Obsidian: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

black obsidian meaning healing properties

What is Black Obsidian Stone Good For?

The history of Obsidian stone, especially Black Obsidian Stone, dates back to roughly 7000 years, Paleo-Indo ancestral and Paleolithic times, where people used it for distinct purposes like arrowheads and cutting tools.

Black Obsidian is formed from volcanic molten lava that has undergone rapid cooling, because of which this stone is also called “Volcanic Glass.” Other names include Glass Agate, Royal Agate, and Glassy Lava. Since it is obtained from volcanic lava, it is believed to have the most powerful properties combining the elements of Fire, Water, and Earth.

Black Obsidian may hold a different meaning for each person as they go through different phases in their lives, but the healing properties of Black Obsidian may be summed up as follows: 

  • The spiritual meaning of Black Obsidian is associated with cleansing your aura that has more negative smog and acts as a strong psychic protection. Controlling your psychic activities leads to protection of your soul.
  • The physical meaning of Black Obsidian is associated with its sharp, smooth, and glassy property and acts as a protector from negative energy pulling all the negative forces from the environment. This makes your body stronger and free from any disorders.
  • The Black Obsidian is related to you mentally in terms of releasing your anger, fear, anxiety, illusions, lies, and negative bonds.
  • Put a crystal in your car to avoid accidents or damages.
  • Obsidian pendants and rings keep you away from addictions and disorders.

At large, Black Obsidian stone can cleanse you both on the inner-self level which will reflect the positive changes in your physical outer world.

Black Obsidian with multiple healing properties can be mined from various parts of the world. Mentioning a few here: Peru, Greece, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Japan, the USA, Scotland, and Kenya.

What Are the Healing Properties of Black Obsidian?

The healing properties of Black Obsidian is quite extensive, but the following summarizes its spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing properties.

Spiritual Healing Properties of Black Obsidian:

  • Helps in getting your soul free from negative vibrations
  • Helps in exploring your inner self
  • Directs you to find and eliminate negative thoughts and energy
  • Helps erase bad vibrations from your aura due to past trauma
  • Opens you up to accepting positive energy of love and light
  • Blocks you from black magic and psychic attacks

Emotional Healing Properties of Black Obsidian:

  • Helps you realize the truths
  • Gives you clarity and a clear path to go forward
  • Breaks the ties with negative minded people
  • Your mood is less likely to be influenced by negative people in your environment that you have to see on a daily basis

Mental Healing Properties of Black Obsidian:

  • Removes your mental stress
  • Increases your confidence
  • Gets rid of tension and thoughts spoiling your aura
  • Helps you introspectively look within yourself and direct you to answers about how to handle a stressful situation more calmly

Physical Healing Properties of Black Obsidian:

  • Removes your muscle tension and helps in smooth movement/extension of muscles
  • Clears your stomach and circulatory problems
  • Recovers you from chronic disorders and severe pain
  • Helps you break bad habits such as drugs, smoking, and alcohol
  • Improves your digestive process and metabolism
  • Helps you get detoxified easily
  • Speed recovery from fractures, sprains, and bruises

Obsidian, Zodiac Signs, and Birthstone

Obsidian stones owing to its dark nature relates to the colder months of the year and people born during these months.

Generally, Obsidian is closely associated with astrological signs: Sagittarius and Scorpio. This stone is especially powerful and acts as a perfect shield to negative energy for these two signs for the following reasons:

  • Sagittarians are mostly travelers as they tend to explore more and don’t feel like they fit in with society’s mold. They are perfectly true and optimistic and expect the same from others. You cannot find lies with them. So, they may tend to hurt other’s feelings, but at the core, they are truthful and open. Hence Black Obsidian, which is also known as “Warrior of Truth,” well suits people with this sign.
  • Scorpio people can be too emotional, and hence they are often in need of Obsidian to get them relieved from negative emotional vibrations and cleanse their aura. Snowflake Obsidian is the Birthstone of Scorpio, and it helps them reduce their mental stress, tension, and mood shifts. Scorpio people using Obsidian should wash the crystal in running water and recharge it often by exposing it to sunlight to keep it powerful and continuously effective.

Black Obsidian is considered as the modern birthstone for people born in the sign of Sagittarius (Birthdays between November 22 and December 21), whereas Blue Obsidian relates to the sign of Aquarius (January 20 and February 18).

Mahogany Obsidian relates to the sign of Libra (September 23 – October 22) and Scorpio (October 24 – November 22).

Black Obsidian and Planetary Connection

The planet Saturn are well connected to Black Obsidian.

Saturn is the ruler of discipline and challenges, and gives us the courage to face our fears. There is a famous saying,“Reap what you sow with Saturn.” The planet returns to every sign approximately in 29.5 years and stays with you for up to 2.5 – 3 years teaching you life lessons, especially love lessons. Saturn is also called the Lord of Karma.It deals with every individual in terms of discipline, challenges, courage, career, passion, maturity, prestige/status, and so forth.Saturn influences in our lives may at first feel like a setback or a buzzkill but it is there to force us to grow stronger and build a solid foundation. Black Obsidian connects to Saturn for the reason that this planet helps you with early setbacks and keeps us grounded and discipline.

Black Obsidian and Numerology

Crystal and stone vibration numbers are measurement at which the stone resonates with what we intend to achieve. You know that everything on the earth is made up of energy. So, each stone is made up of different energetic vibrations based on its color, thickness, and size.

A lot of research has already been done to find the perfect crystal vibration number along with a specific unit at which the crystal delivers its best to the need.

The most prominent Black Obsidian vibrational number is 1 and 3.

Vibrational number 1

  • Stones with this number are very distinctive, elegant, beautiful, and possess earthy characteristics.
  • These stones give power, motivation, and positivity.
  • They resonate with new beginnings, exploration, uniqueness, progress, and self-leadership. With this, it helps you grow in your life, opening up a lot of opportunities to become a leader and solve problems more creatively.

Vibrational number 3

  • Stones with this number will resonate with creativity, spontaneity, growth, humor, art, and imagination.
  • It helps people think broad, acquire skills, love, and have fun. With this, it makes you a youthful person with most talents like singing, writing, acting, and speaking. You become more sociable because of these skills and feel like exploring more at every point in your life.

Obsidian for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Obsidian is highly influential to the Root (Base) Chakra that helps in stabilizing and balancing your body. This protective stone shields the body from the negative energy and emotions, thus helping the chakra to connect with Mother Earth’s grounding energy. The Root Chakra (also called Muladhara in sanskrit) is responsible for feelings of security and stability. The emotions of fear, lack, doubt, and other limiting beliefs stems from our Root Chakra being out of balanced.

The Root Chakra is arguably the most important chakra as it is the base of our life force energy. When the Root Chakra is out of balanced, generally, all other higher chakras are thrown off alignment as well.

The development of our Root Chakra happens right at birth. If we grew up in an unloving environment or felt our safety was threatened, most likely feelings of insecurity, chaos, a lack of zest for life, lack of motivation, worry, anxiety, and depression are all common issues that overwhelms us mentally and emotionally.  These negative energies often manifest itself in our physical reality in the form of self-sabotage as we feel we do not deserve the good life.

If you’re in need of Root Chakra balancing, make sure to cleanse your Obsidian stone after each use. This is very crucial to dispel the negative energies before your next use.

Obsidian for Building Wealth and Prosperity

If used correctly, Obsidian is a magical stone that can turn your dreams into reality, bad luck into good luck and misfortunes into fortunes!

The grounding property of this stone helps you quickly be devoid of negative energy, the very basic need for anyone to progress in their life. Since your negative energies are gone, this stone allows you to think positive, make better decisions, and attract abundance.

Black Obsidian also helps you stay focused, practical, and mindful of all your activities and decisions. When you have a clear mind and concentrated focus, your life will be certain to progress. Just remember that saying that “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Keep this thought in mind each time you look at a Black Obsidian stone for motivation and inspiration. The most successful people did not become that way overnight. It took them taking one step at a time and working on their craft consistently everyday before they became great.

As this stone also helps in handling your emotions better, you can very well handle the situations rationally. Whenever there arise mental stress and tension, Black Obsidian shall completely take over these bottlenecks and makes you strong enough to face your life with a practical approach and bring prosperity.

Another important use of this stone is that it breaks your ties with things that negatively influence you. Anyone who is trying to pull you down or cast black magic on you cannot succeed as Black Obsidian acts as your shield and protects your spirit. So now, your emotions, feelings, energies, and thoughts are a lot more are in control. This state of being is perfect for getting you to grow and succeed in your career,and manifesting abundance and financial fortunes.

If your intent is to achieve wealth and financial prosperity sooner in your life, then try pairing up your Obsidian with:


Pyrite is your perfect stone to attract abundance, prosperity, and manifest your dreams. Along with Obsidian, it protects you from negativity, opening up a lot of positive vibrations. For example, if you’re a person who is introverted, then this pairing up of stones can help you become social to an extent to overcome your fears and build the right connections that will help you achieve your goals. This also stimulates your imagination and creativity to make you succeed in your career/profession and attract more wealth.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is called the stone of opportunity as it helps you increase the chances of happenings in your favor. Wow right! Yes, it boosts your probability of being successful. However, you have to be near the stone to fetch the aforementioned benefits. This stone brings optimism and good luck to you to attract wealth and prosperity. It has been the luckiest to most of its wearers and users. It is found to increase your creativity, perseverance, and openness to new ideas. Big ideas obviously attract wealth and help manifest your dreams, right

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is believed to be the stone of courage, which we all need a little boost of when it comes to getting our goals and ambitions achieved. It releases you from fear and anxiety so that you can make decisions and get things in placed the way it was planned, thus, making you achieve your objectives. It keeps you active mentally, physically, and spiritually and increases your confidence in doing things. In this way it brings into reality your dreams by manifesting your thoughts and action plans into the physical world. When used along with Obsidian, it eliminates the negative limiting beliefs and replaces them with positivity and confidence.


Citrine is also called the success stone as it brings in a lot of luck, joy, light, and fortunes to who wears it. This stone increases the positive energy and empowers you with immense personal mental and physical strength to manifest the goals. It is also a good source of happiness for you. Along with Obsidian, it helps you to overcome the mood swings, cherish happiness, and bring joy to your life. This stone gives you immense energy balancing the body aura with good vibrations to attract prosperity and financial strength.  The law of attraction is all about “acting as if” meaning, you need to act (and feel) as if you already have what you wish to come true. Citrine is like that ray of sunshine, the rainbow in the clouds on damp, gloomy, rainy days. Having Citrine around makes it easier to keep a positive mindset and act as if you are already abundant. 

Obsidian for Protection from Negativity, Evil Spirits, Black Magic, and Psychic Attacks

If your intent is to achieve protection from negativity, evil, and psychic problems, then try pairing your Obsidian with:

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite protects you from lies, brainwashing, manipulation, and cult influences. With this stone, you can be clear with the communication aspects, read the minds, understand things with clarity, and be protected from unwanted vibrations. Along with Obsidian, it is the perfect stone for shielding your aura from evil energy, black magic, or psychic attacks.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is the generic all-around protector that is famously known to protect from any negative and evil vibrations. The reason being, it resembles an electric field around your aura, making all the negative (low) vibrations get off your aura and attract positive (high) vibrations from the surrounding. Hence, irrespective of any protection, this stone is used unanimously by most people.

Black Agate

Black Agate is generally considered a grounding stone similar to Obsidian. They help in bringing harmony, balancing the energy, chakras of your body, and protect the whole body from black magic, or psychic vibrations. While balancing the body, mind, and soul, along with Obsidian stone, it acts as a shield to negativity and maintains a positive energy throughout.


Hematite is an excellent psychic protector as it gathers the negative energy from the aura and surroundings, and then transferring them to the ground, dispelling them from your aura. Pairing with Obsidian will amplify the grounding of the negative energy. Because of its excellent grounding nature, this stone is able to balance and bring harmony, protecting the wearer from evil vibrations.


This white crystal helps you get released from negative thoughts, bad ideas, and evil vibrations from your body. When paired with Obsidian, both work as a great duo. While Selenite invites in love, light, and source energy, Obsidian works to dispel negative thoughts and emotions from past trauma.


This reflective stone acts as a protector of your Heart Chakra, literally helping you ward off psychic problems like love interests, haters, gossipers, and so on. Labradorite strengthens your intuition, compassion, and consciousness. Along with Obsidian, it aids in cleaning your aura, filling it with good vibrations, shielding from psychic vibrations from others. It removes your insecurity and increases your perseverance by grounding you to Mother Earth.

How to Use Your Obsidian Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties?

  • Keep Obsidian stones or spheres at your desk to absorb negative vibrations from the surroundings to help you manifest your dreams.
  • Placing an Obsidian crystal on an injury helps in quick healing and pain relief.
  • Mahogany or Snowflake Obsidian used in necklaces is an excellent protector from negativity.
  • Wear as a piece of jewelry: bracelet and earrings to give you clarity as needed in certain situations.
  • Hold an Obsidian tumbled stone as you focus your intention during meditation.
  • Hold the stone near the base of your spinal cord (near the tail bone) to activate the Root Chakra.
  • Use an Obsidian mala or Obsidian prayer beads to facilitate spiritual healing.
  • Hold the stones in your hands to get confidence, strength, and courage.
  • You can rub them in between your fingers when you are trying to overcome your bad addictions.

How to Use Obsidian for Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice to manipulate energy in bringing positive vibes and harmony to individuals in their surroundings.

In terms of Feng Shui, a Black Obsidian is found to influence the energy vibrations that are connected to your career, which is in the north bagua area of your home. Placing Black Obsidian in the career center of your home will help clear obstacles and protect you from sabotage by enemies at work.


As Black Obsidian is known for absorbing negative energy, make sure you take good care of the area in which you place the stone. Also cleaning the stone regularly is important, and make sure to place the stone above the floor or any other area where it is likely neglected.

Other Obsidian Stones and Their Properties

Mahogany Obsidian

  • It is a natural glass with mahogany (reddish-brown) colored patches coming from the traces of magnetite, an iron oxide.
  • It is closely associated with the first chakra (the Root Chakra) of your body.
  • it is called the “Stone of Closure” for its profound roots in emotional and spiritual healing.
  • It relieves you of self-victimization and feelings of unworthiness, giving you tunnel vision for your goals and dreams.
  • Mahogany Obsidian banishes your fears of psychic attacks and intense negative energies.
  • Read more about Mahogany Obsidian…

Snowflake Obsidian

  • The Snowflake Obsidian gemstone is formed when high silica volcanic magma cools very quickly. Over time, the silica in the rock rearranges itself to form intricate white “snowflakes” within the Black Obsidian stone.
  • Snowflake Obsidian was born from lava emanating from the very center of the planet’s core. As such, snowflake Obsidian meaning is strongly associated with the element of earth.
  • Snowflake Obsidian is often used in meditative practices to help enhance relationships.
  • It is claimed as a stone of resilience.
  • Read more about Snowflake Obsidian…

Rainbow Obsidian

  • It is a natural glass obtained from the volcano with a layering pattern due to the traces of pyroxene.
  • Rainbow Obsidian is a gentler form of Black Obsidian. It is black or dark brown with streaks of different colors like blue, green, purple, and blue.
  • This stone helps you move on in your life, making you learn lessons from the past life and bringing truth to the surface.
  • It is one of the excellent stones that guide you on the right path.
  • It helps you get rid of bad habits and keeps you aligned with your financial goals.
  • Read more about Rainbow Obsidian…

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