Moldavite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry


Top 3 Benefits of Moldavite Crystals 

  • A catalyst of novel and noble transformations
  • Spiritual attunement with the universe and higher planes
  • Boosts healing as well as spiritual and psychic abilities

What is Moldavite Stone Good For? 

Moldavite is by far one of the most powerful and interesting stones out there. It’s called by several names–all of which attest to its power and benefits. It’s also the catalyst to many beneficial changes. The light of new beginnings is what gives Moldavite meaning. But there’s a lot we don’t know about Moldavite properties, benefits, and even risks. What makes this crystal so special and what is it really good for? How can we harness these so-called Moldavite healing properties?

Moldavite is a Stone of Greatness. Its unusual origins, whimsical color, and shape are all indications that this stone isn’t an ordinary gem. In fact, the force that created it isn’t even from the earth, and it’s only found in one place–in the present-day Czech Republic.

Its celestial origins make it a stone with an unusually high vibrational frequency. The energy seemingly buzzing out from this stone sometimes makes people feel very hot. Sometimes, they even sweat and flush but more than anything, Moldavite also makes people experience a great emotional release that just feels as good as it sounds. 

That’s why this stone resonates the most with people of immense spiritual potential. But of course, Moldavite can be used by almost anyone–anyone ready to usher in new beginnings and transformation in their lives. It’s the most highly-sought stone in the spiritual world because of its powerful life-altering properties. It propels people forward in the process of their own personal and spiritual evolution. That’s why it’s also called the Stone of Transformation. It’s a very powerful stone for meditation, dreamwork, and for seeking the guidance of beings from higher spiritual planes. 

What Are the Healing Properties of Moldavite? 

By its two alternative names, we know that Moldavite assists in great, life-changing transformations. But aside from that, there are a lot of Moldavite healing properties that one can enjoy from the said gemstone. 

Spiritually, it acts as a conduit–relaying messages from the universe to a person and vice versa. That’s why it helps people communicate with greater spiritual beings. In the same vein, Moldavite also helps people with manifesting their intentions. Moldavite attunes a person to the greater scheme of the universe and allows that person to reap the benefits of divine, universal knowledge. Messages from spirit guides, ancestors, angels and beings of light are more easily perceived as Moldavite increases a person’s intuition and telepathy as well. 

This stone also protects the aura from negative attachments and energies. Moldavite also minimizes burnouts because it’s just teeming with celestial energy. In the Hindu chakra system, Moldavite is said to activate and stimulate all chakra points on the body. It is also the stone of star seeds and star children, bringing them comfort from the stars in the midst of all the earthly suffering and overwhelming emotions. 

The green color of Moldavite indicates that it is a powerful Heart Chakra stone. I’ll elaborate on it later, but the gist is that this stone helps a person reach into their deepest inner self. From there, the stone unearths hidden things that need to be recognized, honored, integrated, and eventually released. This stone increases a person’s compassion and empathy and makes one realize the importance of unconditional love. Moldavite is also said to be able to ground people who suffer from shock, panic attacks, trauma, mood swings, and irrational fears. 

Moldavite also benefits the mind as well. Of all mental benefits, it helps people break free of hypnotic commands and manipulation. This stone counters cynicism very well by making a person realize and see all of the galaxy and earth’s wonders. Beliefs that no longer contribute to a person’s growth are also counteracted, and new projects and recovery, in turn, are ushered in. Truly, Moldavite has the power to synchronize the spirit, the mind, and the heart. 

Moldavite: Zodiac Signs and Birthstone 

Moldavite is definitely not a traditional birthstone. However, because of its green crystal energy, it’s considered to be one of the most powerful natural birthstones for those born in mid-spring (April 20-May 20). Green stones are said to bring renewal, success, and good health–all of which Moldavite definitely exhibits. 

It’s also not your average Zodiac birthstone. Why? Since Moldavite’s origins are cosmic and out of this world, it can’t be tied down to a single sign. That’s why it’s associated with all the signs. Below is a quick list of how Moldavite helps each and every sign:

  1. Aries (March 21-April 19) – Aries natives are naturally assertive, enthusiastic, and passionate. At their best, they’re awesome trailblazers. Moldavite helps them temper their immature mindset, headstrong manner, and insensitive way of doing things. 
  2. Taurus (April 20-May 20) – Taurus natives find comfort in stability. They’re very hardworking, diligent people who always take their time growing. However, they can use a little Moldavite for their laziness and vile tempers. 
  3. Gemini (May 21-June 20) – Geminis are always on the go. They’re versatile and can fit into any and all groups. But at their worst, they can be shallow and quick to start an argument. Meditating with a transformative stone like a Moldavite gemstone can help them move past their situation and move into spiritual growth. 
  4. Cancer (June 21- July 22) – Cancers have always been in touch with their feelings and are very caring. However, at their worst, they can be uncommunicative, clingy, and moody. I guess it’s time for some guided mediation?
  5. Leo (July 23- August 22) – Leos are fiercely loyal and generous people whose mission is to be loved and to love. But they can be self-centered and pretentious, so they might need help seeing things from someone else’s perspective. 
  6. Virgo (August 23-September 22) – Virgos are very detail-oriented and wise advisers. Their strongest trait is their ability to be analytical especially during tough times. But they can be lost in their own pompous examination of every little detail. A little bit of grounding and meditation might do the trick. 
  7. Libra (September 23-October 22) – Libras see both sides to everything. Their greatest desire is harmony and justice for everyone involved in their lives. They’re diplomatic and patient, but they can also be indecisive and make promises they never keep. 
  8. Scorpio (October 23-November 21) – Moldavites can especially help intuitive and passionate Scorpio to ease their suspicions and stop their emotional manipulation (unintended or intended) of the people around them. 
  9. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) – Sagittarians are the explorers of the Zodiac–always reaching out and trying new things. They’re very friendly and can get close and personal with almost anyone. But at their worst, they can be loud and unwilling to let other people voice in an opinion or two. 
  10. Capricorn (December 22-January 19) – Capricorns work their way through the world and are very ambitious, independent, and resourceful. However, they can also be cold and controlling, especially in their relationships. A little green stone to their Heart Chakra might remove that damaging tendency.
  11. Aquarius (January 20-February 18) – Aquarians are friendly and are great lovers of humanity. They live to serve others and are very intellectual. The downside is, they tend to be overbearing and stuck-up know-it-alls. A bit of humility during their transformative use of Moldavite can help them shift focus from themselves so they can start listening to others. 
  12. Pisces (February 19- March 20) – Pisces are creative, free, and are gentle dreamers. They get along with everyone and can assume different personas to suit the situation. However, they tend to escape from their problems and most of them have a tendency toward addiction. Luckily, Moldavite removes limiting beliefs that push Pisces toward a downward spiral. 

Moldavite and Planetary Connection 

Moldavite is such a versatile stone that it can’t be tied to a single Zodiac sign. The same goes for its planetary connections. Since it came from the cosmos, no single heavenly body has sole power over this stone. In fact, all the planets in the solar system, including the sun, has influence over Moldavite. 

Each planet symbolizes a need or a drive. The inner planets–Mercury, Venus, and Mars rule over day-to-day aspects of our lives such as communication, love, and conflict resolution respectively. Meanwhile, the outer planets–Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto rule over larger and broader schemes in your life. These planets also differ in the type of energy they emit. Venus and Jupiter are largely benefic or bring good energy, while Mars and Saturn bring malefic or destructive energies. 

Each person’s birth chart differs, but when you get around to analyzing and studying your own chart, you’ll see how your signs play with these planets. The same goes for Moldavite, although, it’s influenced by all the planets so it’s kind of a hyper-energized mish-mash of energies. 

To put it simply, the sun represents the self and your conscious mind. This symbolizes the “true you.” The Moon rules over emotions and our shadowy side. Mercury rules over communication and expression and also your intellect. Venus rules over romance, love, and pleasure. On the flip side, its celestial consort, Mars, rules over our conflict resolution, sex drive, and motivation for our actions.

As for the outer planets, Jupiter represents luck, growth, travel, education, and expansion. Saturn, on the other hand, represents boundaries, life and love lessons, discipline, and our inner teacher. Uranus is the planet of awakenings and revelations. It’s also the planet of radical revolutions within yourself and it’s usually a jolt to the well-established norm. Neptune is the planet of dreams and spirituality. Lastly, Pluto is the planet of transformations and the subconscious mind. 

Since Moldavite rules over transformation and change within a person and also on earth, it’s important that it’s empowered by all these celestial bodies. The planets’ dominion over different aspects of our lives and their connection to Moldavite just shows how much and how fast this stone can transform and bring change to a person and their circumstances. This is just one of the things that make it a very powerful stone.

Moldavite and the Elements 

Moldavite, although its origins are celestial, imparts a lot of strong, stable, and nourishing earth energy to its owner. The earth element represents foundations and without a strong one, nothing can last, thrive, or even be created. The earth element imparts wellness and healing energy and represents a person’s ability to remain grounded despite all the challenges and troubles they face. 

Moldavite provides stability to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual foundations of a person. A person’s physical foundation includes their home, business, family, and culture. On the other hand, a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual foundation is their centeredness, stamina, endurance, and determination. 

In the Hindu chakra system, earth energy corresponds to a person’s Root Chakra. Earth energy in this system is supposed to impart the energy of stability, patience, honesty, and balance. This is the energy that makes us feel secure and grounded. Earth energy relates to work, material gain and the physical realm. 

The most important concepts connected with it are the concepts of the body, strength, stillness, endurance, power, healing, and mystery. Traditionally, it’s associated with the winter season and the cardinal direction North. 

Moldavite and Numerology

As we know by now, Moldavite is a stone that has a particularly high vibrational frequency. Everything is made up of energy, and because of Moldavite’s explosive origins, it has a really unique frequency. 

To get the vibrational frequency of stones and crystals, you can either use a scientific instrument like a multimeter to measure their actual frequency in Hertz, or you can use Numerology. To get the vibrational frequency of Moldavite, you’d have to add up all the numerical equivalents of all the letters in Moldavite’s name until you reach a single digit. That digit is that stone’s vibrational frequency. 

Moldavite resonates with two numbers–the numbers 2 and 6. The number 2 resonates with the Sacred Feminine energy. This number and those associated with it bring harmony and peace wherever they go. They’re diplomats who want nothing but peace and happiness for everyone they meet. They’re very friendly and gentle and are very sensitive but ambitious. Justice is their top priority, and they’re really in touch with their life purpose and mission. 

On the other hand, those who are associated with the number 6 are very compassionate, nurturing, and loving. Number 6 exudes an energy of empathy and is associated with the energy of Mother Gaia. People associated with this number are very loving, protective, and are great healers. They’re basically the embodiment of Divine Grace–selfless, altruistic, and loving. 

Moldavite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Moldavite can quickly and efficiently energize and activate all chakra points. And as it does this, it helps release a great amount of physical, spiritual, and emotional burden. But Moldavite healing properties for the chakra system doesn’t end there. In fact, it resonates the most with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. And below are just some ways Moldavite helps these three important chakra points.

The Heart Chakra, located near the breastbone, is the seat of a person’s emotions. The Heart Chakra is also the valve that controls how all the other chakras interact. It regulates how a person interacts with himself and other people. It’s the chakra with which we reflect upon how we feel about ourselves and how we express ourselves to other people. 

If left unbalanced, a person might become too controlling or open to manipulation in their relationships. It can also spark an intense emotional response to mundane things. Moldavite removes the blockages from the Heart Chakra so that a person can feel what they need to feel and still be responsible enough to respect their internal and external boundaries with other people.

The Third Eye Chakra, on the other hand, is located between your brows. This is the body’s center of consciousness, perception, and command. It directs our sight and even our awareness in this world. This chakra helps us see the world and situate ourselves in it. If a person’s Third Eye Chakra is unbalanced, there’s a high chance that their perception of the world is skewed. There’s also a possibility that a person may find it difficult to filter through bad thoughts and may fall into despair. That’s because their perception of themselves and of the world might be altered to think of the worst always. Moldavite helps clears these thoughts so a person can get in tune with their higher selves for healing. Moldavite also gives a person a boost to perceive and be open to new ideas, dreams, and visions. 

Lastly, a person’s Crown Chakra is their gateway to the universe and other realms. This helps a person open their consciousness to be able to receive messages and truths from the universe. It also inspires unconditional love for the whole of existence. The Crown Chakra is a person’s source of spirituality and if it’s balanced, all of the other chakras are balanced as well. Moldavite helps strengthen and fortify the Crown Chakra by helping us see things as they are and situate ourselves in the grand scheme of things. People whose Crown Chakra have been positively influenced by Moldavite find themselves unfazed by setbacks because they know that it’s all part of the plan. 

Moldavite for Rapid Spiritual Transformation 

As a very powerful Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra stone, Moldavite is able to help a person move forward in life. And that doesn’t just include the physical and the materialistic aspects of life. Moldavite transforms the soul and spirit of a person as it reminds them of where they came from. After making that person aware of their spiritual and cosmic roots, Moldavite points them to their destiny–the path of the stars. 

Moldavite transforms the spirit through its cosmic connection. A person’s chakra points go way above the Crown Chakra and into the cosmos itself. As you hold a Moldavite gemstone, you can feel the otherworldly energy it has–because it has started to connect you with the universe and most likely, your own Etheric Chakras. The Etheric Chakras contain information about your past lives, the lessons you’ve learned through your journey in samsara (cycle of rebirth). Gaining access to this information and more makes you aware of the changes you need to make to transform the path you’re on. 

Moldavite also connects a person to the ascended masters, cosmic messengers, and beings of light–those who have already achieved enlightenment and wisdom. They’re very powerful teachers that can guide you through your journey in this world. This connection and all the healing and transformative energy make a person see that all life in the universe is connected and that we need to love ourselves and the world around us so everyone–and everything–can achieve true peace and enlightenment. 

Crystals to Combine with Moldavite for Intense Transformation and Rapid Healing 

There are several crystals you can use with your Moldavite to encourage transformation and healing. 

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds, in particular, is an example of an attunement stone, used in attuning yourself with people, groups, or your environment. This especially helps if the healer and the person being healed aren’t fully acquainted. Herkimer Diamonds also help intensify the power of other stones, and just in case you’re going to use it with Moldavite, you have a high chance of experiencing healing and transformation at a fast speed. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart. They attune a person with their own feelings and they help soothe, calm and heal people from very traumatic experiences.

Clear Danburite

Clear Danburite is also a Heart Chakra stone that increases a person’s acceptance of themselves. It heals the heart while opening up the Crown Chakra. It then links the two chakras together to uplift the spirit and to help let go of heavy and painful things in a person’s past.  

White Azeztulite

White Azeztulite is a variety of Quartz that has an intimate connection with extra-terrestrial life. This stone feels different, perhaps in a way like Moldavite feels in the hands, but it also depends on the person holding it and how spiritually aligned they are. It attunes the soul to higher planes of existence and is said to aid in the rapid ascension of the soul. 


Phenacites are similar to Azeztulite in a way that it’s a high-vibration stone. But unlike Azeztulite, it activates your inner vision, intuition, and your telepathic abilities. Both Azeztulites and Phenacites bring forth spiritual growth and are very powerful spirit healing stones. 


Lastly, Amethysts can also be used alongside Moldavites because it’s a tempering stone. It clears the mind of any negative thoughts and reduces any stress or anxiety within its owner. Meditating with this stone is helpful if you’re trying to relieve yourself of darkness. It also facilitates good communication and attracts prosperity.


How to Use Your Moldavite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties 

The vibrational frequency of Moldavite gemstones is a pretty intense one. Their extraterrestrial origins make them vibrate at a frequency that’s attuned with that of the universe. Their origins give them that otherworldly feel–that tingle in your fingertips as you hold it in your hand. You may also feel flushed, energized, or even frightened. These bodily reactions in us indicate just how powerful this stone is. The question now is how can we access the powerful healing abilities of this stone? What do we need in order to reap its chakra healing benefits?

Just holding a Moldavite stone in your hand can already give you a warm and tingling sensation throughout your body, starting with your hands. This phenomenon is said to be the Moldavite flush. Some people can handle this surge of energy right away, but some might find it too overwhelming. 

For those who find it too intense, it probably is an indicator that they’re not yet ready to face the truths that Moldavite gemstones can bring into their lives. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means that that person might need to ground and center themselves and reflect on any desired changes in their lives. Once they’re ready, Moldavites can guide them through the next few major changes. 

If holding the stone is too intense, though, you can opt to infuse any carrier oil such as coconut, almond, or any oil that you like, with a small piece of Moldavite. Rubbing this oil on your chakra points before meditation will help manifest your intentions as well as open your chakra system to universal messages. 

Moldavite stones can be used during guided meditation sessions to help you connect with your subconscious mind and elevate your consciousness. During this time, you can ask your stone for clarity. If you do, be prepared to face unexpected memories and lessons that need to be acknowledged, processed, and eventually released. This is how Moldavite stones heal harmful mindsets and behaviors. 

You can also use it for your own shamanic journey or past life regression. Moldavite allows you to connect to other planes of existence, so it will really help you if you’re doing a lot of spiritual work. Some people even use it to connect with the galactic angel Orion who assists people in the ascension process. This connection also activates one’s telepathic communication. 

To cleanse your Moldavite crystal, salt cleansing isn’t advised. Instead, it’s highly recommended that you set your stone outside during a meteor shower. As Moldavite isn’t an earth-native stone, it gets its energy from cosmic objects not in our solar system. You can check an astronomical events calendar to keep track of when you can cleanse your stone. 

Moldavite Dangers 

The intense energy of Moldavite might send other people running in the opposite direction, which is okay and normal. But even seasoned users of this stone also have reservations about its effects. Thankfully, there are ways we can temper the strong vibrations of this stone to lessen the uncomfortable effects it might have on its owner. 

Some owners of Moldavite stones have drastic and dramatic experiences especially as they try to connect with its energy. The heat and the flush are manifestations of this. Rapidly unearthing deep wounds is another. That’s why even before you attempt to connect with it, you have to follow your intuition to check if you’re ready to use your Moldavite gemstone. Resurfacing your unresolved trauma might jolt you out of your comfort zone, but if you’re keen on working on those issues, you have to be prepared. 

Another way of preparing yourself is by having strong grounding stones like Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline when you first work with your Moldavite. These grounding stones can help you ground yourself especially when you’re finding it difficult to let go. They help you gather more strength to move forward. If you force your own transformation when you’re not ready, you’re actually doing more harm than good. 

Larimar and Turquoise can also help smooth and calm down the energies of Moldavite. Both Larimar and Turquoise act as healing balms that radiate a lot of love and healing energy to counteract the high frequency of Moldavite. It’s also recommended that you first acquire a small Moldavite gemstone and work your way with bigger pieces. Bigger Moldavites can definitely be too powerful if not handled correctly.

Lastly, if you’re wearing Moldavite jewelry, you might feel a little spacey and light-headed. If this happens, you might need to set your stone down and take a break from its energy, and you can go back to it when you’re ready.

How to Tell If Moldavite is Real or Fake?

Because Moldavite is a very rare and prized gemstone, there are a lot of “sellers” out there who manufacture and sell fakes. If you’re particularly sensitive to crystal energies and you have trained your perception to see through crystal energies, you can easily tell if your stone is a fake. You simply won’t feel the tingling sensation from the surge of Moldavite energy. 

Another way to spot the fakes is by looking closely at their texture, color, and shape. Fake Moldavites are glassier and smoother than the real thing. That’s because manufacturers of fakes try to imitate the naturally-occurring patterns on these stones with artificial methods. The same goes for Moldavite gemstone colors. Fakes are usually more brilliantly green than the real Moldavites.

Some faceted cuts of Moldavite gemstones are also probably fake so beware. Large pieces of Moldavites that are sold cheap are probably a scam, so try to research the seller thoroughly, especially if they’re from an online store. Researching on the kind of Moldavite you want will also help you avoid fakes. Lastly, it’s better to deal with official sellers from the Czech Republic to get a sure genuine Moldavite.

How to Use Moldavite for Feng Shui

In the art of Feng Shui, Moldavite is said to radiate wood energy. Wood energy is the energy of growth, strength, new beginnings, and expansion. This definitely ties up with Moldavite’s transformative properties and benefits. But aside from that, Moldavite also exhibits nourishing qualities that cater not only to the person’s physical health but also to their spiritual health. 

Stones that give off wood energy are also said to bring vitality and abundance to whoever uses them. Green stones, like Moldavite, can enhance a space used for eating. This enhances the prosperity area of the home. Families with small children may also place small ornaments made of Moldavite for protection from negative forces. Moldavite will especially be useful in spaces where you’re starting a new project. Moldavites can be placed in the east and southeast areas of a home, which corresponds to the family and health area, and the prosperity and abundance area. 

Moldavite in Folklore and Ancient Times

Moldavites have long been used by ancient peoples. Archaeological evidence shows that neolithic people have been using the stone at least 25,000 years ago as arrowheads and stone cutting tools. The famous Goddess statue called Venus of Willendorf was actually found with a few pieces of Moldavite stone near it. 

Moldavites have also been used as protective talismans and amulets of good fortune and fertility throughout the ages. Some even link the stone to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table. According to legend, Moldavite was the material with which the Arthurian Holy Grail was made out of. 

Others also claim that the Holy Grail is a Moldavite chalice that was used at the last supper. Some sources claim that it was the vessel that held Christ’s blood at the crucifixion. Some even believe that Moldavite is an Emerald that fell out of Lucifer’s crown as he was being cast out of heaven. 

Moldavite is also associated with the phoenix–a legendary bird said to be reborn from its own ashes. This association clearly harks back to Moldavite’s properties as a powerful transformative stone. In Sanskrit, Moldavite is called Agni mani, or the fire pearl, because of its cosmic and explosive origins. 

How is Moldavite Formed? 

Moldavite is a Tektite, which is a group of natural glasses. Tektite, which comes from the Greek word Tektos, means molten. Moldavite in particular is formed by interplanetary collision-when a meteorite or other space debris crashes into the earth. This collision creates a huge impact and generates a lot of heat, almost molting surrounding rocks at the crash site. 

Moldavites are made up of a mixture of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and other metals. They have an amorphous crystal structure, which means they can exist in a number of shapes and forms that remind one of fluid or molten material being strewn about. Unlike other tektites that are black or brownish-black, they typically are translucent and occur in colors like deep forest green. Moldavites usually have a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. 

Moldavites are only found in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) and are named after the area where it was first found–at the Moldau River. The origins of Moldavite are up for debate, but most deposits of the stone are as old as the meteorite crash in the area around 14.8 million years ago. 


Moldavite really is the Stone of Transformation and Great Power. It’s a stone that made its way from the cosmos to the earth to plant the seeds of a new life and a new path to those who heed its call. Powerful this stone may be, there are a lot of things a person has to consider and be careful of while handling a piece of Moldavite. But overall, this high-energy stone really tells us that the universe always has a way of connecting and helping us grow.


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