Hematite: Meaning, Benefits, and Jewelry

Hematite meanning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Hematite

Hematite is a three-way stone of power: 

  1. It grounds our energy
  2. Protects us from negative forces and energy vampires
  3. Helps us manifest our intentions 

This versatile combination makes this stone useful for practically any life problem. It’s easy to see why this stone is a must-have for any healing crystal collection. 

What is Hematite Stone Good For?

Hematite is one of the best stones for grounding and centering our energy. It is associated with its power to stimulate the Root Chakra, giving us a solid foundation during times when we waver. It has long been used as a stone of protection from stress, ill intentions, and negative energy. It helps us deal with situations with a calm heart and a clear head. As such, we are able to move towards our goal and manifest our intentions.

Hematite Protection Bracelet

hematite protection beaded bracelet

Hematite Pendant Necklace

hematite pendant necklace

What Are the Healing Properties of Hematite

An easy way to understand Hematite meaning is to liken this stone to a magnet. In the same way magnet pulls metals towards it, so does Hematite pull our energy towards the earth. It keeps us grounded mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There are times when our thoughts feel scattered and we cannot properly focus on important tasks at hand. This lessens our problem solving skills, our efficiency at school or at work, and our ability to learn and master new skills. Hematite healing properties can help us with these problems. It grounds our mental abilities and allows us to concentrate. It helps keep our mind uncluttered by helping deflect distractions and the tendency to procrastinate. If you have an important task that requires your attention, this is the gemstone for you.

Hematite gemstone has the power to ground our emotions. During turbulent times in our life, it is understandable to feel strong emotions. It is often difficult to process them, and there are times when we lash out at our loved ones or feel detached from the world. This can stop us from seeking valuable support from those who want to help us. It can ruin our relationships and create unwanted strife in our lives. Hematite can help ground our emotions so we do not feel overwhelmed by them. It allows us to experience our emotions in a way that is cathartic and satisfying. We are able to keep our feelings from dictating our actions. 

Hematite meaning has always been anchored on the spiritual dimensions. Those who want to explore the etheric realms can find a strong protector and guide in the Hematite gemstone. It helps us return to our bodies from our spiritual journeys, to keep our physical self intact as we meditate. It draws our spiritual energy to the center as our foundation for our everyday life.

Hematite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Hematite healing properties have a full range of uses that can benefit different people, but it holds a special power for those born under the Aries and Aquarius signs. 

Aries people are known to be constantly active. Their high energy allows them to pursue their passions with ambition, to follow through their plans with determination, and to juggle different tasks at the same time. Their constant need to be on the move is an asset that helps them manifest their dreams, but it can also lead to burnout and irritability. That is why Hematite gemstone makes a perfect match for those born under this sign. 

Hematite gemstone is a Zodiac stone for Aries. It reminds them about the importance of slowing down. It re-centers their energy when things get too frantic, lending them the calm, steady strength of the earth from whence it came. Hematite’s power to ground emotions and thoughts creates quiet in a world of flurry. It helps Aries take stock of the situation and see where their priorities lie. It helps them attain the goals that are most important to them, making their natural tendency for activity and movement an asset instead of a liability.

Aquarius has a special affinity for Hematite because Hematite is this sign’s modern birthstone. Aquarius people are imaginative and progressive people. They are visionaries who find joy in looking for ways to create a better world. They thrive best with healthy doses of mental stimulation. That is why Hematite can benefit them even more than others. Hematite gemstone strengthens their natural tendency to problem solve. It is no surprise that so many Aquarians feel drawn to this healing crystal because it calls out to their base instinct. They are attracted to its quiet and deeply magnetic energy that echoes the vision they aspire for themselves. With Hematite by their side, those born under the sign of Aquarius can achieve just that.

Hematite 108-Bead Mala

hematite 108-mala meditation beads

Hematite Skull Bracelet

hematite skull bracelet

Hematite and Planetary Connection

When you think of astrology and horoscopes, what immediately comes to mind are the Zodiac signs. But in fact, there are many other considerations when we try to determine our lives through the movements of celestial bodies. One of the most important are planetary connections.

In the astrological sense, a “planet” is a celestial body whose journey across the sky through time affect our lives here on Earth. We are familiar with most of them because of basic astronomy taught to use in elementary school: the planets in our solar system. However, in astrology, there are important differences in what is considered a planet. Astrology is based on the influence of the other planets and stars surrounding us (the Earth, in which we reside on). We use the surrounding planets and stars moving in the sky from our viewpoint (here on Earth) to predict likely circumstances. In this sense, the moon and the sun are considered “planets” in astrology because they greatly impact the course of our lives as they cross the sky and come into energetic contact with us (here on Earth). 

Planets move through the Zodiac signs. The nearness of a particular planet to your Zodiac sign at any given time means that its energy is affecting your life. 

Let us talk in particular about the energy of one planet–Mars. Its namesake is the Roman god of war, which probably gives you a pretty good idea of its energy. When Mars is near your sign, you may experience an increase in assertiveness, confidence, vivacity and sexual libido. It represents raw, animal energy, the primal instinct to dominate that every human possesses deep within.

At its best, it gives us a strong drive to pursue our passions. It is an extremely potent motivator, giving us the energy to follow through with the tasks we have to accomplish. We are better able to stand up for ourselves, to assert what we want and to go for it. However, if left unchecked, it could mean a tendency to give in to our impulsions. We act before thinking, with the sole purpose of getting what we want without regard for anything or anyone else.  Different Zodiac signs have different ways of expressing the energy of Mars: whether it comes out as being outright combative or subtly manipulative, and anything in between. 

What does this have to do with Hematite? As it happens, a whole lot. Hematite meaning is inextricably linked to the power of Mars. The red color of both entities tell you something about how interconnected their energies are. If Mars is in retrograde and you are in need of its power, using Hematite gemstone can bridge the gap. With this healing crystal, ambition and drive are boosted, confidence in our own abilities is strengthened, and the courage to fight for what is ours is increased. The good thing is that unlike Mars whose movement and influence is difficult to control, Hematite healing properties can wash over you at any moment you need it.

Hematite and the Elements

Elemental energy and crystal healing are two sides of the same coin. Alchemists and crystallographers of centuries past have recognized the distinct powers of five elements: earth, fire, water, air and space. Through commune with the spiritual world, they have deduced that each crystal holds the power of one element within it. As such, we can use healing crystals to imbibe us with elemental power.

Hematite meaning is based on the element of earth. The earth, Gaia, is where all things grow. It gives living creatures a foundation on which to grow. Its energy is strong, quiet, and steady. Hematite gemstone channels this power to its user.

Hematite healing properties allow you to steady yourself when the going gets rough. It is as if you are in a stormy sea of angry waves, and you suddenly step on safe, solid ground. That feeling of relief and security is brought to you by this powerful healing crystal and its connection to the energy of Gaia.

Remember that development is impossible when you do not have a strong foundation to build upon. If we do not feel safe in the world, how can we find the courage to go out and explore it? If we do not feel secure with a group of people, how can we enjoy spending time with them? If we are anxious and fearful, how can we realize our full potential?

The earth element powers of Hematite gemstone helps us create stability and security within our lives. In the physical world, this means supporting our health so we are strong enough to pursue our goals. For those who are seeking a healthier lifestyle, allow Hematite’s healing power to wash over you. It can help you form healthier habits like going to the gym, taking vitamins regularly, and eating less junk food. It is a great stone to bring around when you do endurance- and stamina-building activities. For those who are sick, Hematite is a great adjunct to medical treatment. Keep it with you on visits to the hospital, undergoing physical therapy, or taking medicines with strong side effects. It will bring together the energy of the earth to stabilize your health.

In the emotional realm, Hematite and its elemental earth power shine. This gemstone is perfect for the times we feel overwhelmed by the emotions we have. When we are in crisis, we experience so many different feelings: sadness, anger, guilt, shame. These all make us feel terrible, and yet each has a different connotation. When taken together and without control, they can create a vortex of negativity that we are inevitably sucked into. Our actions become erratic because we are acting on each emotion in turn. That can create confusion and strife with the people in our lives. Hematite channels the energy of Gaia to stop the turbulence and give us calm. 

We are able to sit back and dissect our emotions so that we validate each one. There is no such thing as a right or wrong emotion–each is helpful in its own way. As such, we cannot and should not stop ourselves from feeling them. What we can do is stop it from taking control over us. We take what is helpful from that emotion, let it go, and use it to communicate properly for the issue to be resolved.

Those who have frequent and dramatic mood swings benefit from the same power. Whether it is caused by hormonal imbalances, a substance addiction, extreme stress, or psychological issues, we need to seek help from doctors and/or therapists to help us work through them. Hematite is a wonderful ally to keep at our side during this journey. It fortifies us with the quiet, calm and steady strength of the earth as we face the turbulence within us. 

In the spiritual dimension, Hematite’s grounding energy holds an important role. It helps center our spirit into the earth as we commune with the cosmos. It reminds us of our physical reality, of our life here on earth, wherein we experience the bounty of the gods. It helps us focus and manifest on the intentions that truly matter. 

Hematite and Numerology

All things in the world have energy. From rocks to plants to fishes to birds, all matter vibrates with an energy of its own. Ancients have long wondered on how to measure such movement, and what it could mean to humankind. They were able to assign numbers to vibrational frequencies, and found that these correspond to a certain types of energy–energy that can be harnessed to improve our lives. At the root of numerology is that the number at which an object vibrates tells you what kind of energy it gives off. 

Crystallographers have determined that Hematite vibrates at number 9. This number is strongly associated with compassion, kindness, and sympathy. It encourages us to feel empathy for others, to advise, console, and encourage those who are feeling down. Number 9, and by association, Hematite gemstone, inspires us to help others. If we feel like we are lost and directionless, we can attune ourselves to the vibrational frequency of Hematite, and we will gradually find ourselves gravitating towards our life purpose. We begin to realize the unique way that we can contribute to a brighter world. 

With Hematite gemstone’s vibrational number, we can find ourselves being kinder to others. It allows us to see things from their perspective, and to be more understanding of their mistakes. This is good energy to keep for those who are frustrated with their family members, coworkers, or customers. It decreases the stress we feel when we waste energy hating someone else. Hematite’s vibrational frequency dissipates that ill intentions we feel towards others, and instead bring peace and love to our being.

In the same way, Hematite’s healing properties can deflect negativity that is directed towards us. It vibrations permeate those around us, and as we tune into its frequency, we also expel the same energy. When you harness the power of Hematite gemstone, compassion and kindness begins to emanate from you as well. 

Hematite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Hematite is closely associated with the first chakra, Muladhara. In English, this is known as the Base or Root Chakra. It is the chakra situated at our center of gravity, the base of the spine. 

The first chakra serves as the foundation for all others. It is connected with our most basic, primal needs for security and survival. This refers to how safe we feel physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. If we feel constant worry over our health, our jobs, our relationships, and our state of mind, it is highly unlikely for us to be able to move forward. We would be so busy trying just to survive day by day that we cannot grow. When the Root Chakra is blocked, you can be sure the higher energy centers are not properly flowing either.

When this chakra is poorly aligned, we feel a pervading sense of fear. We are always ready to either fight, flee, or freeze. We find it difficult to relax and leave our guard down. We may feel that this keeps dangers at bay, but it also keeps opportunities for growth and social connection away. On the other hand, an imbalance could mean greed, avarice, and paranoia. We are no longer just satisfied with fulfilling our needs. We feel intense desire to get more and more. This may manifest differently, but at the root of these actions is fear. Because we fear that someday we will run out, we tend to take more than we need.

Hematite’s energy stimulates the Root Chakra and encourages a state of balance in this energy center. It helps us create safe spaces for ourselves. It grounds our emotions and strengthens our foundations. We start to trust the world again. There will inevitably be times when we feel fear, but we are able to handle it more constructively than just closing ourselves up again.

Other Crystals to Combine with Hematite to Stimulate the Root Chakra

Hematite is a powerful activator of the Root Chakra, but you can further boost its energy by pairing it with stones that do the same thing. Hematite’s healing properties combined with other stones can make chakra re-balancing faster and more efficient.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper can be used to thwart dangerous situations such as theft, road rage, or accidents. It also dispels metaphysical attacks from those who do not wish us well. It removes threats to our physical and psychological safety.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline purifies our mind and heart by clearing out the toxic words said to us and the actions that have caused us pain. It stops us from being suspicious of others by dissipate fear and paranoia.


Bloodstone keeps us grounded in the present instead of dwelling on the past or worrying ceaselessly about the future. Its roots us firmly in the moment where we have the power to change our circumstances. It energizes us to make our choices in the here and now.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a stone that uncovers the truth. Remember that honesty is important as we build our foundations. Using this stone helps us see our authentic selves without the illusions we unknowingly put on for others. 

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is obsidian that has either Hematite or magnetite within it. As such, it doubles the power of Hematite gemstone. This healing crystal is a great choice for anyone who wants to reclaim their power. It invigorates us to stand up for ourselves even when it is against the grain to do so. 

Red Garnet

Red Garnet is a good stone to have around when the going gets tough. It activates our survival instinct, allowing us to think out of the box when others may have given up. It gives us courage when things seem hopeless. 

Hematite for Wealth, Prosperity and Luck

Hematite healing properties have a strong effect on our financial state. While using this will not magically double the amount in your bank account, it will help you adopt the mindset that will make that possible. 

Remember that Hematite has strong protective powers. It keeps its user safe from harm and danger–whether it comes from others or ourselves. Yes, there is a very real danger when we constantly think toxic thoughts. A negative mindset is one of the greatest hindrances to good fortune. When you think everything will go wrong, you tend not to even try. And that’s where Hematite comes in.

Hematite’s grounding energy will dispel the negativity that emanates from fear of the world. When you have experienced failure in one endeavor, you start to think that undertaking any sort of risk is a big mistake that will land you in the same miserable position. But with Hematite, your thinking starts to change. When you begin to see what went wrong before, you start to think of other, better ways to handle the same situation. Armed with this knowledge, you gain confidence in putting yourself out there again. 

If you want to manifest an intention for abundance and prosperity, you simply cannot do so with a negative mindset. Rather, you need a realistic one. Hematite helps create balanced thinking–you know something may not go according to plan, but you also know that you can do something about it. This confidence in yourself and in your abilities can be strengthened with the use of Hematite healing properties. 

Combine Hematite with These Wealth Crystals

If you use Hematite to increase wealth, it is best to pair Hematite with these stones:


Carnelian is well-known as a talisman that naturally attracts good fortune, opportunities, and success.


Pyrite is among the most used stones for establishing wealth and financial success in feng shui.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye challenges us go out of our comfort zone to do something new. It is often used by those starting new business ventures or gunning for a promotion.


Citrine’s other name is “the merchant stone” because of its ability not only to increase wealth but to maintain it. Use it when you feel the compulsion to buy something instead of reinvesting your money in yourself or your business.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is known as the “stone of opportunity” for its power to create conditions favorable to the intention of its user. 

Hematite to Help with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a very real problem that many people encounter. This usually stems from traumatic childhood experiences wherein we did not feel safe being ourselves or stating our needs. These events have taught us that we are unloved and not worthy of being cared for.  We, knowingly or unknowingly, create barriers between ourselves and others. We think that if we keep everyone at arm’s length, we will be safe from the pain and the hurt.

This actually does more harm than good. By keeping others at bay, we not only keep out the bad, but the good too. As a result, we do not have the support system we need to grow. We often see the worst of ourselves, and when friends often hold up the mirror to make us see the beauty within we choose to ignore them. Keeping these self-limiting beliefs blocks the energy flowing through our Root Chakra, and subsequently, all the higher energy centers. 

Hematite can help us get through these feelings of fear and insecurity. It unblocks the Root Chakra to help you feel more grounded. Your mindset will gradually change through Hematite healing properties. You begin to love yourself for your strengths and more so for your flaws. You nurture yourself and slowly gain confidence in who you are. You start to trust yourself again, in your ability to control your emotional and mental states. This self-assuredness attracts people to you. And slowly, your life changes for the better.

The grounding energy of Hematite gemstone shows us that we can remain steady and secure even when things do not go as planned. Stress is a normal part of life–we simply need to learn to deal with it in a way that lessens stress instead of adding to it. We will definitely meet people who trigger our social anxiety. But with the healing power of Hematite to support our journey, we can learn stay calm and be more patient with them.

Combine Hematite with These Anxiety-Easing Crystals

If you are using Hematite to help your anxiety in social situations, use Hematite with any of the following stones:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz energy is all about unconditional love. Learning to love yourself, to be kind to yourself is at the center of healing social anxiety. It encourages self-soothing in the face of unfamiliar situations and faces.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz sucks out all the uncertainty and worries we have about meeting new people, leaving our mind clear and in the present. 

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a warm-colored stone that brings comfort to those who feel their anxieties rising up. It reminds us that social gatherings can be a place of new, fulfilling relationships instead of the nightmare that we might paint in our heads.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper fills us with the cheerful energy of the sun. It brings feelings of empowerment by boosting our self-confidence. We go into social events with a winning attitude.


Kunzite helps people work through the issues that caused their social anxiety. It can be traumatizing to relive the experiences in our heads, but this gemstone can help through it.


Turquoise is said to inspire others to befriend and enjoy the company of its wearer. It also helps temper impulsive, hysteria-driven actions that are often done by those panicking in social events.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate helps you open up to others and let your guard down. It guides you towards people in your life who are loyal and trustworthy so your moment of vulnerability pays off with the beginning of a fulfilling friendship.


Sodalite creates peace and serenity to its wearer regardless of the situation. It helps you control your urge to bolt and gives the courage you need to approach someone new.

How to Use Your Hematite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Hematite healing properties can be activated by using Hematite mala or Hematite prayer beads. These serve as a guide in prayer and meditation. Holding or stroking a Hematite crystal tumbled stone during meditation can help manifest your intentions. If you are using it for Root Chakra re-balancing, you can place it at the level of the base of your spine as you reflect. Another option is to wear Hematite jewelry in the form of bracelets, rings, or necklaces. This allows the crystal’s healing power to permeate throughout the day.

How to Use Hematite for Feng Shui

Hematite is often used for feng shui. It is most effective when placed in North bagua area as its grounding energy is perfect for career and finding a life path. Alternatively, it can be placed in the West bagua to help fuel creativity in children.

You can place it in your office or work area to be able to center your concentration properly.

Is Hematite Magnetic? 

Natural Hematite is only weakly magnetic, which means that it has no power to perceptibly move metal towards it at all. This is actually one way to test if the Hematite you are purchasing is real. Many people sell Hematite with magnetic properties–some even market it as such–but that is a telltale sign that it is a different crystal made to look like Hematite. 

How Do You Cleanse and Charge Your Hematite?

Healing crystals, particularly grounding and protective stones like Hematite, tend to accrue negative energy. It sucks it out of our aura and environment and holds it within itself. Over time, this can dull the healing power of crystals. Cleansing your Hematite gemstone regularly is a good way to ensure you can harness its energy in full.

You may cleanse your Hematite jewelry, Hematite mala beads, or Hematite tumble stone in a variety of ways. Leaving it out in the morning sun for a few hours can help dispel the negativity, much as water is evaporated by the heat of the sun. Alternatively, you can keep it overnight in a spot bathed in moonlight to allow Luna’s purifying energy cleanse it. Tibetan singing bowls have long been used in spiritual practices to clear out negativity, and the same concept can be applied to Hematite gemstone. Simply ring the Tibetan singing bowl in a circular motion around your Hematite crystal and allow the clear sound to bathe it. Burning holy sage and allowing the crystal to bask in its aromatic fumes help fumigate the negativity that has accumulated. 

How is Hematite Formed?

Hematite is a black to grey mineral that is primarily comprised of iron oxide. It gets its name from the Greek word meaning “blood”, as it gives a rusty red color when it is crushed and made into powder.

Hematite can be mined from igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rocks, making it among the most abundant minerals in the world. Hematite gemstone can also be formed within minerals such as quartz or ajoite, where it imparts a reddish hue. Most of the commercial mines are found in Brazil, Australia, China, South Africa, India, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States.

Hematite in Folklore and Ancient Times

Hematite meaning was unearthed centuries before by those who delved into spiritual auric healing. Ancient Egyptians wore this as a talisman to protect against bleeding in battle and on long, treacherous journeys. Native Americans warriors were believed to be invincible wearing this as they protected their lands. It was believed to keep mothers from losing too much blood as they brought new life into the world. It was worn during periods of mourning to strengthen our blood ties to family members who have passed on. With its rich, red pigment, it was used in chalk drawings from the time of the cavemen.


Hematite is a great addition to any crystallographer’s collection. It grounding and centering powers come in handy in a variety of situations. A versatile healing crystal with powerful properties, Hematite is definitely a must-have.


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