Green Amethyst: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

green amethyst meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Green Amethyst Crystals

  1. Provides healing from trauma
  2. Opens up the Heart Chakra to love and compassion
  3. Helps to break ties with negative emotions, thus helping you cultivate positive relationships and achieve success

What Is Green Amethyst?

You may already be familiar with the Green Amethyst gemstone which is also known as Prasiolite. This unique quartz gemstone showcases a variety of beautiful colors ranging from greenish-yellow to green.

Prasiolite, more commonly called Green Amethyst, is essentially a purple crystal. This is why the Green Amethyst meaning is associated with miracles, as its color is a rarity.

There are three ways Green Amethyst is formed:

  • natural heating through flowing lava
  • irradiated which produces a light green color that turns colorless when exposed to high temperatures
  • purple Amethyst which is heat-treated at 500℃ to form Green Amethyst.

What Is Green Amethyst Stone Good For?

Prasiolite’s meaning is derived from two Greek words, ‘prason’ and ‘leek’ which symbolizes stones and plants as its green color resembles them. The gemstone is used for a number of purposes.

One of the Green Amethyst benefits includes its gorgeous stone jewelry. Its hardness on Mohs Scale ranks at 7 (10 being the highest), making it a very durable and long-lasting gemstone in jewelry. If you want to gain maximum benefits out of its healing properties, it’s best to wear it near the chakras where it provides the strongest energy. 

Green Amethyst is a great for developing relationships full of love and positivity. It also helps you increase wealth and prosperity along with its energy properties that I will be discussing in detail below.

What Are the Healing Properties of Green Amethyst?

  • Spiritual – The Green Amethyst gemstone provides spiritual energy similar to that of nature itself. It’s a crystal of the heart, ridding it of any negative energy and opening it up to feelings of love and compassion.

    Due to its properties of changing under heat or pressure, the stone is known to provide spiritual growth. Green Amethyst is the right crystal for you if you want to develop a relationship with the Divine minds. The consequence of this is a positive energy surrounding your life.

    You can also pair this stone with the purple amethyst to enhance its spiritual healing powers.
  • Emotional – Green Amethyst’s spiritual properties are linked to its emotional ones. By cleansing the mind spiritually, the crystal elevates your emotional state as well. By helping you cultivate relationships and achieve success, it will ensure you remain happy and grounded, free from worries.  
  • Mental – For those of you who are interested in the psychic world, Green Amethyst has the power to strengthen your psychic abilities. It stimulates your mind and helps you to become more aware of that which is unseen through the naked eye. 

Green Amethyst for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Green Amethyst jewelry will allow you to take advantage of its energy and balance the chakras. Earrings of this crystal ensure that its energy remains close to the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, which can improve your inner vision and communication with your higher self.

However, this gemstone is mainly considered as a Heart Chakra stone. Wearing pendants or necklaces with Green Amethyst will keep its energy close to the Heart Chakra; thus, filling you with cheerfulness and optimism.

Now here’s when you will realize whether this stone is right for you. If you have a blocked Heart Chakra i.e. you feel hatred, jealousy, betrayal, fear, grudges, hatred towards oneself and others or any similar emotions – then you need this gemstone to let go of those negative emotions and unblock your heart center.

Now I’ve already taught you how to use it in order to maximize its effectiveness, but there are a number of ways that you can activate your Heart Chakra along with this gemstone. Practicing yoga, reciting mantras and burning essential oils are just some of the other ways that will help you speed up this process. Journaling your emotions is also a great way to release the weight of negativity from your spirit.

When you let go of all the negative emotions in your heart, you’ll know your efforts have paid off.

Other Crystals to Combine with Green Amethyst to Help You Let Go of Traumas

As I already mentioned, combing Green Amethyst with other stones is a great way to help you heal faster and better since each has its own set of healing properties, some similar to others. One of the biggest Green Amethyst benefits is its ability to help you let go of trauma.

Victims of traumas tend to have low self-esteem, guilt and other similar emotions. Luckily, meditating with Green Amethyst along with these other crystals will help you activate your Heart Chakra, gain self-acceptance, self-love, and ultimately heal from within:

Smoky Quartzhelps you let go of what no longer serves you. This includes bad habits, bad relationships, and negative emotions from past traumas.

Rose Quartz helps you build self-confidence and self-love.

Malachiteknown as the “Stone of Transformation”. Transformation begins first in your thoughts and emotions.

Rhodonite Also another stone that supports the Heart Chakra. This stone will help you learn to forgive so that you can move forward.

Green Amethyst and The Elements

For those of you who are new to the entire study of elements, there are 4 main elements that include fire, water, air, and the earth.

The earth is the key element of the human body which is associated with the characteristics of growth, wealth (in monetary and other forms), and amplitude.

Here’s how the Green Amethyst gemstone can benefit you in relation to the element of earth: grounding you when you are panicking, getting money and success, protecting and stabilising your energy, improving fertility and growing plants.

You can also combine Green Amethyst with the following crystals or use them separately to attain the same benefits associated with the element earth:

How Can You Tell a Fake Prasiolite?

By now, if you’re convinced that this is the right gemstone for you, it’s time for you to buy it. The problem with gemstones is that a lot of fraudulent dealers sell fake ones to ordinary people who don’t have the knowledge that is required to know the difference between originals and copies.

Unfortunately, in the case of Prasiolite, it is almost impossible for anyone to know the difference between one that has been naturally heated (original) and one that is fake (artificially heated). This is because both have similar properties once heated and will go back to their original color if reheated.

Luckily, I’m going to give you some tips to help you distinguish fake gemstones from authentic ones. The first thing to look out for is the color.

  • Color
    While the gemstone may feature a variety of colors, be sure to closely inspect the consistency of one color throughout the gem. A fake one is likely to have inconsistent color as it is artificially heated. However, you’d be surprised to know that consistent color will reduce the gemstone’s value but it is a very important tell when differentiating the two.
  • Clarity
    Your second tell is the clarity of the gemstone. A naturally formed Prasiolite has no inclusion of elements and is crystal clear which is visible through the naked eye (good for you!). Examine it up close to find out whether it is authentic or not.
  • Specific Gravity
    Another important tell that will take you time but is highly accurate is measuring the specific gravity of the gemstone. The specific gravity for a Prasiolite is about 2.56g.

The proper way to measure this is to place the gemstone in a beaker of water and measure the total weight. Then, remove the gemstone from the beaker and weigh the water. Subtract the two values to find out your gemstone’s specific gravity. If it isn’t close to 2.65, you may have been defrauded!

To avoid all of this hassle, make sure you buy from a reputed dealer so that you enjoy its benefits without any worries.

How to Use Your Green Amethyst Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Along with the properties that I have mentioned above, there are a number of other ways to activate Green Amethyst’s healing properties:

  • Hold a Green Amethyst stone while praying or meditating
  • Use a Green Amethyst mala or Green Amethyst prayer beads to facilitate spiritual healing
  • Wear bracelets, rings, necklaces that contain Green Amethyst gemstones as a constant reminder to yourself of your intention for positivity, love, light, and healing
  • Hold a Green Amethyst tumbled stone as you focus your intention during meditation
  • Hold Green Amethyst stone near the Heart Chakra during meditation or lay down and place Green Amethyst on your chest

How to Use Green Amethyst for Feng Shui

If you don’t already know, Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese method of meditation that individuals practice for harmony and finding their inner peace. Feng Shui primarily has 5 main elements: fire, metal, air, wood, and water.

In Feng Shui, the color green is associated with wood energy which is why it is linked to Green Amethyst. The Wood element is known for its masculine and active energy but also has some traces of feminine energy as well.

Experts say that it is important to balance all the elements of Feng Shui when decorating your home, either in a western manner or a traditional design in order to maintain consistency. Many individuals add a lot of plants, greenery, and natural elements into their homes in order to increase the presence of the wood element in their homes.

The Green Amethyst gemstone is also good for adding the wood element to your home. This will help you harmonize with your surroundings. 

How to Care for Your Prasiolite

Despite Prasiolite being a hard and durable gemstone, many are not aware of its sensitivity to heat and light. To ensure that you preserve the beauty of this unique gemstone, do not leave it in heat as it will distort the color, even if it is authentic.

To ensure proper care, place it in a dark place such as a cabinet, jewelry box, or a cupboard. Never leave it in the sunlight, inside cars, expose it to artificial lights or wear it in the sun for too long.

If you’ve had it repaired, its best to keep it away from metal boxes as well since they rust and distort the color. Make sure you ask your dealer to brief you about all proper guidelines for Prasiolite’s care.


All in all, Prasiolite is a good investment. It’s easy to find, not too pricey, and has a number of benefits that will help you heal from past pain – and with all that, it looks beautiful on the outside as well!

However, as with everything, it requires proper research and know-how to ensure that it lasts a lifetime and proves to be effective so make sure you find out everything there is to know about it before purchasing it.


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