Red Tiger Eye: Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

Red Tiger's eye meanning and benefits

Red Tiger Eye is powerful if you use it correctly. It offers strength and protection and attracts love in your life. It brings more passion, solidifies relationships, and seals friendships. It can also energize and calm you at the same time. Furthermore, the stone grounds you and helps you realize the essential things in life.

The Red Tiger Eye gem has many other uses. By wearing it as a piece of jewelry, you are keeping its energy close to your chakra, which makes it more effective. You may also keep it in your purse or pocket to have its healing vibrations close to your body. If you don’t want to wear it,place it in the south corner of your room or office to promote love, warmth, enthusiasm, and illumination.

The Red Tiger Eye meaning focuses on the lower chakras and sends higher energies through the organs of the lower half of your body. It also gives you the strength to stop dreaming and the courage to start living. Ultimately, the Red Tiger Eye gemstone lights the fire of your soul and helps you seize the day.

What is Red Tiger Eye Stone Used For?

The Red Tiger Eye is a very rare gemstone that shares the same energies and energies of the original Tiger Eye. It helps overcome lethargy and provides motivation in the face of challenges. It also enhances your confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, the stone enhances balance within your energy field and allows you to open up yourself to unconditional love.

Sometimes called Ox Eye or Dragon’s Eye, the gemstone symbolizes survival, self-worth, vitality, and vibrancy. It is the stone of endurance during hard life transitions. It is also a stone of courage as it gives a divine vision to the wearer. Additionally, the Red Tiger Eye can be a talisman of good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Other Red Tiger Eye uses and purposes include encouraging love and balance, bringing compassion and empathy, and relieving pain. Finally, the crystal promotes a passion for life and its experiences.

What Are the Healing Properties of the Red Tiger Eye?

The Red Tiger Eye healing properties center around your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional practices. It serves as a useful grounding force that motivates you to implement a spiritual discipline, amplifies your business acumen, assists you in tapping your personal power, and strengthens your connection with the earth. You may also meditate with this stone to achieve your manifestations and desires.


The Red Tiger Eye gemstone is a useful grounding force in your spiritual practice. It has red energy, which is helpful for any type of moving meditation like yoga and tai chi. It also strikes a balance between your light and dark aspects, your Yin and Yang, and your mind and heart. Furthermore, it enhances your gift of psychic visions and gives you spiritual clarity.

The spiritual energy of the Red Tiger Eye raises your life’s vibrations, enhancing your experiences and the way you live. It also connects to your chakras, so you stay grounded to the earth. Red Tiger Eye allows Chi energy to flow through the body by first opening the Root Chakra. It sends a surge of energy through your lower chakras to the rest of your body, so you can feel a sense of sexuality, creation, and self-love. Moreover, it helps strengthen your sense of practicality, willpower, motivation, and integrity. Overall, when your spiritual foundation is strong, your life will be more prosperous and abundant.Daily challenges in your physical reality are less likely to overwhelm you or stray you off course.


The Red Tiger Eye connects you to your partner emotionally. It strengthens your relationship and opens you to unconditional love. It can also release you from emotional grief. It removes the hurt, sadness, and anger in your heart. Additionally. The gemstone helps balance negative emotions and lets you experience emotional healing, so you can become a stronger and better person.  The red color of this stone is also symbolic of passion; that is passion in your relationship with your significant other as well as passion for your work so you can live your life with purpose.


The gemstone promotes mental clarity and helps focus your mind. It enables you to concentrate on the things that matter and solve problems objectively. It keeps your brain working and your hands full, thereby stimulating creativity and igniting new ideas. It can also help you relax and calm down when you need to slow down and take a breather. It eases your anxieties over things to come. Moreover, the Red Tiger Eye focuses your mind on your genuine desires and helps you find ways to resolve challenges.  When times get tough, let Red Tiger Eye light your inner fire, giving you motivation, inspiration, purpose, and drive to achieve your goals.


The Red Tiger Eye gemstone makes your physical body connected to the earth. It can give you physical strength and vitality to tackle life’s challenges. In the metaphysical community, it is believed that Red Tiger Eye can also regulate the natural rhythms of your body and accelerate your metabolism. Furthermore, it can relieve pains, soothe your nervous system, and improve the health of your nails and teeth.

The rare stone keeps your survival and self-preservation skills sharp. In ancient times, it was believed that Red Tiger Eye can also help with your sexual performance, regulate your blood pressure, and speed up your recovery. Ancient healers also believed that Red Tiger Eye also heals anemia and helps absorb nutrients, so you can live with better metabolism and energy levels. It can also relieve lethargy from other causes. Moreover, it strengthens your willpower to stay committed to your goals, overcome your challenges, and have back up plans if plan A does not work. 

Who Can Benefit from Red Tiger Eye?

Healers all over the world recommend the use of the Red Tiger Eye to compliment or enhance conventional medicine, not to replace it. It can be a part of your holistic approach to achieving tranquility, wealth, and good health. Due to its ability to solve problems, the Red Tiger Eye is also highly valued among the following:

  • Consultants
    The gemstone makes an excellent talisman for consultants as it helps you make practical decisions and choices. It makes sure you never run out of self-confidence, positivity, and new ideas. It is also a great success and money charm. It adds passion and vitality to any project you are working on. Plus, it improves your luck, brings abundance, and attracts prosperity.
  • Programmers
    The Red Tiger Eye is a beautiful stone for programmers due to its ability to enhance your creativity and resourcefulness. It allows you to achieve something extraordinary with resources. It also strengthens your power to stay committed to your projects. Furthermore, it gets your creative juices flowing, allowing you to recognize your own talents and helping you overcome challenges.
  • Sales Representatives
    Sales representatives should keep the gemstone close as it serves as a beautiful money charm. You may keep it in your wallet or purse to attract a steady stream of money. The Red Tiger Eye also makes sure your money-making ventures will succeed better than expected as long as you keep focused.
  • People in the Service Industry
    Those in the service industry can significantly benefit from the Red Tiger Eye gemstone. It gives you good judgment, insight, and the strength you need to overcome fatigue. It also shows you how you can be sympathetic and compassionate to the needs of the people around you. Moreover, it makes you stay motivated and filled with energy.
  • Entrepreneurs
    As a stone of good luck and fortune, the crystal is perfect for entrepreneurs and those getting into startups. It gives you the willpower to overcome your fear of selling your products in the market place or presenting your ideas in business meetings. It also enables you to resolve crises and provides you with support when you are afraid of making the wrong decisions. More importantly, it helps you overcome discouragement, so you can persevere through the long haul.

Red Tiger Eye for Chakra Healing and Balancing

One of the Red Tiger Eye healing properties involves the Root (or Base) Chakra. It provides support and strengthens your connection to the earth. It is also a stimulating stone that can sustain a more active sex drive. It grounds sexual ideas into the physical world and resolves sexual issues that cause problems in relationships. Furthermore, it has the power to send high energies to the lower half of your body.

The Root Chakra is the foundation of physical and spiritual energies in your body. Situated at the base of your spine, it controls the energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. When physically out of balance, you may experience lethargy, low enthusiasm, and a need for stimulation. Spiritually, you may feel disconnected to reality.

With the Red Tiger Eye, your physical body can regain its strength and stamina. Your spiritual energy is also rekindled, leading to independence and spontaneous leadership. Overall, the gemstone enhances balance within your energy field and allows you to open yourself to unconditional love.

Red Tiger Eye Zodiac Signs, and Numerology

The gemstone vibrates with the numbers 4 and 5. Numerology Number 4 shows equality on all sides, which creates stability and security. It is solid, organized, and enduring. It sees relationships seriously as it does work. With the help of the Red Tiger Eye, you can tap into the powers of the Number 4 and achieve prosperity and successful relationships.

On the other hand, Numerology Number 5 represents humanity. It is the number of highly sensual people who has a zest for life. It manifests as a deeply personal and potentially spiritual quest that lasts for a lifetime. Through the Red Tiger Eye gemstone, you can tap on the energy of the Number 5 and embrace some level of stability and change.

The Red Tiger Eye is also the crystal associated with the zodiac Capricorn. People under this sign can significantly benefit from the gem.

What Other Stones Work Well with Red Tiger Eye?

The Red Tiger Eye is a jewel that intensifies and enhances the energies of any quartz, crystal, or stone. It is a great way to amplify the stone’s effect on you. It is also a must to achieve balance and harmony in your life.

To enhance the stimulus to the Root Chakra and boost your motivation or sex drive, combine the Red Tiger Eye with:

  • Red Jasper – Red Jasper and other types of jasper blend their energies well with the Red Tiger Eye. Together, they can help you deal with your fears and raise the kundalini. They also sharpen your senses and assists your focus with details, keeping in mind your end goal. Furthermore, they remove negativity and shift your thinking in a positive way for a better outcome.
  • Carnelian– You can use Carnelian with Red Tiger Eye to assist with fertility. They are both symbols of vitality and sexuality. The Carnelian influences the reproductive organs while the Red Tiger Eye ground sexual ideas and resolve sexual issues. Together, they can boost your fertility energies. They can also keep your thoughts positive and increase your confidence during the fertilization process.

To enhance self-esteem, confidence, and feeling of self-worth combine Red Tiger Eye with:

  • Rose Quartz
    Known as the love stone, the Rose Quartz gives a sense of strong self-worth. It opens your heart to compassion and raises your self-esteem. Using it with Red Tiger Eye infuses you with brightness, confidence, and optimism. It relieves your lack of self-worth, so you can make decisions and take actions with confidence.
  • Malachite
    Malachite blocks negative entities, aids creativity, and enhances the development of your intuition. It also embodies the power of confidence, assisting you to take the right path to change your life. The stone’s energy blends well with the Red Tiger Eye gemstone. They draw out the negative energy and sharpen your senses to reach your dreams.
  • Bloodstone
    Bloodstone and Red Tiger Eye are intense healing stones used to cleanse the lower chakras. They are conducive to balancing your entire body to overcome anxiety and distress. They also assist you in facing hard realities and challenges with courage and nobility. Ultimately, they help you see the change and meet it with a renewed sense of vigor and resilience.

How to Use Your Red Tiger Eye Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

The Red Tiger Eye carries similar energy to the Tiger Eye but more stimulating. It can be your companion during your most difficult moments. It can serve as your counsel for wisdom and guidance. To harness its loving and stabilizing energies, keep the gem close to you. You can:

  • Hold a Red Tiger Eye stone while praying or meditating to aid you in your manifestations and desires.
  • Wear bracelets and rings that contain Red Tiger Eye gemstones to release fear and anxiety, deliver harmony and balance, and stimulate actions.
  • Hold a Red Tiger Eye tumble stone as you focus your intention during meditation to support motivation and enhance your confidence.
  • Hold a Red Tiger Eye tumble stone as you journal to enhance good luck and bring prosperity.
  • Hold Red Tiger Eye stone near the Root Chakras during meditation to speed up your metabolism and increase your sex drive.
  • Make a crystal grid using Red Tiger Eye along with the other crystals listed above, depending on what you are trying to manifest.

How to Clean Red Tiger Eye Stone?

To cleanse the gemstone, place in under the moonlight during a full moon. You can also move it through sage smoke or incense. Additionally, you can place it in rice or bury it in the earth overnight.

How is Red Tiger Eye Formed?

The Red Tiger Eye crystal has beautiful red and gold tones that shimmer like in band-like formation. It comes in flat and long shapes. Virtually, it is Limonite fibers embedded in Clear Quartz. It is formed when Quartz replaces Crocidolite, which gives the stone its chatoyancy or reflective “cat’s-eye” look. Then, the Cicrodolite decomposes, exposing and oxidizing Iron that turns into Limonite.

Early in the process, the stone is blue and often called Hawks Eye or Blue Tiger Eye. As the process continues, the blue is replaced by gold, thus the name Gold Tiger Eye. The Gold Tiger Eye is then heat-treated to turn into Red Tiger Eye. It does occur naturally, too, but it is extremely rare.

Where is Red Tiger Eye Mined?

The Red Tiger Eye gemstone is mined primarily in Western Australia and South Africa. Its primary deposit is located in metamorphic rock. You can find it directly under the soil; thus, it is mined in an open pit setting. Other sources of the crystal include Burma, India, Brazil, Canada, Namibia, Korea, Spain, China, and the United States.


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