Larimar: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

larimar meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Larimar Crystals

  1. Encourages clear and healthy communication
  2. Promotes a sense of serenity
  3. Helps work through past trauma

What Is Larimar Stone Good For?

The only reason many budding crystallographers have not heard of Larimar is because it is so rare. Larimar is a beautiful stone that has the unique ability to blend together the serenity of the sea with its cool blue color, and the fiery power of the volcano from where it was formed. Larimar meaning comes from its ability to combine calmness and strength. This makes it a versatile stone that can be used in any number of situations. 

Larimar benefits us because it helps us maintain a relaxed atmosphere as we push through with our goals. The clarity it brings to our mind is reflected in the clarity it gives our voice. We are able to communicate more effectively and get our point across in a way that reaches and touches other people.

What Are the Healing Properties of Larimar?

Larimar healing properties in the spiritual dimension center on getting in touch with your feminine energy. It helps build a stronger sense of intuition, connectedness with nature, calmness and peace. 

Those who enjoy spiritual exploration into the mystic realms will find that Larimar gemstone helps connect with other beings, wordlessly communicating love and kindness towards them. In doing so, it drives away evil entities from one’s environment.

Larimar meaning also translates into our mental state. Having a clear and serene mind allows us to focus better. It helps us keep in mind the bigger picture, even as we deal with the nitty-gritty details. Without the clutter of worry and fears, we clear space within our minds for the more important things in life.

Larimar gemstone soothes our emotions so we do not act on them mindlessly. It helps us work through difficult and painful feelings, transmuting them into lessons from which we can learn from. As we feel deeply, then let go, we find ourselves with a peaceful heart.

Larimar, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone 

Larimar can help many different kinds of people, but it has a special power over those born under the Zodiac sign of the lion.

Leos have big personalities. They are warm, driven, extroverted people who shine brightest when in the spotlight. They are natural-born leaders who have a magnetic power that inspires people to work together. However, if this energy goes overboard, they can come off as attention-seekers who care only about their accomplishments and reputation. 

This is where Larimar healing properties can benefit Leos. It helps temper their fiery spirit and brings them time to sit back and settle down. It helps them realize the joy of basking in someone else’s light, helps them communicate better, and gives them time to relax, making them even more effective leaders. 

Larimar and Planetary Connection

Larimar meaning is deeply connected to the energies of two seemingly opposite planets: Mercury and Neptune.

Mercury is the ruler of communication and intelligence, two things that are deeply intertwined. Both written and verbal language are is not just used for social interaction. We think and reason with language. Thus, strong Mercurial energies give us the ability to collect, sort and analyze data, and to relay our conclusions to others effectively. Mercury’s outward manifestation is in skilled and witty oration, and its inward manifestation is in the processing of information.

Then there is Neptune,ruler of dreams, artistic expression,creativity, spirituality, healing and transcendence. Neptune’s energy is the polar opposite of rational Mercury’s. Neptune’s energies reach beyond what is physical and logical, and into the realms of the unknown. This energy takes us out of our egos. Taken negatively, this can lead to inner crisis and the desire to escape reality. Taken positively, this energy helps us find greater meaning in our experiences.

There are times in our lives that call for the rationality of Mercury and the spirituality of Neptune. Sometimes,we become anxious and fearful because of too many negative thoughts and emotions, which if suppressed, paralyzes us. These times require us to analyze the situation and reach out to our loved ones and support systems. They may need us to look past what we see and have faith in the good and “alrightness” of life.

Larimar’s Mercurial and Neptunian energies quiet our fears and inner tumult. It helps us sort through our chaos and put it into words, empowering us to communicate this to ourselves and others with clarity. This brings us to a deeper understanding of our situation and finally, to a resolution.

Larimar gemstone can help artists and creative professionals in need of inspiration. Its positive effects on communication skills make it ideal for leaders and public speakers. Larimar gemstone both therapists and their clients working through issues, trauma, addictions, as well as for building and mending relationships. Really, Larimar can benefit anyone in any profession during a mental block. We all can use some help to tune into Larimar’s Neptunian energy. When Mercury and Neptune’s influences are weak or in retrograde, Larimar gemstone can lend clarity of mind and inner strength.

Larimar and the Elements

The universe is made up of elements that consist of their own unique qualities, strengths and weaknesses.

The water element is emotional, intuitive and self-contained. It is associated with the unconscious and is an energy that yields and adapts. Water is a feminine energy that manifests in its nurturing, creative, introspective and tranquil qualities. This energy can be summed up in the saying, “silent waters run deep”.

The fire element is willful, passionate, enthusiastic and transformative. It gives off an energy that creates or destroys due to it its infectiousness, vivacity and power. Fire is active and expansive,moving those around it into action.

Water and fire are two powerful yet polar forces. One moves inward, the other moves outward. One is yin, the other is yang. The beauty of Larimar is that it has both water and fire elements. In fact, Larimar healing properties is a balance of these elements. Larimar meaning may be the “Dolphin Stone” or the “Atlantis Stone” and is the color of water, but Larimar is born out of basaltic lava, giving it, too, the energy of fire.

Larimar healing properties is to calm yet empower. It is a stone that enables us to tap into our feminine energy, the energy that allows us to intuit, reflect, empathize and surrender to the present. These properties build our inner strength, which is then channeled outwards into expressions of our truth and wisdom. This turns us into a transformative force that is grounded in wisdom, both for ourselves and for those around us.

When there is too much fire in the form of frenzied anger, fear, tension and stress, Larimar diffuses it. It can balance out manic, hyperactive energy. When there is too much water in the form of over-thinking, over-analyzing, self-isolation and depression, Larimar pushes us to bring these thoughts outwards and express. This gives us back our willpower and sense of purpose.

Larimar and Numerology

Just like the stars and planets, numbers can also give us road maps to our lives. Numbers is the universal language that has been used to decode the secrets of the universe. These endeavors have given us meaningful numbers such the golden ratio, which was observed to appear repeatedly in nature.In Numerology, the essence, or the energy, of everything is translated into the language of numbers.

Our personalities, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and secret desires are the energies we emanate as we move about and interact with our world. We can make the calculations to deduce what energies we give off, then choose the crystals that, based on its number,will help us attain our goals.

Larimar meaning tunes in to the numbers 6 and 55.

6 is the energy of the nurturer and symbolizes the Mother Goddess. It is the energy of love, compassion, self-sacrifice and healing. 6 naturally takes responsibility for those around him/her. 6’s natural state is to give, rather than to take. When 6 listens, he or she picks up the details that seem trivial but in fact, matters. Being an empath, this energy is attuned to the energies of those around him/her. This is why he or she can discern when you are in need of support. 6 is compassionate to the underdog and genuinely loves and cares for people.

55 is the number of energy concerned with tuning in to the Divine Will. It is also about change and transformation. Decisions have consequences that can impact how your life and the lives of the people around us. The energy of 55 attunes your mind to that of the Divine, giving you calm and guidance as you maneuver the unknown terrains of changes, transformations and transitional periods.

This combination of a nurturing spirit and wisdom from the Divine makes the Larimar gemstone ideal for people in the business of healing, such as counselors, psychiatrists, nurses and doctors. It is useful for people in authority and for those who have important responsibilities, such as politicians, judges, lawyers, and businessmen. Larimar gemstone is also for those in the position to care and nurture, such as mothers, fathers, mentors and teachers.In terms of our relationships, Larimar’s wise empathic energy can assist in conflict resolution.In terms of our own evolution, Larimar can help connect us to the Divine Will to find answers and figure out the best decisions.

Larimar for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The 5th Chakra is the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha. This Chakra is about the expression of our truth. When it is balanced, we able to speak our truth to ourselves and to others confidently and with respect and kindness.

An overactive Throat Chakra manifests in behaviors such as talking over others or speaking in a frenzied, domineering manner. An under-active Throat Chakra manifests in shutting down or suppressing thoughts, feelings, wants and needs.In both situations, communication breaks down and the person’s truth is misunderstood or lost.

Larimar healing properties target the Throat Chakra. It’s calming energy gives us clarity of mind which translates in the clarity in which we convey our true thoughts and feelings. This can drastically improve our relationships with others. Better communication skills also give us more influence on our environment.Businessmen trying to make deals and negotiations can use Larimar to help them speak with reason and persuasiveness in a tempered, respectful manner. Romantic relationships can also benefit from this communication crystal.

A balanced Throat Chakra heals those who have repressed thoughts and feelings by empowering them to share these with trusted loved ones and support systems. This process is crucial in recovery efforts by providing them with sounding boards and guidance from others.

This empowerment teaches people to have faith that it is worth it to speak up and be truthful to one’s self. In the process, people are empowered to be who they truly are and not images of themselves.

Crystals to Combine with Larimar to Balance the Throat Chakra

A balanced Throat Chakra leads to clear communication with ourselves and with others. To make Larimar even more powerful in balancing this chakra, you can pair it with these crystals.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli brings higher awareness and intuition. It is the stone for lovers of wisdom, knowledge and truth. Because of this, this crystal not helps us discern truth from falsehood but to speak the truth as well.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite allows us to commune with higher realms and understand the messages of dreams. It activates psychic abilities and promotes astral travel.


Turquoise is beneficial to those with shyness or social anxiety. By calming these emotions, one is empowered to voice out his thoughts and opinions to others such as colleagues and superiors.


Sodalite unlocks deeper intuition and mental capacities. As the stone of insight, Sodalite brings you to the deeper parts of your psyche, showing you where you strong and where you are in need of betterment.


Aquamarine clears the channel between the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra, making this a good crystal when communicating to those who matter to us.


Celestite aligns the Throat Chakra all the way to the Crown Chakra, giving enlightenment. Celestite clears dysfunction in both inter and intrapersonal relationships and attunes us to the Divine.

Find Your Raw Authentic Self with Larimar

The way for you to get what you want is to convey it. If you want a croissant and not a panini, you have to say it. If you want to go to the theater and not to the park, speak up. This holds true even in the more complex areas of our lives such as our passions, careers, convictions, values, love lives, friendships and spiritual lives.

We all desire and envision a picture of who and where we want to be. But to make these desires and visions a reality, we have to speak up. If we are held back by fear, we end up living lives that don’t reflect who we are and what we want, causing deep anguish.

The healing properties of the Larimar gemstone empowers us to speak up for what we believe in and vocalize what we want in so many different situations, such as public speaking, business interviews, and even casual conversations with others.  This allows us to be who we truly are.

Crystals to Combine with Larimar to Find Your True Voice

Living our best lives is living as our authentic selves. Majority of those who don’t show their true selves are held back by fear and limiting beliefs. When we are in need of confidence, pair the Larimar gemstone with these crystals.


Carnelian energizes speakers, entertainers, creatives and performers who do better when they are flushed with excitement rather than in calmer states.


Amazonite opens the channels of the Throat, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. The Solar Plexus Chakra is about control and personal power; the Heart Chakra is about love for others and for the self. Aligning these chakras enables you to fearlessly speak from the heart.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite stimulates the Root Chakra. Carrying it gives the speaker a sense of groundedness and stability. This helps dispel fear when communicating to others.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite brings calming energy to those who do better when their minds are quiet. This gemstone’s effect can help align thoughts and feelings. This manifests in coherent trains of thought and thus clear communication.


Chrysocolla is a powerful gemstone for banishing limiting beliefs, phobias and negative self-talk. This can help those who are terrified of voicing out their opinions or believe that they are completely incapable of communicating well to others.


Malachite works with the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. This makes this crystal useful for people that lack self-confidence and self-responsibility. 

How to Use Your Larimar Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Crystals work best when they are in contact with the skin. Aside from holding the stone, the most convenient way to use Larimar is to wear it as jewelry. Larimar jewelry can be in the form of bracelets, rings and necklaces, and can also be combined with other stones. Wearing Larimar jewelry keeps it in contact with your skin for as long as you want and for long periods of time. This not only maximizes its calming effects but also allows you to enjoy its benefits wherever you go.

Since Larimar is especially useful for communication and directly affects the Throat Chakra, wearing Larimar as a necklace to keep it close to your throat gives it the quickest access to your Throat Chakra, thus, maximizing its healing properties for that chakra. Wearing Larimar jewelry near the throat not only helps for better communication but also to find one’s inner voice. This placement also helps ease anxiety that has settled in the chest area.

When Larimar is not worn as jewelry, the stone can be held in your non-dominant hand to absorb its energy. This is especially helpful in meditation.

How to Use Larimar for Feng Shui

Larimar is a crystal of serenity and promotes relaxation. Its calming water element properties make it best placed in spaces you retreat to for calm reflection, relaxation and prayer.

Because Larimar has water energies, you can place your Larimar ornaments, geodes and tumble stones in the north area of your home or room.When moved to the northeast part of a space, Larimar can effectively promote wisdom and self-cultivation. You can also position Larimar gemstones and ornaments in the center area of your home to promote health and balance.

How is Larimar Formed

Larimar is an extremely rare version of pectolite that can only be found in a small area within the Baoruco mountain range in the Dominican Republic. While pectolite is white and grey, Larimar is a beautiful mix of light blue and white. It looks exactly what the water of the Carribean looks like when the sunlight shines over it on a clear day.

It gets its blue color from copper deposits that have replaced the typical calcium deposits in pectolite stones. It is formed from lava flow picking up minerals from basalt rocks. This color is as delicate as it looks–the color may fade when placed under sunlight or heat. 

Larimar in Folklore and Ancient Times

It is said that a beautiful and never-before-seen stone of blue color was found in the Dominican Republic in 1916. However, it was only given a name in 1974 when Miguel Mendez, a Dominican, and Normal Rilling, a visiting American, rediscovered the locality of Baoruco where the crystal could be mined. It was called Larimar after the name of Mendez’s daughter, Larissa, and “mar”, the Spanish word for “sea”.

Although this stone was discovered relatively recently due to its rarity, there are many who believe that this stone originated from the lost city under the waves. Psychic Edgar Cayce is one of this theory’s strongest proponents. He maintains that Larimar gemstone comes from Atlantis, hence popularizing its other name, “Atlantis stone”. It lends credence to the belief that the Dominican Republic and Haiti are the remnants of this mysterious civilization.

How Do You Care for Your Larimar?

Crystals and stones are conduits of very powerful energies that exist here on earth and in the other realms. That’s why their own energies can get clouded over time and through constant use.

People cleanse their crystals to get rid of the cloudiness or the residual energetic charge they get through use. If cleansing isn’t done properly or regularly, they might not be able to resonate with your intentions and your own spirit, making them unable to help you manifest your goals. Here are a couple of ways you can cleanse your Larimar crystal so you’d be able to enjoy its grounding and nourishing energies:

  1. Sunlight and Moonlight – The sun and moon are both powerful celestial bodies that make a huge impact on the energy and vibrational frequencies of crystals. Placing your Larimar stone outside on a full moon at around nightfall and getting them back the next morning is a great way to cleanse them. Your Larimar stones will receive the purifying energies of these two natural sources of light and should be ready for your next meditation session.
  1. Sound/Tibetan Singing Bowls – Tibetan Singing Bowls are a type of bell that’s used by Buddhist monks during meditation. It produces a deep tone when played and has very powerful healing properties. To cleanse your Larimar gemstone using this wonderful instrument, place your crystals close to your singing bowl and let it sound for 5-10 minutes, depending on how saturated or cloudy your crystals have become.
  1. Sage – Smudging is a purification ceremony to purge negative energies and thoughts from a person or a place. Sage is a particularly powerful cleansing tool and is one of the most common plants used in smudge sticks. To perform a smudging on your Larimar crystals, find a well-ventilated place to do the ceremony, preferably outdoors. Light the sage and hold your crystals with your dominant hand. Let the crystals soak the smoke for 30-60 seconds depending on their cloudiness.


So many people nowadays are unhappy because they have suppressed themselves. Some are stuck in the past; some withdraw from attention, fearing the spotlight; and some live behind images of themselves for fear of judgment and rejection. 

The beauty of Larimar is that its ability to create clear and healthy communication, a sense of serenity, and the ability to work through past trauma, all give you the freedom to fearlessly live out your truth. And if only for this one thing, it undoubtedly makes the Larimar gemstone utterly valuable to all the souls out there seeking to live their truth.


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