Jasper: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

Jasper meaning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Jasper Crystals

  1. Jasper is known to ground and promote stability
  2. Heals and sparks happiness for yourself and for others
  3. Great for chakra balancing and alignment

What is Jasper Stone Good For?

Of all the stones and crystals with great healing properties, Jaspers are the warmest and most accommodating. People didn’t give it the name “Supreme Nurturer” or “The Nurture Stone” for nothing. Throughout history, people have used Jasper as a soothing stone in times of great stress and as a giver of joy in times of great sadness.

But experiencing soothing joy and inspiration isn’t only limited to the bearer. In fact, Jaspers help you become a source of joy and a healing sanctuary for others. Stories of healing, happiness, and nurturing gave Jasper meaning. And the more people use the wonderful Jasper gemstone, the more they become aware of its power.

Jasper benefits many kinds of people, not just those who are sad and stressed. It’s a very powerful stone that connects you to the energy of the earth–the soil under your feet, the source of all living things. This stone isn’t just a pretty ornament, it contains the wisdom of nature and imparts the ability to evolve and adapt to change and hardships.

Jasper Gemstones impart grounding, stabilizing, and strengthening energies to their owners. They enhance one’s mental capacities and restrain a person from dangerous desires and actions. Jasper can also be used to stimulate one’s sexuality and enhance sexual pleasure. Ancient and modern people have used it to purify energies and spaces. Nowadays, it also proves as a powerful stone in dispelling environmental, electromagnetic, and radiation pollution. It truly is a very powerful healing stone.

Jasper and Chakra Healing

Jaspers have a deep connection with the Earth–the Mother of all things. And that’s exactly why most Jaspers directly influence and balance the lower chakras–the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. However, there are Jaspers that influence other chakra points like the Green Jasper, which is an excellent Heart Chakra stone.

The first of the lower chakras is the one that is almost always connected to the Earth element–the Base or Root Chakra. This chakra point is the basis of one’s physical identity. It governs your relationship with the material world. It’s responsible for making you feel grounded, secure, and safe in your environment. This chakra is, in most ways, your root that’s embedded in the physical world.

The second chakra, on the other hand, is connected to the Water element and is located in the area around your sexual organs and your navel. The Sacral Chakra, as it’s frequently called, rules over your desires, emotions, sexuality, pleasure, and your need to either procreate or create something into the world.

The third chakra point is called the Solar Plexus Chakra. It’s intimately tied to the Fire element and it rules over your self-esteem and willpower, or basically your will to do things.

The three lower chakras govern your existence in the world and how you respond to different stimuli of being alive. If these are unbalanced, a person can become lethargic, disconnected, bored, depressed, and unable to make stable and healthy human connections. The Jasper gemstone can help balance these chakra points out and pull you back into yourself and the world. So, if you feel like you need a bit of help with grounding, grab a Jasper stone and meditate towards balancing these chakra points.

What is a Jasper?

Jaspers occur in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They can form in massive formations, or sometimes they can be found in slightly smaller forms. They have colors like brown, tan, dark red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and grey. Perhaps the most famous kinds of Jaspers are Bloodstones, Brecciated Jaspers, and Mookaites.

Like an Agate, a Jasper is a type of chalcedony. Chalcedonies are microcrystalline quartz made up of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). This means that the crystal structure of Jaspers is so fine, you can only see them with specialized equipment. The most obvious difference between an Agate and a Jasper is that Agates are transparent to translucent, while Jaspers are opaque. But that’s not really the case for some Jaspers. Actually, their differences lie in their compositions

Agate is made when silica-rich “gels” flood cracks and spaces inside igneous, and sometimes sedimentary rocks. On the other hand, Jasper is made when impurities, debris, and other compounds are cemented to form rocks. Jaspers usually form in soft sediment. Granted, both Agates and Jaspers have striking bands, patterns, inclusions, etc. But what gives Jaspers their beautiful colors are debris and impurities that got caught in its formation. Some Jaspers even have layers of volcanic ash trapped within them.

What Are the Different Types of Jasper:

Jaspers comes in various different types and color formations. Below we cover the most common and most popular Jasper stones and their meanings and benefits.

Red Jasper Meaning

Red Jasper is probably the type of Jasper that we most commonly associate with the broad category of Jaspers, and for good reason. Like most Jaspers, Red Jaspers are powerful grounding stones that connect a person to the earth’s energy. It cleanses all negativity from a space or from one’s aura and balances energies as well. Because of this, it is highly revered as a protection stone.

Also, Red Jaspers encourage control in all things from addictions to sexual aggressiveness. Red Jasper is considered to be a great stone of passion and it is also said to enhance sexual compatibility and even tantric sex.

But aside from sexual benefits, owners of Red Jaspers can also enjoy heightened creativity, excitement, and expression in their endeavors, especially in the arts.

Bloodstone Jasper Meaning

Bloodstones have long been used by the Greeks and have even made its way into religious folklore. It is said that at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, his blood fell to the green earth and thus produced this crystal. Because of this association, Bloodstones are known to bring courage and solace to those who are called to the service of others. For this, it’s also called the gem of noble sacrifice.

Bloodstones are also called heliotropes by the Greeks because it is said to capture the fire of the setting sun–the fire that reminds one of passion, courage, vitality, and strength. Bloodstones also enhance mental clarity and aids in decision-making Bloodstones are very protective and nurturing, all the while it reminds one of the circle of life–that everything that rises must set and vice versa.

Mookaite Jasper Meaning

Named after the Mooka Creek in Western Australia, this reddish-rose Jasper with bands of yellow, cream, tan, white, or brown is heavily associated with the Aboriginal Mother Earth. Mookaite Jasper is said to be a very powerful and nurturing stone that brings peace and wholeness to its owner.

Mookaite Jasper makes its owner calm enough to accept various changes in life, no matter how painful they may be. It’s a stone that signifies a person’s emotional growth. And this emotional growth is characterized by kindness-both to oneself and to others.

This stone is also said to promote new ideas and encourage enthusiasm and excellence in every new endeavor we take. It also awakens one’s instinct to help them through tough situations in those new endeavors.

Ocean Jasper Meaning

If you’re feeling blue, maybe it’s time for you to get your own piece of Ocean Jasper. This stone is a very happy stone. It uplifts one’s mood and releases negative feelings and energy. It’s also a stone dedicated to those who are shy and still finding their way in the world Ocean Jaspers are also called Cellular Jaspers, because it’s said to work on the body on a deep, cellular level.

Ocean Jaspers instill patience and inner peace. You can also use it, in fact, to practice circular breathing. The concentric circles within these stones help visualize your breathing.

Ocean Jaspers are usually mined in Madagascar. Some scientists say that it’s not a true Jasper, but is in fact, silicified rhyolite, a kind of igneous rock. But regardless of its name, it’s a very powerful stone to ease the mind and give patience.

Picture Jasper Meaning

Like all Jaspers, Picture Jaspers hold a powerful and valuable connection to the earth. But in its case, its connection to the earth is so powerful that it’s also called the stone of global awareness.

This stone is usually brown with black and dark brown markings. Sometimes, they can even come with tan, blue, and ivory patterns, too. The patterns on its surface resemble those of pictures and are believed to be messages from ancient civilizations. That’s why some people use this stone for inner journeying and contacting ancient civilizations and sacred sites.

Picture Jaspers are said to stimulate a person’s creative vision, inspire harmony, and release fears and anxieties. They’re also used to bring out hidden thoughts and emotions like grief and hope to be examined and processed.

  • Zodiac Association – Leo
  • Numerology – 8

Rainforest Jasper Meaning

The deep green and veins of earthly tones of the Rainforest Jasper remind you of the lush life that came forth from the earth. It’s evidence that so many good things are brought about by being connected to the earth from which we came.

That’s why Rainforest Jasper’s healing properties have a strong association with this vibrant green world. Mainly, it imparts the energy of growth and maturation. It helps keep you connected to nature and it also helps remind you of the joys of being alive. And if you’re caught in a toxic cycle with the mundane, you can use this stone to realign and balance your life.

It also helps people let go of negative habits and addictions like overeating or smoking. In addition, it creates an atmosphere where you can grow and exist in a healthy way.

Unakite Jasper Meaning

Unakite Jasper is a combination of Red Jasper and Epidote. Because of this mix, it’s known as the crystal of harmonious relationships. Within this pink and green stone lies a gentle power that balances a person’s emotional body. It lifts up a person’s spirits and helps a person be patient and persistent with their goals in life, especially that of love.

This stone eliminates bad habits, like the Rainforest Jasper, but it also eliminates the thoughts and limiting beliefs that perpetuate these bad habits. With its soothing power, it releases these limiting beliefs and traumas in a slow, gentle, and healthy way.

Unakite Jasper resonates with the frequencies of love, kindness, and compassion. That’s why it’s also very effective at supporting those who are lost and overwhelmed.

Zebra Jasper Meaning

Zebra Jasper is ruled by the earth element and is particularly useful for the Zodiac signs Gemini and Taurus. This stone is known as the stone of contentment because it helps a person see and understand everything for what they are and in turn helps the owner accept their realities.

Not only that, Zebra Jaspers are really loving stones. Yes, they do help you find balance in life and are great grounding stones in meditation. But they’re also little reminders that love is never-ending–its source can’t be exhausted nor destroyed. And that’s a very precious realization in today’s world where there’s a lot of hate.

Zebra Jaspers encourage you to see everything and everyone in a true, loving light–past all their walls and defenses and give you the ability to love them for who they really are.

Yellow Jasper Meaning

Unlike most other Jaspers on this list, Yellow Jaspers are more strongly connected to the energy of the sun. That’s why, they’re very energetic stones, filled with joy, happiness, and positivity. They increase a person’s self-confidence and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

Yellow Jaspers are used to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of one’s willpower and the courage to live. That’s why Yellow Jaspers give you that quick energy boost you need once in a while when you’re feeling sad or lethargic, or even worried.

This stone helps you build important friendships that will influence you and your life. Yellow Jaspers let you march toward your goal, all the while shielding you from negativity and stress. It’s also good at supporting your learning and healing process in life.

Picasso Jasper (Picasso Marble) Meaning

Picasso Jaspers, also called Picasso Marbles, are stones that resemble a beautiful abstract painting. They’re widely considered to be Jaspers but are actually dolomites or dolomitic marbles, to be precise. They’re mined in Utah in the United States, and their chemical composition is entirely different from quartz. They’re what we call carbonate rocks. And even if they’re used as gems, they’re pretty soft, with a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale.

True Jaspers or not, however, Picasso Jaspers are extremely beneficial. Abstract their patterns might be, the candid lines and colors of this stone remind one to laugh and celebrate life. They’re incredibly useful grounding stones, too, like other Jaspers. If a person is struggling with difficult relationships, this stone can help transform the dynamic and even attract loyal and life-changing people into your life.

Kambaba Jasper Meaning

Kambaba Jaspers are different and we don’t mean it in a bad way. They’re just so… exotic! That’s because these stones formed with fossilized stromatolite algae within them. The algae that are caught in their deep green and black orbs are the remnants of the earliest forms of life on earth. They’re sometimes called Crocodile Jaspers, but we think it’s awesome to hold a piece of early life in your hands, isn’t it? Because of that fossil inclusion, Kambaba Jaspers are probably the most potent grounding stones on this list.

Kambaba Jaspers are transformative–they give you a different outlook in life that frankly, most of us need. It calms the mind as it sets you towards the right direction-towards your destiny. It also brings peace to troubled minds and hearts, at the same time it strengthens hearts who have been repeatedly and deeply hurt in the past.

Leopard Skin Jasper Meaning

Leopard Skin Jaspers are also a type of Orbicular Jasper, like the Ocean Jasper, because of its rings and concentric circles. Leopard Skin Jaspers are predominantly green or orange with dark, leopard-like banding and glassy inclusions. And a really awesome benefit of Leopard Skin Jaspers is its ability to establish and strengthen a person’s connection with animals.

This stone is particularly helpful for the Base, Heart, and Crown Chakras. That’s because while it assists a person in their personal growth and calms them down during times of stress, Leopard Skin Jaspers connects you with the spiritual totem and also assists in shamanic travels. Though it reflects the opposition between light and dark, it also teaches one that both have to complement each other to reach a balance, as in the yin and yang in feng shui.

Green Jasper Meaning

Green Jasper balances and energizes the Heart Chakra. It’s otherwise known as the stone of balance because, in the Heart Chakra, we find the center of our emotions–the spiritual valve that controls all other chakra points. So if the Heart Chakra is balanced, everything else is more likely to fall into place.

The rarest Green Jaspers are those that can be found to be of a uniform color all throughout. Green Jaspers range from pale spring green to deep, olive green.

Green Jasper is known to heal a person from diseases and obsessions. It’s used in antiquity to soothe the spirit and to banish ghosts and evil thoughts and entities. In addition, Green Jaspers are also powerful sleep stones.

Dalmatian Jasper Meaning

Dalmatian Jaspers, as the name suggests, are white stones with black spots. Surprisingly, it’s not a Jasper at all. In fact, it’s a feldspar (a type of igneous rock) with black grains of hornblende. Sometimes, jewelers dye it in different colors, but overall, it’s a very beautiful and playful stone.

Dalmatian Jaspers are great companions that bring out the inner child in its owner. It infuses your spirit with a pure kind of happiness and it also brings out a person’s innate playfulness. It ushers you out of your comfort zone and helps you maintain your happy state. It kind of feels like being in the presence of one playful puppy.

It’s a Base (Root) Chakra stone that helps a person see their strengths and weaknesses with an open mind. It also boosts loyalty in friendships and relationships. Overall, this is a very fun stone to have.

Dragon Blood Jasper Meaning

An ancient and time-honored stone, Dragon Blood Jasper is considered by many to be the stone of courage. And while it grounds your spirit and energizes your aura as other Jaspers do, it also has its own unique healing properties.

Commonly found in Australia, this Jasper is considered to be a seeker transformer crystal. This means that it helps you transform a part of your life that you want to change. It does so by infusing your spirit with strength and courage to take the first step. It also helps a person find creative ways to balance and live fulfilling lives. And in the case of a particularly bad time, Dragon Blood Jasper supports your mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

Dragon Blood Jasper has also been used in the past as a protective amulet for soldiers and warriors to protect them from harm.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning

A powerful Root and Sacral Chakra stone, Brecciated Jaspers are Jaspers that contain hematite. Red Brecciated Jaspers, in particular, are also called Poppy Jaspers. These Jaspers are often brick red-veined or patterned with brown, black, and beige bands or flecks and patterns. This stone can be very helpful for the Zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio because of its strong emphatic powers. 

Brecciated Jaspers help calm the overwhelmed by helping them organize their thoughts and coordinate their actions to avoid worst-case scenarios. These stones are known to enhance creativity and also help a person bounce back from crises.

This stone boosts self-confidence, passion, vitality, and the ability to start over fresh amidst problems and challenges. It supports a person’s growth by helping them attain emotional stability and health.

Black Jasper Meaning

Black Jaspers are also called Blackstones or Basanite. This is one of the rarer Jaspers and is highly prized because of its highly protective properties. Jaspers are grounding stones, but this one, in particular, is very effective for those who are constantly “out of it”.

This stone connects the Self not only to the ground, but it also attunes the self to the higher vibrations of the earth itself. This makes the owner of the stone aware of the intricate connections among each and every living thing in the world. And while it connects you to the earth, it also facilitates prophetic dreams and visions.

Not only that, Black Jaspers greatly empower the mind and body to do great feats in the name of self-growth. It also uncovers that which is hidden when used as a scrying stone.

Bumblebee Jasper Meaning

Bumblebee Jaspers are quite rare and hard to find because it’s mined in only one location–Mount Papandayan in Indonesia. Technically, this stone is not a Jasper nor an Agate. It’s made of volcanic debris, hematite, sulfur, arsenic, anhydrite, among other things. It does not have a single component made of quartz, so it isn’t even a chalcedony. It’s very porous and soft and stone cutters have to stabilize this stone with resin.

And yes, it does contain arsenic, so it might not be the best option to wear as jewelry, especially if it’s not prepared right.

But despite those things, Bumblebee Jaspers are very helpful for clarity and focus. This stone balances and influences your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. This means that with this stone, you’re forced to be honest with yourself and face all your underlying issues. This stone also raises confidence and self-worth.

Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper) Meaning

The Polychrome Jasper is so-named because of its bands and patterns of different colors. It was first discovered in 2006 in Madagascar. It’s also called a Desert Jasper. This is a potent emotional healing stone because it urges its owner to be more honest towards himself. It helps a person honor their boundaries and limitations, as well as those of other peoples’.

Polychrome Jasper also brings forth the fiery energy of action and courage, and also the gentler energy of happiness. It’s said to bring good fortune and a happy outlook in life. Polychrome Jasper is a very nurturing and compassionate stone that embodies creativity and vitality. It also dispels trauma and stabilizes one’s personal aura. Some have even used this stone to attract new love and friendships as well.

Black Veined (Spiderweb) Jasper Meaning

Black Veined or Spiderweb Jaspers are typically gray to white with black veins. The black veins in these stones occur in a web-like pattern. They’re great Root Chakra stones that can be found mostly in the United States and Mexico. Like other Jaspers, Black Veined Jaspers have a strong, nurturing energy that calms down nervous tendencies and balances the chakras.

Black Veined Jaspers are said to drive away evil and negativity. Some also use it to stabilize their auras and bring forth the energy of kindness and compassion into their lives.

But most importantly, Spiderweb Jaspers echo a greater design–that of the web of fate. This stone makes us aware of the part we play in the grand design and how we’re connected to both the earth beneath our feet and to the stars above our heads.

How to Use Your Jasper Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

There are a ton of ways you can incorporate your Jasper stone into your daily life to manifest and activate its healing properties.

The easiest method to access the healing and grounding properties of Jasper is to wear Jasper Jewelry. Jasper is a powerful stone that balances and directly affects the Base, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. That’s why we recommend that you use jewelry that’s near these chakra points such as bracelets, anklets, rings, and belts. If you have a rare green Jasper, you can also fashion out earrings and necklaces from them so they can always influence your Heart Chakra.

We all know that one of the Jasper healing properties that are coveted by many is its power to balance and ground a person. This makes Jasper an excellent grounding stone during meditation. One of the ways you can gain access to Jasper benefits is to use a Jasper mala or Jasper prayers beads. Chanting a mantra and/or your intention aloud 108 times (the usual number of beads in a mala) is definitely helpful if you have a desire you want to manifest.

You can also meditate with a Jasper tumbled stone, especially during times when you feel flighty, unfocused, or disconnected from the earth. And since it’s a powerful grounding stone, you can use it to ground yourself right before you meditate with another stone that’s more related to your original intention. While you’re meditating with your tumbled stones or even with unpolished Jaspers, you can place them directly over the chakra points you’re trying to balance.

Another great way to use your Jasper stone is by using it in a crystal grid. Red Jaspers specifically are perfect for healing crystal grid layouts. Note though that there are a lot of layouts possible given the wide variety of Jaspers. A good way to start would be to meditate on your intention first and start drawing up your sacred geometry. After that, you can discern on your Jasper stones so you’ll know the best ones to use to manifest your intention.

How to Use Jasper for Feng Shui

Jaspers are incredibly nourishing and protective stones. When you hold a Jasper in your hand–or even when you’re simply in the presence of one–you can feel its warm energy surrounding you. That’s why we highly recommend having a Jasper stone handy especially if you feel like you’re close to burning out because of your current situation.

In Feng Shui, Jaspers are believed to balance both the masculine and feminine (yin and yang) energies of a place or a person. That’s why we also recommend that you consider getting Feng Shui amulets and cures such as the mystic knot, the pi ayo, and the wu lou to help balance your energies. If you want to balance your space, you can get yourself Jasper home ornaments like Buddha, elephant, and turtle figurines.

Jaspers are excellent Feng Shui stones for the Bagua areas ruled by the earth and the metal elements. The earth element governs all that provides nurturing and stability. It is the center of the Bagua sectors and is characterized by practicality and clarity. It basically rules over the spiritual health and well-being sector of the Bagua arrangement. The metal element, on the other hand, governs productivity, discipline, and efficiency. It rules over the travel and helpful people sector of the Bagua arrangement.

But not only does Jasper influence these two Bagua sectors. This stone can also be placed in the Southwest area (or the love and marriage area) of the home to bring stability, passion, and love into the home.

Jasper in Folklore and Ancient Times

Our ancestors and the ancients have always known about Jasper healing properties and used Jasper jewelry and ornaments. Some of their knowledge about the uses of the stone is passed down to us today in literature, sacred texts, and even discovered through archaeological digs.

The name Jasper finds its origins in the old French word jaspre which means spotted or speckled stone. That old French word has its origins in Hebrew. However, the origin of the name of the stone is different from the origin of the English word Jasper. The English name derives from a separate language, Persian, and it means “treasurer”.

Jasper was used in antiquity to make seals, ornaments, and bow drills. Some ancient cultures inscribed seals and symbols on Jaspers to denote power and authority. Egyptians inscribed Jaspers with symbols from The Book of the Dead and placed them in tombs to help the dead get to the afterlife safely. Native American peoples called the stone the rain-bringer and used it in rain-attracting ceremonies.

In German and Viking folklore, Jaspers were said to have been inlaid on the hilt of the sword of Siegfried, the dragon-slayer. The Jasper stone was believed to have been placed there to give courage to anyone who wielded the sword. Moreover, Japanese amulets called magatama (crooked jewels) were found in Iron Age graves. Some of these amulets were made of Jasper, indicating that it had high value in their society to be included in a person’s burial treasures.

Ancient shamans and healers have also used Jasper stones as talismans and protective amulets against all sorts of evil and negative energies and presences. These shamans also used the stone to enhance their powers and their magic. Some magic users of old also used the stone to manifest something into reality.

Where Are Jaspers Found?

Jasper is a widely-occurring variety of chalcedony, so they can be found almost anywhere around the globe.There are a lot of countries and states in the USA that have significant deposits of Jasper. These countries include India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Uruguay. In the United States, there are Jasper mines in states like Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Utah, Arkansas, and Texas.

Some types of Jaspers are found in only a few locations because they’re formed under extremely specific conditions. Examples of these include the Bumblebee Jasper and the Polychrome Jasper that are found primarily in Indonesia and Madagascar, respectively.


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