Gemstones for Number 6

1. Bloodstone (heliotrope)


Ancient Greeks once referred to Bloodstones as heliotropes or Sunstones. It’s said to draw some of its mysterious light from the sun, but it’s also said to change the sun’s color as well. Eventually, Christianity arose and since then, the Bloodstone has been associated with Christ’s blood and the Christ consciousness. Read More

2. Carnelian


The Carnelian is a vibrant and colorful stone that exudes a warm energy. The most common one is in red and orange hues. It’s a stone that’s associated with motivation, endurance, courage, and leadership. This is why it’s often been worn by ancient warriors to gather courage and power to challenge their foes. Read More

3. Citrine


Being overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions makes life more difficult than it should be. You’ll find citrine helpful in handling these negativities, too. But this stone does not hold on to or accumulate unwanted energy. Rather, it dissipates, transmutes, and grounds negativity—converting negative ideas and feelings into positive ones. Because of this unique property, citrine is a crystal that doesn’t really need to be cleansed or cleared—making it one of only two crystals on the entire planet with this distinction. Read More

4. Green Tourmaline

green tourmaline meanings and benefits

This gemstone is arguably nature’s best healing crystal. With its strong connection to the Heart Chakra, Green Tourmaline benefits are vast and varied—from strengthening the physical heart to easing emotional pain to improving spiritual knowledge. With its masculine energy, it will help to enhance your strength, courage, and vitality. Read More

5. Jasper


Jasper benefits many kinds of people, not just those who are sad and stressed. It’s a very powerful stone that connects you to the energy of the earth–the soil under your feet, the source of all living things. This stone isn’t just a pretty ornament, it contains the wisdom of nature and imparts the ability to evolve and adapt to change and hardships. Read More

6. Labradorite


This gemstone has many metaphysical properties that enhances one’s ability for telepathy, prophecy, and the ability to realize one’s past lives. It is also a stone used when traversing through worlds because it makes accessing higher planes easier while having the ability to keep us grounded with our bodies upon return. Read More

7. Larimar

larimar meanings and benefits

Larimar benefits us because it helps us maintain a relaxed atmosphere as we push through with our goals. The clarity it brings to our mind is reflected in the clarity it gives our voice. We are able to communicate more effectively and get our point across in a way that reaches and touches other people. Read More

8. Moldavite

moldavite meanings and benefits

Moldavite is a Stone of Greatness. Its unusual origins, whimsical color, and shape are all indications that this stone isn’t an ordinary gem. In fact, the force that created it isn’t even from the earth, and it’s only found in one place–in the present-day Czech Republic. Read More

9. Peridot

Strikingly beautiful, the Peridot gemstone symbolizes late summer and early fall season with its olive shades. The Peridot meaning lies in its gentle healing nature and reinvigorating tendencies. This peace-inspiring stone induces a warm radiance, clarity, and enlightenment within your soul. Read More

10. Sapphire

sapphire meanings and benefits
sapphire meanings and benefits

White Sapphires clear the mind in order for one to discern his or her life’s purpose. Blue, black, indigo and Yellow Sapphire benefits include sharpness of the mind and strengthened intuition. Blue and indigo help awaken psychic abilities. Yellow Sapphires bring endurance in order to achieve prosperity. Green and Pink Sapphires benefit relationships, emotional health and the affairs of the heart. Read More

11. Serpentine

serpentine meaning and benefits

The Serpentine gemstone also has meaning in crystal medicine. It represents the power of creation, sexuality, and fertility. This gemstone has a strong connection with the life force of our planet. Because of that, it is often used for physical healing such as balancing the hormones and supplying the body of both men and women with energy to boost their cycle. Read More

12. Topaz

topaz meanings and benefits

Topaz is a very gentle-natured stone and is one of the best crystals you can ever give yourself. By using a Topaz gemstone, you’re infusing your spirit with the energy of the sun. This crystal soothes, heals, and recharges several chakra points without harshness or aggressiveness. Read More

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