaries.

The Stone Was Also Dedicated to Venus – The Goddess of Beauty

The emerald is also known to be the sacred stone of the Roman goddess Venus who was the goddess of love and beauty. It was known to preserve love and this gemstone was associated with this goddess. Ancient Roman commonly associated this gemstone with Venus and believed it would protect lovers from being unfaithful and it would enhance loyalty. They believed that this gemstone is very powerful and that the emerald’s purity would prevent any evil spirit from existing around it and it was known to deflect any evil or negativity.

The Many Benefits That An Emerald Brings


The emerald has several benefits and is known for granting wisdom to all its wearers. The gemstone is known to give wisdom and intellectual power to all those who wear it. The emerald is green in colour and is generally associated with comforting, relaxing feelings and improving mental clarity. The stunning colour calms you down and allows you to make better decisions by having a clear mind.

Since the gemstone provides mental clarity, rejuvenates the mind, re-energizes the individual and injects a boost of energy it allows you to gain more wisdom and make well-informed decisions. It soothes the mind, body and soul and aligns all chakras to work together and grant superior wisdom and knowledge. In ancient Vedic astrology, it is known that the emerald represents the ruling planet of intellect which is the planet, Mercury. Hence when you wear this gemstone your intellectual capability and intellectual power improve and you gain wisdom.


This gemstone is known to emit energy that stimulates wealth, leads to financial and career growth and boosts the manifestation of financial abundance. This stone is known to increase your wealth due to its green colour and is often referred to as the money stone. This lovely green gemstone is very powerful and has powers that increase the level of wealth, abundance, prosperity, growth in your life and the growth of money.


The emerald is also associated with life-affirming properties and with patience. This stone has the power of giving you more patience due to its mystical powers. This gemstone has a stunning and striking green colour which is known to grant calming and soothing feelings. Ancient Roman scholars would believe in this gemstone being a relaxant to the eyes and the mere colour of this gemstone would act as a calming agent. The emerald is green in colour which is the colour of nature.

It is always recommended to sit in a park or look at nature or take a fresh breath of air and walk in a park whenever you feel impatient and nervous. It is always recommended by therapists to put plants in your house to relieve stress, anxiety, heal depression and soothe and relax the muscles. The emerald has the exact same properties and benefits. Think of it as nature condensed in an insanely beautiful, stunning and attractive gemstone. It relaxes your muscles and soothes your mind.

The Most Vibrant Gemstone of All!

with royalty, elegance, grace and sophistication. This birthstone belongs to Taurus and it provides the zodiac sign with rejuvenation and transformative energies. The striking green colour is a source of relaxation and is known to be comforting to the eyes. Throughout the millennia maharajas, pharaohs, Egyptian kings and the queen Cleopatra herself have been enchanted by the beauty of the magnificent gemstone.

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