Opal: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

opal meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Opal Crystals

Opal fills your heart and mind with the desire to live a peaceful, joyful, and loving life. It helps you achieve a positive disposition and accept life’s challenges. Shine through and appreciate these benefits of using the crystal.

  1. Realignment – helps you discover and manifest your life’s purpose, overcome your circumstances, and awaken your spirit to find your path
  2. Mood enhancer – liberates your emotions, removes your stress and anxieties, and helps you claim your self-worth
  3. Healing – strengthens your will to live, heals the emotional body, and helps clear and balance the seven chakras

With its colored flashing lights, Opal is a distinctive mineraloid with delicate but vibrant energies. It reflects the mood of the wearer and brings loyalty, spontaneity, and faithfulness. It also has a health-enhancing effect that strengthens your will to live. Moreover, the gemstone boosts your cosmic consciousness and encourages mystical and psychic visions to attract joy and happiness in your worldly life.

The brilliant gemstone is best-known for its ability to bring out your traits and characteristics. It absorbs and reflects light, picks up your thoughts and feelings, and amplifies your deep-down desires and buried sentiments. It also helps you understand how negative emotions can disrupt your lifecycle and assists you in letting them go. Overall, the Opal meaning is about revealing your positive feelings and actions to foster your highest potential. 

The energies of the stone release your pent-up emotions, making you feel light and free. To enjoy the Opal benefits, carry it around with you wherever you go. You may wear it as a piece of jewelry to increase your luck, energy, mental clarity, and protection.

What Is Opal Stone Good For?

The Opal gemstone is a beautiful piece of crystal that vibrates at a lower frequency and gentler intensity. It is well suited for sensitive people who are easily overwhelmed by more powerful healing stones. Available in a palette of colors, each hue offers a somewhat different emphasis. But, the overall healing properties of Opal influence the way you live your life to the fullest.

Opal is the energy of the circle of life that gives you the boost you need to enhance your standing in your family and community. It helps bring balance, prosperity, better health, and strength to help you grow in all aspects. It also provides you with a new perspective on life and enables you to overcome complicated situations. Furthermore, it awakens your spirit to help you find your path and give your experiences more meaning.

The crystal is very beneficial to the personal and business relationships of the wearer. It builds trust, brings comfort, and releases your fear to help you claim your self-worth and access your true self. It also intensifies your emotional state and encourages you to release your inhibitions to enable you to unleash your adventurous side, take more risks, and live a little. Moreover, Opal teaches you to be emotionally mature and responsible by encouraging awareness and infusing loyalty and faithfulness.

Lastly, the colorful stone helps you achieve healing in your heart and mind. It reminds you how beautiful love and life are and enables you to accept life’s challenges. It also influences all seven chakras to promote your overall health and well-being. Ultimately, Opal propels you into the life you deserve to live by stimulating your ability to heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What Are the Healing Properties of Opal?

Opal healing properties influence all aspects of your life. It strengthens your will to live and treats various infections and diseases. It also purifies your blood and kidneys to boost your immune system and regulate healthy changes. Additionally, the stone has a regenerative effect that makes it an excellent stone to have with you after an illness or medical procedure.

Other aspects that the healing energies of Opal impact are:

    Opal brings spiritual light into your aura to awaken your mystical and psychic visions, enhance your cosmic consciousness, and raise your level of insight. It also increases lucid dreaming and attracts angelic energies to help you connect with the Divine. Furthermore, the colorful gemstone gives spiritual encouragement to magnify your emotions and allow for deep inner work.
    Opal has calming and soothing energies that strengthen your emotional body and reveals your real emotional state in the past. It also teaches you to take responsibility for your feelings while facilitating the release of negative behaviors. Moreover, the healing stone enables you to access your true self and encourages you to send out positive vibes. When you wear Opal jewelry, you become more creative, spontaneous, and loving.
    Opal is a supportive stone that promotes creativity, courage, and mental clarity. It also strengthens your memory to help keep your mind focused and more disciplined. More importantly, the gemstone increases your self-worth by amplifying your characteristics for transformation and helping you understand your full potential.

What is the Difference Between Opal and Opalite?

The main differentiator between the two is their origin. Opal is a natural stone that is formed from water and silicon dioxide. On the other hand, Opalite is man-made from dolomite and metal.

But despite its synthetic origin, Opalite has powerful healing properties that are comparable to those of a natural crystal. Like other natural stones, Opalite can benefit your life in a multitude of ways also.

Opal: Zodiac Signs & Birthstone

Opal is a motivating gemstone associated with astrological signs Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It is also the birthstone for October, along with Pink Tourmaline. Moreover, it serves as a brilliant 14th-anniversary gift because the crystal represents loyalty and faithfulness. Roman emperor Marc Anthony even sought the stone for the love of his life, Cleopatra.

  • Libras are kind individuals with a gentle nature and artistic soul. They love peace and find it hard to turn down people for fear of disappointing them. Wearing the beautiful Opal helps keep the balance that they crave. It also aids them in revealing their deep emotions and communicating their point of view. Moreover, it assimilates negative energies and exposes all the positive qualities of the wearer.
  • Cancers are patient, compassionate, tenacious, and emotionally sensitive individuals. They suffer from mood swings and can be over-emotional at times. Opal brings light to issues and allows them to see through them clearly to transform their negative energies into positive ones. It shines a bit of positivity into the darker areas of their life. It is also uniquely beneficial for Cancerians, who tend to hold on to resentment.  
  • Scorpios are independent, persistent, and determined individuals. They never give up on reaching their goals. Opal helps Scorpios during times of transition and profound life changes. Each color supports them in unique ways. The Black Opal deepens their intuitive knowledge, while the Boulder Opal enables them to stay grounded during times of upheaval. The Crystal Clear Fire, on the other hand, nourishes and sustains them in times of trouble.
  • Pisces are emotional, sympathetic, creative, knowledgeable, and pleasing individuals. They are overly trusting and fear to face reality. Opal brings harmony and happiness to the lives of Pisceans. It strengthens the intuition of the wearer and restores joy in their lives. It also releases negative energies and increases their outlook and endurance in life. Additionally, the gemstone enables them to move forward with their life rather than focusing on the past.

Opal and The Elements

Opal carries water energy, which is the energy of stillness, purification, and quiet strength. Water is best-known as the basis of life. It has both cleansing and healing properties that help balance the water content in your body, promote positive thoughts and feelings, bring spiritual light into your aura, and activate each chakra. As the fundamental force behind your emotions, the element also expands universal love and builds trust to strengthen your relationships.

On the other hand, you can use Opal in feng shui for different elemental energies as described below:

  • Earth energies. Opal carries the warm energy of the Earth to help you persevere in times of trouble and transition. It also reconciles your conscious and unconscious thoughts to bring you mental clarity and emotional security. Furthermore, the gemstone uses the Earth’s energy to establish a stable home environment without sacrificing the spirit of adventure.

    Combining the earth and water energies balance the male/female energies within your body, stimulate their flow, and facilitate attunement with your higher self. It also brings a calm, centered mind during meditation. Moreover, it enhances the power of the Transformer to aid your efforts to grow, help you develop new skills, and change your life.
  • Fire Energies. Opal utilizes the fire energy to burn off your karma from your past and open the way to rebirth. It awakens your passion and attunes to the creative power of the universe. It also protects you against danger and helps you remove yourself from difficult situations. Additionally, it facilitates change and ushers in progress.

Combining the warm energy of Earth with the illuminating power of Fire assist in developing spiritual sides and help you succeed in the everyday world. It also stabilizes energy and promotes contact with your spirit guides. Moreover, it inspires cleverness, creativity, imagination, and poetry.

Because Opal comes in a rainbow of colors, it is sometimes associated with all of the elements. You can read more about that later in this article .

Opal and Numerology

Opal is the crystal for people who walk a life path with number 8. These individuals have incredible strength that allows them to endure any trouble they encounter. They are also very ambitious, dependable, and goal-oriented. Moreover, they have more energy than other people. With the power of Eternal Life, the number 8 resonates self-confidence, success, abundance, self-sufficiency, stability, and a desire for transformation, love, and peace. 

Opal for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Occurring in nearly all colors, the Opal gemstone influences all seven chakras. It helps align and balance them to stimulate the proper flow of energy throughout your life. It also helps attune your higher self with the Divine to ensure a calm mind during meditation. Furthermore, the crystal ties to the seven rays that govern how chakras work for a harmonious and balanced mind, body, and spirit. 

  • Blue Opal aligns with the Throat Chakra to help you communicate clearly.
  • Green Opal aligns with the Heart Chakra to release negative emotions and promote a trusting relationship with your friends, partner, and family.
  • Purple Opal aligns with the Crown Chakra to open your mind and attain wisdom. It is the crystal you need for a calm mind and energized spirit.
  • Red Opal aligns with the Root Chakra to revitalize your spirit. It influences your ability to trust, adapt, and survive.
  • Orange Opal aligns with the Sacral Chakra to fuel your desire for something more in life. It promotes passion, sexuality, and creativity.
  • Yellow Opal aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra to facilitate self-expression and encourage you to take risks. 
  • Indigo Opal aligns with the Third Eye Chakra to keep you in touch with your innate psychic powers. It also relieves your physical, emotional, and mental pain.

With all chakras aligned and balanced, you also attain emotional equilibrium. It also connects your highest spiritual aspirations with your physical body to magnify your intention. Additionally, it attracts angelic beings, protects against danger, and empowers you to achieve good health, prosperity, and abundance.

Crystals to Combine with Opal to Strengthen Intuition

Opal brings self-awareness to your negative patterns, allowing them to surface to your conscious mind and helping you deal with them. In this way, it also strengthens your intuition. Whenever you are too scared to listen to our gut, the crystal raises your deep-seated issues and forces you to confront what’s hindering your growth in life.

To strengthen intuition, combine Opal with the following crystals:


Opal and Amethyst have very similar healing energies. They both enhance your insightfulness and problem-solving skills. They also balance the mind by connecting with your Third Eye Chakra. Moreover, they help you speak, see, and act with clarity and confidence to reach the goals you set for yourself.


Opal and Sodalite bring calmness to your mind, allowing you to think rationally and objectively. They both encourage truth and intuition, as well as verbalization of your feelings. Furthermore, they enhance your self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-confidence and brings emotional balance.


Opal and Labradorite help you realize your real purpose in life. They both illuminate your intuition and encourage you to move forward with your life. They also raise your consciousness and ground your spiritual energies. Additionally, they reveal the truth and strengthen your faith in your self and your trust in the universe.

Meditating with Opal

Meditation allows you to connect with Opal for intuition. It raises your consciousness and awareness and deepens your insight. It also relaxes your mind, allowing you to receive the message more clearly. Place the stone directly over your Third Eye Chakra to boost your self-confidence and assist you in making decisions.

Trusting and developing your intuition takes practice. Try this ritual daily to understand how your instinct influences you.

  • Choose a crystal above to combine with Opal and work with them for ten days.
  • At the same time, every day, hold the crystals and ask what you want to know.
  • Give yourself a specific date for a sign that answers your question to appear.
  • Notice how often it will show up in the next 24 hours.
  • Continue for ten days and notice how the universe talks to you through your gut.

How to Use Opal for Feng Shui

To benefit from Opal healing properties, first, you need to understand how the energy of Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth impact your life.

    The Opal gemstone maintains a great deal of water energy, which brings the power of rebirth and regeneration. Symbolized by blue and black, the element enhances any space you use for prayer or meditation to help you focus on realizing your potential. Place the crystal in the north area of your room to keep your life moving forward towards your goal.
    The Opal gemstone utilizes fire energy, which is the energy of warmth, illumination, and enthusiasm. Symbolized by red hues, the element enhances any space you use for high-energy activities. It also associates with fame and reputation. Place the crystal in the southern area of your room to give your life the energy boost it needs to enhance your standing in your family and community.
    The Opal crystal carries wood energy, which is the energy of growth, health, and nourishment. Symbolized by green and brown, the element enhances any space you use for dining. Associated with the east and southeast areas of your home, it increases vitality, brings abundance, and keeps you growing. Place the crystal in these zones to promote your well-being.
    The Opal crystal uses earth energy, which is the energy of balance and stability. Symbolized by light brown, it enhances any place where you need to be safe and in control. Traditionally associated with the northwest and southwest portions of the house, the element helps you develop your skills and knowledge.

Opal in Folklore and Ancient Times

Opal mining coincides with Plato’s tragic love story, which is about a shepherd’s affair with the wife of King Gyges of Lydia. The plot entails an act of betrayal and deception aided by the power of a mystical stone, accounted as Opal. After a century, the Romans also started calling the stone cerauniumthat means thunderstone while ancient Greeks thought it bestows the gift of prophecy.

Folklores surrounding the origins of Opal is prevalent in regions where the crystal occurs. The Bedouins believed that it falls from the sky during thunderstorms and gets its color from the lightning trapped within it. Australia’s mining region Cooper Pedy can accurately be traced back to the earliest eras when the Arabana tribe referred to it as kupapitior boy’s waterhole.

How Is Opal Formed?

Opal comes in three natural varieties: opalescent with rainbow-like flashes of color, the fire that is transparent and milky, and the non-crystalline natural Opals that contain water. Found in the veins and cavities of igneous or sedimentary rock, the best quality crystals are in Australia. Some are in Brazil, Mexico, Southern Africa, Slovakia, and Nevada in the US.

The formation of the crystal occurs from a solution of water and silicon dioxide. As water runs down through the earth, it picks up silica and carries it into cracks and voids. Then, it evaporates, leaving behind a silica deposit. Some of them become precious Opal.  


Opal is a fascinating and beneficial crystal that is available in every color of the rainbow. Different variations correspond with different chakras, aligning and balancing them to help you move forward with life. Considered as the birthstone of October, it brings balance and builds trust to improve your personal and professional relationships. Wearing Opal jewelry also brings prosperity, strength, and better health. Moreover, it releases your fears and brings your comfort.


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