Gemstones for Number 8

1. Calcite

calcite meanings and benefits

Calcite meaning comes in various colors. The most popular varietiesare green, blue, orange and clear Calcite. Other colors include yellow, pink, brown and black. Each Calcite color corresponds to the unique set of healing properties of that variety. In this article, we will go through the individual benefits offered by the green, blue, orange and clear Calcite varieties. Read More

2. Celestite

celestite meanings and benefits

Celestite healing properties also enhance one’s gifts–their psychic abilities and intuition. Celestite helps with sleep and dreamwork and recall. People who seek healing through sleep can use this crystal to understand their subconscious better. Clairvoyants and clairaudient people use the stone to develop their abilities. People also use it to engage in out of body experiences. Read More

3. Jasper


Jasper benefits many kinds of people, notjust those who are sad and stressed. It’s a very powerful stone that connects you to the energy of the earth–the soil under your feet, the source of all living things. This stone isn’t just a pretty ornament, it contains the wisdom of nature and imparts the ability to evolve and adapt to change and hardships. Read More

4. Lepidolite

lepidolite meanings and benefits
lepidolite meanings and benefits

Lepidolite is known as a Stone of Transition as it aids you in making major changes in your life. Its restrictions elements of your life whether it be old behavior, psychological patterns, and negative thinking. These gemstones aid in releasing those that are not beneficial and reorganizing your energies to bring hope to the future ahead. Read More

5. Opal

opal meanings and benefits

The crystal is very beneficial to the personal and business relationships of the wearer. It builds trust, brings comfort, and releases your fear to help you claim your self-worth and access your true self. It also intensifies your emotional state and encourages you to release your inhibitions to enable you to unleash your adventurous side, take more risks, and live a little. Moreover, Opal teaches you to be emotionally mature and responsible by encouraging awareness and infusing loyalty and faithfulness. Read More

6. Serpentine

serpentine meaning and benefits

Snakes are known for their regenerative ability to shed their skin and grow a new one. This has a direct connection to the Serpentine’s meaning of transformation. Similar to its meaning and title as the “The Regenerator Stone,” snakes were also used by the god Hermes. His staff consisted of two intertwined snakes, which symbolize healing. Back in Ancient times, snakes and serpents were quite popular and had numerous symbolisms. That would explain why this gemstone held so much power to it. Read More

7. Shungite


Shungite gemstone has strong purification properties. It purifies our body, mind, spirit and environment from pollution of all kinds. It has been used for centuries by the upper class of Russia for purification of drinking and bathing water. Shungite not only cleans the water, but imbibes it with an energy that enters the body upon contact. Read More

8. Smoky Quartz


Like all members of the quartz family, Smoky Quartz is known to help detoxify the body and remove harmful substances energetically. It exercises its power over bodily systems that eliminate waste, including the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, and the skin. It counters insomnia and gives restful sleep to allow our bodies to regenerate for a new day. Read More

9. Snowflake Obsidian


The purifying force of snowflake obsidian extends to the negative emotions. It envelopes you with a calming, soothing feeling even in the face of difficulty. The ability to ground you to the here and now helps you make better decisions while still acknowledging your emotions. Read More

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