Selenite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

selenite meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Selenite Crystals

  1. Selenite Light heals and protects from negative energy and entities
  2. Strengthens your ability to reach higher planes
  3. Purifies and promotes honesty

What Is Selenite Stone Good for?

Known as the stone which contains liquid Light or the Light of the Spirit, Selenite is a particularly powerful stone with strong healing properties. The divine powers of the light of the moon give Selenite meaning. Its healing and purifying properties are rather unique, too. Though delicate, the Selenite gemstone contains a warm beam of light that inspires profound peace. Selenite also benefits those who search for tranquility, blessing, love, and Light.

Celebrated for their transparency and radiance, Selenites have superb clearing properties. They can easily access the Light body of an individual. What’s more, these beautiful crystals of the moon open up a person to their higher selves.

Selenite inspires peace, honesty, and harmony. It attracts love and fertility while maintaining fidelity. It’s also a powerful stone against entities who wish to harm and taunt people at night. It always sees and observes and doesn’t make judgments. It is a silent witness to the earth’s growth. Lastly, Selenite’s aim is to reach out to other sources of divine Light, just like the moon.

What Are the Healing Properties of Selenite?

Selenites are teeming with healing properties for the spirit, the heart, and the mind. Spiritually, they can be used as a talisman for women–a source of support and love through the cycles of life. Selenite imparts the energy of warmth and love. They are the perfect stones to ward off negative energies and creatures from any space.

Additionally, Selenites are highly recommended for gridding a home or a room. These crystals create a safe and uplifting space, free from worries or fears. As a programmable stone that can be used to facilitate telepathy,the Selenite connects people to the highest level of consciousness and removes energy blockages from the body and chakra points.

Emotionally, Selenite helps with reconciliation between lovers, friends, and family. It’s a forgiving stone that aims to foster harmonious relationships. It stimulates the emotional body and helps with emotional healing, as well.  In times of distress, you can call upon this stone for stability and strength. Selenite also banishes feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, and doubt. In difficult situations, it helps you see the issue at a deeper level and helps you make sound decisions.

Aside from being a very powerful emotional and spiritual support stone, Selenite can also be used to stimulate a person’s intellect and mental powers. It’s used by some to search for the truth in complicated scenarios. It brings insight especially for people who find it difficult to see the bigger picture. It also brings good judgment when there are disagreements and negotiations. Lastly, Selenite is known to clear confusion among people and help you walk forward with your head held high.

Selenite: Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Selenite is not a traditional nor a natural birthstone. However, it is extremely beneficial to two very similar Zodiac signs–Gemini and Cancer.

Geminis are perhaps the most versatile and fun-loving people of the Zodiac. They’re very friendly, intellectual, and can immediately connect with any group. They are always on the go, curious and know a little bit about everything. They’re very communicative people who like to be straightforward, but they balance that out by being witty and humorous with their statements. But at their worst, Geminis can be shallow and quick to start an argument. Selenite can help Geminis keep peace and balance within themselves. The calming and purifying properties of this crystal can help them become more consistent and see through the more complicated aspects of life. It can also temper their expectations of the world and help them with their boredom and anxiety.

On the other hand, Cancers are always in touch with their feelings. They need a constant avenue to air their grievances and feelings. And because their hearts feel so much for the world, they’re the most caring individuals in the Zodiac. They’re very sensitive and will appreciate any and every effort to reciprocate their efforts and feelings. They’re highly supportive and empathetic and are faithful and loving friends. But at their worst, they can be clingy and moody and unable to communicate their wants and needs. Selenite helps remove the blockages in their feelings and communication pathways so they can become more at peace with themselves.

Selenite and Planetary Connection

A crystal that’s named after Selene – the Goddess of the moon – is bound to be blessed with all the power and mystery of this beautiful celestial object. The moon represents everything that makes us feel at home and secure in the world and in our relationships. The moon symbolizes how we feel and express our emotions, both surface-level and deeper, unexplored feelings.

The moon is heavily associated with women and has a very powerful feminine energy. It governs Cancer, a feminine Zodiac sign that’s associated with emotions, security, and the home. The moon shifts signs every 2-5 days and somehow reflects how our moods and emotions cycle and manifest.

As we all know, the moon has a light and dark side. The light side governs the feelings that we’re comfortable expressing. Meanwhile, the dark side governs the emotions deep within us that can, and will, surprise us.

Connecting with the moon’s energy through a moon crystal like Selenite can reveal wisdom and energy from your past lives. The wisdom and energy you can get from doing so will help propel you forward in life and increase your chances of achieving peace and tranquility in this lifetime.

Overall, the moon is a celestial body with a highly protective and pure energy that seeks to protect those in the dark. The moon guides the traveler in this weary world and offers clarity, purification, and clairvoyance to those who invoke her powers through sacred stones like Selenite.

Selenite and The Elements

Selenite gemstones resonate with the energy of the air (sometimes referred to as wind). Air is the element of travel and communication and is ruled by the planet Mercury. The air element’s motive is to know. Because of this, it’s highly associated with the mind and its products. Air element crystals like Selenite are known to fortify the intellect and inspire knowledge and clarity. This element is known to enhance intellectual abilities and inspire people in their creative pursuits.

Air also enhances intuition–the gut feel a person has before the issue even arises. It’s kind of like the wind carrying word of an event to your perception to help you avoid undesirable outcomes. Air element crystals are known to improve communication and memory. If a person is having major issues about releasing their feelings, meditating with an air element crystal might do the trick.

That said, the aim of Selenite and other air element crystals is to bring forth new possibilities. Other examples of air element crystals are Opal, Tiger’s Eye, Mica, Topaz, and Turquoise.

Selenite and Numerology

The world is teeming with energy. Some energies vibrate similarly with each other and have an affinity of sorts that draws them together. Energy, in the crystal world, is described with the term vibrational frequency. This is the energy that’s emitted by a certain person, intention, object, or space.

In numerology, each letter in the alphabet is assigned a number. The numerical equivalents of the English name of a certain stone or crystal are then added up until it reaches a single digit, with a few exceptions. This is the crystal’s vibrational frequency. And Selenite is special because not only does it resonate with the number two, but it also resonates with the master number 22/4.

The number two is known in numerology as the number of the diplomat and the peacemaker. Individuals, intentions, or objects that resonate with this frequency are destined for a life of service and duty. They bring balance and harmony to situations and are known for being patient, nurturing, and sensitive to feelings. The number two resonates with the energies of justice, selflessness, and love and holds faith and trust in high regard. They see the truth behind human behaviors and face life with grace and finesse.

Meanwhile, the number 22 (also written as 22/4) is a master number. Master numbers are double-digit numbers with the same number. These numbers vibrate at higher frequencies, and resonating with them means that you’re tasked to live life in order to reach a higher spiritual purpose.  People, intentions, and crystals that resonate with the number 22 are dependable, stable, and productive.

They always strive to build something of lasting value and are meant to serve the world in the most meaningful of ways. They can have moments when they expect too much of themselves or become martyrs, but it is known that they’ll reach their full power later in life. Those who affiliate themselves with this number are said to be pragmatic, cooperative, and have great professional potential.

Selenite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Selenite definitely can help purify and illuminate a lot of things, but it’s important to note that it benefits three specific chakra points the most. This stone is particularly beneficial to the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras. Not only does Selenite cleanse these chakra points, but it also activates and energizes them. Basically, Selenite is a tool that frees a person from negativity and inhibitions.

The Third Eye Chakra is the chakra point that’s located between the eyebrows. This is the center of every person’s perception, intuition, and foresight. The Third Eye Chakra is driven by openness and imagination. Simply put, it serves as the connection to a person’s deep wisdom and insight. The Third Eye Chakra also rules over a person’s psychic abilities, especially the powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience. If the Third Eye Chakra is left unbalanced, a person may become stuck in a fantasy world and therefore become unable to manifest their dreams and intentions into reality.

The Crown Chakra, on the other hand, is located at the top of the head. This is the seat of a person’s beliefs, the source of their spirituality, and the gateway to the expanded universe. This is the chakra that connects a person to higher planes of existence, as well as the universal truth. A balanced Crown Chakra ensures that a person’s energies are also balanced. Their relationship to the universe is filled with an all-encompassing love. A person’s eyes and heart perceives things on this earth as they are. A balanced Crown Chakra will also motivate a person to move forward and achieve in life.

Lastly, the Etheric Chakras are the most interesting and most complicated chakras of all. Selenite is said to activate a person’s Etheric Chakras. But what is it exactly? A person’s Etheric Chakras extend far above the crown and also below the Root Chakra. These chakra points extend far into the deep universe and contain important information, like our past lives, our spirit guides, etc. Having your Etheric Chakras activated means that your doorway to other worlds is opened. You are connected with the infinite-the divine peace and wisdom on this plane and other planes as well. All of the lessons from your past lives, all of your guardians, and all of the tools you need to transcend and ascend this lifetime will be made available to you.

What Crystals to Combine with Selenite to Open the Third Eye and Communicate with Higher Self

As a stone associated with the third eye, Selenite is well known for its ability to clear energy blockages that restrict our ability to communicate with the metaphysical world. Clearing these blockages gives us the ability to access higher consciousness, past lives, and communicate with other metaphysical entities. As a support stone, Selenite cleanses, charges, and enhances other stones.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known for its ability to awaken one’s higher consciousness and raise their spiritual awareness. When worn with Selenite, Lapis Lazuli’s ability to activate the wearer’s third eye will be enhanced, allowing them to easily perceive signs and messages from the metaphysical world.

Blue Kyanite

Known for its ability to align all the chakras, Blue Kyanite is often used to connect with the metaphysical to seek guidance. Combining it with Selenite will help one perceive messages from higher beings with clarity.


One of the many uses of Amethyst is to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra. This combined with the amplifying properties of Selenite enhances one’s spiritual perception which allows one to better perceive guidance from higher beings.


By instilling one with the power of the moon, Moonstone is believed to help religious people with detaching from the material world. Together with Selenite, Moonstone uplifts one perception and helps you understand what you need to grow spiritually and get over your material wants.


One of the uses of Labradorite is to manage the chakra flow inside one’s body to achieve a healthy spiritual being. Combined with Selenite’s ability to clear chakra passages and enhance other stone’s abilities, wearing the two stones will guarantee the wearer’s spiritual development and intuitive recognition.

What Crystals to Combine with Selenite to Clear Negative Energy

Aside from enhancing one’s spiritual understanding, Selenite also protects people from environmental and external stress. Wearing Selenite repels negative and poisonous energy around the wearer. Combining it with other crystals further wards off negativity and improves one’s mental clarity.

Black Obsidian

Wearing Black Obsidian jewelry encourages the wearer to cut off toxic relationships. If worn together with Selenite, these two stones help the wearer achieve a sense of optimism and serenity.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is often worn to ward off negative and psychic attacks. It also calms people by collecting their scattered thoughts, so they can process it one by one. Wearing one with Selenite will cleanse and purify negativity, turning it into determination so the wearer can move forward.

Black Agate

Aside from being a protective stone, Black Agate helps people who are going through turmoil. It gives strength to those to move forward and helps calm the user in high-pressure situations. Combining it with Selenite will not just boost one’s resistance against negativity, it also helps them achieve a state of clarity.

Smoky Quartz

As a healing stone, Smoky Quartz is effective in healing those with emotional burdens. This property of Smoky Quartz is boosted once paired with Selenite by helping one let go of the pain and trauma, thus lightening their emotional baggage.


Whereas the other crystals help in purifying negative emotions, Citrine excels in expelling them. Releasing these negative emotions helps prevent someone from doing self-destructive actions. Pairing it with Selenite helps one get over emotional pain and find the will to get through difficult times.

How to Use Your Selenite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Selenite gemstones have a lot of uses, as we’ve seen above. But there are more ways to use your Selenite stone that will make you experience more of its benefits.

A popular suggestion is to use a Selenite wand to release negativity and tension from your body. Selenite wands are very beautiful, slender, and delicate. What’s more, they’re very budget-friendly, as well. To do this negative energy cleansing, wave your Selenite wand along your spine, from your head to your toe. Do this exercise until you feel lighter and more refreshed.

Alternatively, you can place your Selenite wand over your chest, with one end pointed to the Crown Chakra, and the other pointed to the Root Chakra. Do this while repeating a cleansing and Light-themed mantra. Some examples of mantras are given below. This can help you encapsulate the essence of Selenite meaning.

Another option is to hold a Selenite wand as you focus your intention during meditation, imagine a bright white light entering your body from the crown flowing all the way down through your toes, and repeat such mantras as:

  • “I allow Love and Light to enter my body. I am the Light.”
  • “I am cleansed”
  • “I am full of light”

You can also use your Selenite slab or block to cleanse your other crystals. Just place them on top of your Selenite stone to cleanse them of the negative energy they’ve accumulated. Selenite can do this because it’s a crystal of pure Light. It doesn’t need to be cleansed because it is already self-cleansing.

Selenites can also be used to connect with Mother Gaia to restore your energy after a long and stressful day. Sit down comfortably in a chair or sofa while you place your bare feet atop your Selenite slab or wand. Relax in this position for 15-20 minutes.

Selenite crystals have been used by the ancients to ward off negative energy and entities from their homes. These entities steal sleep and drain their victims of energy. That’s why if you’re encountering negativity and bad energy in your space, it’s a good idea to place a Selenite crystal beneath your bed to restore your good sleep. The tranquil and light-giving energy of Selenite will protect you from the terrors of the night. And to be extra cautious, you can place Selenite crystals on your windowsill, your doors, or even your fireplace to ward off these negative entities.

Lastly, if you think your room or your home is due for a bit of energy cleansing, burning a white candle in a Selenite candle holder can really cleanse your space. Doing this can clear residual energy from a stressful situation or after a party, where a lot of people may have intruded and disrupted the peace of your space.

You can also harness the healing powers of Selenite by wearing bracelets, rings, necklaces that contains Selenite gemstones to enhance negative energy clearing and allowing positive blessings to come into your life.

How to Use Selenite for Feng Shui

In the art of Feng Shui, Selenite is classified as a stone that radiates metal energy. According to Feng Shui, metal energy is the energy of intelligence, healing, and creativity. It distills concepts into connected webs of information. And it does the same to people. Metal energy draws people together and thrives in the collective energy of groups. Various ideas and concepts are fostered by metal energy and the crystals that radiate this energy.

Metals can be forged into sharp objects which can destroy things and hurt other people. But in Feng Shui, metal energy is an essential part of our life. Metal energy helps us live our lives without falling victim to other people and their evil schemes. It props us up and makes us firm in our decisions.

Metal energy empowers one’s concentration and determination to live. It strengthens one’s resolve and sustains your efforts at achieving a better life.  That’s why Feng Shui experts urge people to use Selenite for spaces usually used for concentration, gathering of strength, or for rooms where you work with a group.

Traditionally connected to the northwest and west areas of a home, metal energy brings a positive influence to the helpful people and blessings area, the travel area, and the creativity and children area.

Selenite in Folklore and Ancient Times

Selenite has long been revered and respected by the ancients. Until now, some of their traditions and practices that revolve around Selenite are still practiced by crystal healers, spiritual workers, and those who believe in Luna, as well as the Light of life.

Ancients held clear, glassy, or pearly crystals in high esteem. These wonderful objects were believed to wax and wane with the moon–rising in its power as the lunar cycle progresses. Selenite, in particular, emitted a fine, white, moon-like radiance that the Greeks literally called it the “moon-stone”. 

In Mesopotamia, Selenites were used to ward off evil spirits in sickrooms. In their society and culture, it was widely believed that evil spirits that roamed the land and sea caused sickness. These spirits and creatures would drain people’s health and rob them of their sleep. But Selenite proved to be a powerful adversary to these creatures.

In the Jewish Kabbalistic creation myth, God was believed to have created vessels of divine light and placed them around the universe. Due to a catastrophe, these vessels broke and scattered everywhere. Selenite is considered to be a stone made of the same divine light and its purpose is to reunite the shards with their divine source.

Selenite also had a variety of uses, despite its brittle nature. It’s rarely used in architecture, but it’s been used as windowpanes in the 5th-century church of Santa Sabina in Rome. It’s also used by medieval people in jewelry as it was believed to inspire love, peace, and harmony. Selenite is also believed to reconcile lovers, protect sea travelers, and make a person worthy of honor. Some used Selenite to predict the future by placing it under their tongues on the first and second days of the new moon.

How is Selenite Formed?

Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum and can be usually found less than two feet from the topsoil of salt flats. It’s made from evaporated seawater cut off from the sea which led to high amounts of salt being deposited into the soil. Over time, erosion from nearby mountain formations covered these salt flats. After millions of years and layers of soil covering the layer, the salt combined with gypsum and formed Selenite crystals.

Selenite can be found around the world. There are numerous mines across the U.S. and the State of Oklahoma even made Selenite it’s state crystal. The most prominent Selenite mine is in the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico.

How Do You Care for Your Selenite?

Crystals and stones are conduits of very powerful energies that exist here on earth and in the other realms. That’s why their own energies can get clouded over time and through constant use.

Selenite is one of those less common crystals that does not require cleansing to be effective. However, I always find that cleansing your crystals using one of the methods below every so often doesn’t hurt and could even strengthen it’s ability to help you manifest your intentions the next time you use it.

People cleanse their crystals to get rid of the cloudiness or the residual energetic charge they get through use. If cleansing isn’t done properly or regularly, they might not be able to resonate with your intentions and your own spirit, making them unable to help you manifest your goals. Here are a couple of ways you can cleanse your Selenite crystal so you’d be able to enjoy its grounding and nourishing energies:

  1. Sunlight and Moonlight – The sun and moon are both powerful celestial bodies that make a huge impact on the energy and vibrational frequencies of crystals. Placing your Selenite stone outside on a full moon at around nightfall and getting them back the next morning is a great way to cleanse them. Your Selenite stones will receive the purifying energies of these two natural sources of light and should be ready for your next meditation session.
  1. Sound/Tibetan Singing Bowls – Tibetan Singing Bowls are a type of bell that’s used by Buddhist monks during meditation. It produces a deep tone when played and has very powerful healing properties. To cleanse your Selenite gemstone using this wonderful instrument, place your crystals close to your singing bowl and let it sound for 5-10 minutes, depending on how saturated or cloudy your crystals have become.
  1. Sage – Smudging is a purification ceremony to purge negative energies and thoughts from a person or a place. Sage is a particularly powerful cleansing tool and is one of the most common plants used in smudge sticks. To perform a smudging on your Selenite crystals, find a well-ventilated place to do the ceremony, preferably outdoors. Light the sage and hold your crystals with your dominant hand. Let the crystals soak the smoke for 30-60 seconds depending on their cloudiness.


Although it is fragile and susceptible to scratches, Selenite is a stone of divine power and light. It seeks to bring forth guidance and energy from higher realms. It also illuminates and empowers those who are weary and trapped in darkness. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate it into your daily life, and not just during meditation. All in all, Selenite healing properties are truly remarkable and cleansing, and we invite you to experience its coveted abilities for yourself.


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