Green Aventurine: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

Green aventurine meanning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Green Aventurine

  1. Green Aventurine is an excellent luck stone as it attracts wealth, prosperity, abundance, and success.
  2. Green Aventurine’s soothing energy makes it a remarkable stone to clear and activate the Heart Chakra, removing emotional traumas and allowing us to accept love.
  3. Green Aventurine is a stone of optimism, triumph, and happiness.
Crystal Angels - Green Aventurine Crystal Angel

Green Aventurine is one of the most remarkable gemstones for luck, wealth, and abundance. As someone who likes wearing Green Aventurine jewelry, I highly appreciate the stone for what it attracts. However, upon digging deeper, I found that there’s so much more to this stone than what it is primarily known for. If you’re curious about all the ways you can use Green Aventurine, I invite you to read on!

What Does Green Aventurine Look Like?

Aventurine is a type of quartz that appears translucent, platy, and glistening due to the presence of bright mineral inclusions within the stone. Although Aventurine may also be yellow, brown, blue, orange, or even grey, it’s most commonly found in the color green. This silvery green color comes from a chromium-rich mineral inclusion.

Green Aventurine: What is Green Aventurine Stone Good For?

Green Aventurine is strongly connected to Earth and the devic kingdom. Using it will make you better understand and appreciate nature and its soothing vibrations. That said, this stone is perfect for gridding gardens and houses against geopathic stress.

Green Aventurine is also good for parents who are looking to stimulate the physical growth of premature babies or even young children and teenagers. If you’re a student (or the parent of a student) struggling with the demands of schoolwork, this gem will promote intellectual development. It will also help you manage destructive hyperactivity that may be detrimental to learning and productivity.

Another fact about Green Aventurine—one that I greatly benefit from—is that it assists adults who are involved in a lot of typing, writing, and computer work. I used to struggle with maintaining my focus as I wrote articles for this blog, but having Green Aventurine on my work desk improved my productivity and workflow. And because this crystal absorbs electromagnetic smog, people who are constantly on their phones and laptops (just like me!) are protected from their harmful effects.

Spouses who are experiencing marital problems will also benefit from having Green Aventurine in the household. In fact, anyone who could benefit from a stone that soothes hot tempers and frustration will appreciate what this stone can do.

What Are the Healing Properties of Green Aventurine?

Green Aventurine boasts a number of healing properties. When used in ablutions, it could help people who are suffering from rosacea, teenage acne, eczema, and other skin issues. This stone is also particularly helpful to the heart. That said, people with cardiac diseases and circulatory conditions will benefit from using it.

Green Aventurine is also a great stone for those who are looking to relieve fertility, urinary, and vision-related problems. It also helps the human body cope with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, and dyspraxia.

As for the emotional benefits of Green Aventurine healing properties, the stone’s soothing energy guides the bearer toward achieving inner harmony by balancing the emotional body. Connected to what I mentioned in the previous section, this gem calms anger, irritability, and nervousness. It protects against the harmful effects of electromagnetic smog and helps fight stress that comes with a busy lifestyle. Green Aventurine also promotes better sleep by relaxing troubled minds.

If you have been harboring emotional wounds that never seem to heal, Green Aventurine will help the healing process by helping you recognize underlying issues and let go of unhealthy relationships and patterns. During times of trouble or when facing a major life change, you can also turn to Green Aventurine for emotional protection. This reaffirming stone helps you stay firmly grounded, inspires optimism and hope, and gives you a healthier perspective toward difficulties.

Lastly, let’s talk about Green Aventurine healing properties in the spiritual realm. As an effective harmonizer, this stone unites the emotional, physical, intellectual, and auric bodies to attain a natural rhythm. If you constantly find yourself being mentally anxious about the future, Green Aventurine encourages us to be more focused on the present and to let go of any attachment to outcomes. It also balances the male and female energies and wards off negativity.

What Does Green Aventurine Attract?

As the “Stone of Opportunity,” Green Aventurine should be among your go-to stones if you want to attract wealth, prosperity, and victory in competitions and games. Whether it’s a game of chance or a contest that relies on skill, harnessing the winning energy of Green Aventurine will boost your chances. This stone will also help you attract favorable results in similar situations like going out on a first date or trying to land a promotion.

But don’t even think that this stone is all about luck. It actually aligns conditions so that the development of opportunities becomes inevitable. It attracts optimism, motivation, and confidence to encourage you to move towards a direction of growth. It also brings with it creativity, perseverance, and decisiveness. With that said, Green Aventurine is a good stone to have if you’re looking to enhance your leadership qualities.

Lastly, older people who are looking to attract love will also benefit from Green Aventurine. It can be used as a love crystal because it encourages love during our mature years. You can also add this stone to a Hear Chakra layout.

How to Charge and Program Your Green Aventurine with Your Intentions

Charging and programming Green Aventurine works similarly to how you would treat other crystals. To program your stone, you need to first find a quiet place where you can relax and remain undisturbed. After taking a few deep breaths, hold your cleansed Aventurine in the palm of your hands and hold it near your Third Eye Chakra. Next, focus on the crystal and your intention, and then say, “I program this crystal for… (your purpose).”

Is Green Quartz the Same as Aventurine?

In a nutshell, Green Aventurine is sparkling green quartz. Note that while all Aventurines are indeed a type of quartz, it’s important to remember that not all Aventurines are green.

As for other stones that frequently get confused with Green Aventurine such as Amazonite and Jade, the easiest way to tell the former from the latter two is to keep in mind that Green Aventurine has a more translucent look than the other two crystals and has a shimmering effect due to the platy minerals inside it.

Green Aventurine for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Green Aventurine’s soothing energy makes it a remarkable heart healer and comforter. You can use this stone to clear and activate the Heart Chakra in the name of emotional calm and overall well-being. What’s more, if you are constantly surrounded by energy vampires, this gem protects your Heart Chakra by acting as a shield that blocks energy-sucking entities.

When our Heart Chakra is out of balance, we may experience all sorts of troubles. We may find ourselves overreacting to small matters or being overly controlling in our relationships. Similarly, an out-of-balance Heart Chakra could lead to us being helplessly controlled by other people. Green Aventurine’s energy may be used to clear blockages and bring the Heart Chakra back to a balanced state. In the process, it helps us have a deeper grasp of our emotions and needs. What’s more, harnessing the soothing power of this stone makes us more accepting of changes.

Green Aventurine and Zodiac Signs

As you may already know, Green Aventurine is not listed on the modern and traditional birthstone charts. However, this stone is associated with several of the Zodiac signs.

The refreshing green color of the Green Aventurine stone is expectedly associated with spring. We see the world glow up right in front of your eyes during this time of the year. Amusingly enough, Green Aventurine is said to be the stone of spring time (April 20 – May 20).

As the heart of spring blooms somewhere around late April and most of May, the Green Aventurine stone links on a deeper level with Taurus people.

Aventurine is associated with the Taurus sign, and for very good reason. This stone is connected to Venus, which happens to be the ruling planet of Taurus. As the “Stone of Opportunity,” Green Aventurine brings success, prosperity, new opportunities, renewal, freshness of mind, good health, good luck, you name it! This makes it a perfect stone for those born under the Taurus sign as they are naturally inclined to amass wealth.

Some also view Aventurine as a zodiac stone of the Virgo. Virgos are reliable, straight thinkers, and have great memory. They’re also well-mannered and faithful to their true love.

If we talk about Hindu astrology, Green Aventurine is the assigned birthstone for Libras. Those born under this sign will find this stone helpful in controlling negative emotions. Also, because Libras tend to be indecisive, they will benefit from this gem giving them a clearer sense of purpose.

Leos are the lions of the zodiac signs. Anyone who knows a Leo knows that they are reliable, fierce, and passionate. However, their fierceness sometimes gets the better of them. As a consequence of that, Leos are prone to become volatile and short-tempered. No wonder that they are known as hotheads!

The Green Aventurine stone acts as a grounding stone for Leos. It placates them and showers them with fresh thoughts immediately. Thus, in the presence of Green Aventurine, Leos’ volatile nature does not get them stuck in undesirable situations. This stone returns Leos to their sensible and cheerful disposition.

A fire sign like Leo, Aries people are passionate and forceful. They make great leaders because they have major dominant traits. Since Aries people are fueled with determination and passion, they tend to be hasty in their approach and jump over minor details. This little flaw often sets them back, leading to their disappointment.

Green Aventurine recharges them with perseverance and determination. Furthermore, this stone complements Aries’ creative and intellectual minds, increasing their potential.

Lastly, Green Aventurine is known to help those born under the Cancer sign with their sensitivity and vulnerability. The fact that this gemstone dissolves fear and anxiety helps Cancers become more in touch with their environments instead of being overwhelmed by their thoughts.

Green Aventurine and the Elements

No one can deny the powers of natural elements of the world we see and live in since forever. The fundamental four are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Usually, gemstones are a conduit of only one natural element. This way, they muster all of their energy into a specific outlet marked by their respective elements. Interestingly, the Green Aventurine stone is linked with three out of the four elements.

You must think this would diminish its powers in one specific area, but hey, gemstones do not work that way! It does not mar Green Aventurine healing properties at all. On the contrary, it makes Green Aventurine tremendously powerful and highly multidimensional.

Let us explain them here individually:


Associated with the mind, the Air element enhances your mental capabilities and opens new dimensions for you to explore. Like the wind, it takes you to new places prompting waves of inspiration and innovation.

Do you know how air gives you a feeling of freshness? That is the core of how Green Aventurine works with this element. Facilitating communication, rekindling imagination, and birthing vision in your mind, Green Aventurine works its magic everywhere.


The Green Aventurine stone works intricately with Water—the universal healer. With an intrinsic healing and soothing nature, the Water element especially does wonders in healing emotional traumas. Moreover, the Green Aventurine will infuse your life with love and acceptance, helping you build strong relationships with your loved ones.

The Water element of the Green Aventurine stone can also be held responsible for enhancing intuition and aiding communication with the divine realms. Furthermore, you will sense the feeling of peace flow through your life in profuse amounts. In a world full of troubles, this sounds like a welcoming prospect, doesn’t it?


We all know Mother Earth is protective towards her children (us!) and tends to ground us whenever we need it. It stabilizes and protects our energy, dusting away draining elements of our lives. It shields us from negative energies, allowing us to prosper without any mental or emotional setbacks.

Indeed, the Green Aventurine stone merges well with the Earth element. One particular thing about the Earth element is that it is particularly efficient with the bringing of luck, fertility, and abundance. Undoubtedly, the Green Aventurine stone complements this property perfectly! As a result, the earth element of this stone actively helps you attract money and prosperity.

Green Aventurine and Numerology

Numerology and its major influences in our world are quite a daunting concept that most of us don’t have profound knowledge about. Numerology affects the tiniest of things we come in contact with. Let us tell you how:

You’re aware that matter is made up of energy, right? And the energy in its rawest form is never stationary. It moves back and forth, making rapid vibrations. Consequently, everything we see or touch is vibrating at a specific frequency. This frequency is named “Vibration Number”, and every gemstone has one.

Now, the goal is to choose a gemstone of the frequency you desire, since different vibration numbers have different meanings and purposes.

The Green Aventurine stone has a vibration number of 3. But what is the significance of this number?

Well, the number 3 has various meanings. It is the number of joy, positivity, and love. The youthfulness that you might think got lost somewhere along the journey of life; the number 3 reintroduces it to you. Furthermore, it masters all those emotions that are vital to a full life, like passion, enthusiasm, adventure, and spontaneity.

Apart from that, the number 3 excellently resonates with the powers of creativity, intellect, and courage. These are much-needed qualities for someone who intends to make their path. Besides, wisdom and brilliance are also the traits ruled by this number.

The number 3 also induces kindness, friendliness, humor, and compassion. It means that this number will enable you to socialize in a way that brings you comfort and joy.

The number 3 has roots in the true essence of life.

Green Aventurine and Planetary Connection

Astrology has always been as significant in the past centuries as it is now. Many people have their astrological birth chart saved on their phones. Some even memorize the whole thing! Our point is, all of that information comes from the insightful knowledge of astrology. And it is more prevalent than ever because it makes sense!

Gemstones are also associated with different planets and other astronomical bodies.

The ruling planets of the Green Aventurine stone are Mercury and Venus. Let’s see what these planets mean in astrology:


Ah, Mercury, the smallest planet in the solar system but the most effective in communication! This amusing little planet is responsible for feeding words to our feelings, helping us communicate our needs and desires. Furthermore, the planet of Mercury governs our organization skills.


Named after a female goddess, the planet of Venus holds dominant feminine traits. This gorgeous planet primarily governs love, sex, passion, sensuality, beauty, and pleasure. Unsurprisingly, Venus also sees through our feelings for the ones we love.

Crystals to Combined with Green Aventurine for Building Wealth and Prosperity

Are you working on a new career path? Or taking on a new position at work? Maybe you have a business idea for years now and finally at the stage where you want to take a leap of faith and invest in your business rather than work for someone else the rest of your life. If this is you, then it certainly wouldn’t hurt to combined Green Aventurine with these other luck and abundance crystals:


The Carnelian stone is a globally famous wealth-magnet. Call it magical powers or supernatural alignment of circumstances; this stone will leave you impressed! Carnelian has a strong attraction for luck, prosperity, and financial success. Also, it urges you to focus on the brighter perspectives of life.

Also, the Carnelian stone fosters divine protection around you to keep you safe from malice and harm. Thus, Carnelian brings about an abundance of wealth, health, and intellect, and also makes sure it stays out of harm’s way.


Brace yourself to be amazed by the mastery of Pyrite, the Fool’s Gold. This gold-resembling stone knows how to draw wealth and prosperity in massive amounts. No doubt, Pyrite is the perfect pick if your aim is abundance manifestation.

Pyrite woos wealth and prosperity by fueling high work ethics and leadership qualities inside you. For instance, you find yourself saturated with persistence and courage, along with a glass-half-full mindset. Besides, Pyrite ignites a fire inside you, which shifts your gaze towards the good things in life.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is known as “Stone of the Mind” and for a reason. This stone expands your knowledge massively in smart ways and amplifies your mental strength. Hence, it helps you achieve significant accomplishments in your life. Tiger’s Eye also leads you to new doors marked by your success as it is a talisman of luck and wealth. On the other hand, Tiger’s Eye is also a grounding stone and grants you the wisdom and sensibility to protect your wealth.


Known as “The Lucky Merchant’s Stone”, Citrine is justly associated with wealth attraction. First of all, this stone drives luck and riches as a talismanic trait. What it does is that it properly guides you on how to maneuver obstructions on your path to success. Moreover, it welcomes new opportunities in your life.

Secondly, Citrine encourages a flow of generosity to help you effectively circulate your wealth. Citrine also helps with the balance of your moral compass and provides you with good intentions, in case you turn evil with all of your riches!

Clear Quartz

This beautiful crystal is a powerful agent for attracting wealth. Although it has a different approach to hit this goal. Clear Quartz is a stone used to acquire and solidify intentions. So basically, if you have a rough draft in your mind regarding what you want, this stone will help you form a proper plan with several milestones and a final goal.

Importantly, Clear Quartz amplifies your energy and helps you stick to your intentions. It also introduces a new surge of clarity in your head, which will help you both emotionally and mentally.

Crystals to Combined with Green Aventurine for Love and Relationships

Have you been unlucky in love? Maybe you’ve been on countless dates but wonder why you can’t seem to find the one that connects with you emotionally and mentally? Or maybe you’ve been with the same person for so many years that the fizz and spark seemed to have died out? Have you ever thought that the emotional baggage that you have lodged in your heart is what’s causing you to be stuck in a cycle of being with the same type of person that is not good for you? If any of these situations resonate with you, combine Green Aventurine with these Heart Chakra crystals:

Rose Quartz

There are not many emotional stressors the “Stone of Love” cannot handle. True to its name, the Stone of Love is known for the expansion of universal love. Also, it vigorously resolves conflicts, heals traumas, and enhances emotional maturity.

With a significant touch of femininity to it, the Rose Quartz crystal adheres to compassion, vibrancy, and nourishment. It encourages tenderness and intimacy, as well. Furthermore, Rose Quartz dispels emotional tension and resentment, clearing away the dense aura.

Rose Quartz is the crystal you need if you want to welcome swarms of love and happiness in your life.

Green Jade

Being a powerful soothing stone, Green Jade will leave you feeling substantially lightweight. This remarkable gemstone owns emotional healing and love manifestation. Interestingly, Green Jade gemstone’s specialty lies in its nurturing nature.

Walking the roads of life with a heavy heart is an extremely distressing job. So, to get rid of the negativity and resume life with a new dynamic becomes crucial for your peace of mind. This is where the Green Jade gemstone activates its healing properties and infuses your heart with love and positivity.

You place it near your heart, and it sucks out all the harmful energies surrounding it. As a result, you will be capable of handling your emotions more healthily.


You know, the darkness which tends to cloud your aura every once in a while? Chrysoprase is an incredible antidote for it! This negativity-repulsing stone is associated with the Heart Chakra. Therefore, it opens a door for you to come in deeper contact with your emotions. It also dispels emotional tension and clears away, blockages on the path to peace.

The Chrysoprase gemstone injects your heart with love and acceptance. Also, it helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses, aiding you to mature emotionally and build good relationships.

Green Calcite

The Green Calcite stone has a marvelous rarity that is its associations with polar opposite elements: Fire and Water. This is a property that makes Green Calcite fairly unique and powerful. Let us see how it affects Green Calcite properties:

On the one hand, Green Calcite ignites passion, courage, and zeal. Its fire element gets rid of grudges, resentment, and hatred. Moreover, it strengthens your core and reinforces strong positive sentiments.

On the other hand, its elemental water energy deeply heals your emotional wounds. Indeed, Green Calcite is significantly purifying in nature. The Water element of this stone also expands the feelings of love, forgiveness, and compassion.


Rhodonite is often referred to as the Love Stone due to its remarkable syncing with the heart. We can say that the Rhodonite gemstone functions in a “systematic” way. Firstly, it helps you identify your emotional issues. Then it manifests its healing energies and works with you to resolve those issues. After that, this stone nurtures your heart and then finally prepares you to welcome joy, positivity, and love.

The critical thing to notice about the Rhodonite gemstone is that its primary focus is self-love and self-acceptance. Therefore, it helps you in knowing your worth, urging you to love yourself first. In this way, you will be more ready to love others and accept love!


This gorgeous green stone specializes in your protection. But how? Well, it is a tremendously strong absorber of harmful waves running through your energy fields. Moreover, the Malachite stone protects you from unneeded confrontations and keeps you safe from emotional stress.

Additionally, Malachite introduces a healthy balance in your temperament, which makes you wiser and more grounded.

How to Use Your Green Aventurine Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Holding a Green Aventurine gemstone while meditating—specifically near the Heart Chakra—is one of the simplest ways to manifest and activate its healing properties. If you’re looking to facilitate spiritual healing, you can opt to use a Green Aventurine mala or Green Aventurine prayer beads while meditating.

Holding a Green Aventurine tumbled stone as you focus your intention while meditating is another route. I find that this method has a remarkable calming effect on me physically and mentally, and I believe that this helps me manifest my intentions more effectively.

Wearing Green Aventurine bracelets, necklaces, pendant earrings, and rings is always an option, too. Personally, green gems are among my favorite jewelry stones.

Lastly, if you’re using Green Aventurine to heal skin conditions, using it in ablutions is recommended. To prepare the elixir, simply soak a stone fragment overnight in demineralized water.

Easy Fast Daily Rituals to Attract Abundance and Luck with Green Aventurine

To Bring Financial Abundance

  • Place 7 Green Aventurine crystal angels in a circular formation near or on your desk at your workplace or office.

    Why seven crystals in particular? This is because the number 7 represents luck. Also, the number 7 has spiritual value in terms of success and goodness. It enhances wisdom and intuition as well.
  • Place a Pyrite stone in between each angel in the circular formation.
    The Pyrite gemstone is a strong wealth-attracting stone. Paired with Green Aventurine, Pyrite will amplify abundance manifestation. Moreover, both of these stones are talismans for good luck and new opportunities. Undoubtedly, you will have higher chances of success with these money stones by your side.
  • Place a Clear Quartz crystal wand in the middle of the circle. This will help amplify and reinforce your intentions.
  • Place 7 $1 bills underneath the Clear Quartz crystal.
  • Now make sure that you keep this formation in place for at least seven days. You can keep it as long as you want, but seven days at a minimum because the number seven represents luck. We all need a little luck on our side when manifesting financial prosperity and abundance, right?

To Find Opportunities and Create Your Luck

  • Wear a Green Aventurine pendant or necklace around your neck.
  • Hold your Green Aventurine crystal in your hands every day and chant “I am lucky” 7 times.
  • Whenever you face a problem, rub on the Green Aventurine pendant around your neck, or simply squeeze it. This will help you calmly maneuver your obstacles and make decisions with clarity of mind.
  • Try to visualize the best outcome in every situation since your mindset is essential in achieving success.

How to Use Green Aventurine for Feng Shui

Green Aventurine is helpful if placed in the room of a small child, in the dining area, or in a room where a new project is being built. This is because it brings abundance, physical growth, and vitality by utilizing Wood energy. Remember that Wood energy is the energy of nourishment, health, new beginnings, and expansion.

You can also place Green Aventurine in the Southeast or East areas of your home, as these are associated with the Prosperity and Abundance area, as well as the Family and Health area.

How was Green Aventurine Used in Ancient Times?

Green Aventurine has been around for millions of years. In Ancient Tibet, this stone was used as adornments in statues and as jewelry. They believed that it enhanced the visionary powers of their statues and helped correct nearsightedness in humans. They also turned to the stone to enhance their creativity.

Up until the 1800s, Green Aventurine was called the “stone of the Amazons,” which is why many people confuse it with Amazonite. Green Aventurine was found in rock deposits in Brazil, which led people to believe that it was mined by Amazonians to be used in talismans and jewelry.

How is Green Aventurine Formed?

As a variety of quartz, Green Aventurine forms much like any other Quartz crystal. It forms either as deposits in or among rocks—frequently, metamorphic ones. Aventurine rocks form under pressure. Quartz fragments, when pure, remain clear and colorless. However, the presence of other mineral inclusions and impurities could alter their color. For Green Aventurine, chromium-rich Fuschite inclusions give it its color.


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