Ruby Zoisite: Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

Ruby zoisite meanning and benefits

The arresting combination of magenta and green makes Ruby Zoisite one of the most distinctive stones available to man today. But what exactly is Ruby Zoisite meaning? What healing power does it hold? And most importantly, how can you harness that power to positively impact your life?

What Is Ruby Zoisite Gemstone?

Ruby Zoisite is a naturally-occurring combination of magenta-colored Ruby and green-colored Zoisite. At times, black-colored hornblende is a third component in this stone. It is also known as “Anyolite”, which means green in the Masai language, “Tanganyika artstone”, or “Ruby in Zoisite”. In ancient times, its striking colors were prized and in sculptures and figurines.

Ruby Zoisite Meaning

The presence of a cool color and a warm color in a single gemstone reflects the power of Ruby Zoisite to create harmony between forces that may seem to us as opposites, but are actually different sides of the same coin. Ruby Zoisite uses the strong, fiery energy of ruby and the calm, soothing energy of Zoisite–this makes the Ruby Zoisite gemstone an ideal healing crystal for situations that require a delicate balance.

What Are the Healing Properties of Ruby Zoisite?

Spiritual Benefits

Ruby Zoisite is one of the best stones for spiritual rebirth. The fire of ruby echoes the burst of flames that a phoenix experiences at the end of its life, while the green Zoisite gently encourages growth from the ashes. In the same way, the spirit is renewed. By harnessing the power of the Ruby Zoisite gemstone, we burn away all the things that have led us astray, and from these ashes, a renewed sense of spirituality arises. If you have been feeling lost, you can reconnect with your spirit with the help of this healing crystal.

Emotional Benefits

Ruby Zoisite uses include the release of toxic emotions in order to move forth in healing. Often, it is used when mourning the death of a loved one. Feelings of guilt, sadness, anger, and pain hurt us in the aftermath of losing someone we hold dear, and yet we find it hard to let these feelings go. Ruby Zoisite healing properties help you keep that special person’s memory alive, without the pain and turmoil.

Mental Benefits

Ruby Zoisite healing properties include stimulating the mind. It is a good stone to use when one is feeling overwhelmed with information. Whether you are studying for multiple exams, exhausted from memorizing, or required to learn a new skill, this healing crystal will help you.

Physical Benefits

Ruby Zoisite encourages the body to heal itself through a stronger immune response. Its energy rouses the defense mechanisms of the body to counter any physical threats. It is used by many to heal from the side effects of medical treatments, as in chemotherapy, radiation, and drugs. Another one of Ruby Zoisite uses is to help with reproductive system issues. Using this while undergoing medical treatment for fertility, impotence, and diseases related to the reproductive system helps strengthen their impact.

Who Can Benefit from Ruby Zoisite?

This stone is among the most flexible healing crystals to use, meaning Ruby Zoisite is an ideal stone for people going through different kinds of situations. The Ruby Zoisite meaning revolves around balance, which one needs throughout life. It is a stone of rejuvenation, and its energy gives one the ability to move past the bad and grow towards the good.

  1. People mourning the loss of a loved one. Widows or widowers, children who have lost their parents, partners whose other half has passed away, those who have experienced the death of a dear friend–Ruby Zoisite can help you deal with the turmoil. The stone will lend its ruby energy so you can pick yourself up and do what needs to be done, while its Zoisite energy soothes you. This allows the release of pent-up emotions and negative thoughts so you can move forward while keeping the memory of your loved one alive.
  2. People experiencing spiritual disconnection. If you have been feeling out of touch with who you are and feeling hopeless about your life, the Ruby Zoisite gemstone can get you back on track. It marries two seemingly opposite forces–that of individuality and that of interconnectedness–so you can feel more complete as a person. It does so by activating one’s soul memory. Meditation with this healing crystal helps you see yourself as you are, with no pretense or bias. When you understand who you are, you begin to understand how you fit into the world, how your spirit connects with others, and how you can harness that energy for the good.
  3. People who need physical healing. Ruby Zoisite encourages the body to defend itself. The red energy fights off harm and pain, while the green energy heals and nurtures the wounds within. It helps fight the side effects of invasive treatment and strong drugs.
  4. People who are burnt out from working on their goals. When we try to achieve something, we put our all into it. There are times when we are so focused on our goals that we neglect the other things in life. This is the perfect time to make use of Ruby Zoisite healing properties. Zoisite energy helps you slow down, relax, and let go of worries and fears. It helps you see things clearly, with a calm mind. Then ruby energy will give you that drive to pick up where you left off and make things happen.
  5. People who are studying for exams. Ruby Zoisite uses include strengthening one’s mental stamina for life-changing exams. It uses the energy of the two minerals within it in order to create a delicate balance that is needed to ace exams: to experience calmness in the face of pressure, while maintaining the drive to learn.
  6. People experiencing reproductive problems. Couples who are having difficulty conceiving can use the Ruby Zoisite gemstone. Meditating before fertility treatments can help energize the body and make it more receptive to the drug or procedure. Women who have menstrual pains or irregular periods may also benefit from using this stone. Men who experience impotence and low sexual drive will also find this healing crystal helpful. Meditating with this stone while getting treated for ovarian and testicular diseases is recommended.
  7. People having relationship problems. Couples who have a rough spot in their relationship should consider using Ruby Zoisite. It helps the heart heal from emotional wounds inflicted by others, while creating compassion and empathy for them as well. It brings both passion and nurturance alive, creating an environment where love is sure to blossom. It helps two people understand that all relationships have ups and downs, and to weather the storm to allow good things to come.
  8. People feeling depressed and lost. There are times in our lives when we feel that we’ve lost our way. We wonder why we made the wrong decisions that made us end up like this. We feel sad about the people we have become. In those times, make use of Ruby Zoisite healing properties. It makes healing faster, especially when used in conjunction with psychological help, support from those who love us, and proper care for our mind, body and soul. It does this because it gives us energy to rise up above our circumstances, and helps us look at ourselves with kindness and forgiveness.
  9. People who want to enhance their psychic abilities. The Ruby Zoisite meaning lies in the unity of two opposing forces. When used to improve one’s psychic abilities, it stands as a bridge towards the physical world and the spiritual one. Many people use this stone to aid in astral projection and interdimensional travel.
  10. People who are undergoing major life changes. Whether it’s moving to a new place, starting a new job, or starting on self-improvement journey, the Ruby Zoisite gemstone can help. It strengthens the connection between body and brain, aligning their energies and focusing them towards adapting to something new. It is an ideal stone to help in self-development, making one less apprehensive about change.

Ruby Zoisite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Ruby Zoisite’s two-energy combination makes for a powerful chakra alignment stone. What it does is harmonize the vibrations between the Heart Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, the Root Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.

Ruby Zoisite is well-known for its positive effect on the Heart Chakra–another reason why this stone is good for those feeling disconnected from self and others. When the Heart Chakra is balanced, we see our connection with others and ourselves. The many ways we act towards others and their consequences in our lives suddenly becomes clear. We realize that we have been taking good people for granted, in the same way that we realize we are keeping toxic people close.

Ruby Zoisite also helps energy flow smoothly through the Crown Chakra–hence its reputation as a spiritual and psychic stimulant. It opens the mind, making it receptive to cosmic energy. This allows one to act and think in a way that transcends the shallow, surface reality and see the bigger picture.

This stone also resonates with the Third Eye Chakra–in particular, it strengthens its connection with the Heart Chakra. The net effect is an alignment between mind and soul. It helps create a balance between the logical and emotional, which allows us to make wiser decisions. This is a state of altered consciousness that gives a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Another reason to use Ruby Zoisite is if your base or Root Chakra is blocked. With this stone, you will start to feel the stirrings of passion and love for life that has been missing previously. You start to enjoy things again and more fully engage with your environment.

Ruby Zoisite and Zodiac Signs

Ruby Zoisite is particularly effective when used by those born under the signs of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. This stone helps create a balance between the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life that these signs have difficulty managing at times.

Ruby Zoisite and Elements

When it comes to elements, Ruby Zoisite is associated with storm and earth. These may seem like opposites, but they actually both speak about stability and balance. Earth represents a strong foundation on which to build. Storm represents a balance between all four elements.

Ruby Zoisite and Numerology

Ruby Zoisite is strongly associated with number 3 and 4. In life path compatibility, 3 represents fun and spontaneity–whereas life path 4 is about groundedness, discipline, and practicality. When using this stone, you are able to strike a healthy balance between these two.

What Other Stones and Crystals Work Well with Ruby Zoisite?

If you are using Ruby Zoisite for Root Chakra balancing, you can enhance its power with the following stones:

  • Red Jasper stimulates the physical body, expelling feelings of lethargy and stagnation.
  • Bloodstone removes blockages in the Base Chakra, renewing one’s sense of personal power and confidence.
  • Obsidian is an ideal healing crystal for grounding, strengthening one’s foundations and giving a sense of security.

The effect of Ruby Zoisite on the Heart Chakra can be further amplified when using the following stones: Green Aventurine, Malachite, or Rose Quartz.

  • Green Aventurine helps us understand the natural cycle of relationships, helping us work through disagreements instead of blowing them out of proportion.
  • Malachite helps us see more clearly what we should embrace and what we should resist in the world and relationships around us.
  • Rose Quartz enhances intimacy and bonding with others, particularly in romantic relationships.

When working with the higher chakras, it is best to pair Ruby Zoisite with these other stones:

  • Lapis Lazuli makes a great partner for Ruby Zoisite when aligning the Third Eye Chakra. It helps in intellectual pursuits, making us highly perceptive and allows us to think out of the box.
  • Ruby Zoisite can be used in conjunction with Clear Quartz and Moonstone for unblocking the Crown Chakra. Together, they can open one’s mind to transcend material reality and connect with the divine. The spirit soars as the energy from the Crown Chakra flows into the body.
  • Amethyst has been used for ages to ward off evil. It lends psychic protection when using Ruby Zoisite to open one’s spiritual self. They make a great tandem as protection is always needed when exploring outside oneself.

How to Use Your Ruby Zoisite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

There are many different ways to harness Ruby Zoisite’s power.

You may hold the gemstone while doing your daily meditation or prayer, particularly as you recite your intentions. During a chakra healing session, place Ruby Zoisite on top of your Heart Chakra or Third Eye Chakra, to focus its energies where it has the most impact.

You can wear necklaces or bracelets that use Ruby Zoisite to benefit from its healing energy as you go about your activities–aside from the obvious benefits, Ruby Zoisite elevates any outfit with its bold colors.

Keeping a Ruby Zoisite stone in front of you as you journal can open your mind and help you reflect on your day. You might find yourself seeing the deeper meaning behind issues you are experiencing, allowing you to react in a more constructive manner.

Incorporating Ruby Zoisite into your crystal grid brings its energy into the mix. In combination with the other stones and sacred geometry, your manifestations gain a higher order of strength.

How is Ruby Zoisite Formed?

Ruby Zoisite is formed by an extremely high-grade metamorphosis of chromite crystals within an original anorthosite rock. It is found mostly in Africa, particularly Tanzania, because this was an ancient site of tectonic plate collision.

What Is the Difference Between Ruby Zoisite and Ruby Fuchsite?

Many people get confused between Ruby Zoisite and Ruby in Fuchsite. They have the same blend of green and magenta, so it is understandable how an untrained eye can mistake one for the other. However, there are key differences: Ruby Zoisite is much harder than Ruby in Fuchsite: the former has a hardness grade of 6, while the latter has a hardness grade of 2-3. Also, with Ruby in Fuchsite, the Rubies are usually outlined in Blue Kyanite. In Ruby Zoisite, it is common to see specks of black from the black hornblende crystals. The image above portrays the difference between Ruby Zoisite and Ruby Fuchsite very well.


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