Lapis Lazuli Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

lapis lazuli meaning benefits

Expand your thirst for knowledge and intellect with the beautiful Lapis Lazuli! Find more about yourself and the world around you with a stone that lets you see the truth. It can help you identify your true path in life as well as what talents you have that can make these a reality. If these qualities are what you’re after. The Lapis Lazuli is the best stone to have. Find out more about this rich blue stone below.

What Does Lapis Lazuli Look Like?

With a name that literally means blue stone, Lapis Lazuli is a royal blue with a bit of gold on it. There’s also some that are a lighter shade of blue that white flecks instead of gold. The latter one is known as Denim Lapis, but their meaning and purpose is just the same.

About the Lapis Lazuli: Uses and Meaning

A stone dating back millennia, Lapis Lazuli has used to signify wisdom, truth, royalty, the gods, spirit and vision. Its meaning is related to its deep and rich color. Buddhists recommend this stone to people who need inner peace and harmony. It can also bring communication, which is why it can be used to improve relationships of all kinds.

It’s famously known as a stone of wisdom because it encourages one’s thirst for knowledge and truth, and they mean this both intellectually and spiritually. This stone helps with intellectual analysis, problem solving, and creativity. That’s why writers, lawyers, archeologists, and executives would greatly benefit from this gemstone.

Aside from increasing the desire for knowledge, this stone also helps with abilities related to learning. This includes memorization, intuition, and creative thinking. New and creative ideas also stem from the Lapis.

How was Lapis Lazuli Used in Ancient Times

This stone dates back as far as 6000 BC, where it was originally mined in the mountains of Afghanistan. It was even mentioned in bible as being the fifth stone on the High Priest breastplate.

Dating back to 4000 BC, the Lapis Lazuli gemstone was prized and highly regarded by the Egyptian Royalties. They even used it on the golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen (or more commonly known as King Tut), and many other pharaohs kept them in their tombs. It was widely used to make scarabs and jewelry that were worn to impart knowledge. Judges during the time also wore emblems from the goddess of truth, Maat, that were made into this. They also grounded it into powder and made them into eyeshadow and elixirs.

Aside from this, the Lapis Lazuli was also believed to reflect the stars in the sky because of this color. This led to its association with the sky goddess Nuit. These same stars were also believed by the Egyptians to bring spiritual protection against evil forces.

This relation to the sky maintained throughout various cultures. Persians and pre-Columbian America used it to represent the night while in Medieval Europe, it was believed to counteract spirits of darkness and bring favor from the spirits of light and wisdom.

This stone has also been used by painters for centuries to create dye. It was even believed that Michelangelo used Lapis for the Sistine Chapel. Russia’s Catherine the Great was known to use it all across her palace. It decorated the doors, fireplace, mirror frames, and walls.

What are the Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli?

  • Spiritual

This stone is one of the oldest spiritual stones that’s been used by high priests and metaphysical healers. Because of its ability to impart knowledge, it can stimulate your psychic abilities and enhance inner vision.

This can bring you peace and tranquility by getting rid of stress. Lapis Lazuli also has the ability to improve your dream work and bring you enlightenment by expanding attunement to your intuition. This stone strengthens your bond to your spiritual guides in your altered state. All this leads to more spiritual power and allows for spiritual journeying.

Lapis identifies truths beyond your consciousness that you may have a hard time accepting. By recognizing habits, patterns, and behaviors that aren’t constructive, you can find out the things that are hindering your spiritual growth. This includes negative emotions that are constantly troubling you.

Lastly, this is also a powerful stone to use against psychic attacks. Not only does it block them, it can send that energy right back at its source.

  • Emotional

This is a highly soothing stone that can appease even the most temperamental people. By calming the mind, it can help people who have a hard time keeping their focus as it encourages learning. Lapis can promote self-awareness and help you accept discovered inner truths.

Related to its meaning of being a stone of truth, this stone can ease repressed anger by allowing open communication and self-expression. In effect, it results to a better relationship and social skills because it helps you become more compassionate and honest.

You’ll receive knowledge from various sources, which helps you understand and analyze certain situations in order to make better decisions. It can reveal information, not just of other people, but yourself too. By identifying your own strengths, weakness, beliefs, and motivations, you’ll have more perspective to tackle your everyday life. This also lets you grow and better utilize your talents

  • Physical

True to its meaning, Lapis is great for treating your throat, larynx, and vocal cords. This also helps your endocrine system, particularly the thyroid glands. On top of that, it heals hearing loss while improving ear and nose health.

As it’s known for aiding you in your sleep, Lapis Lazuli can reduce insomnia. This also maintains harmony in your system by improving circulation and maintaining regular heart rhythm. It lowers blood pressure and treats vertigo, too.

For women, this stone can regulate menstrual flow and ease cramps, lower back pains, and stiffness. It’s also great for healing migraines and inflammation.

If you rub a Lapis Lazuli stone that’s been soaked in hot water over your eyes, it can actually help fight off an infection. Similarly, a Lapis Lazuli that’s been under the sun can ease a rash if you place it over the area.

The calm and loving energy from the Lapis can treat problems in the brain and nervous system. They say it can relieve attention deficiency disorder, autism, and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Lapis Lazuli for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The Lapis Lazuli is the perfect stone for the Third Eye Chakra, which is the one associated with intuition and psychic abilities. It’s all about our consciousness and awareness of the world. This chakra helps keep you attuned to both the physical and spiritual world. An imbalance in this chakra can cause you to feel a disconnect with your spirituality.

As a stone for communication, it also clears the Throat Chakra. This one allows you to speak the truth from all the other chakras. You’ll be able to communicate with kindness and understanding. An imbalance can either cause you to talk over other people or be timid and shy about expressing yourself. Lapis can actually clear this chakra and let the energy flow if it is blocked.

What Does Lapis Lazuli Attract

Aside from the mentioned wisdom and knowledge, this stone attracts promotion and success. In the same sense, it also brings good luck because of its ability to convert negative energy to positive ones.

This stone helps bring a clear mind and sound judgement. You’ll be able to identify which problems to solve and what skills you need for them. When it comes to figuring out how to best utilize your own abilities, this stone is the best one for that. All these are beneficial to bringing success in your work and career.

Love and friendship are also associated with this stone. Part of it comes from the fact that it promotes communication, and expressing your feelings is a great way to strengthen your bonds with other people. It also promoted taking charge of your life by getting rid of restrictive thoughts and emotions.

How to Charge and Program Lapis Lazuli with Your Intentions

While stones and crystals have their own abilities, you have to give them specific instructions in order to maximize their use. What you can do is to program them to manifest your intentions. Don’t worry if this is your first time doing this! Anyone can do this simple act, and here’s how:

Go to a peaceful and calm place where you won’t be disturbed. Hold the stone in your hands and clear your mind of all other thoughts. Concentrate on your intentions. Imagine yourself redirecting these thoughts and energy to the stone in your hands. Then, say out loud your intentions, and make sure you say them clearly and with conviction. Keep doing this for a while until you’re satisfied that your stone received your intentions.

Every once in a while, your crystal needs to recharge or be cleansed to maintain its healing benefits. Most people recharge their stones and crystals every month or during every Full Moon.

The most common method for charging any stone is by washing it with water, but do not do this for the Lapis Lazuli! It could easily be damaged with this as well high temperature. If you do need to soak it, make sure that it’s only for a very short while. Instead, you can charge with the moonlight. Just leave it under the moon the whole night, and you’re good. Using other crystals can cleanse it. Some suggest leaving it overnight in a bowl of tumbled Hematite.

How to Use Your Lapis Lazuli to Manifest

It’s a great stone to have for meditative purposes. They’re also really easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

  • Hold a Lapis Lazuli stone while praying or meditating.
  • Use Lapis Lazuli mala beads for spiritual healing and meditation.
  • Wear Lapis jewelry. Necklaces and earrings are great because it places them near the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.
  • Place a Lapis that’s been heated with water over the area you want to heal.
  • Have Lapis stones around the house.
  • Use it on a crystal grid.

Lapis Lazuli and Zodiac Sign

The Lapis Lazuli is considered the official birthstone of those under the Sagittarius sign. That’s people born between November 21 to December 21. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and the blue colors of the Lapis has a cooling and soothing effect on it. These signs are also known for being adventurous, both intellectually and spiritually. As a stone of wisdom and truth, this stone can definitely can definitely help with that. It can also bring good luck, not only to the Sagittarius, but to the Libra, Capricorn, and Taurus signs as well.

Stones That Work Well with Lapis Lazuli?

In order to maximize your Lapis Lazuli, combine them with other stones that also serve the same purpose. If your intention for this stone involves having a clear mind and better communication, these stones are what you can pair it with:


A similar looking stone that also calms the mind, this stone is all about bringing logic and intuition. Instead of granting wisdom, it clears your mind and enhancing the abilities that will lead you to wisdom. Sodalite promotes creative and deep though, improves observations skills, and increases efficiency. Just like the Lapis, this stone can also calm over-sensitivity and anxiety. Pair it with the Lapis, you can further enhance your ability to search for wisdom and truth.

Blue Topaz

Amongst all the other colors of Topaz, the blue one is particularly useful for creativity and communication, particularly written and oral ones. Known also as the ‘Writer’s Stone’, the Blue Topaz brings you the self-confidence to learn and pursue more knowledge. You can use it to help you solve complex information and tap into your psychic abilities.

Related to its title as the Writer’s Stone, this gem can help you speak out and articulate your feelings and ideas. It does this by calming your emotions and releasing tension. This one, along with the Lapis, is great for those who are timid and have stage fright because this particular stone assists in public speaking.


This one is a gentle stone that can help you communicate with beings from higher dimensions. It even helps you contact your guardian angel! Celestite is mostly about spiritual communication but paired with Lapis, it greatly increases your intuitive abilities. You can use this combination of stones for mental clarity because Celestite has the ability to dispel fears and paranoia. Being able to feel safe and at peace gives you a clear and calm mind that allows for deeper thought. It’s also beneficial in activating your Third Eye Chakra.

Blue Lace Agate

When you’re especially prone to overthinking or just generally have an overactive mind, then use a Blue Lace Agate alongside your Lapis Lazuli. It calms your thoughts in order to help you speak your mind without getting stressed out. This stone is great for helping you overcome the fear of speaking in public or to strangers, making it an ideal stone for communication! You’ll feel more determined to let your thoughts and ideas be known with this stone!


Here’s another stone that has a strong ability to clear the Throat Chakra. Its energy is similar to the calmness of the sea and sky. Because it reflects the light of Caribbean waters, Larimar brings with it the wisdom of Atlantis. This is a highly nurturing stone that can identify all your deep-seated fears, self-imposed limitations, and self-destructive behavior.

Together with the Lapis, you can find all your inner problems and issues that are preventing you from expressing love. This combination is perfect for people who are in search of emotional release because both these stones help in self-reflection.


One of the most powerful stones that exudes the Blue Ray energy, Azurite has strong and deep vibrations that stimulates brain activity. It has a deep rich blue color that’s been full of mysterious in the early civilizations. Healing properties from this stone are strongly tied to its meaning and connection to the Third Eye Chakra. It clears the mind of negative thoughts, tension, and confusion. You can use it to stimulate intellect, dream works, psychic abilities, and intuition. This is a great stone for people who are always stressed out with work and similar things.

For those using Lapis to find truth, these are the stones and crystals that work well for this purpose:


This one is a bright stone that carries the energy of the sun. It’s commonly used to bring confidence and power, but Sunstone also has the lesser used ability of revealing hidden talents. This property is actually what makes it such a good stone for leadership because it allows you to show the world your strengths and skills. Pairing it up with Lapis can help you learn more about yourself.

Blue Tourmaline

Also called Indicolite, Blue Tourmaline is more about deep meditation and healing past wounds. It allows you to surrender your thoughts in order to bring peace and tranquility in your life. This is what helps you have a more open mind while encouraging a clear and honest communication. Black Tourmaline can enhance your clairvoyance and your ability to communicate with spirits. If you’re ever in need of a combination of stones that grants you courage to speak in front of others, these two are the ones to have!

What Stones to Combine with Lapis Lazuli to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

If you’re using your Lapis Lazuli to open your Third Eye Chakra, here are some gemstones that you can use alongside it:


Known for being a stone of awareness, Howlite will grant you wisdom and the ability to connect with Higher realms by claiming your mind. It’s commonly used in meditation because it can get rid of stress, anger, and anxiety, all of which can get in the way of our practice. This stone also encourages the quest for knowledge, and this very trait is what can help you see beyond the physical. Being able to remember your past lives is also another ability that you can gain when you place a Howlite on your Third Eye Chakra.


If you’re the type who is sensitive to the energies around them, the Violet Ray of the Sugilite would be beneficial for you. It can create a ‘Shield of Light’ that can protect you from the influence of external negative energy as well as disharmony. You wouldn’t all these energies affecting you, especially if you have an open Third Eye. Though rare, an overactive Third Eye Chakra can overload your senses and bombard you with too much sense. This can cause you to feel too engrossed in your spiritual practices that you neglect your experiences with the physical world.

This one is a favorite amongst psychics and those trying to access Higher realms. It’s a modern embodiment of Divine love. Wisdom and peace are what you can expect from this crystal. Sugilite can maintain the flow of all your chakras as you explore other spiritual dimensions.


An ancient gemstone that’s been prized for centuries, Amethyst are powerful spiritual healers. It’s been known by many for its ability to protect you from evil thoughts, psychic attacks, and forms of treachery. This crystal also brings with it a connection to the Divine. It can develop intuition and clear the mind for better meditation. The purple color of the Amethyst is also great for clearing your chakras and encouraging the flow of energy throughout your body.

How to Use Lapis Lazuli for Feng Shui

This stone has the Water Energy, which is all about stillness, calm strength, and purification. This element has the power or rebirth and resurrection. Because of this, it’s great to have around spaces that you use for rest and meditation.

In Feng Shui, Lapis is best placed in the northern area of the house, which is known as the area of Career and Path. The balancing energy of this stone can help you keep a healthy relationship between work and other aspects of your life. In addition to that, its ability to reveal hidden abilities and encourage intellectual pursuit would be great for your career!

The southeast area is also a good spot for your Lapis because the stone attracts good luck. You can also use its soothing energy in your kids’ room of your own bedroom to calm overactive energies.

Ancient Gods and Goddess and Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is associated with two Greek goddesses. First, it honors the Goddess of War and Wisdom Athena. Her intellect and strategic knowledge are consistent with the stone’s meaning. The other one is Hera, Goddess of Marriage and Queen of all the gods.

For the Romans, Lapis honors Venus, Goddess of Love.

It’s color and relation to the sky connects this stone with the Egyptian Goddess of Heaven and the Sky, Nuit. There are also those who associate it with her daughter, the Sky Goddess Isis. She was known for her magic powers and wisdom that made her more clever than a million gods.

How is Lapis Lazuli Formed

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock that is actually created from multiple minerals rather than just one (like most gemstones). It’s a stone that’s very easy to mold, which is why it’s been used across generations for sculptures and other decorative pieces.

The most prized Lapis Lazuli are the ones that are a bright electric blue. This color comes from the Lazurite mineral. To count as a Lapis, a quarter of the stone should be Lazurite. Another mineral found in it is Calcite. This mineral can be seen in the form of white patches, as seen on the lower-grade Denim Lapis. The higher grade Lapis has gold flecks on it caused by the Pyrite mineral.

You can find them within crystalline marble deposits around the world. Afghanistan is where it was first found, and it remains as the leading deposit of Lapis Lazuli. However, there are also mines of them in Angola, Argentina, Canada, Chile, India, Italy, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Russia. There’s also a few of them in California and Colorado in the US.


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