Top 19 Sacral Chakra Stones and Crystals

Also known as the Sex Chakra, Creation Chakra, and Social Chakra, the Sacral Chakra is associated with creativity, sensuality, and the emotional body. It governs our reproductive systems and its processes, our emotions, relationships, and sexuality. It also resonates with the Water Element, which represents flow and flexibility. Hence, the primary function of the Sacral Chakra rests on the principle of pleasure.

The Sacral Chakra has feminine energy, with a flower and a crescent moon as its symbol. Its mantra is “I feel,” which can have a dynamic effect during meditation. Adding Sacral Chakra stones and crystals enhances the practice, reinforces our intentions, raises our consciousness and awareness, and deepens our intuition and insight. You can also carry them with you or wear them as jewelry to keep their unique energy within your auric field.

What Stone is for the Sacral Chakra?

A blocked or unbalanced Sacral Chakra can cause many problems, including lethargy and lack of passion, confidence, or focus. To open, balance, and energize the Svadhistana, you may use Sacral Chakra stones. Typically, they are orange, yellow, brown, or a mixture of those. Gems in opposite colors, on the other hand, are great for soothing an overactive second chakra.

There is a good selection of Sacral Chakra crystals that can be advantageous. Orange stones have unique vibrations that can amplify, shift, and transform energy. Since the Sacral Chakra rests between the first and third chakras, many gemstones for the Sacral Chakra resonate in tandem with the Solar Plexus or Root Chakra as well. 

19 Best Sacral Chakra Stones and Crystals

Many beautiful Sacral Chakra stones and crystals are easy to obtain. The list is quite long, but we listed the top choices to boost your creativity and passion, help you let go of negative emotions, restore inner peace, and give you courage and confidence.

1. Amber

amber meanings and benefits

With a golden brown or yellow hue, Amber is useful for clearing emotional blockages. It is a highly protective stone that transmutes negative energy, absorbs the excesses, and releases negativity in the process. It also helps you connect to your conscious self and enhances your intuition. Moreover, the gemstone’s warm and sunny energy brings boundless positivity, encourages decision-making, and promotes creativity.
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2. Aragonite

aragonite meanings and benefits
aragonite meanings and benefits

Yellow and brown Aragonite crystals resonate with energies of creativity, self-reliance, and concentration levels. Known as The Conservationit’s Stones, they turn our minds to the importance of balance and self-care, help us explore our existence, and stabilize your emotions. Adding them to your meditation practice also reduces your stress and frustration brought by difficult circumstances and overworking. Moreover, they are useful for releasing negative emotions.
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3. Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper is an opaque red gemstone with swirling patterns of cream, brown, and gray. In addition to cleansing and stabilizing your auric field, it allows you to be creative and manifest your most brilliant ideas. It also offers support during your most difficult times, inspires you to be brave, and gives you the will to reach your dreams. If you want to make your passion a career, this is an excellent stone to use during meditation. 
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4. Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper resonates strongly with the Sacral Chakra, freeing blocked energies to let you manifest the things you ought to do. It opens you to change and new opportunities and increases your self-confidence. It also helps you make decisions without relying on your emotions. Moreover, the stone’s vibrations are a powerful ally in learning from bittersweet endings and new life chapters.
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5. Carnelian


A lovely piece of Orange Carnelian balances your energy flows and encourages your confidence by opening and soothing the second chakra. Revered as the stone of fertility, it has a healing influence on the female reproductive organs. It is also the Stone of Creativity, Endurance, Leadership, Courage, and Motivation. However, the gemstone’s most remarkable attribute is its ability to increase your passion, insight, and self-esteem.
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6. Citrine

Citrine meanning and benefits

Citrine has cleansing properties that help clear blockages in the Sacral Chakra. Ranging from pale yellow to orange, you may find that the translucent stone fades in direct sunlight. It awakens our ability to imagine creatively and pushes us to move forward with our lives. It works with the Third Eye Chakra as well to clear our minds and stimulate the thinking process. Moreover, the radiant vibration of Citrine brings warmth and joy to everyone around it.
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7. Fire Agate

Fire Agate Meaning and Benefits

The orange shade of fire agate identifies with the second chakra. It has a steady, vibrant energy that stimulates our will to live. It also awakens our creativity and sexuality, brings back our focus to the Divine footprint of our life’s purpose, and increases our pleasures in our everyday life. Overall, the Sacral Chakra stone grants us grace, helps us feel the joys in life, and gives us the flexibility to face different situations.
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8. Goldstone(Red Sandstone)


Glistening with legend and mystery, Goldstone is perfect for personal development and achieving life’s purpose. As the Stone of Ambition, it boosts our creative energy. Thus, keeping a healing creativity grid in the office or studio allows us to harness the gemstone’s inspirational power whenever we need it. However, it is not a real crystal. It is human-made using glass and copper, which is a conductor of spiritual healing energy.
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9. Llanite

llanite meaning healing and properties

Llanite is most potent in the Sacral Chakra due to its close relation to the earth. It brings creativity and inspiration, making it an excellent stone for artists. Holding it near your navel helps remove blockages and stimulates the chi to flow through the lower chakras. The gemstone is also highly revitalizing, which makes it perfect if you continuously suffer from fatigue or weariness.
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10. Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany obsidian meaning healing properties

Mahogany Obsidian has a distinct, red brownish color due to Magnetite or Hematite inclusions. It activates the Sacral Chakra and stimulates sexuality, creativity, and passion. The powerful grounding stone also works to unlock and enhance our creative energy. Additionally, it helps us reactivate our emotions and express our real selves to become our best version.
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11. Orange Calcite

calcite meanings and benefits

Orange Calcite has warm and nurturing qualities that inspire creativity and push us to reach our full potential. It helps you see the truth, encourages and supports you, and gets positive energy flow throughout your body. The Sacral Chakra crystal also aids in breaking your bad habits and allowing real insight to follow. Place it in your pocket if you are experiencing any emotional difficulties.
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12. Orange Sapphire

Orange Sapphires have jubilant orange energies that activate the second chakra. They encourage us to express ideas and revel in life’s sensory experiences. They also bring warmth and comfort and impart vitality and strength to help us move forward with our endeavors. Moreover, the Sacral Chakra crystals help overcome negative sexual experiences and develop healthier attitudes regarding our sexual energy.
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13. Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper)

Also called Desert Jasper, the earthy Polychrome Jasper brings renewed energy to the second chakra. It is brimming with vital force that kindles the physical body with passion, enthusiasm, and vitality. It also helps strengthen our bond with other people and brings positive changes to all our relationships. Furthermore, the bold-colored gemstone has a strong protection power that transmutes negative energy to keep us safe, secure, centered, and purposeful.
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14. Red Garnet

garnet meaning and benefits

The January birthstone of emotional healing, Red Garnet, holds a potent and passionate vibration that resonates with the Sacral Chakra. It stimulates our feelings of self-worth and allows us to see and accept our abilities and gifts. Carrying the gemstone also lightens our mood and evokes a sense of happiness. Additionally, the crystal mainly stimulates the kundalini energy and aids in sexual potency.
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15. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz meanning and benefits

This ash brown to light gray colored crystal is an excellent stone for grounding. Smoky Quartz neutralizes negative vibrations to bring a sense of emotional calmness. It also disperses fears, lifts depression, and relieves stress and anxiety. Like other Sacral Chakra stones, the brown to gray gemstone benefits the reproductive system. It balances our sexual energy and increases fertility.
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16. Sunstone

sunstone meaning and benefits

Sunstone has energetic qualities that align perfectly with the Sacral Chakra. As the Stone of Leadership, it helps improve your self-confidence, enthusiasm, and leadership skills. The crystal also has a radiance for happiness. Its yellow, orange, or red-brown hue represents light and energy. If you lack confidence or want to restore your life enjoyment, this is the best Sacral Chakra crystal for you.
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17. Tangerine Quartz

tangerine quartz meanings and benefits

Tangerine Quartz stimulates and blends our creativity and sexual energy by activating and balancing the Sacral Chakra. Using it during meditation facilitates the creation of new ideas and the activation of our sexual desires.The orange crystal can be beneficial for the reproductive system, increasing fertility. It also uplifts our moods and gives us peace, opening ourselves to higher planes’ love energies.
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18. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's eye meanning and benefits

The Stone of the Mind is a grounding and stabilizing crystal. It harnesses the earth’s energy to promote Sacral Chakra healing. Carrying it with you helps release fears and control your moods. The Tiger’s Eye also brings courage, confidence, and success, encouraging you to explore your talents and take a risk. Moreover, it boosts your intuition and sharpens your senses.
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19. Vanadinite

vanadinite meanings and benefits

Vanadinite resonates with the Sacral Chakra, giving you the focus and determination to complete projects. It also balances and revitalizes your sexual energy to promote sexual creativity, release your wild side, and assist in your libido problems. You may use the red, orange, or brown prismatic crystal with other gemstones to enhance its vibrations. Pairing it with Carnelian, for instance, strengthens the second chakra.
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How to Use Sacral Chakra Healing Stones

Crystals are one of the best tools for opening, activating, and balancing the Sacral Chakra. Their unique vibrations can amplify, shift, and transmute energies to improve your overall health and well-being.      

  • Cleanse and charge the stones before each use before use. Cleansing dispels negative energy absorbed in them while charging restores the crystals to their natural state. You may use sage, sound, and vibration to cleanse Sacral Chakra stones. To charge them, place them on a clean and soft surface and leave them in the sunlight.
  • Placing the crystals directly on the location of the matching chakra enhances their potency. Thus, healing is most effective when you place the Sacral Chakra stone below the naval area.
  • If that is not practical, you may always wear them as jewelry. Another way to keep the stones’ energies within your auric field is by using them as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, toe rings, belts, etc. It keeps them in contact with your skin so that you can feel their healing vibrations.
  • Daily meditation allows you to connect with the crystal’s unique vibrations and energies. You can hold a stone in your hand or place it on the Sacral Chakra each day for just 10-20 minutes before bed. Surrounding yourself with a crystal grid before meditation is also helpful.
  • Wear them as jewelry throughout the day to release the blockage of the Sacral Chakra. If you are not actively engaged in a healing session, wear Sacral Chakra waist beads or add the stones to your belt. It unblocks the chakra so that you can feel a connection with other people, manifest positive things in your life, and keep you sexually balanced.


According to Hindu Tantrism, the Sacral Chakra is the second primary chakra and the midpoint for emotional balance and creative energies. It is known as the pelvic chakra and naval chakra in Western culture due to its location in the body. In Sanskrit, it is Swadhisthana from the root words sva, meaning one’s own, and adisthana, meaning home.

The Sacral Chakra has a close physical connection with the pelvis area and the reproductive organs, making it the center of the search for pleasure. It governs our most basic joys – emotion, fun, needs for intimacy, and food. The energy of the chakra is also a gateway for all things creative. Balanced, it radiates warmth, confidence, and generosity.

If you experience a blocked sacral at some point, work with Sacral Chakra crystals to enhance your passion, creativity, and self-confidence. It also helps heal issues in relationships and give you the courage to move forward in life. Since the second chakra is associated with the color orange, you can incorporate orange-colored stones into your rituals.

The 19 crystals in the list above are all good for opening, balancing, and energizing the Sacral Chakra. They can enhance creativity, passion, and enthusiasm, giving you the confidence to forge your path. Meditate with them to connect with their unique energy and vibration and wear them as jewelry to keep their powers within your auric field.  

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