Sapphire: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

sapphire meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Sapphire Crystals

  1. Develops wisdom in different areas of life
  2. Promotes love and fidelity
  3. Intensifies the will to achieve one’s goals

What Is Sapphire Stone Good For?

Sapphires are one of the four most precious gemstones in the world, along with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Sapphire meaning has many healing properties and thus has been given three names: the “stone of wisdom”, the “stone of new love and commitment” and the “stone of prosperity”.

The most famous Sapphire is the royal Blue Sapphire, but Sapphire gemstones actually come in other colors. Each color resonates with different chakras and brings with it its own set of healing properties that relate to aspects of wisdom, love and abundance.

White Sapphires clear the mind in order for one to discern his or her life’s purpose. Blue, black, indigo and Yellow Sapphire benefits include sharpness of the mind and strengthened intuition. Blue and indigo help awaken psychic abilities. Yellow Sapphires bring endurance in order to achieve prosperity. Green and Pink Sapphires benefit relationships, emotional health and the affairs of the heart.

What Are the Healing Properties of Sapphire?

Spiritual Healing Properties

Sapphires benefit us spiritually by leading us to our life’s purpose. Sapphires effectively connect us to the etheric realms and spirit guides, which can help us make the right decisions and align ourselves with the Divine Will. This can be a very personal journey that leads to self-discovery, heightened awareness of spiritual and universal truths, and enlightenment. Sapphires also radiate a calming energy that helps in meditation and prayer.

Emotional Healing Properties

Sapphires also bring emotional stability by giving by promoting wisdom and deeper understanding of the self. This gives us a better, level-headed perspective on situations and helps us make decisions that are well-thought of, rather than acted out of recklessness and impulse. Sapphires also help encourage a stronger and positive attitude towards life, achieving goals and facing tough situations. furthermore, the stone also promotes faithfulness in relationships, and encourages love and forgiveness.

Mental Healing Properties

As the stone of wisdom, Sapphires are known to expand one’s horizons. Sapphires stimulate creativity, sharpen concentration and focus, and add substance to one’s thoughts. Sapphires lay the groundwork for the awakening of psychic abilities by developing mental capacities and deepen one’s ability to comprehend deeper truths. Dreams become more vivid and dream interpretation becomes more accessible.

Sapphire, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Sapphire holds special meaning for those born in September. As the modern birthstone for September, Sapphire give September babies protection from negative energies, negative thoughts and emotions, and give their life a sense of order and structure.

As for the astrological signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra and Leo will all greatly benefit from Sapphire healing properties.

Blue Sapphire healing properties is associated with Gemini. Geminis are known for their gift of gab and knowledge on many subjects. Blue Sapphire will strengthen Geminis natural gift for communication and also deepen their understanding of life. This will make Geminis powerful communicators of wisdom and substance.

Black Sapphire is associated with Sagittarius. Sagittarians are naturally intuitive and philosophical thinkers. They love thrill and adventure but will always adhere to a deeply encoded sense of morality. Sagittarians wander about looking for the meaning of life. A decidedly grounding stone, Black Sapphire’s energy centers and gives confidence and wisdom to trust in one’s intuition. This grounds Sagittarians and give them inner peace as they face the many challenges that comes with obtaining higher knowledge on life.

Green Sapphire is known as the “stone of fidelity”, and teaches us about the wisdom of faithfulness in love. For Geminis, Green Sapphire healing properties can help them face their fear of commitment. Geminis are known to want love but are afraid of the vulnerability that comes with commitment. Romance is also up Libra’s avenue as it is a sign ruled by Venus. Thus, the Green Sapphire can help improve the depth of their romantic relationships, especially if they are keen on taking things to the next level.

Indigo Sapphire expands awareness, enhances mental capacities and stimulates psychic abilities.  In fact, Indigo Sapphire gemstone is known to open the Third Eye. For Sagittarians, this can become useful in their quest for universal truth and knowledge. Psychic abilities are often the start for the spiritual journey to enlightenment. When these abilities are awakened, dreams become more vivid and their messages become clearer. Out-of-body experiences, astral travel and lucid dreams are also now within one’s reach.

White Sapphire gemstone is perfect for Libra’s needs. White Sapphire can aid one is finding his or her life’s path. This is especially helpful for Libra. This zodiac sign has a fine-tuned internal compass, which they may ignore for the sake of others. White Sapphire reminds Libras that it is okay to say no to others and to give importance to their own fulfillment and life path. This gemstone is also associated with morality and justice. Wearing White Sapphire jewelry or meditating with the stone can enhance Libras natural sense of justice.

Yellow Sapphire is useful for fulfilling dreams and ambition, making it the perfect stone for ambitious Leos. This variety of Sapphire attracts prosperity and abundance, giving it the name “stone of prosperity”. It is an achievement stone. Harnessing its energy will give Leos enhanced grit, willpower and courage to go after their goals, no matter how challenging the road to success may seem. Yellow Sapphire will also energize Leos when they are tired and bring back their fire when they are discouraged.

Sapphire and Planetary Connection

Sapphire healing properties resonate with the energies of three planets: Earth, Mars, and Saturn.

The energy of our own Mother Earth is grounding, life-sustaining and practical. It is also a feminine energy that radiates compassion and nurturance. This energy rewards abundance to hard work and thrives in the practical, life-sustaining affairs of life, which involves making wealth and obtaining food, shelter and clothing.

Mars’ energy is that of passion, raw sexual animalistic drive, lust, willpower and aggression. It is the vigor and vitality behind our actions. Mars also reveals how we instinctually deal with stressors. Do we fight, flee, eat or indulge in sex? Mars also dictates how we assert ourselves and also reveals how we manifest our masculine energy.

Planet Saturn is about maturity and growth. It is about expertise and wisdom gained from practice and structure. Saturn teaches us the importance of rules. It teaches us that limits, restrictions and boundaries are as important as passion and freedom in our maturity and professional growth. Saturn reveals the areas where we struggle and where we will eventually move towards career-wise.

The combination of these energies are why Sapphires are potent in helping us achieve abundance, vitality, expertise and wisdom. With these energies, Sapphire gives us the clarity of mind, the restraint and passion to go after our ambitions. With maturity and growth, we learn to facilitate ourselves in this world with cool composure. We also learn to enjoy passionate romantic relationships while having the restraint to keep the relationship mature and faithful.

Sapphire and Feng Shui Elements

Sapphires resonate with four of the five feng shui elements: Water, Wood, Earth and Metal.

Blue and Black Sapphire healing properties are associated with the Water Element of feng shui. The Water Element is associated with serenity, reflection, healing and inner peace. Water brings a sense of purification that washes away negative energies and thoughts and brings mental clarity. A Chinese saying states that beautiful things come from a place of stillness, which explains why this element if also associated with creativity. Optimize the Water Element in a space by placing them in the Kan bagua, which is the north sector of a home, space or venue.

Green Sapphire gemstone is associated with the Wood Element. The Wood Element is associated abundance and flourishing. The element associated with the season of Spring, Wood brings about growth, new beginnings, good health and success in both career and family life. Traditional feng shui places the Wood Element’s energy in the Zhen (east) and Xun (southeast) sectors of a house, space or venue in order to optimize its attributes.

Yellow Sapphire is associated with feng shui’s Earth Element. Earth Element brings nurturance, security and stability to a home. With this element optimized, a space radiates a grounding, comforting and safe energy. It brings about confidence and promotes inner strength. To optimize Earth Element attributes, place Yellow Sapphires in the Kun (southwest) and Gen (northeast) sectors of a house or venue. When placed in the southwest sector, this element will bring security and stability to love, marriage and relationships. When in the northeast sector, Earth will enhance wisdom and knowledge.

White Sapphire resonates with the attributes of the Metal Element. Metal is associated with progress and persistence. This element conducts and unifies all energies and turns these energies into action. With this element, growth in the different aspects of life is stimulated and facilitated. Metal is associated with the Qian (northwest) and Dui (west) traditional bagua. The Qian bagua resonates with benefactors and help. Thus, placing White Sapphire healing properties in the Qian bagua will attract support and helpful people into one’s life. Dui represents children and creativity. Placing White Sapphire here will strengthen these aspects in one’s life.

Sapphire and Numerology

In Numerology, the Sapphire gemstone resonates with the frequencies of numbers 6 and 4.

6 symbolizes the Mother Goddess herself, meaning that this energy radiates the energy of the nurturer, the empath and the one who loves, heals and sacrifices for others. 6’s energy is naturally inward moving. It intuits the energies of those around it and is quick to take responsibility for them. 6 brings healing to others because of their gift of compassionate love and wisdom.

On the other hand, 4 symbolizes security and stability. 4 brings solid foundations and is not easily shaken when dealt with trials. 4 is wise and practical; it endures in order to reap tangible rewards. 4 is rarely impulsive and thinks things through before making any decisions, often resulting to great wealth and outcomes. 4 is structured; it plans. It is an energy that is wise because it knows when to move and when to restrain itself.

In the Sapphire family, blue, green and Indigo Sapphire vibrate to the frequency of 6, while black, white and yellow tune in to that of 4. Blue empowers us to speak inner wisdom and truth; green teaches us unconditional love and forgiveness; indigo elevates us to a higher consciousness that is tuned in to universal truths. All of these reflect the traits of the Mother Goddess who nurtures and helps with loving kindness and wisdom. Black is grounding and centering; white aids us in our life’s path and decisions; yellow attracts abundance and prosperity. All of these benefits bring us a sense of stability and security within ourselves and in our relationships, careers and finances.

Sapphire for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Each color of Sapphire targets a different chakra. In fact, there is an existing variety of Sapphire for every chakra.

Black Sapphire healing properties resonate with the Root Chakra. This chakra dictates our sense of stability. In crystal therapy, Black Sapphire is a protective stone that can also center us by balancing the Root Chakra. Use Black Sapphire especially when you need to feel anchored and safe from any negativity.

Orange Sapphire healing properties resonate with the Sacral Chakra. This variety of Sapphire helps bring out one’s creative and sexual energies, which are ruled by the Sacral Chakra. By balancing the Sacral Chakra with Orange Sapphire, we are able to desire healthily and derive pleasure from our desires such as intimacy with our lovers or indulging in arts, sports, literature, food and luxuries without going overboard.

Yellow Sapphire healing properties influence the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra relates to our willpower and confidence in going after our ambitions. This Sapphire variety can open the Solar Plexus Chakra and add force and intensity to one’s will, putting success and prosperity within one’s grasp.

Green and Pink Sapphire healing properties influence the Heart Chakra, which seats our ability to love. The two colors translate into two aspects of love. Green deals with faithfulness, fidelity and integrity in a romantic relationship even in a platonic one. Pink deals with unconditional love and forgiveness, which helps in improving self-love and dealing with emotional baggage and past wounds.

Blue Sapphire healing properties is linked to the Throat Chakra. The key thing to understand about the Throat Chakra is that it not only enhances communication skills but its main purpose is to help us speak our truth. Insubstantial and glib oration is possible, but a balanced Throat Chakra speaks truth with diplomacy. Use Blue Sapphire in balancing and opening this chakra. 

Indigo Sapphire healing properties bring balance and healing to the Third Eye Chakra. When this chakra is opened, our intuition and intellect are strengthened. We become open to deeper universal truths that can seem incomprehensible or even incredulous at first glance. Our consciousness is heightened, and when it is opened at a certain point, our psychic abilities are activated.

White Sapphire healing properties help stimulate the Crown Chakra, which is the seat of ultimate enlightenment and our connection to the universe and the Divine. With White Sapphire healing properties, our Crown Chakra is opened and we are able to align ourselves with the Divine Will. This gives us guidance as we figure out what course of action to take, especially in important life events.

Other Stones That Works Well with Sapphire

Combining crystals can help enhance the effect of a crystal or add complementing healing properties to achieve a desires effect.

To enhance the intellect, pair the Blue Sapphire with these gemstones.

  • Lolite takes one to a journey to the inner psyche. It connects the Third Eye to the heart, resulting in a deeper awareness of self and how the mind and heart works. This gives us insight into the human person. Lolite also helps stimulate psychic abilities.
  • Lapis Lazuli is highly regarded by seekers of wisdom and knowledge. This stone heightens intuition and consciousness, and helps us discern truths from lies.
  • Azurite influences the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras, which deals with higher, enlightened forms of energies. It is great for enhancing inner vision and psychic abilities that can be utilized to better understand the working of the universe.

To focus the will when in the quest for success, pair Yellow Sapphire with these gemstones.

  • Clear Quartz, or the Herkimer Diamond, is a high vibration stone known as the “stone of attunement”. This crystal is very powerful in amplifying the effects of other stones. Pairing this with Yellow Sapphire will boost Yellow Sapphire’s intensifying effect on the will, making success even more graspable.
  • Moldavite is a stone that influences the heart. Combining Yellow Sapphire with Moldavite strengthens our will and endurance in the aspects of self-love and relationships.

To boost creative and sexual energy, pair Orange Sapphire with these gemstones.

  • Carnelian, also known as the stone of confidence”, unblocks the Sacral Chakra. This will double the healing properties of Orange Sapphire, which is also a chakra stone for the Sacral Chakra.
  • Orange Calcite is another chakra stone for the Sacral Chakra. This calcite variety boosts sexual vitality and renews creative energy.

To strengthen our abilities for love, compassion and forgiveness, combine Pink Sapphire with these gemstones.

  • Rose Quartz is the “stone of unconditional love”. Using this stone strengthens our ability to forgive and accept our flaws as well as those of others with a heightened degree of compassion and understanding.
  • Rhodonite is useful for battling self-destructive tendencies. Rhodonite helps us becomes more compassionate and loving towards ourselves and others. This crystal also teaches us how to be more gentle.

To deepen spirituality and enlightenment, combine White Sapphire with these gemstones.

  • Phenacite is a powerful meditation stone for journeying into interdimensional realms and the subconscious. It is also powerful enough to affect those who are not as sensitive to other crystals.
  • Azeztulite is said to have come from star beings called Azez, which means “Nameless Light”. Azeztulite helps us communicate with being from other dimensions. It also helps facilitate interdimensional travel. The crystal is useful for those in search of universal love.
  • Moldavite connects the Crown and Third Eye Chakra to the Heart Chakra. This means that this stone is especially helpful for inner journeying, self-discovery and self-healing. This crystal radiates a warm energy that can be felt when touched and is known as the “Moldavite flush”.

How to Use Your Sapphire Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

The effects of crystals are optimized when they are in contact with the skin. The easiest way to do this is to wear them. Wearing Sapphire jewelry such as bracelets, rings and necklaces for long periods of time will not only maximize their healing effects, it is also the most convenient way to keep their energy with you wherever you go.

In meditation, it is best to hold a Sapphire wand or Sapphire palm stone in your hand. Make sure to focus your intention while praying or meditating.

In crystal therapy, place the Sapphire gemstone on the chakra you want to stimulate before you begin meditation. Make sure that the Sapphire you use is the color relevant to that chakra.

Sapphire in Folklore and Ancient Times

The name “Sapphire” is comes from “saphirus” in Latin and “sapheiros” in Greek, which means blue. “Sapphire” is also means “dear to the Planet Saturn” in many languages.

In the ancient times, many believed that the sky’s blue color was a reflection of the Sapphires on earth. In many religions, the Sapphire represents heaven. The Catholic Church regarded the Blue Sapphire as holy; thus, Sapphire jewelry became popular among the clergy. One folklore even claims that the tablets where the 10 Commandments were engraved in were made of Sapphires.

In the Middle Ages, kings wore Sapphires for protection from envious men, and even from forms of sorcery and witchcraft. Many believed that Sapphires can block spells, hexes and also vanquish evil spirits. At the same time, sorcerers gave great esteem to Sapphires among all other stones. They used it to engage in out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming and astral projection, and to pick up and interpret oracles.

Sapphires have been used to connect with spiritual and etheric realms. They are said to help connect us to angels and spirit guides.

Travelers wore Sapphires to ward off illnesses. One great traveler of the Orient, Sir Francis Burton, kept a large star-shaped Sapphire, which he used as a talisman. He believed that the Sapphire brought him the best horses, good luck and attention.

Large Sapphires are rare, making them extremely prized and guarded. The most infamous large Sapphire is the “Star of India”, a 563 carat Sapphire housed in the Museum of Natural History in New York.

Sapphires have also been associated with romance and fidelity and became popular romantic gifts. Helen of Troy was said to have been gifted with a beautiful star Sapphire. In more modern times, famous personalities like Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana also received large and elaborate Sapphire jewelries as gifts from their lovers.

How Much Do Sapphires Cost?

Sapphire gemstones cost between $25 per carat to over $11,000 per carat. The quality of a Sapphire determines its price. The factors that affect this quality are: type of Sapphire, weight of Sapphire, clarity of Sapphire and where the Sapphire was sourced. 

First, there are different types of Sapphires. The rarer the type, the more precious and expensive. The cornflower Blue Sapphire, known as the Kashmir Sapphire, is the most expensive type of Sapphire.

Second, because large Sapphires are rare, the bigger the Sapphire or the more weight (carat) it has, the more expensive it becomes.

Third, the clearer and more void of imperfections a Sapphire is, the more valuable it becomes. Like many gemstones, Sapphires can have inclusions. These are tiny needle-like or feather-like mineral structures that make Sapphires opaque. Sapphires with lesser inclusions are rarer, and thus, costlier.

Lastly, the source of the Sapphire also determines its cost. The best quality Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka and the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India. This latter is where the Kashmir Sapphire got its name. 

How to Tell if Sapphire is Real?

There are some people who try to pass off synthetic Sapphires as the real deal. Here are ways to determine if a Sapphire gemstone is real or fake.

  1. Look for inclusions. A real Sapphire always has a few inclusions. You can bring your Sapphire to a jeweler who will look through a loupe to inspect your Sapphire for these inclusions.
  2. Breathe on your Sapphire for a few seconds until it fogs. Real Sapphires are good heat conductors. It will take a second for fog to evaporate from a real Sapphire. Fog will only start evaporating after 5 seconds on fake Sapphires, and even longer to go away completely. 
  3. Synthetic, manmade Sapphires have lines on its surface. These fake Sapphires are called “Flame Fusion Sapphires”. Again, ask a jeweler to help you inspect your Sapphire for these lines.
  4. “Lead Glass Filled Sapphires” are real Sapphires that are too low-grade to sell as jewelry. To pass them off as real, they are pumped with lead glass to hide the flaws. Telltale signs of these fake Sapphires are tiny bubbles from where the glass cooled. These fakes are also easily damaged by chemicals and heat.

How is Sapphire Formed?

Sapphires are a form of corundum that comes in a variety of colors, except red, which is a ruby. The most famous Sapphire and valued Sapphire is the Blue Sapphire, though orange-Pink Sapphires are also valued for their rarity. The color of a Sapphire depends on the minerals that mix with corundum to form the Sapphire.

Sapphires are found in alluvial deposits and weathering deposits. These stones can be found in different countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, China, Thailand, the US, Australia, the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.


Sapphire meaning does not just provide beautiful jewelry but also healing, especially in terms of wisdom. The wisdom that Sapphires can provide is wisdom that extends into different areas of life, whether it be in the areas of love and relationships, career and profession, life path and purpose, scholarly endeavors and spiritual journeys. This makes this crystal perfect when you seek holistic growth and development.


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