Gemstones for Number 9

1. Aragonite

aragonite meanings and benefits

These crystals are best for those who have trouble with acceptance. If you are someone who struggles with letting themselves go and submit to the flow of the universe, Aragonite crystals are perfect for releasing control. There are things in this world that are out of our control, and sometimes we have a tough time letting others help us. Aragonite crystals are perfect for those who need help with accepting this. Read More

2. Fluorite

FLUORITE meaning and healing properties

Fluorite is one of the most versatile stones in the crystal energy arsenal. Its is a focus stone—one that clears away the debris cluttering our mind, allowing us to concentrate on what is important. Its primary strength is its ability to give its wearer the ability to organize thoughts, making it easier to follow through with a plan, make wiser decisions, and create structure out of chaos. Read More

3. Grape Agate


Grape Agate is the stone of internal and external expansion. On one hand, It helps strengthen one’s connection with their higher self. Grape Agates are said to imbue their owners with the gift of intuition, knowledge, and self-discovery—helpful tools for introspection and meditation. Read More

4. Green Jade

green jade meanings and benefits

Green Jade is among the most powerful healing stones on theplanet. Not only does it help with physical ailments that are connected to the kidney and liver, but it also helps calm the mind and the nerves. Green Jade supports tranquility and peace and gives its owner wisdom while they’re in a state of tranquil reflection. Read More

5. Hematite


Hematite is one of the best stones for grounding and centering our energy. It is associated with its power to stimulate the root chakra, giving us a solid foundation during times when we waver. It has long been used as a stone of protection from stress, ill intentions, and negative energy. It helps us deal with situations with a calm heart and a clear head. As such, we are able to move towards our goal and manifest our intentions. Read More

6. Jasper


Jasper benefits many kinds of people, notjust those who are sad and stressed. It’s a very powerful stone that connects you to the energy of the earth–the soil under your feet, the source of all living things. This stone isn’t just a pretty ornament, it contains the wisdom of nature and imparts the ability to evolve and adapt to change and hardships. Read More

7. Lemon Quartz

lemon quartz meanings and benefits

Some of the biggest lemon quartz benefits include its ability to reduce cravings by improving metabolism – whether it’s as small as food or as big as drug addiction. It is also the right crystal for you if you just underwent a serious injury or suffer from illness as it will help speed up the recovery process. Read More

8. Malachite


Malachite is also known as a cleansing stone. It can absorb pollution and cleanse the air within your home. This pollution includes harmful electromagnetic vibrations from appliances and gadgets within our home. Read More

9. Phenacite

phenacite meanings and benefits

Phenacite benefits for spiritual growth are numerous and a highlight of this healing crystal. Phenacite is known to facilitate the downloading of spiritual truths and to guide us in understanding and interpreting their meaning. This crystal connects us to Ascended Masters, human beings that have reached enlightenment and gone into full union with the Divine. Its energy heightens our consciousness of spiritual realms, spiritual beings and their messages.By helping us to communicate with these spirit guides, Phenacite facilitates our path towards spiritual enlightenment. Read More

10. Pink Tourmaline

pink tourmaline meanings and benefits

The Pink Tourmaline assists in love and relationships, money and business, and other aspects of self as a whole. It is the best gemstone for emotional support, calming feelings of resentment, and anger. It also improves your caring and loving abilities to find new love, build relationships, and overcome heartaches. Furthermore, the stone reflects passion, energy, and life. It creates self-confidence from fearlessness and motivates you to risk your heart on new ventures. Read More

11. Rhodonite


This wonderful Heart Chakra stone works as a first-aid stone that calms a person down during times of extreme trouble and panic. But Rhodonite is so much more than just being a first-aid stone. It’s a stone that exposes your emotional wounds and scars so you’ll be able to heal and restore yourself and your soul. Rhodonite does this by providing support to you as you deal with painful issues like trauma, anger, and guilt.  Read More

12. Ruby Fuchsite

ruby fuchsite meanings and benefits

The Ruby Fuchsite gemstone is a beautiful green crystal from the muscovite mica family. The chromium element in the stone accounts for its light green colour which is available in different shades as well. The Ruby Fuchsite meaning is all about love and compassion, providing energy that will refresh your emotional body. Read More

13. Topaz

topaz meanings and benefits

Spiritually, Topaz benefits psychics and those who regularly participate in spirit work. Topazes are also said to benefit those who regularly use communication in their professions like speakers, teachers, and philanthropists. Topaz is also used to re-align all the meridians in the body by directing energy where it is needed most. Read More

14. Unakite

unakite meanings and benefits

Unakite elevates our experience and understanding of love and emotions by tapping into the Higher Heart, which connects us to the divine and unconditional love. This allows us to develop insight into our past and present experiences and allows us to respond to circumstances with emotional maturity. Unakite’s ability to infuse higher love into our emotional being teaches us to let go of past issues and dead weight emotions, freeing us to live in the now with gratitude. Read More

15. Vanadinite

vanadinite meanings and benefits

The Vanadinite is a stone for creativity, healing, and self-discovery. It is a perfect crystal for long hours of studying, exercising, and work. It also has a broad range of functions with the lower chakras and the Third Eye chakra. Additionally, it promotes thrift. If you tend to overspend, keep the red gemstone with you to curb your proclivity. Read More

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