Peridot: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

peridot meaning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Peridot

  • The attraction of abundance and luck
  • Personal transformation and growth
  • Helps to overcome depression and anxiety

What Is Peridot Stone Good For?

Strikingly beautiful, the Peridot gemstone symbolizes late summer and early fall season with its olive shades. The Peridot meaning lies in its gentle healing nature and reinvigorating tendencies. This peace-inspiring stone induces a warm radiance, clarity, and enlightenment within your soul.

Top Peridot benefits include stimulation of the mind, the heart, and the spirit. As a potent protective talisman, the Peridot gemstone is excellent to use against the evils of the darkness. It is used to maneuver fears, alleviate stress, and fight depression.

One of the essential Peridot properties is its durable abundance-manifesting nature. In this department, the Peridot crystal brings luck, wealth, and health. Furthermore, the Peridot stone is widely used for learning to take responsibility, gain independence, and increasing intellect.

What Are the Healing Properties of Peridot?

Peridot healing properties are remarkably diverse. It invokes spiritual, emotional, and mental healing. Let’s go through them individually:

  • Spiritual
    Known as the “Stone of Transformation”, Peridot facilitates growth, maturity, and transformations throughout your life. It enhances awareness and initiates spiritual awakening. The Peridot crystal lets you reach out to your innermost self and helps you with forming your identity.

    Besides this, Peridot is an effective shield against negative energy and malicious aura. It continuously removes the darkness from your energy fields and ensures that your optimism remains intact.
  • Emotional
    The stunning Peridot stone’s emotional healing runs deep and impacts significant issues you might be facing. Firstly, this crystal supports and encourages forgiveness. You may not realize it, but several of your problems are rooted in grudges and spite. Therefore, the Peridot crystal directly targets the unresolved issues you keep stacking on top of each other.

    Secondly, the Peridot crystal reinvigorates your ability to love. With the feeling of resentment and bitterness gone, love takes over quickly. Consequently, you live life with an open heart and attract positive, happy things.

    Lastly, Peridot is a fantastic tool to tackle psychological disorders like depression, melancholy, bipolar disorder, and mood swings. Moreover, it is used to alleviate anxiety and stress.

    Overall, we can say that Peridot proves to be an impeccable partner for you if your aim is emotional healing. It urges you to be contented with your life, to find happiness in little details, and to look for a silver lining in stressful situations.
  • Mental
    When you face obstructions in your thought process or when you feel out of control, summon the powers of the mighty Peridot crystal. How will it mentally heal you?

    The Peridot crystal gives you clarity and infuses your mind with tranquility. Then it gives you a confidence boost and increases your decision making powers. In this way, it leads you to regain control of your life.

    With this crystal, you find the courage to pursue your life-long dreams. Also, you are no longer hindered by fears of rejection. Peridot revises your whole mindset in the light of optimism and releases meaningless worries and stresses.

    Indeed, you achieve the independence to steer your life in the direction you want. So basically, this crystal gives you the tools to become a charismatic, strong-willed person who leaves everyone impressed!

Peridot: Zodiac Signs and Birthstone

The powerful Peridot crystal stone is all-inclusive when it comes to its benefits. Still, there are a few specific zodiac signs that are special in this regard. These are Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Let’s talk about Virgo first. What is the first thing you know about Virgos? Probably their organized and prudent minds! Well, Virgos are brilliant, and they are excellent at compartmentalizing different stuff going on in their lives.

However, as mind-blowing as they are, Virgos are also highly prone to evil. Please do not be alarmed! It only means that feelings of hatred, resentment, and jealousy can form inside Virgos’ hearts quite swiftly.

But with the Peridot crystal stone, Virgos can quickly get a handle on these emotions and sort them out. As we know that Peridot is excellent with purposes of warding off malicious feelings, Virgos need to add this purifying crystal to their gem collection ASAP!

Now, let’s talk about Leos. The lion kings of the Zodiac! We all know Leos are famous for their bravery and passion. Similarly, they are also notorious for the angry beast inside them. You would know what we are talking about if you know a Leo or if you are a Leo yourself!

So what does the Peridot stone do for Leos? Well, mainly, this protective crystal stone guards the spirits of Leos on their passionate, craze-filled ventures. It protects them from significant harm and disappointments. Secondly, the Peridot crystal stone also keeps the angry beast in check.

Next, we have the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Known as the most “intense” zodiac sign, Scorpios are dominating, assertive, passionate, and territorial. Another striking thing about Scorpios is their strong predisposition to negative emotions like jealousy, resentment, and over-possessiveness.

As one of the main characteristics of the Peridot crystal is releasing the dark energies from within, it works like a charm for Scorpios. These traits can become super toxic, and external help is required sometimes to control them. We say Scorpios should invest in the beautiful Peridot crystal!

Lastly, we have the smart and noble Sagittarius. This zodiac sign is known for its profoundly caring nature as well as their honesty. These people are level headed and wise. So, naturally, the Peridot crystal complements this characteristic of the Sagittarius people.

This crystal births a new radiance in Sags, which brings out their personality in a refreshed glow. Also, Peridot sharpens their minds and allows them better chances at growth and maturity. With the help of the Peridot crystal stone, Sagittarius people find clarity and ease in their spiritual journeys as well. Consequently, they can realize their destiny and achieve their life’s purpose.

Peridot Birthstone

The olive-colored Peridot crystal is said to be the birthstone for the people born in August. It is because the color signifies late summer, embracing the fall, and this seasonal change takes place around August every year.

Peridot and Planetary Connection

Astrology influences every aspect of our life, whether we choose to believe in it or not. All the celestial bodies have particular energies, and they govern specific domains of our lives. And trust us, it gets more fascinating the more you learn about it!

If we talk about gemstones, astrology has a high hand in this regard as well. How is that so?

Well, all crystals and gemstones are linked with energies of specific astral bodies. In such a way, these energies are represented in the crystals and manifested by the wearer. You can say, the crystals act as proficient little ambassadors of those astral bodies.

Now, let’s come back to the beautiful Peridot crystal. Do you know which divine bodies from the galaxy the Peridot crystal is linked with?

The answer to that is Venus, Earth, and Sun.

Venus is the second planet in the solar system, and it is named after a female goddess. Naturally, it occupies stark feminine traits and governs related aspects of our life. First and foremost, the domain of love is ruled by the planet of Venus.

If we get further into that, the planet of Venus influences how we act in our love life and the decisions we make regarding that. So when you fight with your loved ones, when you go through a breakup, when you start your love journey with someone new, when you are so in love, you cannot keep your feet on the ground; Venus is watching over you.

Apart from love, the planet of Venus also governs romance, beauty, passion, pleasure, etc. Moreover, Venus is also said to influence your emotional spectrum to some extent.

Next, we have the mighty Sun. Focus on the position of the Sun in the solar system. It is right in the center of everything else, right? In the same way, the Sun controls the crux of your personality. It means that the essence of your personality is essentially linked with the energies of the Sun.

The Sun takes over the domains related to your “self” and your ego. Similarly, how you identify and perceive yourself is also controlled by this giant ball of fire. However, this powerful star is not only good for that. It is the primary source of courage, strength, and power for you.

Self-expression is also one of the areas significantly affected by the Sun.

Now, let’s talk about Mother Earth. Astrology enthusiasts often omit this life-supporting planet from their horoscopes and readings because we live on it. And that somehow cancels out its energies. But let us learn what exactly the planet Earth stands for!

For starters, the Earth is strongly linked with your inner identity. Mainly, your deep needs and desires are fronted by the planet Earth. It helps us achieve greater awareness and wisdom, which might turn your whole life around. Nonetheless, this planet also keeps you impressively grounded and sane.

Peridot and the Elements

We know there are four fundamental elements in the world: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. And then there is the fifth element Akasha (sometimes referred to as Storm or Ether) which binds all the other together.

But how are gemstones related to these elements? The answer is simple: Elements energize the things they are associated with, with their properties. Similarly, gemstones are also linked with different features and exhibit these properties in their characteristics.

The element associated with the Peridot crystal stone is Earth. As Earth is an element essential to our body, it is incredibly significant. Principally, the Earth element is a master of abundance, growth, and wisdom.

Due to the presence of the Earth element, the Peridot crystal helps stabilize your energies and charge up the energy fields. Besides, the Earth element gets you grounded like nothing else! It is a protector at heart and aids your growth in a protective shield. Moreover, this element infuses calmness into your spirit.

If we talk specifically about attracting abundance, the element of Earth is efficient at it. Mostly, the Earth element welcomes an abundance of prosperity, success, and wealth. Also, it is known to increase fertility.

Peridot and Numerology

Every gemstone has a numerical vibration number. But do you know what exactly it is? And what does it stand for? Let us inform you:

Energy vibrates at the core of everything at specific frequencies. These frequencies depend upon different factors like shape, size, texture, and color, etc. of the matter. And this frequency is known as the vibration number.

The vibration numbers hold divine meanings in numerology. So, gemstones with different vibration numbers are impacted by the divinity behind these numbers. Resultantly, it is exhibited in their properties.

The numerical vibration of the Peridot crystal stone is 6. The number 6 has a profound gravity in its meaning, and Peridot represents it.

The number 6 has the bulk of its essence in love, harmony, integrity, and humanitarianism. Moreover, the vibrations of this number resonate with the energies of responsibility, stability, emotional maturity, and nurturing.

Domesticity is another essential factor affected by number 6. As you move towards stability in your life, you allow peace and serenity to fill up the space invaded by havoc. In this way, the number 6 leads you towards a happier, stress-free life.

The meaning of the number 6 also involves helping you build strong relationships and friendships. It feeds you with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Peridot for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The lovely Peridot crystal is spectacular for chakra balancing.

The two chakras Peridot aligns are the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

We will discuss them individually here for you to get a better understanding of how it works:

  • Heart Chakra
    The Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest. When you feel that your emotions are scattered and out of place, your Heart Chakra is unaligned. It most likely pushes you to dissociate from real life and friends around you.

    The Peridot crystal will align your Heart Chakra. In turn, that introduces a fresh surge of love, compassion, and pleasure. Also, it releases obstructions in your emotional understanding of the world. Mending broken relationships and beginning new ones, both are much easier after you balance this chakra.

    Aligning the Heart Chakra through the Peridot crystal tremendously facilitates your transformation and growth. Moreover, it expands your spiritual understanding and helps you reach your inner truths.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
    The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the upper abdomen, where your diaphragm resets. This chakra is chiefly related to the “self”. It is deeply connected to personal identity, self-discipline, and will power.

    When the Solar Plexus Chakra is unbalanced, you feel a massive lack of confidence. Sometimes, you may also face an identity crisis and confusion about self-worth.

    The stunning Peridot crystal will save you from this crisis! Use it to align your Solar Plexus Chakra and gain control over yourself and your life. The alignment of this chakra boosts your intellect and mental abilities.

    Contrary to your previous indecisiveness, it also helps you make better and smarter decisions with ease. Similarly, you can form your own strong beliefs and opinions. Gradually, you start developing a sense of independence and freedom with a much more confident front.

Peridot for Wealth, Luck and Prosperity

Famous for its charms with wealth-attraction, Peridot is genuinely one of the best if your intention is manifesting abundance. You must be wondering how a stone brings money? It can’t be that easy, right?

Truthfully, money does not just fall into your hands without any effort. So this wealth stone adopts a different method to fulfill this purpose. The target is shaping your mindset into one that complements and attracts success.

This means, Peridot injects a refreshed clarity into your mind and removes the hindrances of your creation from your head. Simultaneously, it forces you to practice grooming a positive mindset. This is because abundance cannot be manifested in a hopeless and negative mind.

Furthermore, Peridot makes you stay focused, grounded, and practical. In this way, you welcome success and luck in your life.

Stones to Combine with Peridot to Attract Financial Abundance

Here are some other money-attracting stones you can pair with Peridot for this purpose:


Known as “Fool’s Gold”, Pyrite is a wondrous wealth-attracting gemstone. Pyrite ignites the courage you need in your career and energizes your mentality. It has great talismanic properties and is an amazing luck stone.

Green Aventurine

It is called the “Stone of Opportunity”. The Green Aventurine stone is known to reinforce the aspects of responsibility and sensibility in your personality when it comes to spending money. It helps you preserve the wealth you earned and investing it smartly when the opportunity arises


Carnelian is famed for manifesting an abundance of luck, wealth, health, and love. The Carnelian stone is known to boost confidence and power of expression.


Citrine is the “Lucky Merchant’s Stone”. It reveals wonderful opportunities for you to expand your business or build your career. Moreover, it helps you safeguard your wealth.

Peridot to Heal from Depression

We all know that depression can be a deadly disease. It sucks out your life piece by piece until you can no longer recognize yourself. However, fighting this mental illness is a difficult task to do, but it is not impossible. The Peridot crystal offers immense help in your battle with depression.

Peridot is a strongly calming crystal at its core. You can feel a rush of peace flow through your body with a single touch. As it is a spiritually, mentally, and emotionally protective crystal, Peridot deflects negativity continuously. It lifts you out of bleakness and hopelessness towards the joys of life.

Stones to Combine with Peridot to Overcome Depression

Here are some other healing crystals you can pair with Peridot that are especially helpful with battling depression:

Rose Quartz

Stone of Universal Love” stimulates all the healing energies present in your surroundings. Thoroughly healing through your emotional traumas, Rose Quartz opens your heart for self-love. It helps you retain your self-worth and teaches you how to care for yourself.


Citrine is often referred to as the “Happy Stone” as it claims happiness and luck from the divine realms for you. It helps you fight off negative feelings and bitter moods. Furthermore, Citrine imbues a peaceful warmth inside your spirit.

Ocean Jasper

This high-frequency stone is a stone of joy as it brightens your mood and leaves you feeling light-hearted and sparkling. It breaks the chain of your dark tendencies and gloomy thoughts.


As understood by the name, this stone is among the joy stones as it heaves the warmth and passion of the sun. The Sunstone lets you strengthen your willpower. Also, it casts off unneeded stress and anxiety.


The Amber gemstone is particularly wonderful for pushing through depressive moods and coming out happier. Furthermore, this stone is also a great tool for tackling random mood swings and spurts of anger. So, chase away your demons with this warm crystal!

How to Use Peridot Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

  • Use a Peridot mala or Peridot prayer beads to facilitate spiritual healing.
  • Wear Peridot jewelry like Peridot rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. to enhance positivity and attract prosperity continuously.
    Here is an interesting and useful trick for you:
    • Wear a Peridot bracelet on the right hand (the projective hand). It will help you share your positive vibes with those around you and expand the healing energies in your sphere.
    • Wear a Peridot bracelet in your left hand (the receptive hand). It will draw more abundance, success, and love.
  • Hold a Peridot tumbled stone during meditation to manifest your intentions deeply.
  • Place a Peridot crystal stone near the center of your chest as you lie down during meditation to align the Heart Chakra. In the same way, place it near the center of your upper abdomen to align the Solar Plexus Chakra.

How to Use Peridot for Feng Shui

Feng shui is to harmonize a crystal’s energies with the surroundings. As Peridot is chiefly a stone of abundance, it is used for these purposes while performing feng shui as well.

Place a Peridot crystal in the southeast corner of your house or workplace to attract wealth. You can also use other wealth, attracting stones with it to enhance the process.

Place a Peridot crystal in the center of your house or your child’s room, as the center of the house is traditionally associated with health.

Peridot in Folklore and Ancient Times

Though no one knows the exact origin of when and where Peridot was first used by man, there are several narratives. Ancient historians claim that the mysterious island called “Topazios” was the source of this striking crystal. There are multiple mentions of this island, along with the Peridot gemstone in the works of Greek historians as well.

Peridot was initially termed as “Topazos”. Greek historians also tie this gemstone with Egyptian legends. It is said that Peridot was profusely used as adornments for the pharaohs’ jewelry, tablets, talismans, etc. Maintaining its regal hold, Peridot was also Queen Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone. It is said that she used it to ward off evil spirits.

Another legend says that Peridot molten crystals are tears of the volcano goddess Pele, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. According to the legend, Pele places her anger and wrath on anyone who steals from her home. Strangely, people have alleged to have experienced misfortunes if they steal these teardrop-resembling molten crystals from that island.

A large Peridot stone is adorning the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the cathedral at Cologne, and it has been there for centuries. Interestingly, it was believed to be an emerald until proven to be Peridot.

How is Peridot Formed?

Like a diamond, Peridot is not formed in the Earth’s crust. It is created in the molten rock of the upper mantle, and it is ejected out of the Earth during earthquakes and volcanoes.

Other Peridot crystals are brought to the Earth via pallasite meteorites. And the fascinating thing to notice is that the Peridot stone has been inside those meteorites for around 4.5 billion years.

The Peridot crystal is found in the Canary Islands, Brazil, Hawaii, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, Norway, China, and Burma.

How to Care for Your Peridot Crystal?

Your crystals are mostly the tools you work with. Admittedly, tools tend to get dirty and require regular cleaning. The same is the case with your crystals. When you use a crystal for cleansing, it gets pervaded with dark energies, which it extracts from you. Now it is time to cleanse the crystal so that it stays in the best shape to keep serving you!

We have compiled a list of the best ways for cleansing your crystal:

  • Sunlight
    A Peridot crystal loves a good sunbath! Let your Peridot stone soak up the sweet sanguine sunshine. It will recharge the crystal’s battery gradually and increase its vibrations back to the normal frequency.
  • Moonlight
    The silky soft touch of moonlight is the best a crystal can get! Take out your Peridot crystal on a moonlit date and let it revitalize generously. It is best if you pick the night of full moon for this purpose. Place your crystal somewhere the moonlight has complete access to it.
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
    Sound can also cleanse your Peridot crystal thoroughly. Place it in a crystal singing bowl and play the music. The sonic vibrations will penetrate deep within the crystal and recharge its energies.
  • Sage Smoke
    Sage smoke is one of the best ways to cleanse your crystal. Place your Peridot crystal in a bowl saturated with sage smoke. Make sure the crystal is fully immersed in the smoke. This method will revive your crystal’s energy perfectly, scoop out the dark energies filled in it.

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