Green Jade: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

green jade meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Green Jade Crystals

  1. Serves as a stone of dreams and peace
  2. Acts as a highly protective talisman
  3. Brings good luck, wealth, and friendship

What Is Green Jade Stone Good For?

Green Jade benefits all those who are anxious, weary, and looking for peace in this tumultuous world. Its metaphysical properties, as well as its long history of helping human civilization, give Green Jade meaning. But what is Green Jade for and how can it help you?

The Green Jade gemstone is used in a lot of ancient cultures to gain access to the spiritual world. Generations of ritual leaders pass on ritualistic knowledge using this stone. It’s also used to transform negative energy into positive energy like love and joy. This stone supports healers, educators, and those who serve and protect humanity.

Green Jade is among the most powerful healing stones on the planet. Not only does it help with physical ailments that are connected to the kidney and liver, but it also helps calm the mind and the nerves. Green Jade supports tranquility and peace and gives its owner wisdom while they’re in a state of tranquil reflection.

Most of all, it helps a person discard limiting beliefs about themselves. It encourages people to grow and move forward. With the power of light, it removes doubt and negativity, replacing it with abundance, wealth, and longevity.

What Are the Healing Properties of Green Jade?

Green Jade has a lot of spiritual, emotional, and mental healing properties. It’s a powerful healing stone so its power manifests mainly to mend the spirit, mind, and heart. However, it is also helpful for a lot of other things.

Spiritually, Jade helps develop a person’s chi or life force energy. It’s a stone that represents the flow of divine energy from the cosmos and into one’s life. Green Jade is powerful as a dream stone because it helps a person remember their dreams better. This makes the outcome of dreamwork more beneficial. Green Jade healing properties can also be used in creating magic that will be used for the highest good. It protects its bearer from negative energies and entities as they do spirit work.

Emotionally, Green Jade helps a lot in releasing negative emotions like guilt and anxiety. People use Green Jade to help stabilize their emotions and personalities. Green Jade also helps individuals to let go of limiting beliefs that hinder their growth and progress. This stone is also used to infuse the soul with confidence, self-reliance, and independence. It’s also known to improve the state of dysfunctional relationships.

Green Jade also helps with issues of the mind. It heals a person’s defeatism and pathological normality. Pathological normality is the urge to conform to a group with dangerous and authoritarian characteristics. Lastly, Green Jade benefits your creativity, stimulates good ideas, and helps integrate the mind with the body.

Green Jade, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Under the Tibetan birthstone chart, Green Jade is the mystical birthstone for the month of March. This stone represents the spiritual world and is a perfect lucky charm. Green Jade is not a traditional birthstone, but it is the natural birthstone for those born in the heart of spring (April 20- May 20). Green Jade brings these people renewal, good health, and success.

Green Jade also rules and influences four of the twelve Zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra. People born under the Zodiac sign Aries (March 21-April 19) are naturally passionate, creative, and assertive people. However, they can be immature, arrogant, stubborn, and impulsive at times. Green Jade helps reign in their impulsive behavior.

People born from April 20 to May 20 are Taureans. They’re strong but quiet. Like Libras, they’re ruled by Venus. They appreciate material beauty and they work hard to achieve their goal. They’re down to earth and are highly patient and independent people. At their worst, they’re stubborn and lazy with a vile temper. Green Jade calms them down and grounds their souls.

Geminis (May 21- June 20) are very open and straightforward people. They’re very friendly and can hold conversations about almost anything. They’re versatile and soft-spoken and are great communicators. The downside is, they can get easily bored and are gossipy. They can’t make up their minds. Having the Green Jade gemstone helps them calm their restless minds that are normally prone to anxiety.

Lastly, Libras (September 23- October 22) are strong-willed and artistic individuals who are sensitive but respectful. They’re very understanding and they relate well to other people. They’re very cool and level-headed and strive to achieve balance in everything, especially in relationships. However, Libras are very fickle and indecisive like all air signs. Green Jade helps them keep their promises to heart and into action.

Green Jade and Numerology

Everything emits energy. For crystals, we measure energy through scientific and numerological means. In numerology, the name of the crystal is used to determine vibrational frequency.

The vibrational frequency of Green Jade resonates with several numbers–one, five, nine, and eleven. Each number has a particular meaning. These meanings resonate with certain people and their most dominant character traits. If you resonate with these numbers, you might need Green Jade in your life right now.

One is the number of the master creator. From it, all numbers emanate. One symbolizes new beginnings and creation. It’s what drives progress, ambition, and willpower. People who resonate with this number are independent and strive to reach higher goals. At their worst, people who resonate with this number are egotistic, self-centered, and aggressive.

Five is a number that resonates with the energy of experience. People who are affiliated with the number five are versatile, intelligent, understanding, and unconventional. They value personal freedom and are quite aware of very deep universal truths. At their worst, they’re irresponsible, inconsistent, and fear change.

Nine resonates with everyone striving to bring harmony and good to the people. Those who resonate with this number are very loving, altruistic, compassionate, and wise. They’re very kind and destined to change the world for the greater good. However, at their worst, they can do a 180-degree turn and be the opposite of every positive trait they have by being aloof, selfish, and self-centered–that is if they don’t involve themselves with helping other people.

Eleven is a very special number because it’s a master number or a number that repeats the same digits. Of all the numbers, 11 is the most intuitive. It represents illumination and strong insight. People who resonate with this number are very charismatic and psychic as well. They have knowledge of higher truths and are able to live them. However, at their worst, they can be extremely fanatical and judgmental of other viewpoints.

Green Jade for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Because of its green color, Green Jade resonates the most with the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is located near the center of the breastbone. This is the seat of one’s emotions and is what controls our ability to interact and associate with the world beyond ourselves.

If our Heart Chakras are balanced, we understand our emotions as well as others’ without compromising our self-respect and our needs. Once the Heart Chakra goes out of balance, we become victims of both others and ourselves. We also tend to have very strong, disproportionate emotional responses to everyday things.

Green Jade benefits a person’s Heart Chakra by balancing it. It’s the crystal of love and helps a person become trustworthy and faithful to their partners and their ideals. This stone also aids a person in maintaining their emotional well-being. Green Jade opens up the Heart Chakra and introduces it to unconditional love and the energy of the universe.

Green Jade and The Elements

The Western canon of the metaphysical elements lists the earth element as the element of growth and development. The earth element resonates with prosperity, abundance, and growth. Its energy helps ground, center, stabilize, and protect other energies.

Crystals that give off the energies of the earth element are known to nurture and encourage relationships and new business ventures. Green Jade, in particular, is a stone that’s used by many to help them keep their plans on course and their life on track.

Earth element stones and crystals are also known to promote growth not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Darker Green Jades are particularly potent in encouraging growth because they resonate with the nurturing energies of Mother Earth at a deeper level.

Green Jade also nurtures the life force of a person or their chi. It helps love and understanding to take deep root into the heart so that negative energies would stay away from the soul. Wearing Green Jade jewelry or keeping a stone with you also strengthens your bond with nature even if you’re miles away from it.

Green Jade for Building Wealth and Prosperity

Green Jade is revered for its properties that help the owner build wealth and live in prosperity. If you want to take it a notch higher, however, there are several other stones you can incorporate into your prosperity and wealth rituals. Below are some examples:


Pyrite is known as the Stone of Luck because it attracts abundance, wealth, and prosperity. It does this by enhancing a person’s creative energies and powers of manifestation. If you’re trying to reach your dreams, this stone will help you do that and more. Pyrite also ensures the physical and emotional well-being of its owner.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is perhaps one of the luckiest stones in the world. The root word for Aventurine is “Aventura” or “chance” in Italian. It helps you reach desirable outcomes in life by giving you the courage to take a leap of faith towards their goals. It also empowers the owner and rids them of negative thought patterns.

Tiger’s Eye

On the other hand, Tiger’s Eye represents the power, courage, fearlessness of tigers. This stone symbolizes the all-powerful eye that sees through everything. It’s an excellent stone to increase wealth and boost the flow of income into a household. It also ushers in new opportunities for growth and success.


Citrine is known as a Power Stone because it energizes its owner on all levels. This stone stimulates creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. It’s used by merchants for luck and is placed inside cash drawers. It also gives its owner self-confidence and courage to face any adversity in life.

Green Jade for Meditation, Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, and Letting Go

Aside from being attributed to wealth, Green Jade is also an effective stone for moving on and loving themselves. Green Jade can remove negativity from a person and helps them achieve a calm mind. It promotes a person’s love for himself by urging them to chase after their dreams and desires.

Since it’s a Heart Chakra stone, it resonates well with one’s emotions. True love is fostered in oneself and resonates outward. Green Jade helps a person accept and love themselves–giving them an insight into their own strengths and weakness so they can better appreciate who they are as a whole.

Green Jade also helps people who have harbored intense, negative emotions for too long. Anger, guilt, and dishonesty can fester in a person’s soul, but the Green Jade gemstone removes all of these negative traces and replaces them with a loving understanding of the self. Thus, grudges, trauma, and anger can finally be put to rest.

Pair Green Jade with These Crystals to Help you Let Go of Traumas and Move Forward

Smoky Quartz

Like most Quartz, Smoky Quartz can heal a person’s emotional wounds. It gives off positive energies that replace negativity. If worn together with Green Jade, the two stones can clear away most negative energies within you, which will help you focus on improving yourself and moving on.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal brimming with love. This crystal emanates with love and is perfect for anyone who has plenty of self-doubt and anger. When combined with Green Jade, your negative emotions can easily be dispelled and in turn replaced with love coming from Rose Quartz.


As one of the most effective protection stones, Malachite possesses the property to identify and shed away any emotions that are hampering self-love. Aside from looking great together, wearing it with Green Jade will help you break away from harmful relationships and exhausting patterns. And once you’re finally rid of those negative influences, you can finally focus on loving and accepting yourself.


As the “stone of change”, Rhodonite is effective in helping emotionally wounded people move forward. It does this by helping you discard painful emotions and traumatic events. Together with Green Jade, the two stones can easily urge you to move forward from a recent breakup or loss by transforming negative emotions like grief and sorrow into positive ones like bravery and determination.

How to Use Your Green Jade Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

For you to access Green Jade healing properties, you’ll need to incorporate it into your daily routines and rituals. First, you can use a Green Jade stone while praying or meditating. Green Jades in a darker hue are highly beneficial to meditation. These stones will give you the courage to discover and understand your inner, divine truth.

You can also use Green Jade mala or prayer beads. This works well in calming down an anxious soul. To use your Green Jade mala, place your finger on each bead as you say a four- or five-word phrase or mantra that you resonate with.  Repeat the mantra as you go around the prayer beads until you reach a very relaxed state.

Green Jade jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings are also a fun way to use your Green Jade gemstone. I personally use Green Jade pendants to protect myself from deception and negative energy. It also helps people from authoritative abuse for sexual and/or financial gain.

Some people also use Green Jade tumbled stones so they can focus better on their intentions during meditations. You can keep these tumbled stones inside your pocket as they’re really good sources of energy and protection especially in a pinch.

During meditation, you might find it helpful to place your Green Jade near your Heart Chakra especially if you find it difficult to relate or feel something. Let the Jade guide you to emotional enlightenment. You’ll know how much power Green Jade has just by placing it over your chest.

How to Use Green Jade for Feng Shui

According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, Green Jade gives off a strong form of wood energy. Wood is an important element in Feng Shui because it symbolizes growth and new beginnings. It also gives nourishing energy–expansion, nourishment, vitality, and health.

This particular element in Feng Shui brings forth abundance and wealth. Wood encourages not only physical growth, but it also ushers in new opportunities that will bring material wealth into the home. People plagued by low energy, anxiety, and confusion will find this stone very useful because it will strengthen their health and life energy.

For your house or room to benefit from the wood energy in Green Jade, you’ll need to place it in the east, southeast, and/or south Bagua areas of your home, office, or personal space. For those using the Western Bagua system, these areas correspond to the health and family area, money and abundance area, and fame and reputation area.

Green Jade in Folklore and Ancient Times

Green Jade has been incorporated into various cultures and ritual ceremonies for over 6,000 years. Because of its beautiful, dazzling quality, it’s considered a high-value stone by ancient civilizations.

China, in particular, has had a long history with Green Jade. It’s a highly revered stone throughout their recorded history. It’s primarily valued for its beauty and protective powers. In fact, the Chinese, as well as some other cultures around the world, place Jade stones inside the mouths of their most revered dead to protect them in the afterlife. It’s also believed to stop the body from decaying.

Since China has been trading with the rest of Asia since time immemorial, Chinese Jade artifacts have also been found in archaeological digs. These artifacts show just how prized Green Jade jewelry and artifacts were to different societies.

On the other side of the world, Mexico, along with the rest of central and south America have also used Jade in crafting ritual items like masks and jewelry. For the people of central and south America, Jade symbolized water, corn, and life itself. Their elaborate carvings show how much they revered this powerful stone.

How Is Green Jade Formed?

Green Jade can refer to two different types of minerals–Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 6.5-7 while Nephrite is a calcium magnesium silicate with a hardness of 6. Both are metamorphic rocks which means they are formed by being exposed to extreme heat and pressure.

Nephrite Jade has colors that range from creamy white to deep olive green to brown and black. Nephrite Jade is more commonly found than Jadeite. The former is found in New Zealand within Serpentine deposits along the edges of water sources. It’s also mined in Australia, Russia, China, Taiwan, Canada, Zimbabwe, and the US.

On the other hand, Jadeite is rarer and has more range in colors. Jadeite has white-gray, green, blue, blue-green, emerald green, lavender, pink, red, orange, greenish-black, and black varieties. It’s more lustrous and more expensive than Nephrite. In fact, the Imperial Jade is the rarest and most valuable variety of Jade. It’s primarily found in Myanmar but is also mined in Japan, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Canada, Turkey, Cuba, Russia, South America and the US.

Other Popular Jade Stones

While White Jade and Yellow Jade share some attributes with Green Jade (namely their peace-seeking qualities), these varieties of Jade have unique qualities as well.

White Jade is a Nephrite Jade gemstone that tunes out distractions and destructive energies from your surroundings. As it does this, it pulls in any influence that will contribute to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

This variety of Jade is also specifically used for cases that need high healing frequencies. People who have anxiety and other nervous tendencies go to this stone to calm themselves and find peace within their souls.

White Jade also helps people purify their hearts and opens their mind to universal love. This is exactly the reason why it’s a very powerful crown chakra stone. White Jade opens the mind and the soul to the universal and other cosmic beings and realms by untangling the heart from the bitterness and anger that takes root in one’s heart.

In contrast, Yellow Jade is a very cheerful and energetic stone. It’s also a variety of Nephrite Jade gemstone and is considered as one of the rarest varieties. That’s because of its brilliant yellow that can range from a light, lemon color to a deep and dark gold color.

Yellow Jade gives a person the gifts of optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom, and intellect. It positively influences the ego and the search for identity and self-definition. People use this stone to connect to their personal powers and potential so they can achieve a wonderful sense of achievement. Yellow Jade is also a great stone if you’ve been emotionally unstable lately. 


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