Root Chakra Yoga Poses

Root Chakra Yoga Poses

Rebalancing the Root Chakra with Yoga

When your life seems messy and you feel disgruntled because things are just going out of control, you need to take a closer look within yourself. More often than not, your Root Chakra is compromised and there are bundles of energy blocked in it.

Whereas, to feel calm and grounded, the energy flow must be uninterrupted and free. Opening and balancing your Root Chakra is essential to feel connected, composed, and secure of yourself.

An easy way to do that is yoga. Most people feel that yoga is just a lazy stretching exercise but that is quite far from the truth. As a matter of fact, it works to heal you spiritually, mentally, and physically.

The balancing of Root Chakra through Root Chakra yoga poses is a steady process that helps you take back the control of your life. As this chakra is associated with instinctive attributes like survival, stability, development, and basic needs, yoga works on bringing a balance in these aspects of your life. It also serves as the first step to healing and balancing the entire chakra system since the Root Chakra is the first one out of the seven chakras.

24 Root Chakra Yoga Poses

  • 1. Standing Forward Bend / Uttanasana
    This pose, the Uttanasana, allows the body to stretch out, particularly in the middle as you bend over. As is the principle attribute of yoga, the Uttanasana is also filled with an immense sense of calm and relaxation.

    To perform this pose, stand and bend your body down the middle while stretching out your arms and crossing them above the head. With your torso down and stretched, the tension in your abdomen and pelvic region is relieved.

    Moreover, the nerves in your back, particularly the ones at the base of the spine are soothed. And that is how the Root Chakra finds a way to release the wound up energies crammed inside it.
  • 2. Garland or Squatting Pose / Malasana
    This is one of the more popular Root Chakra yoga poses. This brings your hands to your heart building an energy passage through the body—this formation is known as hand to heart center.

    As the name suggests, this yoga pose demands for you to squat down on the ground and hold your hands together near the heart. With your feet on the ground, you are connected with the earth which aids in calming your body, mind, and spirit.

    In addition to this, the Malasana is highly beneficial for physical fitness as it strengthens your back, knees, and hips.
  • 3. Garland / Malasana Twist
    Another squatting pose—the Malasana twist differs from the regular Malasana in respect to hand positions. When performing this, you need to extend your arms at a 45 degree angle in a way that one hand touches the floor while the other stretches out, reaching for the sky.

    When you assume this position, you are linking yourself with the earth and allowing its energies to resonate through your body and open any blockages. Moreover, your Root Chakra takes the influence of this energy shift and begins to align.
  • 4. Head to Knee Forward Bend / Janu Sirsasana
    Sit with both of your legs stretched out in front of you. Now take your right leg, bend it in a way that your foot presses into your inner left thigh.

    Now stretch your arms and raise them towards the sky, then bring them down along with your body in a forward fold.

    Also, make sure that your spine remains straight as you are leaning forward. Remain in this position for five breaths then repeat with the other leg. The focus in this particular Root Chakra yoga pose is the pelvic region and the spine, it keeps your energy grounded and your spirit unburdened.
  • 5. Reclining Bound Angle / Supta Baddha Konasana
    In this yoga pose, you have to lie straight on your back, legs and arms stretched out, reaching away from the body. Now bend your legs and join the soles of your feet together—it should look like a triangle formed with your legs.

    This Root Chakra yoga pose helps with relaxing you spiritually and mentally. Moreover, with the abdomen and leg muscles stretched out, your body feels at ease. When it comes to the body’s functioning, this pose helps with lower back pains.
  • 6. Knee to Chest Pose / Pavanamuktasana
    Another name for this Root Chakra yoga pose is the wind removing pose, and the reason for this is as interesting as the name.

    The pavanamuktasana facilitates and stimulates bowel movement. Also, it cures gas problems and digestion issues.

    Lie down flat on your back and keep your legs straight. Inhale deeply and slowly raise your legs and bend in your knees towards your torso.

    Now lift your head and shoulders and hug your knees with your arms. Remain in that position for a while then lay back straight and repeat.
  • 7. Lotus Flexion / Padmasana
    Sit cross-legged on the floor with the right leg on top. Now hold the right calf in both of your hands and slowly rotate the shinbone away from you. After that, close the knee and bring your right foot towards your navel.

    Your foot should rest in the crease of the left hip. Now repeat this with the left leg. When you have done that, lift up your spine and extend your arms towards your knees. Place your hands in such a way that your index and thumb are joined while the rest of the fingers are stretching out.

    Here you are dealing with Jnana Mudra as you allow the vital life force to channel through you.  Unsurprisingly, people often confuse the Lotus Flexion with the Easy Pose but as a matter of fact the latter is a more relaxed yoga pose than the Lotus Flexion.
  • 8. Easy Pose / Sukhasana
    Sit on the floor and loosely cross your legs such that your right foot is tucked beneath your inner left thigh, and your left foot is slightly beneath your right calf. This is one of the most common Root Chakra yoga poses.

    When you are in this position, do breathing exercises and allow the earth to refresh and relieve you. Furthermore, you can use this yoga pose to particularly help with your fears and anxiety.
  • 9. Child’s Pose / Balasana
    The Balasana is about letting go of your worries, healing from past traumas, and reconnecting with yourself. In this yoga pose, you sit down with your knees bent and your calves under you, then crouch forward.

    Also, extend your arms forward and retain the position. Inhale and exhale slowly. You will feel your nerves soothing down with each breath. Sit back up and repeat the gesture.

    As you can see, this gesture symbolizes surrender, which helps you come to terms with many disturbing emotions and thoughts. Besides, this pose also aids in increasing the body’s flexibility which ensures fitness.
  • 10. Mountain Pose / Tadasana
    Like a mountain, this yoga pose entails that you stand firm and steady. You can adjust this pose in between other Root Chakra yoga poses as it is a great grounding pose as well as an enhancer. It enhances, reinforces, and maintains the energy flow adapted through other Root Chakra yoga poses.

    Stand with your arms by your side in a relaxed manner but try not to incline towards a slouch; stand firm yet easy. According to this, you are in a vertical connection with the earth and it is channeling its energies straight through you, grounding you on the way.

    In addition to that, this pose helps with aligning the Root Chakra by aligning and connecting your body and spirit.
  • 11. Sun Salutations
    Lie face down on the floor resting on your hands. Now begin to rise up from the upper half of your body while your legs still rest on the floor. Curve upwards as much as you can without putting pressure on your spine. Take deep breaths in this position.

    This gesture is known as a sun salutation. It is an extremely refreshing yoga pose as it targets many things in the balancing of the Root Chakra. First of all, it allows a greater surface area for linking yourself with the earth, as the entire lower half of your body is hugging the ground.

    Secondly, as you are rising, your Root Chakra becomes the focal point and the main hub of energy in the body. Hence, it sets these energies into motion for them to circulate through and alleviate your pressure points.
  • 12. Low Lunge / Anjaneyasana
    In this pose, adopt a lunging form but stretch your leg further backwards. This will pull your body lower into a low lunge. Keep your back and neck straight. Join your hands together at the knee in front of you. Interlock your fingers with one hand above the other, and stretch out the fingers of the lower hand.

    All the muscles that are at work in this pose are associated with our fight or flight mechanism. The energies drawn in the Anjaneyasana are deeply connected with the Root Chakra. So take deep breaths in this position to fill yourself with courage, poise, and confidence.
  • 13. Low Lunge / Anjaneyasana with Quad Stretch
    For this Root Chakra yoga pose, adopt the same form as involved in the Anjaneyasana, with one addition. Use your hand to hold your foot from behind and pull it upward. Rest the other arm on your front knee by the elbow and stretch out your fingers.

    This pose is especially helpful for opening the hips and strengthening your legs and knees. Moreover, the pelvic and sacral region are also relieved with this pose.
  • 14. Warrior II / Virabhadrasana III
    Virabhadrasana translates to a ‘fierce warrior’ and undoubtedly, it works to resolve your fears and strengthen your determination and courage.

    With both feet firmly on the ground, legs apart, one knee slightly bent and the other leg slanting, this pose involves stretching out both of your arms in opposite directions.

    With this pose, it is no surprise that it has something to do with helping you be strong, independent, and fearless. Moreover, with the support from earth, you feel a sense of belonging as you dig your feet on the ground.
  • 15. Bridge Pose / Setu Bandhasana
    In the Bridge Pose, you keep your feet and head on the ground while raising the rest of your body as a bridge. Note that your calves should be upright. Now extend your arms towards your feet and hold them by the ankles.

    This is a spectacular Root Chakra yoga pose which in turn balances the rest of chakras. The fact is that when you are holding this position, the excess Root Chakra energy is released straight away and it makes way for the alignment of sacral and heart chakra. Further up in the body, the throat chakra is also greatly influenced.
  • 16. Wide-legged Forward Fold
    In the Wide-legged Forward Fold, you have to make an inverted “V” with your legs. Then bend down from your torso keeping your spine straight and touch the floor with your head. Also, touch your feet with your hands.

    With your legs stretched out, the muscles in your lower back, groin, and thighs are targeted. As you perform this, the Root Chakra begins to warm up and unblock which releases its force and vitality into your body.

    Furthermore, this position is associated with feelings of autonomy and freedom from environmental pressures. Thus, you can learn to be content with who you are and be assured that it is all you need to move forward. 
  • 17. Savasana
    This is another one from the simple and relaxed Root Chakra yoga poses. The main element of this pose is your connection with earth. You are laying down on the ground; arms and legs stretched out. That means that you are in complete contact with the earth, to the full spread of your body.

    Now you should simply focus on breathing deeply, and once you are calmer, let yourself be soothed by the earth’s support for you.

    Remind yourself that you are you and you are important. Know that the universe is guiding you and you are safe.
  • 18. Hamstring Stretch / Ardha Hanumanasana
    Bend down on your right knee like in a kneeling position and extend your left leg forward and rest it on your heel. Support yourself with your arms as you are leaning forward from the upper half of your body.

    Extend your spine and keep it straight. Also, keep your neck in line with the spine and hold your head there. Now, inhale and exhale slowly at least five times then repeat this with switched positions of the legs.

    The Root Chakra, when stimulated through this yoga pose, increases vitality in your body and spirit. Undoubtedly, it leads you to feel grounded, secure, and serene.
  • 19. Triangle Pose / Trikonasana
    Stand firmly on the ground with your legs wide open in a V-shape. Now bend down on the right side, extending your arm reaching towards the floor behind your right foot. Touch the ground with your hand spread out on it and extend the other arm up in the air reaching for the sky.

    Feel the surge of energy circulating in your body while concentrating on firmly rooting your feet into the ground. This posture is associated with feelings of happiness, peace, and contentment.

    In essence, you are allowing yourself to be happy regardless of the uncertainties and difficulties in your life. Also, you are prepared to deal with whatever problem you face in life. In addition, you may focus on the mantra “I am enough”.
  • 20. Skandasana
    Squat with your right leg extending out slightly slanting up from the ground. Bend your left leg, fully close the knee and attach your thigh to the left side of your upper body. Keep your left foot firmly on the ground and balance your weight on it.

    Now press your left hand onto the ground and stretch your right arm up in the air. This pose helps you feel connected with your surroundings and also unchained at the same time. Feel this connection and freedom and breathe in these energies.

    Physically, this Root Chakra yoga pose stimulates blood circulation and makes you feel active and fresh. Furthermore, as you shift your weight between the two legs alternatively, it opens your hip and leg muscles.
  • 21. Extended Side Angle Pose / Utthita Parsvakonasana
    Like in Warrior II, bend the right knee and press your foot on the ground while extending out the left leg. Now lean towards the right side and press your right hand on the ground as well, just behind the right foot. Stretch out the left arm diagonally towards the right direction.

    Remember that your back must be straight. Moreover, your chest should not be curved inwards; raise it and turn your heart upward as you take deep breaths. Resultantly, you will feel the energies of the earth fill inside you.

    This pose works wonders for unlocking the Root Chakra in a very tangible manner. When you stretch in such a position, after a while you may sense a buildup of warmth or a tickling sensation near your tailbone and sacral plexus. This means that the tension in the muscles and nerves is being released and energy is flowing smoothly.
  • 22. Knee to Chest Laying Down / Apanasana
    The Apanasan is another one of the popular and frequently performed Root Chakra yoga poses. It involves you lying down on the ground with arms and legs all spread in a relaxed manner. Then you raise and bend one leg, and pull it upward towards the chest.

    In addition to that, you join your hands together at the knee to support the pull. This posture opens and unlocks your pelvic region and stimulates the energy flow in the back and abdomen.

    Although the Apanasana is primarily for unblocking and balancing the Root Chakra, it also proves to aid balancing of the heart and sacral chakra.
  • 23. Locust Pose / Salabhasana
    For the Salabhasana, firstly lie face down on the ground with your arms extended down on either side. Now slowly start lifting your head, chest, and arms as you inhale. Then, when you exhale, lift your legs as well. Be as steady as you can be and keep your neck straight.

    What you have to do is balance your weight on your abdominal region and upper part of the thighs. They will help in lifting up your legs.

    The Locust Pose helps in overcoming negativity, anxiousness, and disturbing thoughts like irrational fears or insecurities.
Locust Pose
  • 24. Root Lock / Mula Bandha
    Sit on a cushion or your yoga mat, whichever makes you more comfortable. Relax your shoulders, neck, and jaw muscles. Focus on your breathing and as you inhale, contract and life the muscles in your pelvic floor. Hold this for ten seconds then release while relaxing your muscles. Repeat 2-3 times a day.

    If you practice Mula Bandha regularly, it will bring awareness to the dormant energy of Shakti Kundalini at the base of the Sushumna Nadi which is the “body’s river of energy”. This energy river flows through all 7 chakras, starting at the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

    By consistent practice of root locking, you can also awaken Shakti Kundalini, allowing this creative feminine energy to flow up through the lower chakras and healing your psycho-spiritual wounds.

Cooling Breath (Sitali Pranayama) While Doing Yoga

This is an effective yoga practice for the Root Chakra. What you have to do is simply curl your tongue and breathe in through the curled tongue. Now press this cooled tongue against the roof of your mouth and exhale through the nose.

Surely it is a simple practice but its benefits are lasting. For example, it helps you control and assuage your anger as it instills you with calm. Besides that, it is also known to reduce hunger and thirst. Overall, it leads you to feel stable, centered, and secure by keeping the Root Chakra open.

MuladharaBija Mantra for the Root Chakra

Sound has long been considered a tool of relaxation, like music. So, for chakra balancing, we venture into sound healing as well. Sound waves produce frequencies that resonate with the ones in our brain and induce relaxation, tranquility, and balance.

If we talk specifically about the Root Chakra, the sound it resonates with is “LAM”. It is pronounced as L-UH-M. So to balance your mind, body, and spirit, chant this sound out loud while maintaining your mental focus on the Root Chakra and the surrounding area. After a few chants, you will begin to feel more connected to your body as well as your environment.

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