Herkimer Diamond: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

herkimer diamond meanings and benefits

Are you thinking of honing your spiritual abilities and achieving enlightenment? Consider getting a Herkimer Diamond gemstone to aid you in your process. The clearness of its color allows it to heal all forms of wounds and elevate our minds to a higher plane. If you want a flexible stone with many uses, this one is definitely what you should get.

Top 3 Benefits of Herkimer Diamond Crystals

  • Spiritual Work – Boost your spiritual and psychic abilities with a clear stone that helps connect you to higher planes and spiritual beings. This stone is extremely useful in your own personal growth.
  • Dreaming – If you want to hone your ability to lucid dream, this stone is great for that. Most people put them under their pillows to help them in that process. Similarly, the pure light from the Herkimer Diamond can filter your dreams and prevent nightmares.
  • Empowering Small Stones – Herkimer Diamonds have very high vibrations that are also great at absorbing and amplifying energies. Smaller stones generally have weaker energies, but placing them near this crystal can boost their overall power and abilities.

What Is Herkimer Diamond Stone Good For?

Also known as the “The Stone of Attunement”, Herkimer Diamond vibrations guide you out of uncomfortable and unpleasant situations and onto the right path. Practitioners often use this stone to attune with those they are unfamiliar with. It also attunes people with the environment.

Clearer stones generally have more power to them, which is why many use them as conduits and cleansers. It doesn’t just emulate its own energy, but it can absorb and amplify that of others. What a lot of people do is actually pair the Herkimer Diamond with gemstones of smaller sizes to boost their power.

One thing this crystal does is boost your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities as well as help with telepathic communication. A Herkimer Diamond’s abilities are caused by their extremely high vibrations that can even assist you in astral travel. It’s like an entirely new experience and the most intense frequency you can get while in your physical form. They can help connect the physical and astral plane for easier transportation.

People use the Herkimer Diamond for its Light abilities, which can be used to cleanse any negative energy. More than that though, they are incredible healing stones and great for meditations and dream work.

What Are the Healing Properties of Herkimer Diamond?

Spiritual Healing Properties

It is a highly spiritual stone that enhances spontaneity, increases psycho abilities, and improves communication between your spirit guides. Due to the Herkimer Diamond’s meaning of attunement, its ability to connect the physical and spiritual world is what aids you in communication. In a similar sense, it can also reconnect those who have been separated a long time.

Heighten your ability to dream using a Herkimer Diamond gemstone under your pillow. It can also help you practice lucid dreaming. If you suffer from frequent nightmares, you can place these under your pillow to drive them away. Things that pass through the Herkimer are automatically cleansed, so even your dreams will feel lighter with this stone.

Emotional Healing Properties

Allow yourself to be comforted by carrying around Herkimer Diamond jewelry. It has a harmonious and soothing aura that teaches us to reach into ourselves. This gemstone can give you a greater appreciation of yourself and your personal skills. We start to recognize that we are in our best form and just need actualization. As a result of this, you learn to trust in yourself more, which in turn makes you more intuitive.

Herkimer Diamonds encourage us to start again, so what it does is clear the body and mind of subconscious fears and repressions. This allows you to fully relax and accept the expansion of your Life energy.

Another thing this gemstone does is bring to light the things that we have hidden in the depths of our minds. Similar to what was said about relaxation, the Light energy from this crystal makes for powerful emotional healing. Oftentimes, our true self is hidden behind feelings of cynicism and negativity.

A Herkimer Diamond will go to the darkest of the dark and draw out the light in you. The result is a joyous feeling and uplifting feeling. You can assist this process by adding water to your meditative practices.

Mental Healing Properties

If you have trouble remembering things, then you’re in luck because Herkimer Diamond Gemstones are great for memory and information retention. It can help you store memories that may be useful later on.

Aside from that, you can send your positive intention on a Herkimer Diamond so that before you go to bed, you can sleep peacefully and wake up with a clear mind. This is great for those who experience insomnia because of nightmares or anxieties that they bring to sleep.

Herkimer Diamond gemstones are also used for cleansing the environment. It heals the environment by removing energy blockages and electromagnetic pollution. Its radiant light would shine all around and relieve the area of harmful energies. Wear Herkimer Diamond jewelry to protect yourself from geopathic stress, so you won’t be influenced by external energies.

Physical Healing Properties

Herkimer Diamond, with its all-around healing Light energy, is great for boosting your immune system. It also serves as a powerful ingredient for elixirs because it can cleanse you of toxins. If you have imbalances in your metabolic rate or DNA, this stone can harmonize them back to normal.

Just like how it cleanses you from negative thoughts, Herkimer Diamond can also relieve you of pain. All you have to do is place it on top of the area where it hurts, then it will work its energy. The flowing energy currents from it will massage and soothe the area until the pain disappears. Keep there for a few minutes for total relief.

If you’re the type who is always exhausted, the Herkimer Diamond can help you release tensions in your body to reduce burnout, stress, and boost your immune defenses. Relaxed muscles have more memory recall too, so it also heals injuries faster.

Herkimer Diamond, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

This gemstone is closely related to two astrology signs: Aries and Sagittarius.

Aries are known to be courageous, determined, and strong leaders. This kind of confidence often stems from being assured of one’s own capabilities. Herkimer Diamonds bring out the best in people, so it is a great stone for supporting the Aries signs. Aside from that, it also improves their overall energy and stamina, and being energetic and athletic are a common trait that is associated with this sign, too.

One of the Sagittarius most defining traits is that they are idealistic and optimistic. This stems from having a lot of positive thoughts and energies within them. Herkimer Diamonds are known for similar abilities of bringing positivity, and this is how the stone relates to this sign. Both the sign and gemstone dispel negativity and can transform the environment around them.

Herkimer Diamond and The Elements

The Herkimer Diamond is associated with the Storm element.

This element is also known as the Ether (or Aether for many), and it is the first and most subtle element. Some people also call this one the Space because it refers to vast emptiness between matter. Basically, it is the origin of all life itself.

Ether is a bit hard to explain, but you can say that it is about awareness and consciousness. This element is about things that are beyond the physical world. It is growth and transition. Herkimer Diamond healing abilities often have the effect of bringing the owner to a higher state of thinking. This is how the stone relates to this element. It gives us an understanding of the universe and gifts us with abilities far beyond what the normal person can comprehend.

Herkimer Diamond and Numerology

The powerful vibrations of the Herkimer Diamond have a numerology of three.

Number 3 frequencies lets you grow to become someone who is inspirational due to the pureness of their life. It brings creativity and cheerfulness. Even through the toughest of challenges, crystals with this vibration can help you stay optimistic that you can overcome them.

On the negative side though, the number three vibration is superficial. Sometimes too much optimism can make you disregard the deeper and underlying meaning of things. By trying to find all the good in everything, some people tend to neglect and become indifferent to the harshness of reality.

Herkimer Diamond for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Pure and clear light crystals such as these resonate with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra the most.

The Third Eye Chakra is right at the center of your forehead and is responsible for communion with the divine. It unlocks your spiritual intuition and brings knowledge that is beyond the material and physical. This Chakra is primarily driven by creativity and imagination, which is where the Herkimer Diamond comes in. This precious white gemstone expands your mind and helps us achieve greater wisdom. When balanced, the Third Eye Chakra helps us understand our place in the universe.

Herkimer Diamond gemstones are also associated with the highest Chakra, the Crown. Energizing this Chakra means unlocking an entirely new state of thinking. You become more aware of the energies around you and become one with the universe.

Herkimer Diamond for Spiritual Attunement

Herkimer Diamonds are famous for helping you attune yourself to the Divine Light. It can also harmonize you with other people, groups, and environments. That means whenever you are faced with someone or someplace unfamiliar, you can still perform spiritual activities undisrupted.

This is all caused by the gemstone’s high vibrations that are so powerful that it stimulates your upper Chakras, particularly the Crown and Third Eye.

Crystals to Combine with Herkimer Diamond for Spiritual Transformation

Though a Herkimer Diamond alone should be enough for your spiritual journey, there’s nothing wrong with accelerating the process by


Known as the Stone of Connectivity, Moldavite has very powerful vibrations that can be overwhelming to some. You can feel an intense fire in it, and this can speed up your personal and spiritual growth. It opens up your mind and body for transformation and growth.


If you want something a bit gentler, you can pair the Herkimer Diamond with a Danburite. This gemstone opens your mind to intellect and higher consciousness for better understanding of the Universe. People often use this gemstone to contact their guardian angels. It heightens your spirits to higher levels.


Make sure you’re protected during your spiritual journey with an Amethyst. More than its ability to elevate your spirits, it also creates a protective barrier around wearers or users. This keeps you from being influenced by others’ negative energy and ill intention.


Become more at ease with the Azeztulite gemstone. It gets rid of stress and discomfort in your life, giving way to better meditation. This is great to pair with the Herkimer Diamond because it makes connecting with higher planes almost effortless.


With a Phenacite, you can further add Light energy in your life as it floods your body with energy. This is a great gemstone for balancing all your Chakras and clear blockages. It also has the added effect of boosting your intuition and telepathic ability. Use this alongside the Herkimer Diamond to unlock another level of spiritual growth.

Herkimer Diamond for Lucid Dreaming

Because the Herkimer Diamond can also cleanse you while you sleep. It enhances your dream state and assists you in lucid dreaming. This stone also helps with both recall and interpretation. If you want to use this stone for dream work, place it under your pillow. You can also pair them up with these stones.


Using a stone that has its energy and power drawn from the moon naturally makes it a more powerful stone for dreaming. Moonstone can clear your mind and bring calm sleeping. This also helps you with your lucid dreaming because you are more relaxed.


The purple part of the Fluorite stone in particular is known as the Dream Stone, and it is said to protect you from evil spirits and nightmares. Sleeping can leave us vulnerable, so having a stone that protects us from those with harmful intentions is great to have.

Clear Quartz

Because they are basically siblings, it makes sense that using a Clear Quartz with a Herkimer Diamond can boost your transformation. They have similar qualities of cleaning, healing, and bringing in Light energy. Clear Quartz can also amplify energies of others, so you can double the power of both when used together.

How to Use Your Herkimer Diamond Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

There are many ways you can activate your Herkimer Diamond. You don’t even have to spend time on them, just being around them already makes a world of difference. Here’s how you can add this gemstone in your life.

  • Wear Herkimer Diamond jewelry to deflect negative energy and stimulate your Chakras. Any would do, but necklaces, earrings, and hairpins are great because they are close to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.
  • Hold a Herkimer Diamond gemstone and focus your intention on it during mediation. Take deep breaths and vocalize what you want out of this stone. You come up with your own or repeat out loud these mantras:
    • “I allow Love and Light to enter my body. I am the Light.”
    • “I am full of light”
    • “I am surrounded by angels who make themselves known to me”
  • Place a Herkimer Diamond under your pillow for lucid dreaming.
  • Place some around your home for cleansing and bringing in Light energy.

Difference Between Herkimer Diamond and Clear Quartz

The main reason why most people have a Herkimer Diamond is for their psychic abilities. These so-called diamonds are actually Quartz, but are actually double terminated Quartz. Because of this quality, that means they have a natural glow from both ends.

As a result, its powers are much stronger than your regular gemstone. This also results in the Herkimer Diamond to appear elongated because it has two pointed ends. It also makes this stone a lot harder than the Clear Quartz.

How Is Herkimer Diamond Formed?

Quartz are naturally found in rock hosts after it develops over years, and this gives these gemstones their strength. With Herkimer Diamonds, they are also from rock formations, but they don’t get into contact during the crystallization process. As a result, there’s enough space for them to form, which results in two pointed ends.

When Quartz are formed, sometimes air bubbles get inside, so you’ll notice that some of them have a sort of rainbow color inside. Others also have water in them, such is the case with some Herkimer Diamond, and this results in a clearer and more powerful stone. In fact, centuries ago, people thought they actually found a real diamond because it was so clear.

They are generally mined in the place where it was named, Herkimer, United States.


Clear crystals like Herkimer Diamond gemstones are perfect for spiritual practices. Its color gives it high frequencies that can change the way you think, improve your way of thinking, and overall boost your way of life. It may seem like a lot for just one stone, but you’d be surprised how increased positivity and openness can make a world of difference.


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