Malachite: Meaning, Jewelry, and Healing Properties

Malachite meanning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Malachite:

  1. Known as the “Stone of Transformation”, Malachite encourages us to take risks; life is meant for adventures and discovery.
  2. Stimulates the Heart Chakra, Malachite helps us be in touch with our needs and desires, and our emotions and feelings. This allows us to be our authentic selves in relationships with others.
  3. Malachite makes it easier to kick bad habits and stop self-destructive thought patterns.

Malachite is among the most powerful and versatile crystals that you can use today. Since ancient times, this precious stone has held a special place in the history of man due its many properties. Learn more about this precious gemstone and how you can harness its healing power in the form of Malachite jewelry, prayer beads, tumbled stones, and meditation stones.

What is Malachite?

Malachite is a captivatingly green mineral composed of copper carbonate hydroxide. It is usually bought as a polished stone with bands or irregular circles of different shades of green—from green with a silver sheen to a green so deep that it is nearly black. In nature, it is commonly found in the form of pointed stalactites or grape-like butyroidal coatings. Rarely, it is found in the form of a translucent crystal.

What is Malachite Stone Good for?

Malachite has healing energies that can be used on a number of problems—from the physical to the metaphysical, this precious stone can do so much to make your life better.

Malachite Physical Healing Properties

On a physical level, Malachite is known to resonate with the female reproductive system. It has been used to manifest intentions of regulating the menstrual cycle and treatment of sexual diseases and trauma. It is called the Midwife Stone by some because its presence in the birthing room can helps ease labor pains. On a more general note, it can be used to relieve the suffering of those experiencing cold sweats, trembling, intestinal problems, osteoarthritis, memory problems, and epilepsy. Malachite gemstone has a special affinity to the liver and kidney—both organs that help remove toxins from the body.

Malachite is also known as a cleansing stone. It can absorb pollution and cleanse the air within your home. This pollution includes harmful electromagnetic vibrations from appliances and gadgets within our home.

In ancient times, this stone was also used for protection for warriors and travelers—those who are likely to encounter danger. Children were also given Malachite to protect against accidents.

Malachite Emotional Healing Properties

Malachite is one of the most powerful stones of transformation used in crystal energy practices today. Its green color reminds one of verdant growth—and that is what it gives its user. Many people fear change and growth because it means leaving what is familiar and facing the unknown. Even if they know that the change is for the better, it can still be difficult to leave what the devil that you know. This is where Malachite comes in. It instills courage to face the uncertainties of life, and helps keep one’s motivation and persistence strong.

There may be setbacks when you introduce change within yourself—things never go exactly as planned. But with Malachite by your side, you can weather this challenges and power through them. It helps clear the mind, seeing setbacks not as mistakes, but lessons to learn from. In this way, every problem becomes an opportunity. Malachite also makes it easier to get kick bad habits and stop self-destructive thought patterns.

Malachite makes positive change happen by encouraging the user to be true to his/her authentic self. It is a strong motivator for self-expression, alleviating shyness and fear of judgment. By being true to who you really are, you make changes that impact your life positively. You can attract people who appreciate the real you, creating meaningful relationships that help heal past emotional abuse, self-esteem issues, and depression.

Malachite Spiritual Healing Properties

The Malachite gemstone is a strong spiritual cleanser. Because it is dense and opaque, it is able to absorb negative energy. There may be memories and beliefs buried deep in our subconscious that cause us suffering without our knowing it—using Malachite during meditation and prayer can help bring these issues to the light. Once we become aware of it, we can take steps to change.

Its color is the color of nature. Using this stone in meditative practices can help you commune with the earth. It strengthens your connection to all who share in this world, making you aware of how your words and actions impact others. With this awareness, your spirit becomes fortified with kindness and understanding.

What Does Malachite Attract?

Using the Malachite gemstone will attract positive forces that make change easier. Transition periods are marked by turbulence, but Malachite helps make the ride smoother by bringing prosperity, openness, and abundance to you. It brings clarity of mind to the user, drawing awareness to one’s true identity, needs, and desires. With this stone, you are also able to view situations without bias, allowing you to make better decisions.

Malachite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The Malachite gemstone plays an important role in rebalancing chakras. With its green crystal energy, it can remove blocks to achieve a smooth energy flow. However, it is most intimately involved with the Heart and Throat Chakras.

The Heart Chakra controls what we accept and what we resist—what we choose to bring into our hearts and what we choose to bar our hearts from. It involves the relationship between us as individuals and the others in our environment. When this is misaligned, there are two scenarios: you are either controlled by your emotions or completely out-of-touch with them. This manifests most saliently as issues with intimacy and creating meaningful relationships with others and with yourself. The key is to balance these two: to validate your emotions while not letting them take over your actions.

The Throat Chakra gives us the energy to express who we are to others. It is the center for our ability to communicate and get our message across. An unbalanced Throat Chakra can manifest as a fearful timidity that makes us prone to abuse, or as an abrasive communication style that discourages the input of others.

Malachite healing properties rebalance both the Heart and Throat Chakras. When we are in touch with our needs and desires, our emotions and feelings, we are able to share ourselves intimately with others. This authenticity and vulnerability leads us to meaningful relationships that bring us true joy. With the Malachite gemstone, we become more aware of the cycle nature of relationships, be more accepting of the ups and downs that are normal when we interact with others. We are better able to get messages across to our loved ones, minimizing the chances of misunderstandings, and giving us the ability to resolve conflicts when they do arise.

Wearing Malachite jewelry is a great way to keep your chakras balanced. It works particularly well when worn as a necklace—you can have a short necklace that rests at the center of the base of the neck for the Throat Chakra, or a longer one that rests at the center of your chest for the Heart Chakra.

Who Can Benefit from Malachite?

Malachite is a great stone that can be used by anyone for a wide variety of intentions. With its physical, emotional and spiritual benefits in mind, those who would most benefit would include:

  • Those undergoing major life changes. Malachite is the stone of transformation. If you are moving to a new home, starting a new job, getting into a serious relationship, quitting a bad habit, or trying to stick to a resolution, this is one of the best stones to help you in your journey.
  • Those in accident-prone occupations. Malachite has long been used to protect the wearer. If you work in transport, operate heavy machinery, or travel heavily would greatly benefit from bringing Malachite to the office.
  • Those suffering from a heartbreak. As Malachite stimulates the Heart Chakra, it is a great stone that will help you get over past relationships, forgive mistakes, learn from mistakes, and become closer towards being the best version of you.
  • Older folks. Malachite healing properties target many maladies that often besiege the aged. Those who suffer from osteoarthritis, memory issues, and liver or kidney problems would do well to keep Malachite in their homes or use them as Malachite jewelry.

Zodiac Signs that Benefit from Malachite Healing Properties

Malachite is particularly powerful for those born under the Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn zodiac signs.

Taurus is intimately associated with the earth element. Those born under this sign are steady, dependable, patient, and calm. However, this also means they can be especially resistant or anxious about change.This verdant green echoes the forests that derive life from the earth—in the same way, Malachite promotes the growth of Taurus people. This is why Malachite is the Taurus rising stone. It helps them accept change and adjust to the unexpected that could come their way.

Malachite pulsates with Plutonian energy, making it ideal for those born under the Scorpio sign because Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto. Its monoclinic crystalline structure promotes flexibility of plans. It improves Scorpio’s mindfulness—their ability to observe carefully before reacting to a situation.

Capricorns are characterized by being practical and realistic—when they are stressed, this may present as a lack of creativity and pessimism. Those born under Capricorn will find that use of Malachite jewelry and stones helps them think out-of-the-box and helps them relax.

What Other Stones Work Well with Malachite?

Malachite has many strengths, but if you want to amplify one over the other, you may pair it with specific stones.

If you want to use Malachite to increase your willpower to change, pair it with:


Citrine is a yellow- to gold-colored crystal that is one of the best sources of radiant energy. It imbibes the wearer with a sunny disposition, giving them a positive attitude even in the face of setbacks. It is intimately associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra found in navel. This is the energy center related to personal power, will, and intellect.


Carnelian is a beautiful stone colored with hues of orange, reminiscent of the setting sun. This fiery-looking crystal promotes boldness and increases self-confidence. It helps dissipate anxiety, worries and fear of judgment. With this stone, you will not be afraid of going out of your comfort zone. You can use this with Malachite when your energy feels depleted with the effort needed to change your circumstances. This will vitalize you and prepare you for the challenges ahead.


Pyrite is a metallic-looking yellowish crystal that can be mistaken for gold by the untrained eye. It strengthens one’s persistence and determination to follow through with tasks. Meditation with this tone can take away self-limiting beliefs that stand in the way of the improvements you want to make within yourself. It is a stone of empowerment that helps you see clearer what you have to do in order to achieve your goal.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a dramatic stone that is banded with colors of brown and gold. When you loose willpower to change because you have no idea what to do to get there, this crystal can guide the way. It organizes scattered thoughts into a singular focus so you understand what you need to do on a step-by-step basis.

If your goal is geared towards creating meaningful relationships with those around you, you can use Malachite to open up your Heart Chakra. Its energy can be amplified with the following stones:


Chrysocolla is a beautiful stone spotted with brilliant blue and bright green. It helps one deal with heartache and emotional traumas, encouraging them to be vulnerable with others who want the best for them. With this stone, the wearer is able to differentiate between when they should talk and when they should listen. It diffuses emotionally-charged situations that may trigger negative reactions between people.


Turquoise is a well-known blueish green stone that has been used for centuries to give a sense of serenity and calmness to the wearer. With a soothed mind, we are able to see without the damning lens of bias and prejudice. We become more empathic to others’ needs, wishing for them what we wish for ourselves. By being kinder and more sympathetic towards others, we are in a better position to create meaningful relationships.


Azurite is a captivating blue crystal that reminds one of the deep, peaceful ocean. It helps open the Heart Chakra by getting rid of the mindsets behind negative behaviors that impede intimacy. It helps improves one’s emotional strength, lending courage against depression, grief, and fear of vulnerability. It helps us see things from a clearer perspective, allowing us to tell whether someone cares for us authentically or otherwise.


Azurite-Malachite Properties and Meanings

Azurite and Malachite are both secondary minerals of copper, formed when this reacts with substances containing carbon. Because of this, it is understandable that they are commonly found together. In fact, Azurite can turn into Malachite given enough time and the right conditions. Their chemical formulas are incredibly similar, with differences only in the ratio of the elements they contain. However, these slight differences in the chemical composition translate to big differences in the properties they have.

Copper deposits oxidized by carbon compounds may form a stone that is a mix of both: hence Azurite-Malachite is formed. It is a mix of Azurite’s deep, rich blue and Malachite’s verdant, captivating green—in polished form, it looks like how Earth would look from space. These possess the healing properties of each individual crystal, but the synthesis also gives birth to other unique healing benefits.

Because it is the union of two stones, Azurite-Malachite has the power to connect two people who are different from one another. If you are moving to a different country or working with people who may not have the same background as you, this is a great stone to use. It helps sharpen focus to finish tasks at hand, keeping the urge to procrastinate at bay. It has strong cleansing power, purging both mind and body from negative forces. It protects one from malignancy, hastening recovery following trauma and bringing one back to top shape.

How to Use Your Malachite Gemstone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

There are many ways you can use your Malachite crystal. You may choose to hold the stone during meditation. If you do this lying down, you may place it over your Heart Chakra in the middle of your chest to rebalance its energy. Make sure to reflect on your intention deeply so that stone’s energy is focused on that goal. Since journaling is a form of meditation, you may also hold it in your other hand as your write.

Use prayer beads made of Malachite during spiritual commune as you ask the heavens for the manifestation of your intention. Wearing these during the day as a bracelet is another way of strengthening its power.

Malachite jewelry in the form of rings, bracelets, or necklaces can be highly effective in making use of the stone’s healing properties as the day goes by.

How to Use Malachite Gemstone in Feng Shui

With its verdant green color, Malachite makes a great cure for Health and Family, and Money and Abundance. Placing these in the east-facing part of your room or office for the former, or in the southeast corner for the latter. It can also be placed in your work area, particularly beside your computer, to keep you focused and on-task while at the same time allowing it to absorb electromagnetic pollution.

Malachite is incorporated in many feng shui ornamental pieces, particularly in the shape of turtles, eggs, spheres, or Wu Lou (Chinese wealth gourds). You may choose to purchase them and place in strategic parts of your home or office.

How to Charge and Program Your Malachite with Your Intentions

Before using your Malachite crystal, be sure to cleanse it. It absorbs negative energy in order to protect the user, so it is important to cleanse this stone regularly. You may do so by leaving it on a bed of salt under the moonlight overnight. Then remove the salt, place fragrant herbs over the stone and leave it under the moonlight for the second night. You may also bury it under the soil for a few days to allow Gaia’s energy to re-purify its power. Alternatively, placing it on top of a bed of quartz crystals will have the same effect.

There are several ways to charge Malachite with your intention—but be sure that this is something that will lead you and others to good rather than harm as crystals only work with pure intentions. You may meditate with it in your hands or on your chosen chakra, and reflect intently on what you wish to change. Summarize it in a simple sentence and repeat this out loud as you meditate.You may write your intention on a piece of paper and place your polished Malachite on top, finding time at least once a day to meditate over it.

Is Malachite Dangerous?

Malachite in its polished or tumbled form is safe to touch. However, precautions must be taken when handling it in its raw form because of its high copper sulfate content. People who mine, cut, polish, carve or drill Malachite need to use personal protective equipment to prevent contact with skin and inhalation of particles. In addition, moisture causes the release of toxic fumes from this stone.

This crystal should not be used to make elixirs, mixed in drinking water, inhaled, ingested, or have prolonged contact with the nose, mouth, or any other orifices of the body covered in mucous membranes. Placement under water or in areas with high moisture (such as bathrooms) is also highly discouraged.

Make sure that you use Malachite stones that are already polished. Keep them in a dry and clean environment at all times. Cloth may be placed between the stone and skin without diminishing its power. This way, you can fully benefit from Malachite healing properties without any harm coming to your physical body.

Where Is Malachite Found?

Malachite has been mined in many places all over the world, but the largest deposits are in the Ural Mountains of Russia, in the Katanga mines of the Democratice Republic of Congo, in the Tsumeb and Enke mines of Namibia, in the Touissit and Kerrouchene mines of Morocco. In Europe, beautiful specimens are found in the French Rhone-Alps, while Arizona is North America’s top Malachite gemstone deposits. In Latin America, majority of these crystals are taken from Bahia, Brazil, and Zacatecas and Sonora in Mexico. A notable newly discovered deposit has been found in Guangdong province of China.

How Is Malachite Formed?

This precious stone is formed relatively near the surface of the ground, within the cracks and crevices of porous rocks. The Malachite gemstone is born out of the reaction of copper and carbon. Usually, a copper deposit within the earth reacts with limestone or carbonated water.

Copper artifacts in archaeological sites are often covered in a patina of green, which is a form of Malachite. Even copper statues and sculptures exposed to the elements might have a greenish sheen—an indication of Malachite formation.

How Was Malachite Used in Ancient Times?

The Malachite gemstone has been used for centuries because of its special characteristics. Most notable of all is its color—Malachite is always green, usually banded with different shades ranging from pale silvery green to a verdant, tropical forest green. It is a relatively soft mineral with a score of 3.5-4 on the Moh’s Hardness scale. This makes it easy to manipulate into different shapes.

In ancient Egypt, Malachite jewelry and decorative ornaments were widely used. Malachite gemstone was believed to give protection to the wearer, hence it was often incorporated into amulets. Ancient Greeks and Romans carved the gemstone into sculptures, vases, and table surfaces. However, it was the Russian czars who most famously incorporated it into architecture—the captivatingly green pillars of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg are made completely of Malachite.

Malachite intense green color made and softness made it ideal to use as a pigment. Archaeologists have unearthed kits made for grinding Malachite in ancient Egyptian sites. Hieroglyphs and historical documents support the idea that it was used as a special eye paint called “udju”, meant to grant the wearer the protection of the goddess Hathor—the goddess for beauty, happiness, love and femininity.


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