Moonstone: Meaning, Jewelry, and Healing Properties

moonstone meanning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Moonstone:

  1. Connects with Divine Feminine Energy, helping us to accept, express, and inspire ourselves.
  2. Moonstone influences the Crown and the Third Eye Chakras. Its white crystal energies represent peace, wisdom, personal identification with the Infinite, and oneness with God.
  3. Moonstone helps both male and female to tap into their unconscious minds to find hidden truths about ourselves, visions of past lives, and guidance to help us navigate life’s mysteries.

Moonstone is a translucent, pearly gem highly valued for its adularescence, an optical phenomenon that results in billowy clouds of blue to white light with a moonlight sheen. Its meaning is in its sensual, nourishing, and deeply feminine energy that heals and makes you whole again. Also known as hecatolite, its name came from a visual effect caused by light diffraction within a microstructure consisting of different alkali feldspars. 

The gem has a dreamy luster and mysterious glow that changes in position every time it is moved. In short, it gives a slice of the moon’s power that you can wear as a Moonstone jewelry. It can be seen in subtle hues of blues, gray, peach, and white. Many celebrities grew fond of its quirky designs and used them for fashion purposes. But, those who are aware of its healing effects wear it as a ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet to spark their passions, protect them on their travels, and achieve enlightenment.

What does Moonstone look like?

Moonstone is a variety of orthoclase with colors ranging from colorless through shades of gray, green, yellow, pink, and brown. It is monoclinic, which means it has three axes of unequal lengths with two of which perpendicular to each other. Typically, the gem has a refractive index of 1.520-1.525 and has a vitreous luster. It also has a 6 to 6.5 hardness, which makes it moderately resistant to scratches.

What is Moonstone Stone Good For?

Moonstone has been a prized gem for millennia. The Romans believed it is born from the solidified rays of the Moon. The Greeks associated it with their lunar deities. However, the true meaning of the gemstone is in its energy. It has a nourishing, deeply feminine energy that heals and brings back wholeness. It also has high energy rays of gold, purple, and blue and is covered by glowing white energy, which makes it a protective stone. 

As legendary as the Traveler’s Stone, the gemstone protects those who travel at night or upon the water when the moon shines. It safeguards frequent travelers during the night and against road rage. It is also an excellent crystal for new or first love, and a comforting talisman for a secret romance. Furthermore, many people believe that it reunites loved ones separated by anger.

Many people consider the gem as the stone for love and eroticism. It stimulates the kundalini energy to expand your state of consciousness. It also kindles your carnal desires and promotes fertility. You can use Moonstone to accept, express, and inspire yourself. Wear it to love and value yourself for who you are.

Wands - Moonstone Crystal Wand

What are the healing properties of Moonstone?

The Moonstone gemstone has many healing properties, from physical to spiritual. It supports the natural rhythms of your body, the female cycle, and the lunar cycle. You may also use it to deal with cases of psychological, spiritual, and even hormonal imbalance.

  • Spiritual
    Moonstone is the crystal choice for Reiki, Feng Shui, and remote healing sessions. It has a calming nature that brings you back into the inner self. It also makes meditation effortless and helps you achieve focus when projecting your inner light onto the stone. Moreover, it is a sacred gem that promotes spiritual purity through denial of the ego. It combats materialism and strengthens your faith.
  • Emotional
    The gemstone has calming and soothing qualities on the emotional body. It assists in the mastery of your emotions, helps identify emotional patterns, and serves as a guardian to stimulate confidence and contain fiery passions. Moreover, it aids in the overall healing of the mind and body during chaotic and stressful situations.
  • Mental
    Moonstone provides support in balancing the intellectual body. Its clarity, natural composition, and ability to engage in natural rhythms make it an excellent guiding stone for meditating and dowsing. It also helps filter volatile thoughts and replaces them with a more balanced approach. Associated with the feminine, it amplifies your intuitions.

    It enhances women’s psychic and kundalini powers and makes men more in-sync with their feminine nature to balance their emotional and rational sides. Moreover, the gemstone is exceptionally calming to children. It encourages sleep and drives away nightmares. It is also helpful in treating somnambulism or sleepwalking.
  • Physical
    Moonstone is the stone of choice for healing sessions of the most vital processes of the human experience. It balances energetic and karmic disruptions during conception, childbirth, growth, and aging. It is also beneficial for physical conditions that take place in the body, such as inflammation, digestive problems, degenerative issues, and hormonal imbalance. 

What does Moonstone attract?

Moonstone helps fulfill the things you need in your life. It attracts romantic love, making it an exceptional gift for those seeking passion. It is also a powerful attractor of soulmates and good fortune. Moreover, it is an excellent tool for conducting a successful business as it helps attract and maintain clients. The gemstone has a certain positivity that encourages hope and inspiration, allowing you to flow in harmony with your dreams.

What are the different types of Moonstone?

Moonstone comes in various types. Each variation comes in different shade and purpose. Find out what type you should get yourself or your loved one if you want stability of the mind, hope for the future, find new potential, stimulate creativity, and achieve success.

  • Rainbow Moonstone (Peristerite)
    Rainbow Moonstone is associated with psychic protection, pacifying nightmares, and deflecting negativity. It has a milky patchy surface caused by the white orthoclase inclusions and layers. Known to enhance mental powers, it relieves instability of the mind, makes your mind sounder, and leads to mental growth. It is valuable when you need a sharp mind during times of confusion. It is also suitable for healing past traumas.
  • Gray Moonstone
    Gray Moonstone is a rare gemstone used by shamans and healers to lead the way to different dimensions. It also has the meaning and properties of solving problems correctly, making it a great stone for people who want hope for the future. Moreover, it helps you deal with your feeling more smoothly. You can use it as an amulet to release your energy gradually before it explodes.
  • Blue Moonstone (Cat’s Eye)
    Blue Moonstone or Cat’s Eye is a transparent gemstone with a floating blue tone on the surface. It is associated with the mind’s eye, bringing clarity and increasing your level of awareness. Considered as the most desirable of all types, it has meaning and properties to help you lead your life to the right path. It exudes soft and gentle energy that can heal your mind, balance excessive energies, and bring back peace of mind. It also brings positive energy to your heart.
  • White Adularescent
    White Adularescent is the clearest kind of Moonstone. It is associated directly with the moon and its energy. It has the meaning and properties to make your relationship smooth by avoiding unnecessary conflicts and finding compatible friends. It is also a popular charm to welcome new life. Moreover, it calms your mind, extends your strength, and restores your self-confidence.
  • Yellow or Peach Moonstones
    Yellow or Peach Moonstones are usually used as protection stones. They range from translucent to opaque and have a white sheen. Often used in rows of colored beads, they heal the heart and stimulate creativity. They are also an excellent choice to combat anxiety.
  • Black Moonstone
    Black Moonstone has the meaning and properties of making new things. It retrains unnecessary negative energy and calms your mind to adapt to the changes in yourself and your environment. It also increases your mental power to chase success. Moreover, it symbolizes hope. If you feel like you are at a dead end, the gemstone can help you find a new way to go.

Deep Dive into Rainbow Moonstone: Meaning and Benefits

Not many people are aware, but Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of Labradorite, a feldspar mineral which is also adularescent. The gemstone relates to protection and safeguards travelers across bodies of water and during the night.

  • What does Rainbow Moonstone Look Like?

    At first glance, the Rainbow Moonstone looks like a pearl with rigid black streaks. On closer inspection, you’ll find that it has adularescence, a phenomenon that occurs when the light that shines through the transparent stone is scattered by thin layers within the stone. It gives the stone a spectrum of different colors like a miniature rainbow, hence the name.
  • Rainbow Moonstone Meaning

    The Rainbow Moonstone symbolizes fertility, eroticism, birth, life, and death. It is viewed as a symbol of purity, representing the natural balance of things. The stone relates to protection, especially of travelers. It is also associated with divine moon deities, who have feminine energy that connects to the stone and Mother Nature.
  • Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

    The Rainbow Moonstone carries many metaphysical properties that connects you to a spiritual path and keeps you from going astray. It also connects to the Crown Chakra and enhances psychic abilities, leading you to make the right decision based on intuition. Moreover, it helps improve the flow of energy during meditation and harness feminine energy to find love, confidence, focus, and assertiveness.
  • Rainbow Moonstone and Spiritual Awakening

    The Rainbow Moonstone guides you to reach your spiritual goals. It has a natural energy that helps provide you with a sense of clarity and direction. It also helps dissolve the ego, so you can achieve higher forms of spirituality and enlightenment. Moreover, it helps you acknowledge the toxic aspect of yourself, improve intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic abilities.

    The gemstone activates the Crown Chakra and helps improve the flow of energy through it. To make use of this property, simply enter into a meditative state and visualize the energy flowing through the Moonstone up to your Root Chakra, and all the way to your Crown Chakra.
  • Rainbow Moonstone Feminine Energy for All You Girl Bosses Out There

    Since the Rainbow Moonstone has a special connection with natural feminine energy, it is an excellent gem for boss ladies. It helps you harness your very own feminine energy to ignite your ability to focus and assert your confidence in the workplace. It also helps you reduce mood swings and menstrual cramps during your monthly cycle.

Moonstone for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Moonstone influences the Crown and the Third Eye Chakras. Its white crystal energies represent peace, wisdom, personal identification with the Infinite, and oneness with God. The Crown Chakra controls how you think and how you respond to the world around you. It connects you to higher planes of existence and maintains the balance of energies. It is also the source of universal truth and spirituality and the fountainhead of beliefs.

The gemstone cleanses and dispels negativity from all chakras, and provides spiritual nourishment to help you get through changes. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, which helps you become more aware and attached to a wider and deeper dimension. It raises your vibrational frequency to create a continuous transition into a state of meditation. Moreover, it connects you to Divine Inspiration and channels it into your own intuition.

Moonstone, Zodiac Signs, and Birthstone

Moonstone is a June birthstone and the zodiac stone for Cancer. It gives off energies of luck, healing, love, and power to those born between June 21 and July 22. It entails protection on land and at sea, success in matters of love and business, enhancement of personality and intuition, and overall good fortune. The gemstone soothes raw emotions that may come up and overcomes emotional blockages.

It is also the zodiac stone for Libra and Scorpio. Moonstone carries within a strong frequency that flows out into your aura, allowing Libras to experience heartfelt joy. It boosts awareness and recognition of your feminine energy to develop your intuition and move forward with your life. For Scorpios, the gemstone aids in the development of psychic gifts and intuition. It brings balance and strength of spirit during times when you need more support. 

What Other Stones Work Well with Moonstone?

Combining the Moonstone with other stones may be helpful in enhancing your psychic gifts, especially clairvoyance or the ability to perceive the future.

To Develop Psychic Abilities

Blue Sapphire

Combining Moonstone with Blue Sapphire unites your mind, body, emotions, memory, and spirit. It heals and strengthens your aura to reduce extreme actions, thoughts, and emotions. It also enables your aura to forewarn, protect, and nourish. Moreover, it encourages better function, enhanced communication, and improved transfer of energies of the body.

Moonstone alone rarely reaches the mental layer of your aura. The Blue Sapphire has a natural affinity with the mental body and draws the energy of the Moonstone to the outermost mental layer. Together, they give you maximum benefits, including spreading the Moonstone energy evenly throughout your aura.


Working with Moonstone and Sugilite together envelops you with love energy and removes all negative energies. Their union also stimulates lucid dreaming. Sugilite can enhance your mental power and keep your mind and soul calm. It increases your intuition, protects your mind, and changes negative energy to positive energy.

If you need to use your mind in a lot of work, these Moonstone and Sugilite give strong mental power to help you do the hard work. The latter has such high healing power that makes it an excellent choice for people who quickly get tired or stressed out. It also helps you feel comfortable and safe.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the universal symbol of truth and wisdom. It is an excellent stone for psychologists as it stimulates wisdom and good judgment in the practical world. It also aids in intellectual analysis, problem-solving, and the creation of new ideas. It activates the higher mind and enhances your intellectual ability.

Using Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone activates your psychic centers at the Third Eye. It directs your sight and everyday awareness of the world around you. It also helps you interpret visual cues and increases your perception of the future. Moreover, it controls the flow of energy within all your chakras to promote balance.

To Balance Male and Female Energies


Moonstone enhances the intuitive side of your mind. It reveals the feminine power of women as well as their clairvoyance. It also helps men become more in-tune with the feminine aspects of nature to encourage non-linear thinking and emotional balance. Its energy is balancing and healing at the same time.

Sunstone is symbolically linked to Moonstone. The former carries the yang energy and balances with the yin of the latter. Wearing them together balances male and female energies and brings harmony within your life. They are also often used in Solstice rituals to represent the balance of power between psychic, spiritual, and physical attributes.

Golden (Yellow) Labradorite

Golden or Yellow Labradorite is the gemstone that assists you to better manage your personal power. It has the golden solar energy and masculine vibration used to balance female energies and is especially powerful when combined with the Rainbow Moonstone, which is the premier stone of feminine vibration.

If you wish to bring the male and female energies within yourself for effective self-expression and dynamic balance, wearing these two stones together in a single piece of jewelry is an excellent way to accomplish this. It also magnifies the power of the Sunstone to bring change into your life.


Merlinite is a magical gemstone that accentuates the properties of the Rainbow Moonstone. It attracts good luck in your life, stimulates deep intuition, and grants access to the energy of the natural world. It also dispels negative energy and helps you see the beauties in life. Moreover, it encourages self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

Combining Merlinite with Moonstone balances yin-yang energy (male and female energies). Together, the two stones empower the feminine side of both male and female, allowing you to have compassion for others and be accepting of their traits. They also help strengthen your intuition and heals spiritual wounds.

To Get Answers From The Universe on How to Use Your Psychic Gifts


Labradorite and Moonstone can work together to enhance their emotional healing properties. The latter brings calmness and the strong energies of love and abundance, while the former strengthens imagination and intuition. The interconnected forces of these two stones can bring happiness and harmony in your life.

They can also boost your psychic abilities by stimulating and protecting the higher chakras. Using Moonstone and Labradorite together can bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms and foster psychic responsibility and protection. You can also commune with your guardian angel more effectively and develop psychic abilities quickly.


Amethyst is one of the 16 psychic crystals and stones that can develop your psychic abilities. It helps you see more distinct visions and make contact with your higher self. Ancient Greeks use it to deflect pain and mental imbalance. It also aids in enhancing meditative states, purifying energy, and providing protection around the body.

When used with Moonstone, amethyst can help in the development of psychic gifts. It can also lead to the growth of intuition, focus, passion, and creativity. Thus, it is considered to be especially critical in the vibrations of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is also an example of a crystal that can assist you in developing your psychic gift of vision. Considered to be one of the clairvoyance crystals, it helps you to move your vibration and aid with your overall health and spirituality. Furthermore, it helps keep your thoughts positive.

Combining Quartz and Moonstone allows you to see the world clearly in the past, present, and future. These two stones resonate with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. They amplify the healing and protective powers of the Sun and the Moon and can purify your energy.  

To Stimulate Lucid Dreaming


Like Sugilite, the combination of Moonstone and Kyanite also stimulates lucid dreaming. Kyanite helps clear your head and promotes astral travel. Moonstone, on the other hand, connects you with your subconscious mind. Together, they are effective at helping you enter the dream state. Simply place them under your bed and leave it there for a night of deep sleep.

Kyanite and Moonstone facilitate dream recall and promote healing dreams. They allow for a rapid transition into a deep meditative state and help you connect with your spirit guide. They also provide a gleaning solution from within a lucid dream state. They clear and calm you in preparation and stimulate your psychic abilities and intuition.


Sodalite is another crystal for lucid dreaming. It is also a wonderful tool for developing and enhancing your psychic abilities. It combines well with Moonstone, especially at the time of a full moon. Together, they induce dreams of the future, encourage rational thoughts, and foster emotional balance.

Both crystals work on the Third Eye Chakra to align the will of your body to the will of your soul. They are also helpful in driving for truth, increasing intuition, fostering confidence, and encouraging trust in yourself and others. Carry them in your pocket, around your neck, or sleep with them beside your bed or under your pillow to relish the benefits.


Staurolite or fair cross stone helps induce lucid dreaming by placing it under your pillow. It embodies an energy that helps you make contact with beings from the natural world. It also has a calming energy that relieves stress, fear, and anxiety. Keeping the stone in your environment may benefit those who are close to you as well. Using the cross-shaped crystal with Moonstone helps you create a connection with the natural world they gently heal your mind and bring back the vitality to make progress. 

For Psychic Protection

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline gives protection against negative energy and psychic attacks. It helps you release negativity that is holding back your healing and makes sure you are protected from negative energy. It is also a powerful spiritual grounding stone, allowing you to remain present and connected with your physical self on earth.

Combining the crystal with Moonstone does not only make a piece of exquisite jewelry but also increases the level of protection it provides. They are also astonishing crystals to bring pain relief, aid in stress, and boost your immune system.

Black Agate

Black Agate does not only purify your energies but also protects your mind, body, and heart. It gives you spiritual, physical, and emotional guidance to help you accomplish your goals and achieve balance. When you pair it with Moonstone, it draws out the negative energies lingering in your aura and makes way for more positive energies. Their combination is also a powerful protector against psychic attacks. You can reach the heights of protection if you wear them as a pendant or necklace set in silver. 


The combination of Obsidian and Moonstone makes the perfect tool for psychic protection. Obsidian is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog and has metaphysical properties that shield you against negative energy. It may also stimulate the gift of prophesy and assist you to release the imbalance caused by fear and anxiety in your life. Alone, the crystal is a good basic defense against psychic attacks. However, pairing it with Moonstone makes it an extremely protective stone.


Amber and Moonstone are both very beautiful and highly protective. The former has protective qualities that balance emotions, clear the mind, and ease the stress. It also has marvelous metaphysical properties for psychic protection. It is even known to relieve Karmic-related illnesses.

Its combination with Moonstone allows you to release negative energy, protects you against psychic attacks, and relieves anxiety. To accomplish these, keep the stones within your aura as long as possible.


How to Use Your Moonstone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

To manifest and activate the healing properties of the Moonstone, make sure you perform the following:

  • Hold the Moonstone close to your chest while praying or meditating so your heartbeat can flow in with the natural biorhythms of the stone.
  • Use a Moonstone mala or Moonstone prayer beads to facilitate spiritual healing.
  • Wear bracelets and rings that contain Moonstone gemstones to radiate a restrained yet brilliant aura.
  • Hold a Moonstone tumbled stone as you focus your intention during meditation to protect and heal your body and spirit.
  • Hold Moonstone near the Third Eye or Crown Chakra during meditation to stimulate your pineal gland and enhance your psychic abilities.

How to Charge and Program your Moonstone with Your Intentions

Charging crystals with your intentions helps them stay focused. You can charge your Moonstones all at once or individually. It’s really up to you because there is no wrong way to charge them. Just remember to let your intuitions be your guide.

Before charging your Moonstone, cleanse your crystal through:

  • Outdoor cleansing with flowing water
  • Indoor cleaning with salt and water
  • Cleansing through smudging
  • Cleansing in the Full Moon

To set your intentions, hold the crystal and clear your mind of negativity. Focus on the crystal and your intention with a still mind. Describe your intention out loud or write it on a piece of paper. Once it is charged, do not let others handle it as it will absorb the energy of other people.

How to Use Moonstone for Feng Shui

Moonstone uses Metal Energy, which is the energy of intelligence, healing, and creativity. It is hard, sharp, and usually destructive, but it brings the power of determination to your life and dwelling. In Feng Shui, the white crystal energy of stone enhances any space that you use for studying or working. Metal energy is traditionally associated with the west and northwest areas of a room. You may use Moonstone spheres, eggs, and pendants for a more enlightened state of being.

How was Moonstone Used in Ancient Times

Moonstone in ancient lore represents the image of Diana, the Moon Goddess. The Romans believed it contains the gifts of second sight and prophecy. They claimed that the stone can clear the mind and allow the wearer to make wise decisions.

Asian myths deemed the crystal to be a sacred stone in India. Earliest traditions suggested that it brings good fortune. It is also believed to arouse passion that gives it a special significance for lovers.

How is Moonstone Formed?

Moonstone is formed when the two feldspar minerals, orthoclase and albite, separate into alternating layers. The light falls between these thin layers and is scattered, producing a phenomenon called adularescence.

Where are Moonstones found?

Moonstone is commonly found in Sri Lanka and India, but it can also come from Brazil, Australia, and the United States.


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