Lava Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

lava stone meanings and benefits

Is your life getting dull? Need a change of pace but too scared to make it? If you can relate to both of these, then the Lava Stone benefits would be a great asset to you. With the harnessed energy from the earth and volcanoes, you can approach life in a new light. Discover the light within you through the fire from the earth. If you want to know more about what the Lava Stone can do to you, keep reading!

Top 3 Benefits of Lava Stone Crystals

  • Calming – Fiery energies aren’t just for igniting your passion, but it also has a soothing effect. The Lava Stone can ease your nerves and balance your emotions to help you face new challenges in life.
  • Grounding – Even if you’re pursuing high levels of spirituality, it is important to stay grounded and take in the world around you. With this gemstone, you will feel more relaxed and secure in your choices.
  • Revitalization – With the power of the volcano, the Lava Stone will ignite the bright and creative soul inside you.

What is Lava Stone Good For?

Lava Stones are very unique stones because they literally come from volcanoes. Because of this, it has a sort of energy and vibration that is unmatched by other stones.

The volcanic properties within it lights a fire in one’s soul to help you achieve great lengths. All aspects of its healing abilities relate to the spark that is ignited with the Lava Stone. It empowers you to push through personal challenges. It gives you a burst of creativity and inspiration for your daily tasks. It also grants you the wisdom to find the truth in the world. Use this gemstone when facing challenges, and it can grant you the knowledge to stay grounded and assess the situation.

Also called Basalt, Lava Stone has been used for centuries for healing. People before believed that volcanoes and mountains have their own personalities themselves, so it naturally follows that stones that formed from that have special abilities.

This gemstone is used as a grounding stone for it develops and strengthens your connection to Mother Earth. Even though it pulls you up, it also brings you back down to earth when you’re getting too ahead of yourself. The vibrations from this gemstone will bring you courage and stability during changes in your life. Aside from that, you also get guidance and knowledge that will help you recover during tough and difficult circumstances.

People usually think that volcanoes are raging, but they act calmly, too. Similarly, the Lava Stone has the ability to soothe anger and bring changes to negative behaviors.

What Are the Healing Properties of Lava Stone?

Spiritual Healing Properties

Because of its fiery energy, the Lava Stone has revitalizing properties that are better suited for grounding than healing. Nevertheless, this is still a vital part of spiritual health. By connecting you to Mother Earth, you can benefit from its soothing and therapeutic properties.

Forming a strong connection with the earth can help you better understand the way the world works as well as clear your mind for meditation. Also, grounding naturally helps balance and energize all your Chakras as well. For this stone in particular, it would feel warm and intense.

This stone is also great for renewal and creating change in your life. Oftentimes, making huge developments can be scary. This is where this stone comes in. Its grounding vibrations would comfort you during these times as you transition to different states of mind.

Emotional Healing Properties

Lava Stone benefits are all about calming your emotions. Since it came from the volcanoes, it draws its healing abilities from the planet. As a result, the quality of fire within it is so good that it leads to an intense soothing sensation. This gemstone will drive away negative emotions and bring a rush of positivity in your everyday life.

In fact, even in ancient times, this stone has been used by warriors in the past to calm their nerves for battle. More than that, it can also help you release angry and aggressive behaviors for more emotional balance.

This stone has a lot of raw energy, and its meaning also relates to rebirth and renewal. What it does for your emotional state is that it sheds away layers of emotional attachment. That then allows you to start anew once your past misgivings have been taken away.

In addition, Lava Stone is a wonderful aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.  All you have to do is add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy its therapeutic benefits as you go about your day. 

Mental Healing Properties

Are you always mentally stuck in a rut? Luckily, the Lava Stone is great for just these exact problems.

This gemstone is great to use if you want to boost your motivation, inspiration, and creativity. If you’ve suddenly lost the urge to carry on, it can reignite the fire within to help you achieve your goals. More than that, Lava Stone also allows you to express and encourage you to speak out.

These stones will sometimes remind you when it’s time to make changes in your life as well. If you feel drawn to it, then it’s likely the stone telling you that you will enter a new phase in your life.

If you find that you also have difficulty defining your life goals, then this stone is actually perfect for you. What it does is get rid of your anxiety and help you discover what you want undisturbed. It helps that this stone also promotes success. Another thing the Lava Stone’s fire does is burn away fears and doubts from your mind.

Physical Healing Properties

Not much is known about the physical healing abilities of Lava Stone. One ability of this stone is that it can boost your fertility.

Lava Stone, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Lava Stone is associated with the astrological signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

Taurus is literally known for their stable and reliable characteristics. A Lava Stone can help them maintain their uncompromising aura. People with this sign are generally practical and devoted. When it becomes too much though, they can come off as too stubborn and unyielding. This trait can put some people off but with the right gemstones, the Taurus sign would find their balance and be more open while still maintaining stability.

Scorpios have a lot in common with the Taurus in the sense that they are stubborn. This sign is also known to be passionate, assertive, and a natural leader. Just like a Lava Stone, you need to be stable in order to make rational decisions. It also initiates their creativity and helps them express their emotions.

Lava Stone and Planetary Connection

Lava Stone gemstones connect to the energies of three astrological planets: Earth, Saturn, and Pluto.

In astrology, Earth is related to our inner identity. It’s all about the things that we really need and keep us grounded. By understanding the duality of our existence, we become more aware of ourselves and our purpose in the world. With this, we can better recognize the things that challenge and contradict us.

Saturn rules our way of handling challenges. This is the planet of rules, discipline, and restriction. Energies resonating form this planet tells about our personal responsibilities and our limitations. Gemstones in this planet help you discover your ambitions and the reasons behind them. What this planet does is evaluate your past and bring you new challenges to help you better understand yourself and your capabilities.

Coincidentally, Pluto is also the ruling planet of Scorpio, the signs related to the Lava Stone. It represents death and transformation. Transformation in this sense can also mean rebirth. Pluto tells us how we deal with higher powers like death and rebirth. This planet will bring drastic changes to your life to see how you deal with these situations. They can be relentless and unforgiving in the problems they throw at you, but it is all done for the pursuit of truth.

Lava Stone and The Elements

With its volcanic energy, it seems pretty obvious what elements rule this stone, and those are Earth and Fire.

Earth energies bring abundance and growth. This element is often responsible for attracting wealth, luck, good fortune, and success. It’s also about growth and fertility. Earth element gemstones like the Lava Stone are great for building strength in times of adversity.

Fire is about both creation and destruction. It powers your actions. This element gives you life, enthusiasm, inspiration, and vitality. It is often used for transformation because it has the power to destroy old habits to make way for new and better ones.

Lava Stone and Numerology

Lava Stone has a frequency of two numbers: one and seven.

The one vibration inspire growth that leads you towards leadership and independence. It brings will power, creativity, intuition, and assertiveness. These traits will help you take control of your life and lead yourself to the right path. Too much of it, though, turns into arrogance and egotistical behavior.

On the other hand, seven is about spiritual awakening and enlightenment. This inspires deep contemplation and meditation, which help you discern the truth and find peace. It doesn’t just refer to philosophy but also the sciences. Excessive contemplation can lead to depression and passiveness as well as self-righteousness. It’s important to strike a balance, so you won’t end up being too critical of others.

Lava Stone for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The Root Chakra is the energy that is closely related to the Lava Stone. The Root, or also called Base Chakra is about stability and security. Before you can proceed with enlightenment or other parts of your personality, you need to have your basic needs met. When balanced, you feel a sense of accomplishment and contentment with what you have right now. When unbalanced, we tend to feel underappreciated or like we are always struggling for survival.

Lava Stone for Grounding During Uncertain Times

Mother Earth is always there to guide you wherever you are. The Lava Stone gemstone has a strong connection to her, and this is why it is so effective for grounding. By staying grounded, you feel more secure and safe. You feel that no matter the challenges ahead, you can overcome them. Even when alone, it would feel like someone is there to support you. With this, you can feel more courageous and confident that you can face anything.

Its grounding properties are great to use when you are going through different stages in your life. The gemstone brings with it stability, which helps you navigate and transition through changes. We all get scared and anxious during these times, but know that you have the power of the earth on your side.

Combine Lava Rock with These Crystals for Smooth Transformation

Sometimes we need an extra boost in our transformations. What you can do is pair the Lava Stone with these gemstones.


Known as the Stone of Transformation, Malachite has strong protective abilities that aids you in your journey. It also helps promote emotional risk-taking and motivates you to act. Use this if you’re still shy and afraid of taking action.


This stone is famous for empowerment. Its feminine energy is gentle and comforting. More than anything though, it is a stone for teaching and encourages its owners to express their knowledge for the benefit of the public.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye has been used for centuries to improve your life. It brings with it the determination to change and improve your current circumstances. By balancing our emotions and thoughts, we better understand the problem at hand and the steps needed to overcome them.


With the power of the moon, this crystal brings thoughts and feelings of hope and dreams. Moonstones push you to pursue dreams for a better future. It also reduces your ego, which is often what’s holding you back from making any significant life choices.


Labradorites are more about enhancing your intuitive abilities. What it does is calm your mind and rid you of insecurities, which invites more inspirational and creative thoughts. It can build your strength and give you the tools needed to succeed in whatever it is you are doing.


If you want to tap into your creative side, the Carnelian is the perfect stone to pair with you. It is often referred to as a stone for “writer’s block” and helps us get creative in finding a solution to our problem. Aside from that, it can also bring good luck and fortune your way, so you can expect great results on your new ventures with the support of Carnelian.

How to Use Your Lava Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Incorporate the Lava Stone in your life through these practices.

  • Wear Lava Stone jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings to clear away negativity.
  • Pray with Lava Stone mala beads to activate its grounding ability.
  • Hold Lava Stones when meditating and focus your intentions on them.
  • Place Lava Stone inside your home or workspace to inspire you.
  • Use them alongside essentials, which we would go into more detail below.

Lava Stone and Essential Oils

One way this stone is used is by putting them in essential oils. They work great as diffusers of its porous texture.

If you have Lava Stones at home or bracelets with them, just put a few drops of whatever essential oil you have on them. They absorb them right away, and you can carry it around to get the most out of its scent and healing benefits. You can also smell them when you start getting stressed throughout the day. Reapply once the smell starts to fade.

How to Use Lava Stone for Feng Shui

The Lava Stone is associated with Fire Energy in feng shui. It is most commonly found in the south. northeast and southwest.

The south bagua is responsible for your fame and reputation. Use this stone to help you discover your passions and what you want to be known for in life.

The southwest bagua is about love and marriage. For couples, this can be your shared bedrooms. Placing a Lava Stone in this area can boost your libido and ignite the passion in your relationship.

Northeast rules your spirituality and growth. As a stone that promotes transformation and change, placing it in this part of your home can encourage meditation and improve your spiritual abilities.

How Is Lava Stone Formed?

As mentioned before, Lava Rock comes from volcanic eruptions. Once the lava pours out and to the surface, it would eventually begin to cool and harden. The layer closest to the surface where you will usually find the Basalt.

Where there is a volcano, then there is Lava Stone. Even within the ocean, you can actually find it just below the earth if you tried looking. Almost the entire floor of the ocean is made of it actually.

The largest concentrations of them can be found in India, Canada, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa.


Bring the fire back into your life with a Lava Stone. This stone can be just what you need to break out of the monotonous or stagnant points in your life. Use this to find your fire and point you in the right direction for personal growth.


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