Root Chakra Essential Oils

Root Chakra Essential Oils

Unexpected hardships, fear and anxiety, complicated relationships, and other stressors can cause the Root Chakra to become blocked or fall out of balance. As a result, we may feel stuck, lost, depleted, or flighty. A blocked or unbalanced Root Chakra damages our connection to ourselves and others. We may even experience physical ailments, such as bladder or colon problems, parasympathetic nervous system issues, and arthritis.

Luckily, there are many ways to bring the Muladhara back into alignment. Essential oils, for instance, are beneficial in opening and stabilizing the chakras. They embody the frequencies and healing properties of plants to work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Root chakra essential oils specifically help center the mind and provide a sense of grounding.

Root Chakra Introduction

Located at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra represents self-preservation and grounding to the physical world. It governs our sense of strength, safety, stability, and commitment. Known as the Muladhara, it is symbolized by a red lotus with four petals and uses the mantra “I have.” The chakra also resonates with the color red and the Earth element.

The Root Chakra is responsible for feeling “grounded.” It establishes our connection to the universe and acts as our center of emotional and spiritual balance.Stabilizing it also creates a solid foundation for opening the upper chakras. When balanced in harmonious settings, it encourages safety and security on our earthly journey.

Finally, at its most basic level, the first chakra is in charge of our needs. It comprises everything that grounds us to stability in life, such as food, water, and shelter. It also sustains our emotional needs by helping us to let go of our fears. With these needs met, we can feel more grounded and safe. We tend to worry less day by day, as well.

How Aromatherapy Can Help the Root Chakra

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that involves the use of and essential oils. Different essential oils have specific energetic or vibrational properties that help us achieve greater well-being when used on the right chakra. The subtle applications support our body’s physical healing and promote balance and wellness.

Root chakra essential oils are excellent for grounding, a technique that helps you connect to the Earth’s healing energy. Their natural scents carry vibrations that help you attune your energy and connect to nature. Grounding also balances us mentally and physically so that our body can rest, repair, and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

19 Root Chakra Essential Oils

When choosing root chakra essential oils, consider how the imbalance manifests within you. Since imbalance in other chakras can complicate the selection, it is best to consider the specific situation and your intention.

  1. Cedarwood. Cedarwood is a base note witha comforting yet reviving scent. Two drops on the diffuser, twenty on your bath, and seven for foot massage help calm your mind, provide protection and purification, as well as invite peaceful thought. It also connects to Earth’s energy, which makes it excellent for both healing and grounding. Additionally, it facilitates communication with higher realms. Use it during meditation or yoga to ease your nervous tension and calm anger.

  2. Cypress. Cypress has a middle note with a woody scent. Recognized for its ability to harmonize the blood, it helps move the vital force, energy, or chi throughout the body. Many use it to strengthen blood capillaries. However, massing the essential oil to the bottom of your feet also makes you feel safe and connected. It balances your energy flow so that you can return to your natural high resonance.

  3. Frankincense. Frankincense has a medium-strength balsamic, honey-like, and woody aroma that presents a base fragrance note. It is excellent for grounding and healing your emotional and physical imbalances. Two drops on the diffuser and seven on your foot massage blend soothes and calms your emotions and keeps you aware and mindful of the present. The essential oil is also excellent for grounding and healing, like cedarwood.

  4. Black Pepper. Black Pepper is a middle note with a warm yet manly fragrance. It has excellent physical and energetic benefits that help you overcome your worry and anxieties. It also allows you to move forward in life by easing the change process. Moreover, the root chakra essential oil has aphrodisiac effects that bring on desire and enhance sexual performance.

  5. Patchouli. Patchouli has a slightly sweet but intoxicating scent. It draws the energy down into your body and anchors it at the root chakra to help you release fear. In addition to its grounding properties, it assists in cases of overthinking and balances the nervous system. Twenty drops of patchouli on your bath and seven on your roll-on blend help you feel stable and calm.

  6. Spikenard. With an earthy and musky scent, Spikenard is a highly-prized essential oil most appreciated in religious ceremonies. It resonates and helps balance the Root Chakra by providing a sense of grounding and centering your mind. Apply the essential oil to the bottom of your feet, or place six drops on the aroma diffuser to enjoy its benefits. You may also use it during yoga to encourage a downward flow of energy, giving you strength, confidence, and a sense of security.

  7. Vetiver. The earthy and woodsy essential oil Vetiver eases feelings of anxiety, frustration, and helplessness. It calms these feelings and your overactive Root Chakra to keep you focused and productive. The oil acts as an aphrodisiac, as well. It helps remedy sexual disorders, stimulates the mind, and arouses your sensuality. If you feel blocked or held back, you should add Vetiver to your collection.

  8. Sandalwood. Sandalwood has a deep, woody fragrance, thus often used as a base note. Considered a sacred oil, it has calming properties that makes it gentle on the nervous system. You may also use it during meditation to awaken the life force energy. Moreover, the root chakra essential oil harmonizes the emotional body and helps with grounding. Apply directly onto your skin or add it to your bath water to enjoy its benefits. 

  9. Myrrh. Like Sandalwood, Myrrh is considered a sacred essential oil. It promotes spiritual awareness, connects the Crown Chakra and Root Chakra, and allows feelings of safety to arise. The gentle and calming effect of the essential oil also soothes the nervous system. As a result, we become closer to our true nature and essence and more grounded to the truth.

  10. Turmeric. Turmeric is an essential oil for your daily health routine. It is most famous for its nervous system benefits and has a soothing effect that promotes a positive immune response. Turmeric’s warm, fresh, woody, and spicy aroma gives an enduring and blissful release of negative emotions. Whenever you want to clear your mind, take a few drops, and massage your face.

  11. Valerian. Valerien is well-known for its calming, grounding, and balancing properties. It also has sedative qualities that make it a safe and effective au naturel remedy for sleep and stress-related issues. Additionally, the essential oil has a therapeutic effect on the central nervous system.  However, you may want to blend it with rose, orange, or geranium to mask its unpleasant odor.

  12. Ginger. Ginger smells warm and aromatic with a lemony note. It is a circulatory stimulant that constricts the blood vessels as a flight or flight response. It also helps circulate blood throughout your body. Furthermore, the essential oil brings feelings of security, especially when you are fighting for your survival.

  13. Ylang-ylang. Ylang-ylang has a sweet, slightly fruity scent often used as a top note in perfumes, like Chanel No. 5 and Joy Perfume. As a potent essential oil, it assists the Root Chakra by relieving your fears, anxieties, and depression. It also calms your nervous system and eases tension. Some people use it as a remedy to increase sexual desire and reduce sexual stress.

  14. Geranium. Geranium has a sweet and floral aroma similar to a rose. It supports your emotions by creating a calming and grounding effect. It also helps release negativity and supports the nervous system. Additionally, the essential oil is excellent for grounding. Blend it with Valerian to enhance its healing properties and treat emotional and physical imbalances.

  15. Rosewood. A top note, rosewood settles your emotions and calms your mind with its floral, slightly rose-like fragrance. It is prevalent for treating depression as it takes away sadness and replaces it with feelings of strength and happiness. It also has a calming and steadying effect on the nerves, making it excellent for high-stress situations. On top of these, the essential oil stimulates the mind and body and organizes mental clutter.

  16. Nutmeg. Nutmeg has a sweet and spicy facet with earthy and pungent base notes. It activates a sluggish Root Chakra, stirs the senses, and helps relax the mind and body. Many use it to alleviate pain and inflammation. It also has stimulant properties that elevate your mood, ease stress, and boosts blood circulation. The relaxing aroma of the essential oil, on the other hand, make it an all-natural sleeping aid.

  17. Lavender. Lavender is considered a universal essential oil because it works well with all chakras. It helps calm your emotions, release your pent up energy, and allow the life force energy to flow throughout your body. It is the most sought-after essential oil due to its pleasant scent. Massage the oil onto your forehead and neck to benefit from its calming and sedative properties.

  18. Benzoin. Benzoin has a sweet, charming vanilla-like aroma with thick undertones. Emotionally, it is calming and grounding, making it an excellent essential oil for the Root Chakra. It also blends well with other root chakra essential oils. Apply it onto your skin for comfort and warmth. You may also massage the oil on specific areas to ease the muscles. 

  19. Clove. Sweet, warm, and woody, Clove smells like Christmas. It provides feelings of protection and safety, as well as awaken your senses to completion. It also helps you move forward with your life. Diffuse it or apply a little on your Root Chakra to feel grounded and connected to the Earth. Whenever you feel stagnant, unbalanced, blocked, the essential oil helps restore your vitality and zest for life.

How to Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils enter the body in three ways – inhaled, ingested, and applied to the skin. The application method will depend on your selected essential oil and your desired effect.

  • Apply over the vagus nerve.Aromatherapy calms the nervous system by engaging the vagus nerve. Dab and massage the essential oils starting behind your earlobe to the mastoid bone to allow it to absorb into the skin.

  • Apply to bottom of feet. Our soles are one of the vital absorption points in our bodies. Thus, massaging essential oils onto the bottom of our feet is so effective. This method helps balance the root chakra to support healing and grounding.

  • Apply to the abdomen. Massage root chakra essential oils to your stomach and inhale the aroma to help relax your large intestine and increase bowel movement. It also assists in releasing negative emotions, fear, and past wounds.


Aromatherapy is an excellent way to balance and heal the Root Chakra. It helps you work through the Muladhara’s dysfunction, allowing you to feel safe, grounded, and connected to yourself, others, and the world. With several root chakra essential oils, the key is choosing the right one for a specific situation or intention. We hope this piece will help you get a headstart on your healing journey. Knowing exactly which to use can save you a lot of time.

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