Rhodochrosite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

rhodochrosite meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Rhodochrosite Crystals

  1. Deep emotional healing
  2. Maintenance of balance in all aspects of life
  3. An abundance of love, joy, and vitality

What Is Rhodochrosite Stone Good For?

Having the unmatched beauty and allure of typical ‘pink crystals’, Rhodochrosite is in a league of its own. Primarily, the Rhodochrosite meaning lies in the electrifying vibrations of love. It encompasses the hopeful and tranquil energies of inner peace, deep healing, and unconditional love.

This beautiful crystal symbolizes the pureness of the soul and vitality of life. Accordingly, Rhodochrosite benefits include emotions of joy, happiness, inner strength, and power. Furthermore, the purifying vibrations of the powerful Rhodochrosite gemstone kick-start a vigorous dynamic within your life.

Along with this, this gemstone also gives rise to passion, enthusiasm, and ardor. It means that the fire that resides in you is rekindled by the energies of this crystal, enabling you to achieve your goals with greater gusto.

What Are the Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite?

Although this crystal is more commonly associated with matters of the heart, it is also capable of healing the mind as well as the soul. Here are some important emotional, spiritual, and mental healing properties of the Rhodochrosite gemstone:

Emotional Healing Properties

The energies of the lovely Rhodochrosite serve as a rejuvenation center for your emotional core. First of all, it urges you to acknowledge your old wounds and tend to them as they might still be hurting you. You have probably groomed a belief that you are not strong enough to overcome them so as a reaction, you simply avoid facing them.

However, with the powers of this crystal, you will sense a change inside you that will empower you emotionally. You will gradually learn to process your suppressed feelings and face past traumas that you have been hiding since forever.

Moreover, the Rhodochrosite crystal pushes you to explore the happier side of life instead of only dwelling in its sorrows. You are meant to be surrounded by serene, joyous, and exuberant energies, and you will find your way to them. So, allow yourself to be content with what you have and be optimistic for the future with the help of Rhodochrosite by your side.

Spiritual Healing Properties

This crystal is extremely uplifting in its essence. Surely, in the presence of the Rhodochrosite crystal, you will feel the heaviness in your spirit dissipate into nothingness, leaving you to feel light as a feather.

In addition, the energies of this crystal pave a path for you to connect with your inner self. When you do that, you become markedly more capable of truly knowing yourself, your innermost desires, fears, and strengths.

With the spiritually healing energies of this incredible crystal, you can get a hold of your personal power. Resultantly, you will realize that you have the power to create your own reality. In short, the vibrations of the Rhodochrosite gemstone free you from limitations and push you to transcend them.

Mental Healing Properties

Mentally, the Rhodochrosite vibrations bring a certain clarity to you—something you may be lacking right now. Maybe it is about a difficult decision you have to make or about your general perspective of life—you are experiencing confusion.

With this gemstone, you will unravel your full potential which will lead you to trust your abilities. Consequently, you will be self-assured and optimistic about whichever direction you choose at any point in your life.

Apart from that, this crystal is mentally stimulating and enlivening. It introduces a more positive and vibrant tone to your usual temperament. Lastly, with Rhodochrosite healing properties, you will also find yourself braver about taking action to turn your dreams into reality.

Rhodochrosite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Each gemstone is associated with one or more astrological phenomenon, based on the kind of energies it emits. Undoubtedly, the crystal that is linked with a certain zodiac sign has special vibrations that specifically help people who were born with that zodiac. 

The Rhodochrosite gemstone is linked with the astrological signs of Scorpio and Leo.

First, we will talk about Scorpios who are known for their intimidating personalities. They are determined and intelligent people. Also, they try to reach their destination by any means possible. What the Rhodochrosite gemstone has in store for them is vibrations of success and prosperity.

Indeed, the empowering energies of this crystal merge perfectly with the true nature of Scorpio people. Their ambition is also enhanced and they can go on to be influential leaders if they choose.

On another note, this crystal also helps Scorpios in working through their complicated feelings. By getting rid of negative and resentful emotions, these people can gain a lot more control over their actions.

The other zodiac sign associated with the Rhodochrosite crystal is Leo which is known as the lion of the zodiac. Leos are brave, fiery, and passionate. They are also very enthusiastic about everything they do. However, they do tend to get arrogant and self-righteous.

Naturally, this crystal invokes a sense of balance in these people to make them more tolerant of their environment. It also keeps their volatile temperament at bay.

Apart from that, the energies of this crystal are particularly great at enhancing the goodness of Leos. As these people are quite generous, selfless, and helpful, this crystal grooms these impressive qualities.

Rhodochrosite and Planetary Connection

Crystals are connected with the energies of various celestial bodies and they transmit their energies through their vibrations. If we talk about Rhodochrosite, this crystal is connected with planet Mars. Naturally, Rhodochrosite exhibits certain properties that are governed by Mars.

Mars is the fourth closest planet to the Sun after Earth. This planet is full of rage and raw energy. Mainly, it governs your passion, lust, and sex drive. Along with this, planet Mars also represents anger and combat, especially your combat style.

Since the Rhodochrosite crystal is interlinked with the energies of Mars, it controls these specific qualities inside you. It means that your sex life (also, a major part of your romantic relationships) will be heavily impacted by the presence of any Rhodochrosite jewelry or crystal you carry around.

Furthermore, the energies of this planet decide the kind of outlet you use for your emotions. For example, it controls your competitiveness and how you deal with it. Also, it will influence how you take on your enemies.

Passion is not only reserved for relationships. When you think of those who are extremely successful in business and in their career; passion has a lot to do with why they are prosperous. Rhodochrosite and Mars both drive passion. Meditating with this stone will inspire you to start that “passion” project you’ve always wanted to do. It gives you courage to follow your heart and use that energy to give you sustained drive to be financially successful in doing what you love.

Rhodochrosite and The Elements

There are four fundamental elements we speak of, which are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

These elements are the source of different types of energy. Moreover, gemstones and other forms of matter act as a conduit for these elemental energies. Each crystal gemstone exhibits properties of one or more elements.

The Rhodochrosite crystal stone is associated with two elements: Water and Fire.

The Water element is extremely purifying and healing in its essence. That is why it is also known as the universal healer. This element thoroughly cleanses your energies and aims at your deep-rooted problems to correct them.

Moreover, this element begins the process of restoration and improvement on every level. It helps you achieve peace and harmony. Besides that, the Water element speaks for universal love as it the rushing force behind forming human relationships and friendships. Naturally, this element also expands your capability to love and to be loved.

Apart from this, the Water element essentially projects on your spiritual abilities. Therefore, with the help of the Rhodochrosite crystal, you can summon this elemental power to induce lucid dreams. It will also increase your intuition.

Coming to the Fire element, the Rhodochrosite crystal corresponds impeccably with this element. At its core, Fire possesses the power to create as well as destroy. That is why it is known as the element of transformation, as it destroys old things to make room for new ones.

The Fire element is highly ‘alive’, which means it stimulates and increases your vital power. Also, it revives your enthusiasm and passion. Besides that, this element also serves as a source of purification and protection as it shields your aura from dark energies.

Lastly, the Fire element of the Rhodochrosite crystal stone strengthens you against psychic attacks.

Rhodochrosite and Numerology

Gemstones vibrate at specific frequencies depending upon their shape, form, color, texture, etc., and the numerical vibration of the Rhodochrosite crystal is 4. This number holds importance due to its divine powers that directly affect you if you resonate with it.

Number 4 is the number of your drive and passion. It is the force that pushes you to stay on track and to continue striving. Hence, it symbolizes determination, resilience, endurance, loyalty, and devotion.

Apart from that, this number deals with the way you embody the attribute of practicality. It means that this number oversees how you give shape and form to your ideas. Besides that, the number 4 also influences attributes like organization, maintenance, management, exactitude, hard work, and discipline.

Furthermore, the energies of this number interlink with your traditional and moral values. Another interesting fact about this number is that it is supported by the power of the Archangels which makes it highly influential.

Rhodochrosite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Chakras are energy centers in your body that can leave you feeling quite unsettled if they are unbalanced. There are seven chakras in your physical body and two of them are linked with the Rhodochrosite crystal stone. These are the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Heart Chakra.

The vibrations of this vitalizing crystal help align these two chakras. The Heart Chakra is present in the center of your chest. If this chakra is unbalanced, you may feel an unusual surge of negative emotions like jealousy, bitterness, dullness, etc. You may also act overly defensive or argumentative for no apparent reason.

Once this chakra is aligned, you will feel that your capacity to give out love has amplified. You will also find yourself appreciating little things that you did not notice before.

Next, an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra will make you feel like you have no purpose in this life. You may lose your sense of direction which may lead to irresponsible and reckless decisions.

However, aligning this chakra with Rhodochrosite can help you regain control over yourself and your life.

How to Harness Rhodochrosite’s Healing Properties

  • Wear Rhodochrosite jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or rings made out of Rhodochrosite.
  • Use malas or prayer beads made of Rhodochrosite for praying and manifesting your intentions.
  • Meditate with the Rhodochrosite gemstone to align your Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Rhodochrosite and Feng Shui

Although this crystal is associated with the red planet (Mars) which tends to be known for its masculine energies, there are a bulk of feminine energies infused in Rhodochrosite. Especially in feng shui, this crystal is placed in the southwest corner of the house which brings maternal love.

In this traditional practice, this crystal is also known to be associated with love, romance, and affection.

How Is Rhodochrosite Formed?

Commonly referred to as the ‘Inca Rose Stone’ (which means rose color), Rhodochrosite is a carbonate of manganese which is rarely found in crystalline form. Mostly, it is found in granular, botryoidal, or nodular formations.

Around the world, this beautiful pink crystal is found in Colorado, Russia, Romania, Spain, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Peru, Argentina, and China.

Similar Pink Crystals to Explore


As it is a stone of compassion, emotional healing is the main property of Rhodonite. It tends to your wounds in the most nurturing way and helps you overcome your feelings of pain, guilt, fear, and shame. Furthermore, the loving Rhodonite crystal exerts a balance in your emotional and spiritual growth.

Rose Quartz

This is the stone of universal love. Rose Quartz extends its gentle loving energies to all your relationships, friendships, and partnerships. Besides that, it promotes unconditional love, generosity, and forgiveness. Also, this stone of love is the bringer of inner peace.


Being especially related to the Heart Chakra, the Morganite crystal stone deeply reinvigorates your emotional and mental health. Also, it works on the refining of your personality and also brings an excess of love into your life.

Pink Tourmaline

At its core, the peculiar Pink Tourmaline crystal is purifying and healing. This crystal stone particularly works on those feelings of yours that keep you locked up in your shell such as anxiety, stress, worry, depression, etc. Eventually, you can finally break free from your distressing mindset with the help of this crystal.


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