Red Aventurine: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

red aventurine meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Red Aventurine Crystals

  1. Allows you to embrace sensuality and sexuality
  2. Unleashes creativity through art and communication
  3. Helps to let go of guilt and regret

What Is Red Aventurine Stone Good For?

Red Aventurine is an eye-appealing crystal with an entire range of colors varying from translucent to deep red. It is a variety of Quartz and is often found with hematite and mica inclusions.

Since there are a number of gemstones with similar color, be sure not to confuse Red Aventurine with them, especially Amazonite, Jade or Malachite when buying jewelry or the gemstone itself for healing purposes.

It is the existence of mica within the stone that gives it a shimmery appearance; this is known as ‘aventurescene’. The Red Aventurine meaning is all about creativity, wealth, positivity and feminine energy.

If you’re looking to buy this crystal, you should know that Red Aventurine benefits are numerous. It helps you ground your energy, fulfill anything that your heart desires, move on from regrets, become sensual and act in a way that makes everybody happy.   

What Are the Healing Properties of Red Aventurine?

Spiritual Healing Properties

If you’re struggling with achieving something difficult or facing multiple hurdles to reach the end goal, this is the stone for you. The Red Aventurine gemstone will help you relax as you meditate with it.

It also helps you let go of any guilt, especially if you sin sexually. You can make use of it if you are studying or practicing Tantra which will allow you to become at peace with your spiritual self.

Emotional Healing Properties

Because of its sensual abilities, the Red Aventurine gemstone can activate your heart’s desires. It will push you to achieve your goals as well as stay connected with family and friends by always being honest.

The stone is great for those of you with intense emotions. If you take things too seriously, this stone can help you become more relaxed and react more rationally to situations.

It also teaches you to be forgiving with yourself which will essentially increase self-love. All of this coupled together improves your emotional state of mind and helps you to grow once you are emotionally stable.

Mental Healing Properties

All of Red Aventurine healing properties are linked together. By instilling the belief that you can achieve anything you wish for, it will grow your self-confidence which allows you to deal with situations flexibly and strongly.

Want to lead projects? Become a CEO one day? This gemstone will improve your decision-making abilities greatly.

The left side of your brain is rational whereas the right side is creative and emotional. Red Aventurine is the right stone to help you balance the two because that’s the key to leading a satisfying life. 

Despite its feminine energy, it will also help you balance your masculine energy as well – bringing out whichever of the two is needed in a situation. 

Red Aventurine, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Red Aventurine is not a traditional birthstone. It is your natural birthstone if you were born between October 22-November 20 and is associated with the following astrological signs:

  • Virgo
    For all of you who were born at the end of summer, Red Aventurine is the stone of your zodiac sign. The star sign of Virgo is a virgin and it is the only sign which represents femininity and wisdom.

    If you’re a Virgo, you are likely to be someone who people in your life can rely upon. You’re also a rule follower who is straight forward, loyal to those who you love and build relationships based on trust.
  • Libra
    Red Aventurine is also a gemstone of Libras (September 23 – October 22). Libra’s star sign is a balance beam – the only sign with an object.

    If you or anyone you know is a Libra, they are likely to be creative, sensitive (which is something the stone can help you balance), empathetic towards others, humble and determined about things they want in life. 

Red Aventurine and The Elements

Due to both its color and properties, Red Aventurine is associated with the fire element. This is known as the active element with a very controversial meaning.

Fire can be used to create things like food but it can also be used to destroy, for example, burning down a building. This makes it an extremely strong element, but if used right, you can use it to express yourself creatively through art and communicate with others energetically.

Fire has a cleansing and healing energy that flows through your body when you use stones of fire. This energy is translated into emotions which increases the ability to be passionate and strengthens our desire to achieve goals.

However, fire is equally dangerous. It can also end up making you feel low, harm your own self, suffer from insomnia and anxiety, lose communication with others, fear speaking up, feel powerless, become weak and even physically harm your body by making you suffer from a cold, lethargy and weak digestion.

Thus, it is very important to use stones like Red Aventurine that harness the positive energy of fire. Constant meditation with the gemstone will enhance your creativity and balance your hormones to cleanse your body.

Red Aventurine for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Red Aventurine is one of the best stones to use for aligning your Root Chakra (aka Base Chakra), which is located at the end of your spine.

By placing Red Aventurine near your Base Chakra, you will allow it to cleanse your body spiritually and physically. This is also great if you want to reverse any negative symptoms of the stone’s energy such as weakness, insomnia or anxiety.

Here’s how the process goes: when you place the gemstone near your root chakra, it vibrates positive energies that will activate it and rid you of any negative symptoms.

Doing this frequently will ensure you only see positive emotions associated with the stone such as the will to lead, honesty and effective communication.

Red Aventurine to Embrace Sexuality and Sensuality

Red Aventurine’s properties drive passion and desire, but to fully benefit from it, you should place it in your room. Wear Red Aventurine jewelry or clothes near its chakras and meditate with it frequently to embrace its sexual and sensual properties. 

You can also combine it with the following love and passion crystals for a better result:

How to Harness Red Aventurine’s Healing Properties

Take a look at some of the most effective ways to maximize Red Aventurine healing properties:

  • Wear bracelets, rings, necklaces and other jewelry that contains Red Aventurine gemstones to enhance fire energy
  • Meditate with Red Aventurine on the Root Chakra
  • Place Red Aventurine around the bedroom to increase passion with your significant other

Other Popular Aventurine Crystals

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is considered the most popular variety of this gemstone. It is also known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’ and is associated with good luck and fortune in terms of abundance, wealth and favor in games of chance (gambling).

Green Aventurine has a number of healing properties. If you suffer from any heart disease or illness, this stone will provide you with the energy to recover and make your heart stronger.

Other physical healing properties include improved eyesight and fertility, healing the lungs and nervous system, soothing skin allergies and relieving migraines.  

Green Aventurine also emotionally heals the body by ridding a person of nervousness, anxiety, stress, anger and irritability. 

Yellow Aventurine

Yellow Aventurine is another popular quartz crystal. It is focused on increasing the user’s compassion and understanding through its ‘golden light’ which comes from its yellow color.

Yellow Aventurine is associated with the Sacral chakra (located on the lower abdomen). By aligning this chakra, it helps us to better deal with grief and sorrow.

The second Chakra that it is associated with is the Solar Plexus chakra (located on the upper abdomen). By meditating with it near this chakra, you will be able to balance your emotions and sensitivity as well as find yourself making faster and better decisions.

Similar to the Red Aventurine gemstone, this gemstone also helps you freely express your creativity and unleash your potential by experimenting through different forms of communication.  


So this sums up everything there is to know about the Aventurine crystals. Each variety has different properties and since every person has unique needs, its best to see which crystal meets your needs best and purchase it.

If you want to use it for healing purposes and meditation, research the proper and detailed ways to effectively make use out of the gemstone; it’s a great investment that you can benefit from.


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