Howlite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

howlite meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Howlite Crystals

  1. Provides calming energy that builds patience
  2. Relieves anxiety, depression and stress 
  3. Helps insomniacs ward off disruptive thoughts and sleep peacefully

What Is Howlite Stone Good For?

As compared to a variety of other crystals, Howlite has a much more interesting and fascinating history. The rare gemstone is found in what experts call ‘a cauliflower mass’. It has no regular shape but its distinctiveness comes from its cauliflower-like appearance.

Howlite is found within sedimentary rock and despite its softness, it is even harder to mine than gypsum – making it quite valuable. The stone has greyish black lines running through it which makes it quite appealing to the naked eye.

While it is named after the Canadian Chemist Henry How who founded it back in the 1840s, the Howlite meaning is all about imitation. This is due to the fact that the soft, white gemstone can be dyed in multiple colors to look like expensive gemstones such as emerald and turquoise.

This is highly effective as the Howlite gemstone has little inclusions of other elements; its crystal-clear in nature. However, a lot of fraudulent dealers may take advantage of this and try to sell it off as the semi-precious gemstones that it imitates.

Despite this, Howlite benefits are vast and varied. It is an exceptional gemstone for meditation, it heals the heart and it costs much less than semi-precious gemstones while giving off the same appearance. This makes Howlite jewelry a great option for you or your special someone if you’re on a budget! 

What Are the Healing Properties of Howlite?

Among the many Howlite benefits that I just listed, this rare gemstone offers a number of different healing properties:

Spiritual Healing Properties

Due to its ability to tap into inner thoughts, Howlite will help you relieve yourself of anxiety, depression and other types of stress. It also has the power to give you access to memories of your previous life, among physical benefits such as strengthening bones and teeth as well.

Emotional Healing Properties

Howlite healing properties are not limited to its spiritual and emotional ones. Due to its ability to relieve you of stress, the Howlite gemstone will increase your patience; so, if you or anyone you know has a temper that gets the better of them, offer them this gemstone.

The energy that Howlite provides is so strong that it not only calms you but also gives you the power to calm someone who may be in a fit of rage.

Mental Healing Properties

Howlite’s appearance reflects its mental healing properties. Experts say that the gemstone is great for focusing the mind.

It taps into your inner, disruptive thoughts (which the greyish black lines within it symbolize) and helps you to get rid of them by understanding and making sense of them.

If you’re an insomniac, this stone is perfect for you. Put it under your pillow every night to ward off any disruptive thoughts and sleep peacefully.

Howlite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Howlite is associated with a number of astrological signs, which include:

  • Gemini
    The imitation property of Howlite is associated with Gemini’s dual personalities. If you were born between May 21-June 20, you probably tend to be outgoing and fun to be around, but at the same time, you can also have a reflective personality which causes restlessness.

    This is exactly why the Howlite gemstone is perfect for Geminis. It helps you understand your subconscious thoughts without suffering from overthinking and anxiety; thus, allowing you to sleep peacefully at night despite your personality traits.
  • Virgo
    Being a Virgo myself, I know that our lot is quite hard working, loyal and intellectual. The Howlite gemstone is associated with Virgo because of its ability to focus the mind and deal with situations calmly.

    Virgos are known to complete projects with precision and perfecting everything down to every single little detail. If you have a friend or a loved one who is a Virgo, you’re in good hands! However, be careful because sometimes Virgos tend to take their intellectual capabilities too far and judge others negatively.
  • Scorpio
    The one thing that I love about Scorpios is their confidence in themselves and their life. Scorpios aren’t afraid to speak up for what’s right and wrong. This is perhaps because they have the answer to everything which comes from their general knowledge of various topics.

    This makes Scorpios smart which is why it can be hard to gain their trust. However, once you do, you’ll find them very trustworthy.    

Howlite and Planetary Connection

Howlite is connected with the energies of the Moon and there’s a fascinating story behind that. The gemstone is used to honor the Green Goddess Selene who is the Goddess of the Moon, daughter of the titans Theia and Hyperion.

Folklore has it that Selene is responsible for bringing light during the darkest hours and her personality is full of care and love with importance to her responsibilities. She is popular in many cultures and women often look up to her in tales of mystery and romance in the night. 

Similarly, the moon represents feminine energy, rebirth, emotions and regeneration. The reason why the moon is so strongly associated with Howlite is that it dives into our deepest emotions, those that we are not even aware of. By doing this, it helps us to express how we truly feel.

Some astrology experts even compare the moon with mothers due to their qualities like sensitivity, security, vulnerability and caring.

Howlite and The Elements

For those of you who are completely new to astrology and crystals, here’s a brief.

Nature has 5 main elements: sun, air, water, the earth which we live on and the fifth element of Akasha which is omitted by fire and represents the other 4 elements.

The information about elements has been passed down through generations of many cultures; however, due to lack of proper documentation, much of this information has been lost. The parts which are available show that Howlite is connected to the element of air (some refers to this as the wind element).

The element of air represents the ability of our minds to be creative, come up with innovative ideas, passion, communication and the ability to take control.

You should use Howlite or any other crystal associated with the element of air if you’re looking to gain benefits such as improving your memory, increasing awareness, driving innovation, coming up with new ideas or improving your intellectual abilities.

Other crystals that offer the same benefits are Labradorite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, and Fluorite.

Howlite and Numerology

Every crystal has a numerical vibration that reflects its characteristics. In the case of Howlite, this gemstone’s numerical vibration is 2 which symbolizes 3 things: The Sacred Mother, Yin Energies and the Divine Feminine. In one word, the number 2 is harmonious. 

If you own Howlite and are influenced by the numerical vibration of 2, your life path is all about serving the earth. It has the power to help you think properly before making a decision and spread peace and calm wherever you go.

The number 2 has personality characteristics of compassion, selflessness, love, communication and guidance. If you’re born under its influence, you have the capability to innovate, take action and lead others – as well as work for the greater good of others without a materialistic drive.

It also means that you are not fond of a competitive workplace and only willing to work in an uplifting environment whose goal is to help those in need. 

However, there are also negative connotations to this as personalities influenced by the number 2 tend to be dependent on others, may be pessimistic at times, have irrational fears and face difficulty in making decisions.

Howlite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

If you don’t already know, there are 7 chakras in your body. These chakras are focal points that experts have studied for over decades now and used different meditation practices to heal and balance them.

The Howlite gemstone aligns the Crown Chakra, the topmost chakra which is situated at your forehead. If you place it there, it will offer you relief from stress and anxiety, calm you, instill patience and provide you with confidence, creativity and knowledge.

To get the best use out of this gemstone’s properties, you can wear Howlite jewelry in the form of a crown, a tiara or bindi (as worn in the Indian culture). This way, Howlite will vibrate its energies close to the crown chakra; thus, making it highly effective in aligning the chakra.   

Howlite to Connect with Your Divine Feminine Energy

To understand this concept, it is important to learn the difference between masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is more giving in nature and is portrayed in this direction only. Feminine energy, on the other hand, has a receiving nature and is all about guidance and caring.

Especially with gender roles moving to the back burner in this decade, almost all individuals have begun to recognize both energies. Your body naturally projects both energies, with the right side being masculine and the left being feminine.

The Divine Feminine Energy, also called She, allows one to trust, be patient and have faith in others. By using gemstones like Howlite, you can attain these characteristics and achieve possession of anything that you wish to have.

The feminine energy is also full of freedom, innocence and purity – features that the world has always associated with traditional women in the past.

If you’re asking yourself why you should connect with this energy, then the simple answer is all of the characteristics that I have mentioned above. These provide you with the benefit of rejuvenating yourself and filling others with love as well.

Often, pairing two or more gemstones with similar qualities will allow you to make more use of them. Try pairing Howlite with these other feminine energy stones:

Howlite to Lift the Blues, Heal Depression & Anxiety

If you place Howlite on the crown chakra and use it properly for feng shui, you’ll ensure that it rids you of all your anxiety and stress. Again, pairing it with other stones can make the process faster and more effective.

To help lift you out of depression, pair Howlite with:

How to Use Howlite for Feng Shui

Feng Shui is another Chinese technique that individuals use to harmonize their inner selves as well as their surroundings. The 5 elements of feng shui that vibrate energy include fire, earth, air, wood and most importantly, metal.

Howlite is associated with Metal Energy in Feng Shui. Metal reflects characteristics like healing, intelligence and creativity.

Even though some may see metal as a harmful object due to its sharpness and firmness which has the power to destroy – it is still a very important element in our lives.

The positive connotation of metal is that we can use this element to reflect vigilance and not let naivety allow us to be defrauded by others. It has the power to help us concentrate and take decisions with the utmost confidence.

In order to use metal effectively for feng shui, you should place metal objects in your home. You can also use the colors of metal i.e. grey, white and black to decorate your home and balance the energies of the different elements of feng shui.

Howlite is linked to metal because of its white color and greyish black lines within. You can use it for feng shui as well as other crystals like diamonds that reflect the color of the metal element.

To ensure proper feng shui, you need to balance all the different elements in your home. Place the metal in the northeast and west areas within your room or home. Similarly, place it to the far-right within your lobby or entryway. 

For other elements like fire, you can place orangish-red crystals like emeralds in your home. Some individuals place greenery and plants for adding the wood element in their house. The best thing about Howlite is that you can have it dyed and use it to enhance any element of feng shui in your home.

How is Howlite Formed?

As I mentioned earlier, Howlite is typically a soft stone with a hardness ranking of 3.5 on the Mohs Scale. This means that it may not be as durable for jewelry, but at a price tag of $50 to more than $100 for high-quality crystals, it is worth the investment.

So how is it formed? It’s difficult to find a Howlite stone on its own; it is mostly formed in masses within the sedimentary rock that it is found.

In raw form, it has a transparent to white color which is rich in borate. Dealers sell this imitation gemstone as white turquoise or dyed as blue turquoise and other gemstones depending on the color.

If you’re an avid gem collector, you can find some of the best quality Howlite crystals in Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Canada, Mexico and the USA. In the United States, you’ll find it in the state of California which is home to a number of semi-precious and precious jewels.


Howlite’s price tag makes it accessible for everyone to buy – whether you’re a student, a workaholic, a parent or of old age. You can keep it for yourself or gift it to someone else in the form of Howlite jewelry, or just as a crystal for collection and healing purposes.

However, to take full advantage of the benefits that it has to offer, you need to do proper research and read up on these guides to ensure that you can use it effectively. After all, the more use you make out of it, the more return you’ll be gaining out of your investment, right?

Search for different gemstones and purchase one that is linked to your zodiac sign and will you offer you the most growth in terms of becoming a stronger human being. 

To summarize it all, Howlite is a great gemstone for you to buy if you’re looking to get in touch with your feminine side and become a selfless person.

It has a number of qualities that will aid you in becoming a better person i.e. by helping others, spreading love and most importantly, attaining self-love. After all, in these trying times that this pandemic has brought upon us, isn’t that what we all need?


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