Goldstone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry


Top 3 Benefits of Goldstone

  1. Known as The Stone of Ambition, Goldstone boosts your confidence, ambition, and intelligence.
  2. The sparkles embedded in Goldstone is a heavenly reminder that light is always there even in the darkest of times.
  3. Goldstone dispels toxic emotions and negative thoughts. It acts like a cheerleader for its keeper, filling you with optimism, joy, and happiness.

What is Goldstone Good For?

When The Stone of Ambition is by your side, there is no need to worry about the future. And the reason behind our consolation is that the Goldstone meaning lies in the safe harbor for your soul. All you need to do is trust this ambition stone of incredible protective healing properties.

Speaking of Ambition Stone, let us tell you why Goldstone is called that. Well, we are all too familiar with days where we sink to our lowest, not knowing how to rise from that darkness. This is where The Stone of Ambition acts as a savior and opens a chasm of light in that pit of darkness. It awakens your soul with a refreshing jolt, splashing you with a resurged wave of ambition, confidence, and happiness.

The way Goldstone emanates a sparkly sheen from dark shades is a perfect emblem of silver lining behind dark clouds. This sparkle is visible in both Blue Goldstone, which resembles a beautiful star-studded night sky and the Red Goldstone, which displays a fiery orange or brown color.

It is also good to note that Goldstone is sometimes called Sandstone. The two terms are often used interchangeably.

Is Goldstone Man-Made?

Much surprising to some, this stunning stone is man-made, and it does not exist naturally. Hard to believe, isn’t it? We don’t blame you because Goldstone passes for a natural gemstone fair and square.

Goldstone is artificially made by infusing copper particles or cobalt with glass. Copper particles result in Red Goldstone, also known as the Red Sandstone. Similarly, glass infused with Cobalt gives us Blue Goldstone, also known as the Blue Sandstone.

Interestingly, Goldstone healing properties are birthed by the fact that glass is formed from quartz sand, which is healing in nature. This is the reason Goldstone is counted among healing stones.

What Are the Healing Properties of Goldstone?

Extremely protective, grounding, and purifying in nature, Goldstone has several healing properties which can be conveniently categorized. Let’s read through:


Goldstone crystal meaning roots from powerful balance-restoring energies. To spin you around and get you back on track is its purpose in spiritual healing. Goldstone works with elemental powers of life and illuminates the path back to the dynamics of life when you feel lost.

As we discussed above, Goldstone is a protective grounding stone. Therefore, it will act as your shield from harmful vibrations and deflect negative energy, which tends to cloud your soul.


It is quite riveting to notice how Goldstone has such a powerful influence over your mindset. This ambition stone leaves you brimming with courage, confidence, and creativity. It illuminates your potential in new lights; thus, you can’t help but use it to achieve your life-long dreams.

With Goldstone, creativity and inspiration rarely escape you. Goldstone has the power to soothe the chaos in your mind and help you find new perspectives. Undoubtedly, this aids you immensely in your life, especially your career.


Healing emotional traumas and lifting the weight of emotional baggage off your shoulders is Goldstone’s specialty. This soothing stone heals you internally and emotionally prepares you to welcome good things in your life. Moreover, Goldstone is also a joy stone. This means that it is the stone you should call upon when you are in dire need of positivity, happiness, and joy.

In addition to this, Goldstone has properties linked with the expansion of love. This makes Goldstone extremely useful for people struggling with family, relationship, or friendship issues. What Goldstone does is that it clears up the barriers in communication, whether it is intimate or emotional. It also allows you to be more forgiving as it helps you resolve your past grudges effectively.

Goldstone, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Sagittarius folks rise because this lovely stone is speaking directly to you! Goldstone is particular to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The interesting thing to note is that all shades and colors of Goldstone are equally useful for this sign.

There are distinct ways in which a Goldstone corresponds with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Well, Sag people are adventurous, intelligent, and impeccable charmers! They know how to light up a dull place. Goldstone, with its brimming confidence-boosting energies, links well with the adventurous minds of Sags.

Sagittarius is known to be inclined towards making significant changes in their lives. This means they tend to be fearless and bold. Interestingly, Goldstone complements this trait of theirs and also protects their wild energies!

Goldstone and the Elements

Four fundamental elements exist in nature: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Now, these elements are massively manifested in various natural and artificial things in the world, including gemstones.

You must be wondering which elemental energy does Goldstone exhibit? The answer to that is Water Energy! Yes, water is the element of this gorgeous human-made stone. Here’s how:

Water has intrinsic healing properties. We also know that it is essential to humans. As it happens, Goldstone healing properties mirror the purifying nature of water. It heals your inner emotional traumas and provides a proper balance to your energy field.

The water element of the Goldstone also actively plays a role in your friendships and relationships. It expands the emotion of love universally. Furthermore, it sets a singularly exuberant tone within your relations.

Goldstone and Numerology

Numerology is an essential factor when it comes to stones. You don’t want to end up with gemstones of unsuitable vibrations unknowingly! Now you must be puzzled as to how vibrations affect the properties of your gemstone, right? Let us shed your confusion.

Everything, big or small, is a bundle of energy. This energy is never stationary. Because of that, all things vibrate at different frequencies, which are unique to that particular thing. This is the case with gemstones as well. Each stone has a unique vibration number, which is pivotal to the kind of energy it exhibits.

The vibration number of Goldstone is 3. But how is the number 3 significant for you?

Well, it is safe to say that 3 is the number of joy and positivity. The number 3 resonates with the fundamental optimism and buoyancy of life. It is also primarily associated with creativity, passion, and intelligence.

If you are a free-thinker and you tend to make bold, rebellious moves, you will especially connect with this vibration number. Additionally, your youthfulness and enthusiasm will greatly benefit from it. The number 3 also evokes compassion and kindness.

It does not end here! The number 3 also exhibits energies within the divine realm. Here is how: It is associated with the energies of the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters provide you with a spiritual force that pushes you towards the achievement of your desires, peace, and clarity.

Goldstone for Chakra Healing and Balancing

You know when you feel out of your element and clarity escapes you? That is because your chakras need balancing. Not to worry, Goldstone covers that ground masterfully. Different forms of Goldstone are specific to different chakras.

Red Goldstone is known to lift your spirits and help you stand back on your feet. It influences the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Are you having trouble with your deepest passions and desires? Harness the power of this fiery passion stone and revitalize your sexual energies by aligning the Sacral Chakra. The smooth flow of passion will leave you fully satisfied and content.

As Red Goldstone also deals with the Solar Plexus Chakra, it will bring stability and balance to this energy center. Let the incredible Red Goldstone lead you to your responsible, wise, and grounded self.

Then comes Brown Goldstone. This one has high copper content and exhibits minimally metallic properties. What it does is that it reenergizes you from the ground up, and readjusts your energy fields.

The Brown Goldstone aligns the Root Chakra. Hence it proves to be spectacular with the needs of stability and security. Moreover, it magnifies your primal traits like intuition and drive.

Last but not least, we have the Blue Goldstone. This deep blue stone is famously associated with not one but two chakras: Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. Aligning these two chakras will emotionally and mentally strengthen your core. Put an end to endlessly waiting on dim sparks of inspiration and summon creativity at your own will! It will allow you to speak your truth and help you communicate physically as well as telepathically with the angelic realm. When this happens, answers to your deepest questions will come to you in forms of a thought or idea that you’ve never had before. This is your guardian angel communicating with you and guiding you.

Blue Goldstone, with its major chakra healing powers, will have you feeling a rush of tranquility and clarity, for it is incredibly soothing. On top of that, Blue Goldstone will plant confidence and ambition in you that you might have been feeling a lack of.

Goldstone for Building Wealth and Prosperity

It is a well-known fact that success is born from hard work, ambition, and creative thinking. To achieve milestones rapidly and build a fortune, you have to own these fundamental traits. No successful person is low on either creativity or ambition.

However, it is too easy to be repulsed by the idealism of these views. You might refrain from thinking outside the box because you have been taught to think “practical”. Unsurprisingly, it plays out badly in your journey towards success. That is because success and prosperity demand more than convenient strategies. It requires knowledge, drive, creativity, and vision.

Cheer up! Goldstone will help you with these very struggles. How does it do that?

Firstly, it reveals and ignites the potential that is stored away in the hidden rooms of your mind. It clears away the dust and rust from your creative thinking skills and launches you into your world of innovation and passion.

Secondly, it boosts your will to learn. It means that Goldstone prepares you emotionally and mentally to soak up knowledge from every source you find.

With these rejuvenated energies, you are a hundred times more likely to reach your goals. Undoubtedly, wealth and prosperity follow.

If we talk about particular uses of different colored Goldstones, the Red Goldstone is known to flame creativity and passion. Moreover, it will let you explore beyond your boundaries. Who knows, your prosperous future might just be a boundary away!

Then there is the Blue Goldstone, which resembles a peaceful star-studded night sky. This gorgeous stone will channel serenity and stability towards you. It will also protect you on your ventures and keep you grounded.

What Crystals to Pair with Goldstone to Boost Abundance

The best thing is that you can pair Goldstone with other gemstones for money-attracting purposes. We have listed the best combinations for you here:


Carnelian is widely known to attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck. It is the stone you need if you feel stuck in a business dealing or job struggles because Carnelian will introduce new resources to you. This opens new doors and injects you with large doses of ambition.


Amber is a stone, basically, a tree resin, which is useful when dealing with money problems. It acts as a natural magnet for wealth and luck. The process through which this stone helps you attain wealth is that it clears up your mental blocks. Giving you tunnel vision, it lets you focus more on your goals and less on the obstructions.

Tiger’s Eye

The Stone of the Mind, Tiger’s Eye, is known to inspire knowledge and power. This stone gives you the intellect and ambition to realize your dreams. It also urges you to be grounded and responsible for your wealth, which is a much-needed quality if staying successful is your plan.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite has powerful money-attracting properties. It will bring prosperity to your doorstep by merely manifesting abundance. Moreover, it resolves financial issues causing your worries to disappear slowly. This way, you can conveniently focus on building your fortune!

Goldstone for Happiness, Joy, and Positivity

If the emotions of despair, gloominess, or hopelessness are weighing down your soul, pick up your Goldstone. This cheerleader of a stone knows precisely how to light up your life!

Goldstone is a master of vibrancy and positivity. Revitalizing the core dynamic of your soul, it lifts you from despair. Say goodbye to frustrating mood swings and welcome the warmth of joy in your life! Regardless of the bulk of negative energies surrounding you, Goldstone seeps through with its positive healing energies.

What Crystals to Pair with Goldstone to Supercharge Happiness and Positivity

If you have been prone to more harmful and gloomy thoughts lately, grab your Goldstone and pair it with these happiness-oriented gemstones:


Looking for a positive change in your life? Summon the cheerful Citrine to shower joy and positivity in your life! This brilliant crystal allows you to let go of the dead weight you might be carrying around everywhere. It also softens up the harsh feelings of resentment in your head, making you feel light as a feather.

Yellow Jade

This sunlight-radiating Jade might be just what you need if you are overwhelmed by dark energies. Yellow Jade is emotionally and mentally stimulating. Thus it will create a lively atmosphere in your head, urging you to look towards the brighter side. Furthermore, it is superb to make you feel connected with your loved ones on a deeper level.

Rose Quartz

This gentle rosy stone is the elixir of love. Rose Quartz invokes feelings of love against hatred and grudges and gently clears away past emotional traumas. An absolute beauty with specialties in love!

Smoky Quartz

This healing crystal is partial towards the healing of emotional stress and negative energies. Clutch your Smoky Quartz crystal tightly and let the positive energy flow within. This stone will lift the dense cloak of gloominess around you and clear the path for happiness and joy.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, also called the Master Healer, is exceptionally purifying in nature. Interestingly, it heals all three: Body, Spirit, and Mind. It frees you of your emotional baggage from the past and re-energizes you. For moments when you feel mentally or emotionally unstable, Clear Quartz is the perfect remedy because of its healing properties and happiness manifestation.

How to Use Goldstone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties?

Use a Goldstone mala or prayer beads while praying to activate spiritual healing.

Wear Goldstone jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets made out of Goldstone beads or gemstones to have round-the-clock protection from negative energies.

Hold your Goldstone or place it on your mat while you meditate.

Placing your Goldstone on your body will influence and activate the Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Root Chakra. Place it near the top of your abdomen, below the navel, and at the base of the spine, respectively, for the activation of these three chakras.

How to use Goldstone for Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a practice that involves living in profound harmony with your environment. It means to balance energies in the physical environment for bringing calm and positive changes.

Let’s learn the best way to use Goldstone for feng shui in your surroundings:

We know that Goldstone is a conduit of water energy. Now, according to the healers, water energy traditionally resides in the North corner of the house. If you place your Goldstone in that corner, it will clear away the obstructions in the path of your career. Besides, it will also help visualize your goals.

Another excellent feature of Goldstone used for feng shui is its association with positivity, joy, and happiness. To avail this feature, place a Red Goldstone in your living room. No doubt, it will act as a beacon of joyous, loving emotions that will radiate throughout your home!

Goldstone in Folklore

Time to immerse ourselves into the intriguing folkloric background of this stone! Did you know Goldstone is also famously called Monk’s Gold? Well, the legend says that this name caught on due to Goldstone’s associations with a monastic order, the origins of which remain obscure.

This means Monk’s Gold or Goldstone can be traced back to medieval times and monasteries.

Other legends conclude that Goldstone first came into existence when an Italian family, Miotti, treated glass with a unique technique. This experiment of theirs led to the formation of Goldstone. The Miotti family kept this technique a secret for nearly two centuries until Pietro Bigaglia, an Italian glassmaker, made it mainstream.

How do you Cleanse your Goldstone?

Like a sponge, healing gemstones soak up various kinds of dark energies that dull them down. No doubt, it results in their malfunctioning. We say “malfunctioning” because your gems are like your tools, and using defective ones is just pointless, right?

Therefore, cleansing your crystals is tremendously essential. Here are the best and easiest ways you can cleanse your Goldstone and have it ready for your next use:


Moonlight is a particular favorite among all gemstones. Goldstone loves to soak up the light, which not only revives its healing powers but also adjusts its vibration. The best way to cleanse your crystal with moonlight is to place it outside at night on a full moon.


Many crystals do not respond well to sunlight since it dims their colors, but not Goldstone. Sunlight powers it up and release all negative energies from it. So let your Goldstone have a nice little sunbath every once in a while!

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Let music drive out the negative energy from your Goldstone! For this purpose, place your gemstone in a crystal singing bowl and play it. It works with sounds resonating through the crystal with specific vibrations, recharging it as they go.

Sage Smoke

Sage smoke works perfectly to cleanse your crystal thoroughly. To use this method, immerse your Goldstone in a bowl filled with sage smoke. Now make sure that the crystal is fully covered in smoke. What the smoke does is that it sheds off dark energies from the crystal and regains all of its healing powers, leaving it brand new!


Goldstone acts as a tremendously adroit spiritual guide. It skillfully leads you from your dark inclinations back towards the light of life.

Known as The Stone of Ambition, Goldstone is the best remedy when it comes to mental rejuvenation and balancing of chakras. It boosts your confidence, ambition, and intelligence to help you become the best version of yourself.

Last but not least, Goldstone is one of the best choices among gemstones if you want your life to be filled with optimism, joy, and happiness. This stone abundantly welcomes joy and passion into your life.

Even the most positive and motivated people can use a little cheerleader in life. Let Goldstone be that guiding light in times when you feel like you are in the depths of despair.


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