Serpentine: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

serpentine meaning and benefits

Serpentine benefits ties closely with its connection to the Kundalini energies.

Top 3 Benefits of Serpentine Crystals


The Serpentine gemstone has powerful healing abilities drawn from the energy of the Earth. They are great for improving your physical health because it has an energy that flows throughout your body and dispels the negativity.


It is a gemstone with strong connections to the Kundalini energy, which is a high-level energy that flows upwards your body, unblocking and balancing all your chakras in the process. You can use this to experience a renewed energy that powers your life and spirit.


Because the Kundalini energy, the Serpentine allows its owner to reach enlightenment or a sort of spiritual awakening. It’s a gradual process that can change you as a person and help you find our true purpose in life.

What is Serpentine Stone Good For?

The name Serpentine comes from the Latin word “Serpentinus,” which roughly translates to “something resembling of a serpent.” The Serpentine gemstone was likely given this name because of how its color resembles that of a snake. Coincidentally, it also ties together with the gemstone’s ability to grant knowledge like a serpent’s.

Snakes are known for their regenerative ability to shed their skin and grow a new one. This has a direct connection to the Serpentine’s meaning of transformation. Similar to its meaning and title as the “The Regenerator Stone,” snakes were also used by the god Hermes. His staff consisted of two intertwined snakes, which symbolize healing. Back in Ancient times, snakes and serpents were quite popular and had numerous symbolisms. That would explain why this gemstone held so much power to it.

The Serpentine gemstone also has meaning in crystal medicine. It represents the power of creation, sexuality, and fertility. This gemstone has a strong connection with the life force of our planet. Because of that, it is often used for physical healing such as balancing the hormones and supplying the body of both men and women with energy to boost their cycle.

What Are the Healing Properties of Serpentine?

  • Spiritual

The Serpentine has powerful healing and protective properties. Related to its connection with the snake, it is known to protect its wearer from snake bits, but this isn’t just physical but also spiritual protection. Carrying Serpentine jewelry can create a protective barrier around you against harmful elements. When a person is safe from snakebite, they feel more secure and have a positive aura on them. That is the effect that the Serpentine has.

It also protects you from psychic attacks. The Serpentine gemstone creates a dark cloak around you that disguises you from other beings and negative energy.

Another thing that the Serpentine does is help you tap into your inner child. One of its spiritual properties involves unearthing your forgotten dreams. As adults, we often lose your younger and more ambitious self to the harshness of life. The Serpentine gemstone will free you of this burden and get rid of self-imposed limitations.

  • Emotional

Regain the emotional strength needed to take action and follow your dreams. Similar to its spiritual ability, Serpentine can reignite your motivation and drive. You can use this stone to find direction and get the sense that you have your life in control.

Those who wear Serpentine jewelry also achieve inner peace. This is done through sucking out the negative energy within your body and releases it elsewhere. The act of getting rid of negativity will relieve you of emotional imbalances. One of its qualities also involves getting rid of aggression that plagues your body.

  • Physical

One of its healing properties is related to its meaning to the serpent or snake. Since Ancient times, it has been used to suck out the poison. Because of this, Serpentine healing properties have come to include detoxification. 

Aside from that, Serpentine has hormone-balancing properties. Likely connected to its ability to stimulate the dormant energy within you, this crystal supplies energy throughout your body. Specifically, it regulates the hormonal cycle for both men and women. This would be great for women who tend to have irregular cycles.

Similar to its nature of facilitating energy throughout the body, this gemstone is great for detoxification of the body and cellular regeneration. There are various other ways they can help your body as well such as regulating over acidification, your heart rhythm, and your kidney and stomach functions. Others may also find it useful for diabetes, low blood sugar, and muscle weakness. The Serpentine is also great for aiding in Calcium and Magnesium absorption.

Serpentine: Zodiac Signs and Birthstone:

Its connection to the Kundalini energy makes it a perfect stone for any astrological sign. We’ve been mentioning the Kundalini energy for a while now, so here’s a more in-depth explanation.

The Serpentine gemstone is strongly connected to the Kundalini energy, which is also referred to as the “serpent power.” It is basically the arising energy that stimulates our chakras and is often known as the life force in all living things. This energy rises from your spine and opens your mind to connect it to higher planes.

This process is usually referred to as an Awakening, and it is a process that can take years. When it happens though, people experience a powerful sensation that feels like all your senses are heightened by 100 percent. You might see positive changes within yourself or those experiencing an Awakening.

Awakening of the Kundalini energy allows us to understand ancient wisdom and unlock higher energy levels. This can be quite overwhelming and can feel like fire for some people, which is why Serpentine is used to help you be more comfortable during your transitions.

This process can happen to anyone, regardless of their signs. Therefore, the Serpentine is perfect and beneficial to all 12 zodiacs.

In addition to that, the Serpentine is also a natural birthstone for those born between April 20 to May 20, which are dates associated with the Taurus. Serpentine jewelry also has a strong connection to the Gemini.

Serpentine and Planetary Connection

Because the Serpentine is made with high concentrations of Magnetite, it has a strong magnetic force that helps you tap into the inner knowledge of the Earth. This crystal allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the planet and all its mysteries. Blueprints of the distant past and highlights of the future can be seen with the use of the Serpentine gemstone. You can also use it to adapt to change as the planet has gone through many and knows very well how to comfort you.

Connected with the Energies of Earth

In astrology, your Earth signs reflect your sense of duty and responsibility. It reflects our inner needs and desires. Because the Sun casts a shadow and guides us, this represents the path we are headed, but the Earth gives you a clear picture of your destiny. It reflects who you are in everyday scenarios.

Serpentine and the Elements:

There are five elements in nature: earth, fire, water, wind, and the Akasha. These are often used in terms of astrology and crystal science. It generally represents their overall aura and energy. A lot of times, this shows in their meaning and healing properties. For the Serpentine crystal, it actually relates to two of the elements, the earth and wind.

For the Earth element, it’s all about growth and prosperity. Naturally, this element is often associated with stability, and this can come in many forms. Stability could be building a strong shelter, attracting money, career success, or physical strength. When out of balance, you experience weakness and are constantly struggling for survival. You can see this in the Serpentine’s ability to revitalize our bodies to its core.

When it comes to the Air or Wind, this element is about the mind and all things related to it. That includes imagination, memory, inspiration, and innovation. It’s not so much about intelligence but rather spiritual understanding. You use air elements to harness your creativity and expand vision, giving you the ability to develop your awareness of the world around you. People who need air energy are often the type who have trouble thinking or staying focused, have difficulty making decisions, and are lacking imagination. Because of its connection to Kundalini energy, the Serpentine gemstone brings a surge of energy and with that, comes wisdom and enlightenment. That is why it is so strongly connected to this element.

Serpentine and Numerology:

For many, the concept of crystal vibrations are hard to comprehend so in an attempt to give it an explanation, this Numerology was created to better understand them. These vibrations generally reflect the crystal’s properties and meaning. The Serpentine’s numerology frequency is Six and Eight.

The Six vibration is very much consistent with the Serpentine’s meaning and properties because it brings unconditional love and a nurturing energy, like the Earth goddess herself. You can find that this stone will help you become more balanced and harmonious. One’s collective experience in the world, both the good and bad, should shape your attitude and encourage you to be more emphatic, but it can be hard. That’s what the Serpentine can help you with.

Destiny is also strongly associated with the Six vibrations. When you are kind to the world, the world is kind to you, which is why the universe favors those with this vibration. In excess, the Six numerology can be stubborn and self-righteous. It also people to sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of others.

The other number associated with Serpentine is Eight, which is all about authority and personal power. Crystals with these vibrations will give you confidence, inner-strength, and authority. You can also use this to manifest finances, attract wealth, and become self-reliant. With the help of the Serpentine, people become more ambitious and goal-oriented. You can gain incredible strength that will help you overcome hardship.

Although, it’s also possible for one to become too ambitious. When left unchecked, the Eight frequency can make you impatient and hard to be around. Your expectation might exceed your worth, and this can lead to frustration.

Serpentine for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Because of its powerful Kundalini energy, the Serpentine is a crystal made to influence and unblock all seven chakras. The Awakening starts at the base of one’s spine, similar to where the Root Chakra is. Because the goal is to power your body with energy, the Kundalini energy will rise up, targeting each chakra on the way and unblocking them.

These chakras are specifically designed to target key aspects of your life. Logically, it makes sense that the Root Chakra is about building a strong foundation. Whereas, the Crown Chakra is about enlightenment and true balance. Unlocking the secrets of the universe is the key to both the chakras and the Kundalini energy.

What Crystals to Combine with Serpentine for Kundalini Energy Awakening

Your Kundalini energy resides at the base of the spine. When activated, it will unleash an energy that will flow through all the lower chakras and connect them to the Crown Chakra. This will connect you to Universal Consciousness and Higher Awareness. Super boost this process by pairing your Serpentine with other gemstones.

Root ChakraRed Jasper or Red Garnet

The Root is all about building a strong foundation that makes you feel accomplished and secure. It is often associated with the color red, but color isn’t the only thing connecting it with the Red Jasper and Red Garnet. Red Jasper is actually known to be a stone of empowerment, so you can use it to have the strength to face the challenges of life. The Red Garnet brings hope during tough situations.

Sacral ChakraCarnelian

This chakra center unleashes your creativity, and the Carnelian is the perfect stone for it. It has the energy that stimulates motivation and vitality. Carnelian have been known throughout the centuries to guide and protect the inspired. You can also use it if your Sacral Chakra is overactive because it helps you reel in your thoughts and organize them into a cohesive plan.

Solar Plexus ChakraCitrine or Tiger’s Eye

Building self-confidence and seizing your personal power is what the Solar Plexus Chakra does. Just like this chakra, the Citrine crystal can strengthen your personal will and conviction. It awakens imagination and creativity, which can both drive you into action. Citrine can also help you become more decisive in your life choices. Like a tiger going after its prey, the Tiger’s Eye creates intense willpower and focus to help you commit to achieving your goals. 

Heart ChakraRose Quartz or Green Aventurine

Everyone knows that the best crystal for the Heart Chakra is the Rose Quartz. It has a soothing and loving energy that brings compassion, innocence, and love for all, including oneself. The Green Aventurine can attract love. In addition to that, it has a calming energy that helps see the beauty in all things.

Throat ChakraLapis Lazuli or Turquoise

The Throat Chakra is about truth and communication. Lapis Lazuli are best for journalists, writers, scientists, historians, lawyers, and psychologists because it helps them find wisdom and good judgement. When one is gifted with the truth, they can speak freely and honestly about them. The Turquoise is a crystal used to help one become a clear communicator. You can better translate and organize your thoughts into words, making your points more easily understood. It also releases you of anxiety and fear of speaking in front of crowds.

Third Eye ChakraAmethyst

The purple energy of the Third Eye Chakra can unlock your inner psychic abilities and intuition. A powerful crystal like the Amethyst is perfect for this because it is known to bring sobriety, increase intelligence, and clear your mind. It rids you of evil thoughts that plague your mind to discover the power inside you.

Crown ChakraMoonstone or Clear Quartz

The highest chakra is also the most difficult to explain because it involves true universal knowledge. The Moonstone is best to use here as it carries with it the wisdom of the moon and reflects our own personal identity. Similarly, the Clear Quartz does something similar with its powerful energy. It cleanses your energy to reveal your true spiritual ability.

How to Use Your Serpentine Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Incorporate this powerful crystal in your everyday life through various practices and Serpentine jewelry. You can do the following to experience the Kundalini awakening.

  • Hold a Serpentine stone while praying or meditating.
  • Wear Serpentine jewelry. Any kind would work be it a bracelet, ring, necklace, or earrings because the stone is effective for all your chakras.
  • Hold a Serpentine tumbled stone to regain physical, mental, or spiritual energy.
  • Use Serpentine mala beads for prayer and meditation.
  • Hold a Serpentine stone near the chakra you want to unblock.
  • Use a Serpentine stone for any blockages in your body.

How to Use Serpentine for Feng Shui

In feng shui, the Serpentine gemstone has the Wood energy, which also has the same Earth energy. This means they are best placed in East and Southeast areas, which are related to family, wealth, and abundance. Having this stone around can help you attract prosperity and good fortune.

How is Serpentine Formed?

Serpentine gemstones are actually made with a variety of minerals, which is why its Earth connection is so strong. It is made when peridotite, dunnite, and other ultramafic rocks undergo hydrothermal metamorphism, which is a process where hot water with minerals come into contact with rocks. Because of the way they are formed, they are often found beneath the Earth’s surface.

How Do You Care for Your Serpentine?

Serpentine can often be tainted by the negative energy around them. Like many things, they need to be recharged or cleansed in order to function properly. There are multiple ways you can actually cleanse a gemstone.

Sunlight – The energy of the sun is a powerful tool in cleansing a gemstone. Its radiant vibrations charge them with natural energy. What you do is just leave the stones out in direct sunlight for a few hours. Note that some crystals cannot stand prolonged exposure to sunlight, so you have to use the other methods for them/

Moonlight – An alternative to sunlight is moonlight. It has the same effect, but the difference is that the heat is not as intense. Therefore, they have fewer damaging effects on the crystals. Leave them overnight under a full moon to get the best results.

Water – Another way of cleansing is to literally wash the negativity away. Put the gemstones under running water for around 10 to 15 minutes to fully clean them.  This might not work for some crystals as they can dissolve in water.


Serpentine is one of the most mysterious yet powerful stone in the world. It has an all-around energy that benefits everyone to varying levels. For those who are seeking a new purpose in life, the Serpentine can help you reach a spiritual level that you never knew existed.


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