How To Make A Crystal Grid for Healing and Manifesting-Complete Guide


Crystals have been used for centuries as an aid to attain goals. The energies of these precious stones have been harnessed time and again for the intentions of generations of people—and to great effect.

In the present day, things are no different. There are many who have crystals placed strategically around their home, or carried in small bags to be brought wherever they go, or worn as jewelry. This allows them to use the stone’s energy towards a specific goal or outcome they want to attain.

However, there are some desires that may be difficult to achieve, with many obstacles in one’s path. A single stone or a group of stones may help attract this intention towards you, but it will take a long time. You will need to concentrate the power of different gems, to distill their energies towards a single focus in order to get the result that you want. The best way to do this is by making a crystal grid for manifesting and healing.

What Is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a special arrangement of gemstones and supporting objects that allows the different energies to converge towards a single intention. This makes it especially ideal for results that are difficult to attract towards the user.

What makes a crystal grid so potent lies in its ability to put together different metaphysical sources of power:

Crystal Energy

Precious gemstones are imbibed with different energies—there are stones for improving one’s love life, help resolve problems at work, bring clarity of mind, help heal emotional wounds from the past, strengthen tenacity in the face of adversity, and everything in between. There is a wealth of resources about which stones are most effective for which intention, but there is also a level of intuition that comes with using crystals for a long time. When you use a stone or group of stones in meditation, or place them around areas you frequent, or wear them as jewelry, you harness crystal energy.

The cool thing about using a crystal grid is that you harvest the energy from several different types of crystals, that each have its own energetic properties, which only further amplify your intentions and manifesting. Also, did you know that crystals have a geometric structure that harmonically aligns with the geometry of the universe?

Marcel Vogel, a Senior Scientist with IBM for 27 years who is also a well-respected researcher of quartz crystal said it best, “Although the crystal may be used for “mind-to-mind” communications, it’s higher purpose…is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering.”

We truly believe crystals are a key component for a smooth shift in human consciousness and will play an even bigger role as more and more of us awake.

Numerology and Crystal Grids

Certain numbers have special meanings and deeper symbolism whose energy you can use. By choosing a specific number of each crystal, you can harness the power of numerology to add to your crystal grid layouts. This will further amplify the intentions you broadcast to the universe.

Sacred Geometry and Crystal Grids

When you look at nature, you will notice that certain shapes and patterns repeat themselves in animals, plants, and scenery. Sacred geometry operates on the belief this repetition is not random. The underlying principle is that the Creator designed everything with a specific geometric plan. Sacred geometry uses the proportions, angles, shapes, and figures found in nature in order to harness the power of symbolism. By using a combination of these arrangements, you are able to create a flow that echoes the free flow in nature that allows life to thrive. Incorporating this into your crystal grid layout allows the energy of the crystals you choose to flow towards and with each other, amplifying their effect.

Activating the Crystal Grid with Your Intentions

Last but not least, the strength of your intention gives the direction that the crystal energy will go to. Your desired result, envisioned clear in your mind and verbalized into the crystal grid, will let the gemstones know what they need to do to help you.  The geometric structure of the crystals will store your intention.

The crystal grid on the other hand is there to broadcast your intention more vividly to the universe, which through the law of attraction, will transform energy in your life to bring about the change you’re intending for.

Your intention plays a huge part in the crystal grid working correctly for you. Hence, make sure that before you start, your mind is clear and calm. It may help to first meditate for 20 minutes or so before starting the crystal grid.  Make sure you are very focused and clear in stating your intention upon the crystal.

Carrying a bag of precious crystals may be effective in reaching certain goals, but you will need a stronger force to bring to you the things that are beyond your reach. By using a crystal grid for manifesting, you get a powerful combination of four: intention, crystal energy, numerology, and sacred geometry.

How to Make a Crystal Grid

Crystal grids combine the intellectual and the artistic in one activity. There is a lot of thought that is put into what crystals to use and how to arrange them in order to be both effective and aesthetically-pleasing. One reinforces the others—as in nature, there is beauty in function and vice versa.

This is What You Will Need to Make a Crystal Grid:

  • A location for your crystal grid
  • A small piece of paper on which to write your intention
  • Your choice of focus stone to distill the energy and magnify it
  • Your choice of way stones to direct the energy
  • Your choice of desire stones to manifest the energy towards you
  • Your choice of spirit stones to imbibe a particular spirit and life to the grid
  • Your choice of perimeter stones to protect the energy and keep it within the grid
  • Your choice of grid activating wand to connect the energies of the crystals
  • A crystal grid cloth
  • Sage or Palo Santo for cleansing the space

Detailed Step-By-Step Process to Make a Crystal Grid:

  1. Choose your intention. Reflect on your intention deeply. What do you need to get the result that you want? Do you need to fortify yourself with determination? Do you need something that will help you heal from hurt? Is your issue related to financial matters? There are crystals that are more suited to one goal than another, so being clear about your intention is absolutely essential to knowing which crystals to pick.

    For example, if your intention is to attract financial abundance and prosperity into your life, you should choose crystals that help with will-power, determination, self-confidence, and attracting opportunities and luck.
  2. Choose the gemstones you will use in your crystal grid.Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and what you need to get it, you may now choose which stones to use.

    There are five types of stones used in a crystal grid:
    1. The desire stones are often the easiest to choose as they directly pertain to your intention. You can think about your intention in general terms first: what is it about? Is it related to creating abundance of wealth, or for promoting peace of mind and serenity, for jump starting a romance and fostering love, or for realizing your own truth and purpose? You will find that there are stones that are perfectly aligned with your intention. If you are totally new to crystal healing, do not worry.

      We’ve got your covered. We’ve come up with a detailed list of the stones you will need for each intention. You can peruse the list by clicking on the intention that aligns with your desire:

      Wealth, Money, Success, Abundance, and Prosperity

      Love, Romance, Marriage, and Happiness

      Getting Rid of Fear, Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

      New Beginnings, Transitions and Change

      Protection and Clearing from Negativity, Psychic Attacks, and Black Magic
    2. The spirit stones are for spiritual guidance. Think of these as the guardian angel or the spirit what will help make your crystal grid come alive. The spirit stones also strengthen the power of the stones in the spiritual realm.
    3. The way stones aim to enlighten the path you will take towards your intention. Remember that it’s not just the stones that will work to get you to your goal—you have to work as well. The way stones will help bring you from point A to point B, so it is important that you have mapped out your intention and what you need to do to achieve your goal. Anticipate the obstacles that you will face and ask yourself which crystals can clear your path. Think about what characteristics you will need to attract your intention and pick the stones that provide you with that strength.
    4. The focus stone fortifies your crystal grid with its life-giving abilities. It directs the energy of all the stones, distills it, and focuses it towards your intention. This is usually chosen based on what feels right to you as you make your crystal grid. If you practice crystal energy long enough, you develop a sixth sense for what stone to use as your focus stone.
    5. The perimeter is comprised of stones that provide protection and help contain the energy within the crystal grid. Stones with protective function are best suited to perimeter work.

If you need help in choosing stones, here are tried-and-tested combinations for the most common intentions.

Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

If your intention is about creating abundance in your life, you can use Citrine, Amber, Jade, Green Aventurine, and Tiger’s Eye.

Citrine is a yellow-tinged crystal that is popularly known as the “merchant’s stone” for its ability to attract wealth, success in business, and good fortune.

Amber is an organic substance that promotes health and healing, giving one abundance in the physical realm.

Jade protects against dishonesty in money matters, and keeps you from exploitation of your abilities and resources.

Green Aventurine is among the luckiest of all gemstones, earning its moniker “stone of opportunity”. It helps boost the odds of winning.

Tiger’s Eye has been historically revered for its ability to bring prosperity and protect personal property.

Crystals for Manifesting Love, Intimacy, and Romance

If your intention is about fostering love, intimacy, or romance, it is highly recommended that you incorporate rose quartz, clear quartz, and emerald into your crystal grid layouts. Rose quartz is a beautiful pink-hued stone that is very effective in fostering relationships. It enhances the connection between two people by increasing compassion and healing interpersonal conflict. Clear quartz is powerful in inviting new romance into one’s life. Emerald has long been associated with creating domestic bliss between partners, inspiring faithfulness, and rejuvenating friendship as the base for romance.

Crystals for Manifesting Peace and Serenity

If your intention is to attain peace and serenity, Amethyst, Moonstone, polished Malachite, and Clear Quartz are the front runners in your crystal grid for manifesting this desire.

Amethyst, a beautiful violet crystal, is often used in calming the mind during meditation. It protects one from negative thoughts and helps initiate a deeper and clearer understanding of events.

Moonstone is a translucent white stone with an iridescent blue appearing to glow from within. This mirrors its ability to see our hidden truths, things about ourselves that we find difficult to discern.

Polished Malachite is a deep, vibrantly green stone that often has eye-shaped patterns on its surface. This gives the power to see what is blocking your growth, raising your self-awareness to destructive habits and thinking patterns that impede your sense of inner peace.

Clear Quartz brings the user on a higher plane of guidance, opening up the mind to a level of calm wisdom.

Crystals for Finding Purpose

If your intention is to find your purpose and an honest expression of your personal truths, Blue Kyanite, Obsidian, Emerald and Clear Quartz will best serve you in a crystal grid layout.

Blue Kyanite is a pearly white-blue crystal that renders one’s communication effective. It clarifies one’s message and voice in order to reach others.

Obsidian is a dramatic black stone born out of the earth’s blood, lava. It gives clarity in its darkness by allowing you to see the imperfections you have within, and helps you see how these are interfering with your path and purpose.

Emerald enhances wisdom, giving you the ability to discern your truth among the many things that block your vision.

Clear Quartz amplifies the good within, allowing you to see your strengths and make the most out of them as you move towards your purpose.

Decide on the Sacred Geometry Pattern for Your Crystal Grid

Once you have decided which stones to use, the next step is to determine what geometric pattern you will arrange them in. Just like crystals, different geometric contours have their own strengths. Choose the one which best reflects your intention:

  • The seed of life pattern is best used in re-balancing energy flow within the self. If you feel that your chakra or personal energy centers are blocked or misaligned, use this pattern as the base of your crystal grid. The reason why it is so powerful in repairing energy flow is because the seed of life is the simplest and most fundamental of sacred geometry shapes. From this basic figure comes the flower of life, from which comes the fruit of life, from which comes Metatron’s cube. The seven interconnected circles represent the seven days of Creation in Genesis, where nature’s energy began.
  • The flower of life is a sacred geometry figure that is highly versatile in use. It is effective in manifesting a range of intentions, particularly in attracting abundance and good fortune. It is a complex pattern comprised of interconnecting circles, representing a smooth energy flow in soft curves. It is said to represent the part of the divine that resides within us. This is what makes this symbol so versatile—by encouraging the force of life within us, we can use the energy for whatever good we choose.
  • The sri yantra is often used when the intention requires a strong connection to the cosmos. In Sanskrit, it is loosely translated as an instrument that frees one from bondage. This symbol is often used to spiritually liberate the user. Vedic schools of thought regard the sri yantra to be the embodiment of the universe. This is best used in crystal grids for healing spiritual distress and aligning the cosmos to favor one’s intention.
  • Metatron’s cube is named after the Arch Angel Metatron who appears in Jewish, Christian and Islamic texts. A highly complex figure, it contains the five essential elements in the form of the Platonic Solids—shapes whose facets are all perfectly equal in size and angle. Its namesake gives one an idea of what this figure is used for. As Metatron was given the responsibility to take charge of guarding all Creation, this figure is well-suited to intentions to protect against negativity, harm, and evil.
  • Success crystal grid. You may also combine several basic geometric shapes that hold important symbolism in sacred geometry to come up with your own unique crystal grid.  One example we have tried is combining the octagram, triangle, and circle into 1 grid. See the image of this success crystal grid below.

Octagram is an eight-pointed star that is used to manifest success and determination. It is enclosed in a circle that is within a triangle. The octagram, also called a star,creates an all-encompassing spread of energy not just towards the four principal directions, but also in the directions in between (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest). In numerology, eight is a powerful number for manifestation.

The triangle is a simple yet potent symbol in sacred geometry. The triangle has 3 sides, and the number 3 in numerology has several different meanings. 3 represents creativity, inspiration, optimism, and luck! I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “third time’s a charm”.  Triangle also represents trinity—the mind, the body, and the spirit; the father, the mother, and the child; the past, present, and future, among others.

The circle is the simplest of all shapes, and yet it holds one of the most powerful symbolism. It represents unity, focus and commitment.

Clear the Energy of Your Chosen Space

Choose a space in you your home to place your crystal grid layout. A place that is quiet and serene would be a good choice. Make sure that it is an open area that allows energy to flow in and out—placing your grid in a dusty cupboard or under the bed will not allow its powers to reach your intention.

Once you have designated a space, it is time to cleanse it. Drive away any negative auras in the vicinity by the act of smudging. This involves burning sage or Palo Santo and allowing the fragrant fumes to permeate the area. Sage has been used for centuries by the Native American shamans in spiritual practices to cleanse away illness, conflict, anger, or evil. Palo Santo literally means “holy wood” in Spanish, and it was used in indigenous purification ceremonies in ancient South America. If you have a bundle of sage or a stick of Palo Santo wood, you can directly light it with a match and allow it to smoulder. Once the flame has simmered down and smoke emerges, you can wave the sage or Palo Santo around your space in a practice called “smudging”. This helps the aromatic smoke envelope the space and permeate the atmosphere, driving away the negativity that may be present.

Cleanse Your Crystals

Regularly cleaning crystals is the best way to maximize their energy. When they are used for intentions, they may absorb negative auras that hinder their effectivity. Cleansing them invigorates their power and brings them back to brand new. It is best you cleanse your crystals prior to using them for your crystal grid.

There are several ways of cleansing crystals:

  • Natural water. Water literally and energetically washes away any impurities and accumulated negativity from your stones. It is best to leave them under the rain for 4-5 minutes to allow the sky to cast its life-giving blessing towards them. In the dry season, you may also place your stones under a sink. Place a colander above them to filter the water passing through and distribute the strength of its flow.
  • Sunlight or moonlight. These celestial bodies have the dual power to cleanse and recharge your crystals’ energy. Leave them outside to bask in the light for thirty minutes. Note that some crystals suffer discoloration under the sun, such as amethyst, amber or quarts. In this case, it is best to cleanse them using moonlight. It is especially powerful to cleanse them under a full moon.
  • Earth. It may be counter intuitive to cleanse crystals by burying them under soil, but that is if you believe that the earth in unclean—quite the opposite! The earth has the energy of Gaia, the place where all creatures get their sustenance and shelter. Allow your crystals to absorb this energy, while allowing the accumulated negativity seep through the soil and become transformed through Mother Earth’s life-giving energy. Bury them under the soil for a full day to achieve earth cleansing.
  • Fire power. You may choose to use either direct fire or smoke for cleansing your crystals. Placing the stones over a fire will cleanse them in a matter of seconds, completely burning away any impurities. You may also cleanse your crystals at the same time as you are cleansing your crystal grid location by smudging. Simply wave your crystals through the sage or Palo Santo smoke a couple of times, allowing them to be enveloped in the sweet and purifying aroma.
  • Salt water. Salt water has been used for centuries to absorb negative energy. It is best to use water taken from the ocean, allowing them to soak in the energy of the waves. If this is not an option, you may use water with pink Himalayan salt. Leave your crystals in the solution overnight. Don’t forget to wash off any residue with clean water after. Keep in mind that some crystals like hematite or pyrite are fragile and do not keep well in saltwater.
  • Purifying stones. There are some stones that have the power to cleanse other stones by absorbing the negativity and dispelling it. Clear Quartz and Amethyst are good options, but perhaps the most well-known crystal for this purpose is Selenite. Simply place your stones on top of the purifying stone of your choice in order to neutralize any undesired energy and increase their natural healing vibrations.
  • Meditation. In the midst of your meditation, when you are at your calmest and most peaceful, draw a couple of breaths and gently blow over your stones. This serves to regenerate your stones while allowing their pure, cleansed energy to wash over you.

Write Your Intention Down

Throughout the process of choosing your stones, you should already have fully reflected on your intention. Write it down on a piece of paper, then place this at the very center of your crystal grid layout, under the center stone.

State Your Intention

Take three deep breaths to calm yourself down. Visualize your goal. See it in your mind’s eye as if it is already happening. Once you hold that vision in your mind, state your intention out loud.

Set Up the Surrounding Stones

Start from the outermost and work your way towards the center. As you place each gemstone in its place, continue visualizing your end goal. The last crystal you put should be the focus stone. This is placed at the center, right on top of your intention.

To enhance your grid even further, you may place an orgonite pyramid at the center, along with your intention and focus stone. An orgonite pyramid is composed of layers of crystals and metals immortalized in resin. It is powerful in capturing and purifying toxic negative energy that would otherwise deter the power of your crystal grid. It does so by using the power of the orgone or life force.

Activate the Crystal Grid Using Your Wand

The ideal wand would be a long, thin slab of quartz with one pointy end called a quartz crystal point. Quartz has the ability to amplify and program energy, consolidating all the stones within the crystal grid. Others use a small twig from a tree historically used for rituals. You may also want to use your own index finger if you are without a quartz wand or a twig.

crystal wand to activate crystal grid

Activating the grid means setting the flow of the energy. Visualize the flow from the outermost stones to the center stone. Starting from a stone in the outermost ring, draw a line to the next stone, then the next. If you’ve ever played “connect the dots” in your childhood, this practice is similar. You are connecting the energy of each stone together, from the outside going in, towards the direction of your intention (the center).

Boost the Crystal Grid’s Vibrational Energy

Your crystal grid should be left in place for at least 40 days, or until you no longer need its power. But it shouldn’t be left to collect dust during this time! In order to keep it working, allocate 5-10 minutes to visit your grid and envision your intention daily. Meditate as you visualize the outcome you want. You may state your intention verbally during this time. To protect against any energetic damage, place healing crystals in the outermost rim of your crystal grid.

Take Action

The crystals energy is directed towards helping you fulfill your intention. But without your action in making it happen, the energy has nowhere to run to. Don’t just sit back and rely on the crystal grid. Allow the crystal energy to wash over you to help you take positive changes towards manifesting your goal.

We sincerely hope you give crystal grid a try. If you follow the steps outlined in this blog, we have a feeling you’ll fall in love with making crystal grid a part of your spiritual development and law of attraction work.

If you’ve tried a crystal grid before, don’t hesitate to comment below on your experience so others may also learn from you. Sharing is caring!


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