How Crystal Skulls Work: Meaning, Legends, and Activation

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Crystal skulls have fascinated the world for decades with their beautiful detail, masterful artistry, and mysterious symbolism. It all started in the late 19th century when 13 crystal skulls started to surface in art and history circles all over the world. Since then, people have conjectured on the where they came from and what they are used for—and the question on everyone’s mind is: do crystal skulls have special powers?

Do Crystal Skulls Have Special Powers?

People who have been guardians of crystal skulls firmly believe that they do. They are usually made of quartz, a mineral that is extensively used in telecommunications and data storage because of its piezoelectric properties. This means it is among the solid materials on earth that is able to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. It is believed that the original quartz skulls are repositories for ancient knowledge that can benefit the human race. Because of their material, there is a strong belief that ancient quartz crystal skulls can transfer their knowledge to versions sculpted more recently.

Many people attest to the healing power of crystal skulls. Healing crystals have an immense following because of the positive results people have had in using them to manifest their intentions. When these crystals are shaped into skull form, they are integrated with key principles of sacred geometry, amplifying their potency exponentially. People take advantage of this by sculpting skulls from different precious stones, effectively strengthening the power each individual crystal holds. As supplement to traditional treatments, these objects have been known to help hasten the healing process for maladies of the heart and mind.

Crystal skulls are renowned for their ability to boost psychic powers. Crystallographers have opined that the vibrational energy emitted they emit mimics that electromagnetic waves of the brain that gives birth to thought, making it much easier to gain valuable insight and attain true knowledge. People who use crystal skulls in meditation report clearer psychic visions and premonitions. A recent development in this field has bought forth the idea of using crystal skulls to amplify communication efforts across the cosmos to those who live outside of our planet.

Their origins are shrouded in mystery—which only makes them more fascinating. There are three general theories: many believe they come from ancient human civilizations like the Mayans, while others think were made in cities that have disappeared like Atlantis or Lemuria. And yet others think that they were not made by humans at all, but by those living outside of our planet, in other words, extraterrestrial aliens.

The Mayans and the 13 Crystal Skulls

The most enduring story about crystal skulls comes from the Mayan civilization. Ancient lore has it that 13 crystal skulls were made—there were 12 skulls of equal size which contain valuable information from each of the great planets, and 1 large skull that served as the seat of consciousness for all the worlds. When the 12 were placed in a circular arrangement with the 13th in the center, knowledge is integrated and made complete. The crystal skulls become immensely powerful conduits that bring forth the enlightenment of humankind.

During the Great Flood—an event that scientists now say may have happened in certain parts of the world—these skulls were saved on an ark that saved people from the onslaught of water. After the catastrophic event, peace settled and the 13 crystal skulls became dispersed across the globe. Legend says that at a pivotal moment in time, these 13 skulls will be reunited, giving mankind access to knowledge they need to create a better world.

The Native Americans also speak of 13 crystal skulls that contain the knowledge of worlds and hold the key to human enlightenment. It is interesting to note that in this version, the skulls sing. They produce a beautiful, mysterious sound that captivates all who listen to it, bringing forth positivity, joy, and peace.

Though no one knows for sure where the skulls are, there has been avid speculation that at least some of them have been found.

Those familiar with crystal skulls lore agree that the Mitchel-Hedges skull is one of the 13. This was found by Anna Mitchel-Hedges when she was a young girl at one of her father’s archaeological digs in Belize during the 1920’s. It is said that this skull was used by ancient Mayan shamans to bring death to chosen targets—hence its moniker, the Skull of Doom. When Mitchel-Hedges passed, care of the skull was assigned to her husband.

Another possible ancient skull is the Baby Luv. This is a rose gold quartz skull that was found by Russian monks in present day Lvov, Ukraine. It is suspected that this was used by the ancient Scythians in the Russian steppes, and an even older people, the Cimmerians. It is currently under the care of Joky Van Dieten.

The British Museum in London holds one life-size crystal skull that appears to be sculpted out of a single large piece of clear quartz. It was bought from Tiffany and Co. in 1897. Before this, it was in possession of a Spanish officer who served in Mexico prior to the French occupation.

In 1992, the Smithsonian received a mysterious package containing a large crystal skull made of milky white quartz. It had a note that the item was purchased in Mexico in the 60’s. It was an anonymous donation, the mystery of which has not yet been solved.

In Europe, there are smaller and more primitive crystal skulls displayed in museums in Paris.

What the Mayan Elders Said About Crystal Skulls and Raising Human Consciousness

In 2012, the Mayan Council of Elders were invited to speak at the United Nations. This was in relation to the end of the Mayan calendar—December 12, 2012—that many thought would be the end of the world. They talked about the importance of raising human consciousness that is needed to bring peace to the world for a new beginning. They emphasized the role that crystal skulls play in making this happen.

Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj addressed concerns people have about the macabre symbolism of skulls. He argues that the crystal skull meaning is not death—it symbolizes how some things do not change even when everything around it does. In the same way the crystal skulls’ physical appearance was preserved through the years, so does the knowledge handed down from generation to generation. He speaks of the need to protect that what we inherited from the past and use it to better our future.

Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech talked about the importance of finding inner peace. Only by attaining peace within can we even begin to think about creating harmony outside ourselves. This can be done with crystal skull meditation that helps us reach a deeper level of insight, that in turn leads to profound peace.

Hunbatz Men, Mayan Day Keeper, suggests that it would do the world good if every person had their own crystal skull that they could connect with on a daily basis. This will wake up their memories and store new ones, allowing them to learn from past mistakes.

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More Crystal Skull History and Lore

The legend of the crystal skulls is shrouded in mystery, so it is but natural that it would find its way into pop culture. The best example of this is the fourth installment of the hugely popular movie franchise, Indiana Jones.

Entitled Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls, the movie follows the title character and his allies in the race against the Soviets to find a mysterious crystal skull through the Amazon jungle. The Soviets believe that the skull is from a race of extraterrestrials. It holds a mighty power that they can use in psychic warfare. 

The adventure leads them to the mystical city of Akator (known as the City of Gold), where they find a temple which holds numerous artifacts from different ancient civilizations—they surmise that the aliens collected these to learn about the Earth and its people. They find a chamber containing 13 alien skeletons, one with the skull missing. The protagonists are followed by the Soviets, who have taken the first skull and want the rest to make their army stronger.

The leader of the Soviets returns the skull to its rightful skeleton, and the aliens come back to life, opening a portal to their dimension. Before they leave, they offer her a reward, and she demands to transfer all their knowledge into her mind so she can use it in psychic warfare. The process of transmission of such a tremendous amount of knowledge to a single human brain is so intense that the Soviet leader disintegrates and is sucked into the portal to the alien dimension.

Meanwhile, the chamber crumbles and Indiana Jones and his company are able to escape. They watch as the city of Akator is destroyed, with a UFO rising from where under the temple and disappearing into the horizon. They realize that in the Mayan language, the nickname of Akator is better translated as the City of Treasure rather than the City of Gold. And it seems that what the aliens deemed as treasure was not gold or riches or precious stones, but knowledge.

Are Crystal Skulls Evil?

When an average person thinks of skulls, they think Halloween, scary movies, occult, and death. These macabre associations have deterred many from experiencing the healing power of crystal skulls.

The crystal skull meaning is much more positive than what most people think. It does not represent the darkness, but rather the light. It does not represent death, but rather life. It does not only represent the end, but a beginning as well.

Many ancient civilizations knew this. Dia delos Muertos is a beautiful tradition started by the Aztec, Toltek and Nahua people of South America. They understand that death is a natural part of life, and that we should celebrate the memory of those who have passed, rather than mourn them. On November 1 and 2, the dead come back to earth and the living welcome them with offerings and celebration. Skulls figure largely in the symbolism of Dia delos Muertos, but they are colorful and whimsical rather than dark and scary.

A vast majority of those who have been exposed to crystal skulls sing praises of its positive impact on their lives—even those who were fearful of them before. Perhaps it is because by embracing the inevitability of death rather than hiding from it, we better appreciate the life we have now. Perhaps it is because the healing energy of crystal skulls rids us of psychic baggage and helps us see clearer. Likely, it is both.

There is an even greater fear when crystal skulls are made from dark-colored crystals like obsidian or black tourmaline. But every basic crystal healing believer knows that these are the very crystals that are most effective at deflecting negative energy, offering the best protection from evil intentions.

How Crystal Skulls Work

Crystal skulls are sculpted out of different precious stones that are found within soil and rock. They already store the information of the ages as they slowly grew within the earth. When these are removed from underground, they lie dormant and their power does not radiate. The minerals may be used for a variety of purposes, and this reawakens them.

In the case of crystal skulls, the process of sculpting into the distinctive shape start the activation process. This is because the principles of sacred geometry are employed in the skull’s shape to configure and strengthen the natural power of the crystal material itself.

To benefit from crystal skulls, one must find a way to access the knowledge and power they store within. Many do this by meditating with their skulls, reflecting on questions they deem important.Many also employ the concept of psychometry, wherein the user holds an object in order to exchange messages with it—creating a line of communication with a crystal skull can open up one’s mind in unbelievable ways. With their healing energy, the skulls help us reach profound truths about ourselves and about our world. Spiritual leaders often use them for divination, as the crystal skulls have the ability to boost vision and psychic abilities.

Crystal skulls require the user’s consciousness. If you connect with a skull, it automatically matches your brainwave frequency to meet your needs.

What Does It Mean to be a Crystal Skull Guardian?

What people need to understand about crystal skulls is that they have a consciousness of their own. When you are drawn to a particular crystal skull, it is not just because of simple intuition—it is also because the crystal skull chose you. This means that it has decided that you are the one it wants to share its power with. To be chosen as a crystal skull guardian is a both a responsibility and an honor.

When exposed to a crystal skull for the first time, it is best to follow ancient Mayan practice. They would hold the skull to their third eye and open their mind to images and words that come to mind. It is likely that the skull will share its name with you during this greeting.

Being a crystal skull guardian means regularly communing with it to keep it active. The more interaction with its guardian, the more transmission of knowledge, the more powerful the skull becomes. It also means regularly keeping it physically clean, particularly its eye sockets and teeth. Use a soft toothbrush for these crevices.

Crystal skulls must also be cleansed metaphysically. Crystal skull guardians often take their skulls for baths in natural water bodies, for visits to sacred places, presenting them with offerings and gifts, gently wave them over smoke from burning holy wood, or cleansing them with other crystals. Leaving it under the sun for the healing power of our solar system’s greatest star is also an option but this will depend on the crystal composition of the skull and its ability to withstand the light and heat. Otherwise, leaving it under the moonlight of Luna is another cleansing option.

It is also a good idea to connect with other crystal skull guardians. Many do this to arrange regular communes with multiple crystal skulls. It brings seismic shifts in consciousness because of the transmission of knowledge between skulls.

Crystal skull guardians must also be discerning of who comes in contact with their skulls. They must ensure that the people they share its knowledge have only good intentions. It is important to protect the skull as a guardian.

How to Activate a Crystal Skull

To truly maximize its power, it is important that the crystal skull is activated. By activating the skull, you effectively strengthen its natural power, significantly amplifying its healing energy.

There are different ways to activate a crystal skull. It is highly recommended that crystal skull guardians try a variety of activations, as this not only empower the skull, but its guardian as well.

One powerful way of activating your skull is by placing it in the vicinity of an ancient crystal skull. If there is one in your area, you might want to try do this. Otherwise, you can actually purchase online new crystal skulls that have been already been activated by older ones. Another option is to put your skull on top of a picture of an ancient skull so it can absorb some of its energy. You may also want to consider using special crystal skull essences—these are vials of purified water that have been infused with the energy of powerful ancient crystal skulls.

Many people opt to activate their crystal skulls by meditation. It is a very personal experience that offers all the benefits of spiritual reflection with the added healing energy of the crystal skull. Simply hold your skull in your hand, right in front of your heart. Ask that it be cleared of any previous programming and reaffirm that you will use its power only for the good. Bring forth a feeling of goodwill and love by recalling positive experiences. Project these images and feelings into your crystal skull so it attunes to you. Everyday, spend 5-10 minutes sitting quietly with your skull as you reflect about your day or keep it near you as you write in your journal.

Sound and light will also activate your crystal skull as they are sources of energy. Gently bathing your crystal skull with the sounds of Tibetan bells or “tingsha” is a powerful form of activation. Using gentle sunlight or moonlight is another way. Crystal skull guardians have developed specialized light boxes that provide light from across the spectrum for activation.

If you have a collection of crystal at hand, you may also use your crystal skull as the center of a crystal grid. Crystal grids are a collection of healing crystals (usually called tumble stones) that are arranged in a specific manner—most commonly, in a concentric circles or spiral pattern. The types of tumble stones to use vary depending on your intention. There are some stones that are powerful at protection against evil forces, others that are potent in solving love life problems, and yet others that aid in attracting prosperity and good fortune to its users. Whatever your intention, with a mix research and intuition, you can create a crystal grid perfect for your needs. Using a crystal skull at its center is a great way to exponentially boost the power of a crystal grid.

If you have multiple crystal skulls, you might want to create a crystal skull grid. Arrange them in a way that feels right to you (you may also research on sacred geometry patterns for initial ideas), and power them with your intention. In doing so, you activate your crystal skulls and intensify the positive power they give your life.


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