Rose Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

Rose quartz meanning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Rose Quartz

  1. Known as the “Heart Stone”, Rose Quartz helps with love and heart-related concerns.
  2. Not only attracting a loving partner, Rose Quartz is a great healer for those needing self-love, confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Rose Quartz resonates goddess energy, as it is associated with the goddesses of love and fertility in many cultures.

Rose Quartz: What is Rose Quartz Stone Good For?

Rose Quartz, also known as the “Stone of the Heart” or the “Heart Stone”, is a gem that’s widely popular around the world because of its heart-nurturing properties. Since it’s more abundant in nature than other rare gems, it’s quite common to own Rose Quartz jewelry, home decorations, or some other byproduct of this lovely stone. It’s not really hard to imagine why, since the stone comes in a soft pink shade that reminds people of their own first loves or of a calming embrace after a long night.

The stone’s properties echo this calming, sometimes giddy effect because it’s known to provide a deep sense of personal fulfillment, contentment, and the ability to truly give and receive love. Think of it as the go-to stone for people who want to attract, maintain, and strengthen romantic relationships. And for those who are curious, yes, this stone also acts as a powerful aphrodisiac (more on that later). Though this stone mainly helps people with love and heart-related concerns, it also has maternal energy emanating from it. That’s because this stone is a Mothering crystal, a stone which guides and nurtures people who have lost their own mothers or who lack mother-figures in their lives. The stone also helps protect against intrusion and gossip, supports you in your artistic pursuits, and helps beauty-related professionals with their work and decision-making.

What Are the Healing Properties of Rose Quartz?

The Rose Quartz gemstone emanates feminine energy, being one of the Great Mother’s stones. It resonates goddess energy, as it is associated with the goddesses of love and fertility in many different cultures around the globe. Any person using this stone properly would definitely feel an instant connection with the earth and the universe, since it links directly to the heart of the earth and the heart of the universe. The stone’s effects reach out so deep into a person, that it can reach you at a cellular level—to teach every fiber of your being to choose joy and longevity over death and sorrow. The Rose Quartz not only grounds you, but it also helps you achieve and be closer to the Light of healing, bringing you hope and faith in the benevolence of the universe.

Since this stone is considered the Heart Stone, it mainly helps the user in matters of the heart. Rose Quartz is known to heal heart-related wounds—sorrow, worry, fear, resentment—anything and everything that hinders the user from giving and receiving love to the fullest of their potential. After flushing out the bad energy, the stone heals, comforts and nourishes the user, filling them with peace and contentment. Lastly, it helps those who have been deprived of love to heal and learn to love themselves, other people, and the entirety of existence.

Because of its inherent calming properties, this stone is known to relieve strong, negative emotions like anger, fear, resentment, and suspicion. These are emotions that are known to take root in the heart and make connections and relationships difficult to handle. These are also emotions that may be considered to be the base of anxieties that build up within a person. Rose Quartz is also known to help people with disorders like anxiety (more on this later), Post-partum Depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and senile dementia.

An elixir or a gentle rub of Rose Quartz is known to soothe skin conditions like scars, wrinkles, and burns. Interestingly, ancient peoples have been known to use Rose Quartz masks to enhance their complexion and to help with impurities. And mainly because Rose Quartz is a Heart Stone, it also helps people manage and restore their cardiovascular, circulatory, urinary, and respiratory system health. Also, through the ages, this stone is known to support women and their reproductive health by improving fertility and healing mothers after they give birth.

What Does Rose Quartz Attract?

Having a Rose Quartz in your home or on your person helps attract new love, romance, and intimacy as it strengthens your bond with your loved ones. This stone also develops sensuality and gives the user a sneak peek into the workings of their body and their sexuality.

This is the kind of stone that inspires the love of beauty in anything and everything. Rose Quartz grounds a person to the earth and lets people attune themselves to the earth, the universe, and the divine, making people aware of the connections they have within and without themselves. It’s a stone that connects a person to their selves and the community.

Rose Quartz helps a person meditate properly by attracting energies of determination, commitment, and care while shunning anger and resentment.

Does Rose Quartz Help You Sleep?

Keeping Rose Quartz in your bedroom or on your bedside table will help you get better sleep. It’s considered a great sleep crystal for both adults and children. If you have kids who often have bad dreams, placing a Rose Quartz near their beds will help keep nightmares and night terrors away. Also, Rose Quartz can be used to help children cope and heal from their fear of the dark.

Does Rose Quartz Help with Anxiety?

As I’ve mentioned, the Rose Quartz is a highly calming and reassuring crystal. Its motherly energy helps people recover from trauma and crisis. And when you’re feeling emotional or unsure about things in life that you can’t avoid, Rose Quartzes help with these conditions, too. Some can even attest that it helped them heal from their midlife crisis. Aside from warding off bad and negative energy, Rose Quartz helps a person heal after crises have been averted. Rose Quartz strengthens one’s empathy, sensitivity, and acceptance of the necessary changes in our lives. What’s more, it’s a stone that comforts grieving people.

Rose Quartz for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Rose Quartz gemstones have a special affinity for the Heart Chakra. It directly communicates with the Heart Chakra to dissolve emotional wounds, fears, resentment, etc. After healing these wounds, the Rose Quartz then purifies and opens the heart, making one realize the true meaning and essence of love, and understand one’s emotions and needs clearly. This stone is also said to balance yin-yang energy and harmonize all chakras. It Although it is a less commonly known, it is worth noting that Rose Quartz can also be used to stimulate the Base Chakra. This practice will rejuvenate the body and spirit, renewing one’s resolve to live on even during times of extreme emotional challenges and traumas.

Rose Quartz Zodiac Signs and Birthstone:

Excellent crystal combinations can be a challenging task because it has to work well with your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional body. It also needs to work with your zodiac, chakra, and feng shui. Furthermore, the wrong pairings may not work at all or worse, can cause your energy to drain. To help you enhance and manifest the chakra powers of the Rose Quartz, here are the zodiac signs and the birthstone that blend well with the gemstone.

  • Taurus
    Rose Quartz is an excellent gemstone for this zodiac sign. It promotes love and opens the heart chakra to bring inner calm, self-respect, and positive self-love. It also stimulates the imagination and intellect. Furthermore, it awakens and strengthens your sense of beauty.
  • Libra
    In the metaphysical world, Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra and the sign of Libra. Identified to be the stone of unconditional love, it opens up your heart to love, friendships, and forgiveness. It is also beneficial for fertility and pain relief. Moreover, the crystal boosts your metabolism, helps curb addiction, lifts depression, and alleviates anxiety.
  • Scorpio
    Rose Quartz is a Scorpio stone that stimulates compassion and unconditional love. It helps you feel stronger with self-confidence and opens your heart to all kinds of love. It also enables you to keep a positive attitude that brings joy to your daily life. Additionally, the gemstone lets you see the beauty of the world and the people around you.
  • Rose Quartz is not a traditional birthstone; however, its pink color makes it one of the natural birthstones of those born in mid-autumn. If you are born between October 22 – November 20, the crystal can bring you love, courage, passion, and energies. It also resonates out to your whole aura, allowing you to see true beauty in the world. It carries soft feminine energy that signifies compassion, healing, peace, and comfort. 

Rose Quartz and the Elements:

Alchemists relate crystals to the five essential elements of nature – water, earth, air, fire, and akasha or ether. Crystal allies create healing and balance of the five elements within the body. They also generate a healthy Chi flow throughout the meridians.

Water Element
Water is the basis of all life. It is also a fundamental force behind your emotions. Additionally, it has cleansing and healing properties. You can use its crystal allies to induce peace and healing, perform purification, increase your intuition, expand universal love, make new friends, and make peace with somebody.

The health of the water element is displayed through your kidneys, ears, bones, and urinary bladder. As one of the crystals and stones that belong to the water element, Rose Quartz balances the circulatory system, healing your kidney and adrenals and releasing impurities from Body Fluids. You can balance the water meridians by placing the gem on the soles of your feet and the back of your knees.

Earth is the principal element of your body and the realm of prosperity, abundance, and growth. Air represents power and mind, bringing imagination and inspiration. Fire is an active element that can both create and destroy for transformation. Akasha or Ether is the binding power that keeps all the others together.

Rose Quartz and Numerology:

The number 7 is the numerical vibration of the Rose Quartz. It symbolizes the mind and its infinite possibilities. It also represents intelligence and a thirst for the truth. The 7 takes rigorous steps to solve puzzles, which endears you to others with projects. In the world of magic numbers, the 7 is a lucky digit. It employs logic and rational approaches to most things. Furthermore, it vibrates positively with metaphysical pursuits.

In numerology, the number 7 symbolizes the seeker. Its curiosity has no end. It promotes the search for wisdom and hidden truths.

The number 7’s real gift is the mind. It stimulates your imagination and keen research skills, so you can achieve greatness.

Rose Quartz and Planetary Connection:

Rose Quartz is the crystal of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty and ruler of Taurus and Libra. It ranges from very pale pink to deep, bright pink due to trace amounts of titanium, iron, and manganese. Believed to be a stone of pure love, the crystal assists in awakening your heart to its most genuine loving potential. It also provides deep emotions of fulfillment and contentment.

It’s no wonder that the crystal carries feminine energy that encourages peace, tenderness, and compassion. Its vibrations clean your emotions, healing your heart and enveloping it with soothing energies. The energy can then expand throughout your body and to all the chakras, bringing them to perfect harmonious balance. Venus is also associated with money, specifically on the money you spend on things that bring you joy and pleasure.

What Crystals to Combine with Rose Quartz:

Healing crystals are nature’s supplement to enrich your spiritual and physical reality. Rose Quartz works well with almost all other gemstones in purifying and balancing energies. Some of the surprisingly potent pairings include:

Combining Rose Quartz with emerald enhances the awakening of your heart and the connection of your energies to Venus. It may assist your emotional healing and promote emotional growth. If you are heartbroken, it can offer a remedy and give you hope, confidence, and positivity.

Tiger’s Eye
The Tiger’s Eye makes your subconscious clear. Pairing it with Rose Quartz helps you realize your heart’s desire and aids you to move forward with them. The Blue Tiger’s Eye specifically enhances the Rose Quartz’s ability to distinguish negative energies and cleanses them from your aura.

Another gemstone that blends perfectly with Rose Quartz is the Moldavite, a forest green crystal which is primarily a stone of the heart. Together, they provide a powerful enhancement to your ability of spiritual awakening through the power of love.

Strung together,Rose Quartz and Turquoise are a potent pair for confessing love. TheRose Quartz allows your heart to flow out through speech, while the Turquoise releases blockages in your Throat Chakra. When you are proposing or writing your wedding vows, best to keep both.

Moonstone and Rose Quartz make you a charming divine person. The former serves as a fertility stone for young brides, while the latter keeps marriage rooted in love. Together, they can awaken your psychic powers, as well as your deep-seated feelings.

Rose Quartz harmonizes well with another part of the quartz family, amethyst. Amethyst is a protective stone that guards you against psychic attacks, geopathic or electromagnetic stress, and ill-wishes from others. It also relieves stress and strains, dispels rage and anxiety, and soothes irritability.

Pairing Rose Quartz with amethyst helps purify and balance your energies. Amethyst delivers to the spirit, while Rose Quartz brings positive energies to your heart. Together, they can be a beautiful decoration to your home and a wonderful token to show your love and devotion.

Rose Quartz to Find Love and Attract New Relationships

The Rose Quartz gemstone has a powerful effect on your heart. Most people use it to attract a mate, but it is also beneficial to increasing self-awareness. It helps you understand your true self and love yourself regardless of your situation. It also enables you to express yourself and your desires with your partner more freely. Furthermore, the crystal fosters acceptance of yourself and your partner to eliminate your anxieties, especially in a new relationship and during intercourse.

To attract love and new relationships, pair the gemstone with the following crystals:

  • Green Aventurine
    This pairing prepares you to be “lucky in love.” It brings together the powers of Aphrodite and Venus, both goddesses of love. It is the ultimate crystal love potion to attract your true love into your life.
  • Malachite
    The Malachite does not go well with inferior crystals, but when paired with Rose Quartz, it brings the power of love. As a transformation stone, it renews your love life by changing bad habits that hinder you from finding true love.
  • Rainbow Obsidian
    The Rainbow Obsidian helps bring closure to a breakup and loss of a loved one.It allows you to release negative emotions, so you can move forward with a new relationship. Pair it with Rose Quartz to develop your psychic power.
  • Rhodonite
    Rose Quartz and Rhodonite are excellent for attracting love. The Rhodonite is all about putting the pieces back together when they fall apart. It also reminds you to embrace forgiveness when your partner does something hurtful.
  • Sunstone
    Sunstone’s spicy energy reduces your inhibitions and enhances your sex life. It also opens up your heart to love and permits you to love yourself unconditionally. Pairing it with Rose Quartz helps you let go of painful memories and move forward with new experiences.
  • Red Jasper
    Aside from invigorating your libido and prolonging your sexual excitement, the Red Jasper also energizes and cleanses the Sacral Chakra. It is especially useful in enhancing the potency of men. When paired with Rose Quartz, it can protect you from other people, forces, and even yourself.
  • Carnelian
    Carnelian recharges the energy of your Sacral Chakra to restore vitality to female sex organs and enhance your sexuality. It is also a protective stone against anger, envy, and resentment. Together with Rose Quartz, they balance the sexual energy with the vibration of love. They can also boost your courage and self-confidence.
  • Red Garnet
    The Red Garnet dissolves blockages in your lower chakras, revives your intimate connection with your partner, and increases passion in your relationship. It also provides psychic protection, releasing anxiety, worry, panic, and fear. Pairing it with Rose Quartz allows you to give and receive love, balance your sex drive, promote courage and self-confidence, and inspire creativity.

How to Use Your Rose Quartz to Attract New Romantic Love & Increase Your Chances of Dating:

  • Using a Rose Quartz mala or rosary, run your fingers through the 108 beads while saying “I attract love” or any of these mantras:
    • “Om Mani Padme Hum”–a sacred inscription that gives you the strength to feel compassion
    • “AhamPrema” – meaning, “I am divine love”
    • “I am love.” – a mantra to help you become a loving person
    • “I am open to love in all of its forms.”
    • “Om Kama DevayaVidhmahe, Pushpa VanayaDheemahe,Thanno Kama Prachodayath” – to enhance your charm and sexual energy, and attract and sustain a loving relationship.
  • Wear bracelets, rings, necklaces that contain Rose Quartz and one of the other lovecrystalsmentioned above to represent the joining of two hearts in a loving relationship.
  • Hold a Rose Quartz tumbled stone on your chest before you sleep to open the heart chakra and infuse it with love. Visualize yourself on a date with your ideal partner. Go through the five senses and visualize all the sensations you would feel being on a date with this person.
  • Wear Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine jewelry on a date to attract luck in love.

Crystal Ritual to Foster Self-Love

Pairing Rose Quartz with Ocean Jasper helps you accept your responsibilities, develop patience, and improve your digestion. It is a crystal blend for everything love, including self-love. The Ocean Jasper assuages your overburdened mind with positivity, helps you tune into the needs of others, and relieves unconscious suffering, ultimately healing yourself.

To enhance self-love, follow this ritual:

  • Hold both stones over your heart
  • Stand in front of a mirror and look directly at yourself
  • Visualize yourself speaking to your soul by looking into your eyes in the mirror
  • State one thing you love about yourself
  • Then say out loud, “I am a being of love and light. I love myself unconditionally and deserve to be loved.”
  • Think of one thing you are going to do today to put yourself first and do it

How to Use Your Rose Quartz Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

You may use your Rose Quartz and incorporate it into your daily life just like you would with other stones you’re comfortable with. During meditation or prayers, you can hold a Rose Quartz stone to course its energies through you and to help you seek finer frequencies of Light. This will help you enjoy Rose Quartz healing properties easier and faster. Wearing Rose Quartz prayer beads or mala can also help if you need a heart chakra energy boost. Tumbled stones are also helpful during meditation, as you can hold on to it while meditating, or you can use it in your crystal grid.

Wearing Rose Quartz pendants and jewelry close to your heart will also help you reap its benefits faster. But if you’re not that into jewelry but still seek its powers, you can place a Rose Quartz stone under your pillow. This will help you with dream divination and deciding the right course to take if you’re worried about uncertainties in your life. Other alternative ways of getting it into your routine are placing it in an amulet pouch or putting it in a pretty bowl for decorating and fortifying your house’s love corner.

How to Use Rose Quartz for Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Rose Quartz is a stone that manifests subdued fire energy. Unlike other fire stones that are brilliantly colored, Rose Quartz exudes and balances one’s enthusiasm and improves one’s warmth and brightness. The Rose Quartz also symbolizes heat, action, emotion, passion, the realization of ideas and concepts, and sex.

When placing the Rose Quartz in your home to give your life a boost, place it in the south area of your home or room. This would be the fame and reputation area of your house. But if you’re looking to improve your relationships and sex life, place it in your house’s love corner or at the far right corner of your home from the main entrance.

How Was Rose Quartz Used in Ancient Times?

In ancient times, people called Rose Quartz the Hyaline (Glass) Quartz or Bohemian or Silesian Ruby. The earliest recorded use of Rose Quartz date back to as early as 600 B.C. And just like before, this stone remains an important talisman for relationships and beauty. Rose Quartz jewelry are also among the prettiest and most popular in the world, especially with women.

The lore behind the stone is that it was formed when the blood of Adonis, Aphrodite’s lover, and the Goddess of Love mixed and seeped into white quartz, making it pink. Tragic as it may seem because of Adonis’ death, the stone has since been attributed to Goddesses of love and life. For the Greeks, the stone honored Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. For the Phoenicians, this stone was a tribute to Astarte, the Goddess of fertility, love, and war. She was also known as the Queen of Stars, who helped troubled lovers and kept lovers faithful to each other.

How is Rose Quartz Formed?

The Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal and is the most common variety of quartz. It’s commonly found around the world in massive formations with no inherent crystal faces or edges. Rose Quartz is often found in the cores of granite Pegmatites and their light pink color is due to titanium, iron, or manganese impurities in the stone. Rose Quartz is hazy to translucent and forms an asterism when light is shone through them.

Though previously confused with Pink Quartz, scientists are now able to make a better distinction between the two with more advanced technology. Aside from coming in beads, Rose Quartz gemstones are also made into lamp bases, statues, and ashtrays and usually cut into cabochon or rounded beads. This stone is mined from different places around the globe, from Madagascar to Brazil, to Canada, Germany, South Africa, and Japan.

How Do You Care for Your Rose Quartz?

The Rose Quartz gemstone is a pretty hard crystal at about 7 in the Mohs scale. But then again, it helps if you store it in a proper place where it can’t be damaged by being in contact with harder crystals that might scratch its surface. It also helps if your softer crystals are stored separately to prevent them from being damaged. Cleansing your Rose Quartz every 15 days with running water that’s not too warm nor not too cold is important. You can also charge your Rose Quartz next to an Amethyst or any rock crystal stone for several hours. However, remember to keep it away from sunlight, since it might diminish its energy and fade its color.

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