Shungite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

shungite meaning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Shungite Crystals

Shungite is a beautiful stone that people have been using for centuries for its amazing healing power. It can be matte black or in dark grey with a silvery luster–either way, this dramatic crystal ensnares the senses with its mysterious allure.  Everyone from ancient philosophers to modern day crystallographers have been studying Shungite meaning in order to better understand how to harness its power for the good.

While this stone has a wide range of healing powers, experts agree that the top three Shungite benefits lie in its ability to…

  1. Protect us from negative energy. It does so by absorbing harmful vibrations, shielding us from bad luck, and giving us the courage to stand up for ourselves.
  2. Ground our energy to the earth and help us create a stable foundation on which we can grow.
  3. Purify our souls, mind, and environment so we can bring about our bright, positive energy to others.

To understand what makes Shungite gemstone special, we have to first understand how it came to be. Shungite is a unique stone in that it contains large amounts of carbon. Carbon is an essential element to all living things, and the fact that there is so much in this stone says a lot about its origin. Scientists conducted tests on Shungite gemstones and concluded that the earliest stones were formed approximately 2 billion years ago. Many believe that it was borne out of complex processes that have preserved the carbon from ancient creatures who lived in the sea when the earth was still young.

It gets its name from Shunga, a locality in Russia that has been well-known for centuries as the best place to get pure and high quality Shungite. Czar Peter the Great came down to what was (at the time) a small village, gracing the locals with his presence just to be able to drink water infused with the spirit of this crystal. It was believed to purify the drinker and grant him/her with powers of the mind, strength of will, and a blanket of protection against those who wish evil.

Because of its power to protect and detoxify, this healing crystal became a must for any traveler. Shungite jewelry was very popular among those who explored unknown places.

What is Shungite Stone Good For?

Shungite healing properties have a lot to do with its origin and chemical composition. Its color is an indicator of its protective power. In physics, black is the appearance of an object that absorbs the full range of the visible spectrum. In the same way, the color black has the metaphysical power to absorb negative energy from the environment, trapping it within its crystals so ill intentions and misfortune will not affect its wearer. It is a cloak of darkness that allows us to evade evil that is directed towards us.

Shungite gemstone has strong purification properties. It purifies our body, mind, spirit and environment from pollution of all kinds. It has been used for centuries by the upper class of Russia for purification of drinking and bathing water. Shungite not only cleans the water, but imbibes it with an energy that enters the body upon contact.

This healing crystal has been hailed as the best protector against electromagnetic forces (EMF) that create disturbances in our brain waves. This includes radiation from cellular phones, internet connection devices, TV, home appliances and other machines. It minimizes the harmful effects of EMF so we can more fully focus on the tasks at hand.

Shungite meaning is rooted deeply into the earth’s rich and mysterious history. Millenia ago, Shungite gemstone was already on this planet, borne out of its earliest life forms. Through its strong connection with the earth, it is imbibed with a powerful grounding energy. When we harness Shungite healing properties, we start to realize the kind of environment we need in order to grow into our authentic selves. Think of how the roots of a plant seek a strong, stable spot of soil that can provide it with ready access to water and sunlight that it needs to flourish. When we harness the power of Shungite gemstone, we also start to look for activities that keep us physically healthy, pursuits that bring us fulfillment, and relationships that help us become a better version of ourselves. We start to realize who we are, what we value, and what we believe in. We create a safe space within ourselves, and a home with people who truly love and care for us. With this support system in place, we can reach our full potential and express our authentic selves.

What Are the Healing Properties of Shungite?

Shungite gemstone is a healing crystal of many uses.

Spiritualists often use Shungite to help protect them during commune with other dimensions. It helps bring ancient spirits to protect them from negative forces. Its powerful grounding energy keeps them tethered to their physical bodies as to allow them to return from deep trances. It acts as a shield of psychic protection.

Shungite meaning also extends to the realm of emotions. It helps keep us stable amidst the turbulence of our problems. When we are feeling overwhelmed with conflicting feelings, we tend to act on them without rational thought–Shungite gemstone helps us reign our emotions in and act in a way that is most conducive to solving our problems. It helps minimize mood swings and extremes of emotion. With this healing crystal, we become more calm and stable, just like the earth from whence Shungite came.

Shungite healing properties can help us keep our bodies free from oxidants and our mind sharp and ready. The mechanism for this positive effect was not fully understood at the time, but studies conducted in the 1990s point to a special compound found in abundance in Shungite gemstones. They are called fullerenes, a hollow spherical conformation of carbon atoms. This compound was shown to have potent antioxidant properties that caused a great deal of excitement in the medical community for its possible use in reversing cellular damage from diseases like cancer and HIV, as well as pollution from water and electromagnetic forces. The scientists who discovered fullerenes were awarded a Nobel Prize for this breakthrough.

Shungite: Zodiac Signs and Birthstone

Shungite meaning can be harnessed by everyone, but it has a special power reserved for those born under the Zodiac signs Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer.

Scorpios are passionate, resourceful people who know what they want and how to get it. They are all about truth and honesty, making them loyal friends and workers with integrity. Their single mindedness and strength of focus is an asset, but when it goes overboard, it can manifest as jealousy and paranoia. Their passion turns into uncontrollable emotion that may inadvertently cause harm to those they care the most about.

Shungite is especially helpful to those born under this sign because of its stabilizing effect on emotions. It helps calm down the storm and help them think things through more fully. This helps them react in a way that will help make the situation better instead of worse.

Capricorns are known for their strong sense of duty, their discipline and good work ethic. They are systematic and organized, making them natural managers and leaders. They function quite well independently, but value familial ties and tradition. However, these positive traits can become toxic when things do not go according to plan. Their relentless aim for perfection tends to make them hard on themselves and others. Failures render them pessimistic and can make it difficult to move forward.

Shungite gemstone can help Capricorns slow down. The calming energy of Gaia helps them see mistakes as opportunities for growth. It reminds them that the earth will not stop if they do not achieve perfection, and that a change in plans is not the end of the world.

Those born under the sign of Cancer are gentle, empathic people who have a wonderful imagination that allows them to think out-of-the-box. They feel deeply, and do their best to help others. However, these traits mark them as ready targets for manipulative people who want to take advantage of them. Their sensitivity may hinder them from standing firm on what they need and want. They may become reclusive when someone close to them hurts them.

Shungite helps balance out this misdirected energy. Those born under this sign benefit from learning how to keep themselves strong and steady against those who want to bend them to their will. The grounding energy of Shungite gemstone does just that–it helps them plant their feet firmly on the ground, making sure that they have a strong foundation that will not cave in the face of intimidation or manipulation.

Shungite and Planetary Connection

Shungite meaning is tied intimately to the energy of Saturn. This planet represents rules we have to follow, boundaries that we must respect, and responsibilities that we cannot shirk. It teaches us to value integrity, tradition, and structure. Many associate the energy of Saturn with “tough love”–that sometimes, we learn best when we learn the hard way.

Shungite imbibes us with the strength of Saturn. We learn to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and to follow through with our plans despite temptations to go off track. It teaches us to endure hardship instead of giving in to instant relief. In the end, we learn the value of sacrifice for long term goals and building a solid work ethic. Shungite channels the ambition and integrity of Saturn to continue to do what is right even when doing the opposite seems easier.

Shungite and the Elements

There are five basic elements of nature that each channel a specific kind of energy. Ancient philosophers once studied these elements with the help of crystals. Crystals were believed to be conduits of elemental energy, allowing us to transmute their power into something that humankind could harness and use in daily life.

Shungite is connected with not just one element, but three: fire, air and storm.

Fire is the element of transformation and expression. The phoenix rises anew from the flames. Chemical reactions are hastened with heat. The blood in our bodies heat up with strong emotion. These are all real life examples of how fire creates and manifests change. If we are disconnected from the fire element, we feel lethargic, stagnant, powerless, and fearful. With Shungite healing properties, we can channel the energy of fire to feel alive, empowered, and ready to take on the world. We become better communicators and have the courage to express who we truly are.

Air is the element of clarity, inspiration and spirituality. Inspiration not only refers to ideas that drive us to action, it also means taking in air. The two are inseparable. We take in oxygen that gives life to our bodies, right down to the cellular level. In the same way, we take in ideas that give purpose to our life. Healthy air is clear and crisp, refreshing and gentle. The air element helps our mind achieve that same level of clarity. Only when we are clear and free of mental clutter can we reach a new plane of spirituality. When we do not receive enough air element in our lives, we tend to have difficulty with creative pursuits, feel disconnected from our own spirituality, and suffer from lack of focus. Shungite healing properties help us remove creative blocks and get in touch with our spiritual side.

Storm is the fifth element. It gives us the energy to make important–and often difficult–life changes. It is not easy to harness the power of storm, particularly when we have grown too comfortable with how things have been. When we are not connected to this element, our mantra is “better the devil you know”. We tend to put off positive change just because we are scared of the unknown. But with Shungite gemstone, we are given the courage to take that big step towards change. We understand that not everything will go exactly as planned, but we trust ourselves to be able to handle what comes our way.

Shungite and Numerology

All living things and objects in our world give off energy through metaphysical vibrations. Healing crystals appear to vibrate at frequencies that hold a special kind of energy. People from the ancient world have determined the numbers at which crystals vibrate, and found that these stones can transmute their energy to the people who use their powers for the good. The study of vibrational frequencies and their meaning is called numerology.

Through psychic meditation, Shungite has been determined to give off the numerical vibration of 4 and 8.

4 is the number of stability. It is an even, balanced number that revels in structure and organization. Shungite channels this energetic vibration so that we become better planners and more efficient workers. We gain self-control that allows us to stand steadily even when things seem spinning out of control. This rationality in the midst of turbulence helps us through rough patches.

8 is all about endurance. It sustains our drive to push through with our plans and ideas. It gives us a motivational energy, will power, and aptitude to go for our goals. Shungite healing properties will strengthen your resolve and increase your determination. It is a great stone to have when you are gunning for a promotion, expanding your business, or reaching a certain grade point average.

How to Use Shungite for Feng Shui

Feng shui is about the strategic placement of objects in a space that helps bring good fortune in and keep misfortune out.

Shungite meaning is rooted in protection, and that is one of its principal uses in the feng shui. Many practitioners put this gemstone by the main door or any large entryways in order to block the passage of negative energy. It serves as a sentinel to keep your home safe.

To make the most out of Shungite gemstone’s EMF protection capabilities, experts advice keeping stones in working spaces. This is the place where we use computers, cellphones and other electronic gadgets. The radiation from these devices could break our concentration, disrupt our thought processes, or possibly even damage our brains in the long-term. Shungite helps keep you productive and safe in the office.

Shungite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Shungite is an extremely versatile stone to use in chakra healing because it influences not one, not two, not three–but all seven chakras.

The Root Chakra is the first chakra located at the base of the spine. It is the energy center that delves with our most basic needs, and therefore serves as the foundation for the rest of the chakras. Misalignment here usually presents itself as a lack of urgency to care for oneself, constant worrying about one’s physical, mental, or spiritual security, and feeling disconnected from one’s body. However, when we have covered our bases in terms of what we need to survive, energy flows freely into this chakra and up to the other 6.

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra located at the lower belly. This energy center focuses on emotions and relationships with others. Blockage in this chakra manifests itself as feeling constantly overemotional or feeling numb and disconnected. It may present as a need to remain in toxic relationships, or a tendency to depend on unhealthy pursuits to gain pleasure. Once energy is able to flow through, you have stable emotional status. It is a balance of being to feel the full range of human emotions and yet not allow it to take over our decisions. We have the courage to step out of unhealthy relationships and connect with those who have our happiness and well-being in mind.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the level of the diaphragm. It is the energy center where our strength of will, mental capabilities, and personal power reside. Misalignment of the Solar Plexus Chakra may present as feelings of helplessness, difficulty in forming our opinions, indecisiveness and low self-esteem. We do not trust ourselves and our abilities, and therefore feel small and weak. But when energy is able to flow through this chakra, we feel empowered. Once we start believing in ourselves, we take control of our lives.

The Heart Chakra is found in the middle of the chest. Our sense of compassion and kindness towards others and ourselves resides in this energy center. A poorly balanced Heart Chakra manifests as holding on to grudges, thinking the worst of others, and having difficulty opening our hearts. We might be overly controlling of our relationships, or else find it hard to create intimacy with others. But once the energy properly flows through this chakra, expect to feel that a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. You begin to connect more deeply with others, and see the good in others. You become more forgiving towards those who have wronged you. You start to treat yourself better, being kinder and more gentle with how you talk to yourself.

The Throat Chakra is located in the center of the neck, at the level of the throat. It is an energy center that revolves around communication in all forms–from verbal to physical, towards our family, friends and coworkers, or towards divine beings. Poor energy flow manifests as a difficulty getting our point across and a tendency to misinterpret the signals of others. It can also show as excessive chattiness spreading fake information. When blockages in the Throat Chakra are healed, it is easy to connect with others and express ourselves accurately.

The Third Eye Chakra is found between the eyebrows on the forehead. It is the energy most associated with intuition, perception, wisdom and psychic ability. Blockage of this chakra is usually manifested as poor clarity of mind and difficulty seeing the bigger picture. It makes one feel disconnected from the spiritual and esoteric realm, but once these blockages are removed, our sense of perception deepens. We develop intuition that helps us make better and quicker decisions

The Crown Chakra is located the top of the head. It is the highest energy center where transcendent wisdom resides. When all our chakras are aligned, the Crown Chakra opens and gives a pervading sense of peace with the world. There is liberation from negative thought patterns and embracing of a higher consciousness. It is bliss.

Shungite gemstone’s unique chemical composition affords it strong antioxidant powers to the body, but also appears to exert a similar effect on the chakras. Its powers of purification remove the blockages on each chakra to pave a clear way from energy to pass. It is a stone of protection that helps keep flow constant and unmarred. It works with each chakra on its own and the full chakra system as well.

Shungite for EMF Radiation Protection

Shungite’s unique chemical composition and high carbon content gives it the ability to conduct electromagnetic forces. This is extremely valuable in protecting us from this kind of harmful radiation that has been linked to migraines, poor memory, impaired focus, and difficulty sleeping. Unlike other crystals, it does not simply absorb the EMFs, but rather, transforms it into the type of energy that is helpful to human biology.

This makes it a must-have in the modern digital age. We live in a world that is replete with gadgets and machines–all of these add up to a substantial amount of electromagnetic pollution. It is recommended to place Shungite and other EMF-protecting stones near TVs, laptops, cellphones, internet connection devices and other gadgets. Experts highly encourage wearing Shungite jewelry to protect against EMFs throughout the day.

To Boost EMF Radiation Protection, Pair Shungite with These Other Crystals:

To help further boost Shungite healing properties for EMF radiation, pair it with:


Selenite is associated with divine communication and psychic meditation. It attracts the powers that be to protect you from electromagnetic radiation.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline keeps us safe from everything from harmful intentions to vibrational pollution.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is among the most powerful stones for cleansing the body, mind, spirit and environment.


Hematite blocks electromagnetic waves and redirects it away from you. This is great for bedrooms where we need to turn off our gadgets to relax. However, it may not be a great idea to put hematite very near electronic devices because it is so strong it can cause them to malfunction.


Fluorite helps remove mental blockages caused by previous exposure to EMFs.


Kernite accepts ionizing energy, making it ideal for places that release low but constant EMF radiation.


Colemanite has the same mechanism of action as Kernite.

Orgonite Pyramids

Orgonite Pyramids are triangular-shaped combinations of various healing crystals, resin and metaphysical power. One that is black is likely to contain negativity-absorbing crystals like Black Tourmaline or Shungite,which helps protect against EMFs.

Shungite For Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Shungite meaning revolves around purification from negativity and grounding into reality. This is especially helpful for those who are suffering from anxiety, stress and depression. There is negative energy surrounding our aura when we feel this way, and it feeds on our negative emotions so the effect multiplies. Before we know it, negativity permeates every aspect of our lives and it results in a near permanent state of sadness, worry, and fear.

But Shungite healing properties can help do away with all that. It absorbs the negativity around us and helps bring us good fortune. We are able to experience our emotions without allowing it to overwhelm us. We become more retrospective about our situation than giving in to the need to wallow in it. This empowers us to control our mindset, our behavior, and consequently, our situation.

Pair Shungite with These Crystals to Combat Anxiety, Stress, & Depression:

A positive and practical mindset will definitely help get us back on track. To boost Shungite gemstone’s power in dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression, use it with these crystals:


Citrine’s bright color gives a big hint as to what it does for its user. Bring happiness and laughter into your life with this healing crystal.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian helps you see the opportunities where others see problems. With this new mindset, it is easy to take on the challenge.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz helps bring down the barriers that keep you from connecting with others. Learn to let your guard down and let people in so you can have the support system you need in times of darkness.


Sunstone is all about giving lightness and play back into your life. It reminds you to take time to enjoy yourself and let loose doing something you truly enjoy.


Danburite is a relatively unknown crystal that is now gaining superstar status with its unique ability to improve brain function. It increases neuroplasticity, making it easier for you to reflect honestly, mentally soothe yourself, and get out of the rut when you have an episode.


Lepidolite makes you feel like there is a light at the end of a tunnel. It keeps hope alive and burning, sustaining you through the darkest days.

How to Use Your Shungite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

There are many ways to harness the power of Shungite gemstone. Make like the Czars and drink Shungite-infused water. This not only purifies and detoxifies the water with the help of antioxidant fullerenes, it also serves as an elixir that promotes cell growth and healing.

To make the most of Shungite healing properties against EMF, place a Shungite tumble stone on your computer desk, cell phone charging station, or office.

Wearing Shungite jewelry is one great way to keep the power of Shungite with you at all times. It is best left in contact with the skin to allow Shungite healing properties to pass to you. By wearing a Shungite necklace, Shungite bracelets or Shungite ring, your aura is protected from negativity so far today.

To use Shungite gemstone for manifestation, simply hold a Shungite tumble stone or Shungite mala beads for the session. Choose a mantra that ties in with Shungite meaning, such as:

  • “I am positivity, love, and light”
  • “I am detoxified of negative thoughts and emotions”                                                            
  • “I program this crystal to absorb negative energy deep rooted in me”
  • “My mind is pure and my spirit is clear.”
  • “I am detoxified from the negativity around me.”
  • “I am powerful, strong, and capable of protecting myself.”
  • “I can make decisions for myself.”
  • “My energy is grounded in the power of Mother Gaia.”

How Do You Care for Your Shungite?

Shungite, like most other stones, stores the negativity away from its wearer. However, after long use, you can imagine how much bad energy has accumulated within it. If left alone, it will no longer be able to function at full capacity. Therefore, it is important to cleanse it regularly.

You may leave the Shungite gemstone out in the sunset or the sunrise to bathe in the warmth of the greatest star in our solar system. Otherwise, you can place it overnight under a patch of moonlight under the gentle and watchful eye of Luna. Tibetan singing bowls were typically used by the monks for purifying themselves, but the same melodic ringing sound has much the same effect on crystals. Burning sage and allowing the aromatic smoke to envelope your Shungite gemstone is a great way to cleanse it of the negative energy it may have picked up.


Shungite is a powerful stone with purification, grounding, and protecting properties. This makes it a versatile crystal to use in any number of situations.


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