Morganite Meaning, Engagement Rings, and Jewelry

morganite meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Morganite Crystals

  1. Powerful support for women to rediscover their inner strength and beauty
  2. High quality, peachy, and trendy rose gold colored gem at an affordable price
  3. Increases self-love and helps to build meaningful relationships

Morganite Engagement Rings vs. Diamonds

If you stumbled upon this article looking for a unique ring for your significant other, a Morganite ring could be perfect for you; Morganite meaning a pink, transparent emerald which has gained popularity in competition to diamonds over the past few years.

There are a number of reasons why couples are beginning to opt for Morganite jewelry over diamonds. Firstly, the gemstone is quite durable, with a hardness ranking of 7.5-8 vs. diamonds’ 10 on the Mohs scale.

This makes it slightly softer and less durable than diamond, but it’s a good bargain given that the price of a high-quality Morganite gemstone is ten times less than that of a diamond!

If you’re still in doubt, you should know that Morganite jewelry has a high degree of brilliance and sparkle just like a diamond. It also lasts a lifetime, just like a diamond engagement ring.

Morganite benefits are great, but it is still a fairly new gemstone, and most common individuals aren’t aware of these. So, what owes to its popularity?

A major reason is its beautiful light pink to pinkish peach color, which is in sync with the recent trend towards rose gold jewelry. This makes the gemstone stand out because it is different and adds a pop of color at a time when everyone is used to seeing colorless diamond engagement rings.

Morganite’s meaning is all about compassion, love and healing – all the things that make up a happy relationship and marriage. Because of the meaning behind the gemstone itself, Morganite makes a great engagement ring as a symbol and a promise of everlasting love and compassion for your significant other and future spouse! 

At the same time, while diamond holds a materialistic value as some of the biggest celebrities have gifted the gemstone to their significant others; they are also surrounded by a lot of political conflict and ethical issues.

The first is blood diamonds. Also known as conflict diamonds, these gemstones are mined in a war zone and used to finance an uprising or invade an army’s efforts; thus, bringing about negative consequences such as violence and slave labor. Similarly, diamonds in many countries are mined by underage children, again, raising the question of ethics. 

With that said, a number of Gen Z and Millennial brides are opting for different engagement rings to step out of the ordinary and stay within budgets due to rising inflation and financial uncertainty in this capitalist world. However, it will be a while before society accepts the idea of choosing something new (Morganite) over something that has a high materialistic value attached to it (diamonds).

If your significant other likes to go against the grain, a wildflower, a wanderer at heart, a free spirit, a free thinker, or a “hippie”, then a Morganite engagement ring may be the perfect gift to WOW her! After all, diamonds are seen as predictable nowadays, but Morganite will definitely catch her eye as something that stands out from the rest. She will undoubtedly feel unique, like a (new age) “diamond” in the rough. Pun intended. 

What Is Morganite Stone Good For?

Morganite meaning reflects its properties and uses both. The gemstone acts as a powerful support for women as it helps them to feel their inner strength and beauty. It also has a number of healing properties that I will be discussing later on.

Morganite gemstones are believed to excite and stimulate the mind, bringing back past memories and enhances wisdom.

What Are the Healing Properties of Morganite?

  • Spiritual
    All the spiritual, emotional and mental healing properties are interconnected. If an emotional trauma is causing you to lose faith in Divine hearings, Morganite is known to heal you emotionally and spiritually. It relieves burden off of an individual by helping to work through feelings of frustration, anger and hurt.

    The crystal also brings about positive emotions like happiness. peace, joy and sensing the presence of Divine love as well as abiding by it. A lot of those who are aware of these healing properties buy Morganite engagement rings for this every reason. 
  • Emotional
    Morganite healing properties including dealing with emotional trauma. The rare gemstone has the power to make individuals come to terms with negative past experiences and see the bigger picture. By doing this, it turns trauma and pain into compassion and wisdom.
  • Mental
    Similar to its emotional properties, Morganite can help you discover the purpose of your life by healing past pain, which deeply instils values within a person.

    A lot of the times, this crystal can help you realize the thoughts in your subconscious mind which allows a person to follow the right path, stay connected to their heart and figure out their thoughts to make sense of them in order to achieve mental peace.

This is especially useful for individuals who suffer from depression and/or anxiety. 

Morganite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone:

For those of you that hold an interest in astrology and zodiac signs, fortunately for you, the Morganite gemstone is associated with the astrological signs Libra and Taurus.

Morganite is considered to be a natural birthstone of people born between 22nd October to 20thNovember. As for those who are Taurus, Morganite benefits them by easing their personality trait of rushing into things without thinking. It even helps Caners to think clearly without letting emotion get in the way of their feelings.

Morganite’s power of giving off calming and reassuring energy is what makes it great for Libras too. Legend has it that Morganite is ruled by the Venus god of love and beauty and Libras are very passionate about love which makes it the perfect gemstone for them.

It helps couples to restore the love and compassion in the relationship; thus, leading to a long-lasting, healthy companionship. If you’re single, don’t worry, because this gemstone will help you to find new love by pairing you with someone with similar personality traits and a kind heart.

The crystal also helps individuals to feel self-love which boosts their confidence and helps them get through heartbreaks and other emotional traumas.

Morganite and Planetary Connection

Morganite is connected with the energies of Venus

Just like its goddess, Venus is known for characteristics like love, romance, desire, relationships and pleasure. The planet is invested in the beauty and aesthetics of the world and as some may put it, it ‘loves to love’. Experts also pair this planet with money – more specifically, that which is spent on attaining joy and pleasure.

Just like the zodiac signs that it is associated with it, Venus is identified by luxury, romance, fine food and wine. If you’re a Libra, you know exactly what I mean and going all out for your relationship does not feel extra at all!

Morganite and The Elements

  • Water:
    Water is a key element that we, as humans, need to survive. It not only cleanses and heals us but it also drives emotions like joy and sadness.

    Morganite is a crystal of water and its benefits associated with water are numerous; it helps to make peace with your loved ones, increases compassion, brings clear dreams, purifies you from within, helps you to create new relationships and brings you closer to divinity.
  • Fire:
    The interesting thing about fire is that it can create something out of nothing but at the same time, it is also potentially very destructive. This makes it an active element which is associated with Morganite.

It’s great if you want to use it for increasing energy, willpower, enthusiasm and vital power. You can also use it for fighting against psychic attacks, protecting your aura and purifying yourself.

Morganite and Numerology

Every crystal is associated with a numerical number that reflects its properties. Morganite’s numerical vibration is 3 because the number 3 is linked to properties like joy, imagination, intellectual ability, optimism, compassion, humor, outgoing personality and others.

All in all, the number 3 is creative with a tendency to bring about change in one’s life. Experts believe that the number 3 is related to the Ascended Masters; its presence indicates that these Masters are around an individual and will assist him/her whenever they ask them to do so.

Another role that the Ascended Masters play is helping you get close to divinity and fulfilling your heart’s desires. This will help you to become at peace with who you are and practice self-love.

On the other hand, the number 3 is also associated with some negative connotations such as mood swings, inconsistency, indifference and low levels of concentration and stamina. 

Morganite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Morganite opens up the Heart Chakra and stimulates it by reflecting its pink and peach color of love. This chakra is situated approximately in the middle of the breast bone and controls our dealings with the outside world by deciding which emotions to let in.

The gemstone influences the Heart Chakra by getting rid of negative emotions like stress, depression, fear anxiety and emotional trauma; thus, healing the body. Letting go of these helps us to develop meaningful relationships with the people that we care about.

Morganite Engagement Ring Alternatives

If you’re not sure Morganite is the perfect gemstone to gift to your significant other, lucky for you, there are a number of other options you can opt for:

  • Aquamarine

Aquamarine is quite a popular alternative to diamond due to its charismatic green-blue color. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is the same as Morganite, although it may show signs of scratching after extreme wear. However, with proper care, you can ensure that it stays in good condition for a lifetime.

Its lighter shades are sometimes even mistaken for diamonds but it will add a beautiful pop of color to your fiancée’s hand. Each carat will cost you $35 which is similar to Morganite. This makes for an ideal choice if your loved one is attracted to this unique color.

  • Emerald

Emeralds also feature a beautiful deep green color, which has been a favorite choice of celebrities over the years; perhaps because the gemstone is believed to portray love and new beginnings.

Moving on its properties, it has a 7.5-8 ranking on Mohs hardness scale. While this makes it scratch resistant, experts claim that emeralds can crack or chip off easily due to their natural inclusions.

If your loved one is inclined towards emeralds, you should buy from a reputable store that has Emerald rings with a natural inclusion in the center so that it is less likely to wear in the long run.

  • White Sapphire

Among all these alternatives, a white sapphire ring is your best go-to in terms of characteristics. While it will cost you $90 per carat, it still remains much cheaper than diamond while giving the exact same look! If you’re on a budget and your significant other is in love with diamonds, this could be the perfect alternative.

Sapphires rank at 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness, making them much durable than their alternatives. With Sapphire, select a ring with a AAA rating. You can also pair white sapphire with rose gold or yellow gold to give it a nice pop of color.


Moissanite is known as a gemstone born from the stars. Sound dreamy enough to be your choice?

It’s another great alternative to diamond with its durability of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making it one of the hardest gemstones. If you feel your loved one prefers an everyday wear ring, you should shortlist this option.

Moissanite is a unique choice for some as it reflects rainbow light or even what some people call ‘disco light’ in the sun. The gemstone itself is colorless but even in the dark, it portrays yellow or greyish light. 

Salt-and-Pepper Diamond

As the name suggests, these diamonds are a mix of black and white, creating a velvet grey color. But apart from the color, what makes them different than regular diamonds?

While these diamonds will ensure that every ring is unique, they are also more flawed than diamond. Their purity is lower; however, it is difficult to measure their clarity and cut because salt-and-pepper diamond rings are rough-cut and raw.

Fortunately, there is one great upside to these crystals. With the increasing awareness of climate change, millennials are moving towards eco-friendly products. This makes salt-and-pepper diamond the perfect ring for someone who cares about the planet because they are eco-friendly. 

Champagne Diamond

A champagne diamond ring gives off a beautiful brown color with just a hint of yellow – similar to the color of champagne. They get their color from the different elements present within the diamond.

Before you fall in love with this, you should know that 1 carat will cost you a hefty $3000-5000, so only add it into your list if it falls into your budget. If you are looking to buy it, go for one that has GIA or AGS certification.

The high price will ensure high quality because champagne diamonds have a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, making them as pure and durable as regular diamonds. 

How to Use Morganite for Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient practice of using energy to harmonize and bring peace to individuals. In Feng Shui, Morganite is associated with Fire Energy.

Here, fire energy refers to the positivity, enthusiasm, brightness, warmth, light and activity which Morganite makes use of. You can use this gemstone to give your emotions of passion, heat and love a boost.

Morganite in Folklore and Ancient Times

Morganite was first found in California in the early 20th Century. At that time, it was named Pink Beryl. However, just a few years later, George Kunz decided to rename it after the Chief Geologist of Tiffany & Co, J.P Morgan, who had initially discovered the gemstone.

Even today, it remains a rare gemstone that individuals use not only as jewelry but also for healing purposes.

How is Morganite Formed?

Morganite is formed in masses and is naturally shaped like a prism. Its original color is pastel with varieties of salmon, violet, baby pink and peach. Pure Morganite has no inclusions as compared to other beryl gemstones like emeralds.

The two locations where Morganite is commonly available are Brazil and Madagascar. The latter even discovered the biggest Morganite gemstone in the world which is showcased in the British Museum today. Other locations you can find Morganite in include Russia, China, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Russia, Maine and California.


So that’s just about everything there is to know about Morganite. Whether you’re looking to buy it as an engagement ring for the person you love, in the form of jewelry or just for the purpose of self-healing and love, it is a great investment; a rarity that is steadily gaining popularity.


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