Rainbow Obsidian: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

rainbow obsidian meaning healing properties

Often times, we don’t realize that we have underlying issues that are preventing us from developing and achieving the best of our abilities. The Rainbow Obsidian is the perfect stone for that. The Rainbow Obsidian’s meaning directly connects with its ability to draw out both our strengths and weaknesses. If you feel that you need help with your own personal growth, then a Rainbow Obsidian might just be for you.

What is Rainbow Obsidian Stone Good For?

A mysterious black stone that shines with all the colors of the sky, Rainbow Obsidian carries with it enigmatic abilities that matches its color. Normally, the stone looks just looks like a sparkly and glossy black stone but when shone under the sun, it radiates all its hidden colors. Streaks of gold, green, purple, and red can be seen.

This stone is known as a ‘mirror stone’ in a variety of ways. It reflects inner thoughts, insecurities, and darkest secrets. Also called the Heaven’s Eye, Rainbow Obsidian can even show you your past and future. The main purpose of this stone is to reveal truths, both good and bad, in the most straightforward way possible. It hides nothing from no one and is known to be blunt.

In addition to being a mirror stone, it is a deep healing stone. Because of its direct nature, the stone has been used extensively by shamans. It reveals the cause behind insecurities and disease to encourage healing and growth. This is why it’s great for therapists and counselors

The use of the Rainbow Obsidian can be traced as far back as the Old Stone Age, where it was used in daily rituals. In the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican, it was mounted into swords and daggers.

What Are the Healing Properties of Rainbow Obsidian?


Rainbow Obsidian is a window to the soul, and it draws you closer to your inner Self. It deeply cleanses the soul and aids in healing. This stone shows you what you need to fix to advance and grow in life. While helping you recover from past traumas, the Rainbow Obsidian also blocks other negative energies and harmful intentions from disturbing you.

Another essential trait of this stone is that it aids you in your spiritual journey to self-discovery. True to its meaning, it helps you find faults and insecurities that you need to address in order to grow. Going deep within the darker parts of your psyche and draws it to the Light is how one could describe it.

Wearing this stone also keeps you protected from the negative energies of other people.


If you ever feel lost or defeated, the Rainbow Obsidian can help you get back on the right track. What this stone does is makes you face your darker side, which is often the root cause of your woes, and gives you the courage to overcome them. Destructive thoughts caused by verbal and physical abuse are eased when in the presence of this stone.

Rainbow Obsidian can also release you from previous attachments such as trauma and grief that cause destructive behavior. True to its name, it will help you grow and improve emotionally, so you can use it to reduce or cure your eating disorders, aggressive behavior, and addictions. Instead, you will find gratitude and joy in life with the help of a Rainbow Obsidian.

Another way Rainbow Obsidian helps you emotionally is by easing your fears. It takes the brunt of the shock of fear, so it won’t have as much of an effect on you.


This stone is an all-around stone for healing. Rainbow Obsidian targets the cause of illnesses and is particularly good at targeting symptoms. Rainbow Obsidian is known to relieve all underlying stresses, tensions, and blockages. This is great for muscle pain and joint pain.

Similar to its meaning, this stone is also great for detoxification and improving your overall circulation.

Rainbow Obsidian, Zodiac Signs, and Birthstone

Rainbow Obsidian is all about finding the beauty in life, exactly how a Libra is like. This sign is famous for their association with love, joy, and beauty. It is for this reason why Libras can benefit from this mysterious yet colorful stone.

The Rainbow Obsidian shows both all things hidden, and it includes the beauty in ourselves that we often don’t realize. Your inner beauty and talents will shine, and seeing them into the light can further improve the mood of the Libra. It also helps them release unloving thoughts. The joy and positivity associated with Rainbow Obsidian pairs well with the nature of a Libra, but any zodiac signs looking to repair self-limiting beliefs from past traumas and welcome in positivity and light can truly benefit from a Rainbow Obsidian.

Rainbow Obsidian and The Elements

Because of its wide variety of color, Rainbow Obsidian connects with all four elements. Crystals have an affinity with the elements, and they often reflect the abilities associated with these elements. Often times, you can tell which stone is associated with which element by its color, but looking at the meaning behind them will also give you an idea.

Despite Rainbow Obsidian’s connection with all four elements, Earth and Water is what its energy is the most closest with.

The Earth element is grounding and firm. It brings balance, consistency, and strength (both physical and mental. It helps you stabilize your energy and ease your mental health. This element is also known to bring wealth, success, and fertility – all of which ties in with abundance. Rainbow Obsidian plays a role in helping you manifest abundance in health, wealth, happiness, and even love. Continue reading to find out which other stones you can pair with a Rainbow Obsidian for each intention.

Water is all about healing cleansing. Its main qualities are its ability to wash away negative thoughts and emotions. Calmness and relaxation usually follow after. In addition, water stones also bring love and friendship. Similar to the Rainbow Obsidian’s ability to bring self-love, water elements help you find inner peace.

Rainbow Obsidian and Numerology:

The numerical vibration of the Rainbow Obsidian is one. As you may know, not all crystals and gemstones were made equal. Some resonate a stronger vibration than others, and these are measured by numerical vibrations. Numbers are assigned to represent their frequency.

For this precious stone, it is assigned with the number one, which is all about ambition and independence. With this frequency, one can expect growth and new beginnings to come their way. This vibration will help you achieve this by instilling traits that are conducive for development. That includes a positive attitude and initiative. You might find yourself getting sudden bursts of inspiration or the urge to take action in your life.

However, just like all things, there is a bad side to things done in excess. The negative side of the number One is that you can become aggressive and arrogant. Imagine a person so obsessed with winning and achieving their destiny that they disregard other people. Other negative qualities of this number include single-mindedness and being weak-willed.

Rainbow Obsidian for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Generally, you can use the Rainbow Obsidian for all your chakras, but it’s used best with the Root and Heart Chakra.

At its core, this stone is great for keeping you grounded, which explains its strong connection with the Root Chakra. This chakra strengthens your relation to the Earth and is responsible for kinesthetic energy. When balanced, one experiences peace and accomplishment. This chakra is also related to our basic necessities, similar to its meaning of being the foundation of your life. That means you can achieve safety and stability in life.

When out of balance, this chakra gives you anxiety and lower back pain. The fear you experience is the kind you get when you’re struggling to survive. On the other end of the spectrum, it can make you spacey and distracted. Rainbow Obsidian helps with bringing you back to reality.

Rainbow Obsidian is also highly benefiting to the Heart Chakra. As you may have guessed, this chakra is responsible for love and kindness. It’s not just love for others but for yourself, too. Since the Rainbow Obsidian has a way of drawing out our inner flaws and strengths, you get a deeper kind of love that is unbiased and accepting of both the good and bad parts of yourself.

A balanced Heart Chakra lets you be compassionate and kind no matter how harsh the situation. You can love both yourself and others unconditionally. However, when overactive, it can cause you to care too much about other people’s needs at the expense of your own. When under-active, the result is being guarded and having difficulty connecting with others.

Rainbow Obsidian for Building Wealth and Prosperity

Rainbow Obsidian helps get rid of bad habits– even those we never knew we had– to give us a chance to create better ones. This is just one way that this gemstone brings you wealth and prosperity. Negative thoughts and practices are what hinder us from achieving our dreams, that’s why flushing them out and making way for positive things is the way to success. Abundance cannot be manifested into reality with a negative mindset.

Aside from that, it can give you a mindset that is accepting of new and innovative ideas. Once you open your mind, opportunities are sure to come your way. This makes Rainbow Obsidian perfect for budding entrepreneurs!

What Crystals to Combined with Rainbow Obsidian for Wealth and Abundance

If your goal is wealth and improving your finances, pair the Rainbow Obsidian with these crystals:


Boost your creativity and vitality with this stone as it initiates abundance manifestation. Carnelian is great for daydreamers and people who often have no direction or focus in life. Carnelian, alongside a Rainbow Obsidian, will put you in a mindset that’s conducive for success and prosperity.


Known as the Fool’s Gold, Pyrite gives you the drive and determination to take action as well as stimulate the flow of ideas. You can use this stone to clear your head and focus on the tasks and goals you have in mind. This is how a Pyrite brings wealth to whoever has it. Being a stone with Fire energy, the ability to generate wealth with this stone comes from one’s own power.

Tiger’s Eye

Another stone that brings prosperity is the Tiger’s Eye. It has properties that enhance one’s focus, concentration, and leadership abilities. Aside from that, it also prevents people from overspending, which further help with abundance manifestation.


The Stone of Transformation, as the name implies, is all about renewal and change. If you ever find yourself stuck in life, this stone can help give you purpose, direction, and help you pave your own path to a new life. Soothe your fears of change and uncertainty with a Malachite so that you may take a leap of faith and get out of your own way.

Rainbow Obsidian to Heal a Broken Heart

Because this stone has the power to draw out your inner negativity, it can also unearth grief and emotional trauma that you haven’t fully recovered from yet. Though it may be painful, bringing these out to light will better help you address and overcome them. You can also use this stone to heal from abusive or broken relationships. It targets all these to help you move on and see the joy and beauty in the world again.

What Crystals to Combined with Rainbow Obsidian to Heal a Broken Heart

If your primary intention is recovery from heartbreak, these stones are perfect pairings with Rainbow Obsidian:

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz crystal is famously known as a stone of love and compassion. Not only does it help attract love from others, it also helps you love yourself. It has a warm and soothing energy that will help you overcome heartbreak. Paired with the Rainbow Obsidian, they can also help you get rid of insecurities that you developed from your break up.


During heartbreak, people have the tendency to hate and blame themselves. The Rhodochrosite stone will repair your self-worth and get rid of stress associated with heartbreak. Coupled with a Rainbow Obsidian, you can go deeper within yourself and discover other damages to your spirit.


If you’re having a hard time moving on, combining the Chrysoprase stone with Rainbow Obsidian is the perfect solution. It has properties specifically designed for acceptance and self-growth. You can use it to break away from negative ties and attachments that are not beneficial to you. Chrysoprase is known to be a great companion in times of loss as it brings new hope as well.


Sometimes it’s hard to heal when there are other challenges in life that are getting in the way, the Rhodonite crystal will protect you from the influence of outside forces, so you have time to recover yourself. It can ease long-term pain and self-destructive habits like codependency. When you start to become more independent, you start to stand up against heartbreak.


It’s hard not to feel victimized or attacked when experiencing heartbreak, but those kinds of feelings are not helpful. Bring back your determination and inner strength with the Amazonite stone. It can encourage you to take charge of your own life and solve problems in life for self-empowerment. Amazonite stimulates both the Throat and Heart Chakras and helps enhance love and communication with your partner, but also with your higher self.

How to Use Your Rainbow Obsidian Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Rainbow Obsidian is a highly flexible stone. Its many different uses make it a great accessory for both your mediation and everyday clothing. Here are all the creative ways you can use it.

  • Hold a Rainbow Obsidian while praying or meditating.
  • Wear Rainbow Obsidian Jewelry. If you want it to stimulate your Root or Heart Chakras, then get bracelets or necklaces.
  • Hold a Rainbow Obsidian tumbled stone to regain physical, mental, or spiritual energy.
  • Use Rainbow Obsidian mala beads during prayer for spiritual healing.
  • Use a Rainbow Obsidian stone for any blockages in your body.

Other Obsidian Stones and Their Properties

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian looks similar to the Rainbow Obsidian, minus the different hues. Because of its dark color, this stone has powerful cleansing and psychic properties. Black Obsidian is used to break from negative bonds. Read more…

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is a black stone with little snowflake-like white patterns sprinkled throughout the stone, Snowflake Obsidian is about calmness and purity. It balances your mind, body, and soul in the midst of chaos. This stone also makes you identify underlying patterns of negative thoughts, self-victimization, self-loathing, and emotional stress. Read more…

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is a combination of black and a brownish red color, which comes from Hematite and Magnetite. It is known as a “Stone of Closure” as it helps you end harmful attachments. Mahogany Obsidian also has properties that help you recognize underlying cycles of abuse that prevent you from empowering yourself. Read more…


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