Pink Tourmaline: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

pink tourmaline meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Pink Tourmaline Crystals

The Pink Tourmaline relay love, joy, and happiness. The crystal has the energy rays of commitment, caring, and fortitude as well. But, the top three benefits of the crystal are:

  1. Joy and happiness — promotes optimism, increases vitality, and brings back your passion for life:
  2. Healing — balances the mind and body, attracts good luck, and repairs damage from prior encounters
  3. Meditation — helps solve problems, urges independence, and promotes creativity

The Pink Tourmaline, ranging from light pink to hot pink, has become a favorite in jewelry design and crystal healing. Its value varies based on cut, color, clarity, and size. A beautiful saturated or brighter stone over 5 carats is especially valuable. Since no Tourmaline exactly resembles another one, the gemstone perfectly suits individuals. It is easy to maintain, too. Simply separate each piece with a soft cloth to prevent scratches, keep away from high heat, and bring to the jeweler at least twice a year for cleaning and inspection.

When it comes to setting your dreams, the crystal is incredibly beneficial. The Pink Tourmaline meaning revolves around restoring one’s sense of wholeness. It works on the emotional level, cleansing your body of negative feelings and healing deep-rooted wounds that accumulated over a period of time. It also relieves depression and anxiety. Other Pink Tourmaline benefits support mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

What Is Pink Tourmaline Stone Good For?

The Pink Tourmaline assists in love and relationships, money and business, and other aspects of self as a whole. It is the best gemstone for emotional support, calming feelings of resentment, and anger. It also improves your caring and loving abilities to find new love, build relationships, and overcome heartaches. Furthermore, the stone reflects passion, energy, and life. It creates self-confidence from fearlessness and motivates you to risk your heart on new ventures.

The Pink Tourmaline gemstone vibrates with the heart. It gives energy to your heart to make you feel more positive and fill your life with happiness. It is an “Electric Stone” that does not only conduct frequencies but also increases your vitality. It brings your heart and mind to the right condition, motivates you, and relieves your stress. Moreover, the stone helps you recover your zest for life and have the courage to love.

The crystal’s healing properties help balance the mind and body. It harmonizes your ability to be yourself and helps you build relationships. It also brings good luck and fortune. You may wear it to bring positivity and happiness in your life. Additionally, Pink Tourmaline is effective for healing. It repairs damage from prior encounters by allowing you to forgive the past and move forward in your life. It assists in releasing past abuse and harmful attachments.

Finally, the Pink Tourmaline stone infuses love to your emotional body. It digs old emotional patterns and helps resolve them to promote spiritual growth. The crystal also keeps you secure and independent. It protects you from harmful external energies, including negative thoughts and emotions from other people. Moreover, it reinforces creativity by bringing mental cognizance and enhancing your intellectual questioning.

What Are the Healing Properties of Pink Tourmaline?

The Pink Tourmaline healing properties impact your spiritual, mental, and emotional health. It dispels negative thoughts, brings suitable fortune, and stimulates innovative competencies. It also restores your bodily and psychological functions by regulating the heart chakra.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The stone makes you more receptive to the wisdom of the Spirit and healing energies. It assists in achieving awareness and understanding. When we are more aware of the spiritual realm, we can develop trust and peace in the physical world. It also channels high-powered electrical energy that promotes healing by effectively clearing blockages in your aura and removing negative energy. Furthermore, the Pink Tourmaline rebalances your physical body, gives nurturing love, and harmonizes your ethereal body.

Emotional Healing Properties

The Pink Tourmaline gemstone cleanses the emotional body of old wounds and destructive feelings. It releases your guilt and worries and converts them into self-love. It also helps you recover your passion in life and gives you the courage to change old habits. Additionally, the crystal stimulates joy, peace, and relaxation and rids your deepest emotional pain to protect you from disharmonies.

Mental Healing Properties

The crystal’s vibration encourages a joyful frame of mind and helps you overcome sorrow and misery. It also stimulates the crown chakra and merges its energy to that of the heart and thymus chakras. Moreover, Pink Tourmaline encourages a new way of thinking and enhances your creativity. It balances and calms your energies to help with insomnia, relieve your stress, and aids you in understanding yourself and others.

Pink Tourmaline, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

The Pink Tourmaline crystal influences the zodiac sign Libra. Libras are peaceful, fair, and cooperative. For them, partnership and connection are especially important as they fear to be alone. They also desire balance and equality and are in constant pursuit of justice. Moreover, they have a strong will and are sensitive and artistic.

Libras may use Pink Tourmaline jewelry to bring true happiness to their lives and relationships. The mineral gives the balancing ability to be yourself and makes you more caring and loving, not only towards others but towards yourself as well. As a stone of love, compassion, and emotional healing, it also helps calm your emotions and relieves anxiety. Furthermore, the crystal helps resolve conflicts by putting your consciousness into a state of bliss.

Pink Tourmaline and Planetary Connection

Connected with the energies of Venus, the gemstone reflects the light of the heart and love. Venus endorses love, desire, and relationships. It is excellent for matters involving the heart. It also rules over the things you consider beautiful, such as good food, arts, and comfort. Additionally, it represents self-esteem and money. Pink Tourmaline helps you receive and experience harmony, wealth, and appreciation so that you can give love or share affection with others.

Venus rules over Libra and reveals its yang or masculine attributes. It shows in the fashion sense, aesthetic preferences, and material splurges. It also governs how you socialize, love the ones you adore, and share your possessions. Overall, Venus strives for harmony, and the Pink Tourmaline gemstone provides an optimal balance of your whole self.

Pink Tourmaline and The Elements

The Pink Tourmaline resonates with the water element. As the basis of life, water has cleansing and healing properties that help you forgive the past and move forward with the future. It receives nourishment from metal to give you strength. It also helps balance you by bringing love to yourself and others. Moreover, the element purifies your heart and induces peace to conflict resolution.

Water uses the Pink Tourmaline to expand universal love. The crystal pulls its strength from the element to forge relationships. It helps you make new friends and make peace with other people. It also induces healing. Furthermore, it increases your intuition to aid in solving problems and repairing damage from negative circumstances from your past.

Pink Tourmaline and Numerology

The crystal resonates with the number 9, which represents universal love, spiritual enlightenment, self-love, intuition, creativity, optimism, and Divine wisdom. Nines have one of the most charming personalities. They prefer diplomacy and tend to look for answers within and beyond the mundane world. Considered as the humanitarian, they also have the propensity for charity, compassion, and service. Moreover, they possess natural leadership skills.

Pink Tourmaline for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Pink Tourmaline influences the Heart Chakra, which is the source of love and compassion. High in lithium, it helps eliminate mood and emotional problems, ushering in joy, happiness, and zest into your life. It also enables you to release your deepest fears and enhance loving relationships. Overall, the gem encourages love energy to bring a new approach to your life.

Other Popular Tourmaline Crystals

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is an elongated lithium-rich crystalline of the Tourmaline family. It comes in green, olive green, or Venusian green and has a hardness of 7–7.5 Mohs. It provides you a heightened sense of awareness and encourages you to follow your heart. Additionally, it gives you tunnel vision to continue pushing forward.

Similar to the Pink Tourmaline, it warms the heart and helps you tap into your emotional body. It also enables you to understand your past so that you can move on with your life. Moreover, it calms you so you will be able to find solutions for your emotional problems.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a black crystalline with a 7–8 Mohs hardness. It is one of the most popular stones for spiritual practice and protection. It also performs a purification, cleansing your auric field and clearing all negativity. Furthermore, the gem has positive effects on the body, such as strengthening your immune system and detoxifying your body.

Like the Pink Tourmaline, it is an excellent fashion stone that promotes balance. It relieves your anxiety and unwanted thoughts and encourages creativity and emotional understanding.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline is a type of Tourmaline with a pink center and green perimeter, resembling a watermelon. Exposed to lithium and manganese, it is thicker than other kinds but softer at 5–7 Mohs. Its healing properties also benefit the heart. The stone calms and soothes your emotions and helps you access the deepest parts of your heart to heal your emotional pain. Overall, it is an excellent crystal to combat depression and anxiety and offer light, love, and rejuvenation for a more joyous and adventurous life ahead.


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