Gemstones for Number 3

1. Amber

amber meanings and benefits

The Amber meaning revolves around balancing and clearing your mind and feelings. It takes out negative energies and surrounds you with warmth. Other amber benefits include attracting good luck, eliminating fears, and helping you develop wisdom and patience. It is also used to alleviate stress, promote confidence, and clear out depression. Read More

2. Amethyst


The Amethyst healing crystals are famous for their stunning violet color and often used as jewelry. They work as natural stress relievers as they magnify positive vibes while cleaning the body of negative energy. They also boost your spirit and encourage spiritual growth by protecting your aura from the harmful metaphysical debris. Read More

3. Black Obsidian


Black Obsidian is formed from volcanic molten lava that has undergone rapid cooling. Because of this process, the stone is also called “Volcanic Glass.” Other names include Glass Agate, Royal Agate, and Glassy Lava. Since it is obtained from volcanic lava, it is believed to have the most powerful properties combining the elements of Fire, Water, and Earth. Read More

4. Black Tourmaline


The Black Tourmaline gemstone is a bigtime energy purifier in the world of healing crystals. It repels and blocks negative energies and turns them into positive energies. It also serves as a powerful grounding stone, which protects you throughout your spiritual journey. Furthermore, it has supportive powers that align the energy centers of your body and channel healing light throughout your system. Read More

5. Botswana Agate


Botswana Agate is also known as the Fortification Agate. Instead of letting its owner dwell on hardships, difficulties, and negative emotions, Botswana Agate gives them all the love, support, and strength needed to look for solutions and answers. Some people also call Botswana Agate the “Sunset Stone”. It’s said that the warm, familiar energy that it emits brings comfort to people in dark, lonely nights. Read More

6. Calcite

calcite meanings and benefits

Calcite benefits by doubling the power of energies around it while filtering out negative energies and transforming them into positive energies. This versatile crystal can amplify mental capacity, spirituality, vigor and vitality, confidence and inner peace. Just like “multivitamins” but for the soul, Calcite strengthens us and helps us maximize our potentials and abilities to the fullest. Read More

7. Chrysoprase

chrysoprase meanings and benefits

Chrysoprase is beneficial for cultivating your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It speeds up healing and generates balance to attract new love, abundance, and prosperity in your life. It also connects the lower chakras to the higher chakras to achieve homeostasis. Overall, the Chrysoprase meaning revolves around stability, spiritual protection, and universal love. Read More

8. Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz may appear less interesting than stronger-hued gems. But let me tell you…this stone must not be underestimated. Bestowed with names such as “master healer”, “master cleanser”, and “master harmonizer” because of its profound ability to align all the chakras, Clear Quartz harbors powerful healing and protection properties. Read More

9. Goldstone

goldstone meaning healing properties

Speaking of The Ambition Stone, let us tell you why Goldstone is called that. Well, we are all too familiar with days where we sink to our lowest, not knowing how to rise from that darkness. This is where The Stone of Ambition acts as a savior and opens a chasm of light in that pit of darkness. It awakens your soul with a refreshing jolt, splashing you with a resurgent wave of ambition, confidence, and happiness. Read More

10. Green Aventurine


Green Aventurine is one of the most remarkable gemstones for luck, success, wealth, and abundance. As someone who likes wearing Green Aventurine jewelry, I highly appreciate the stone for what it attracts. However, upon digging deeper, I found that there’s so much more to this stone than what it is primarily known for. Read More

11. Herkimer Diamond

herkimer diamond meanings and benefits

Herkimer Diamond is also known as the “The Stone of Attunement”. Herkimer Diamond vibrations guide you out of uncomfortable and unpleasant situations and onto the right path.  If you want to hone your ability to lucid dream, this stone is great for that. Similarly, the pure light from the Herkimer Diamond can filter your dreams and prevent nightmares. Read More

12. Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli meaning benefits

A stone dating back millennia, Lapis Lazuli has been used to signify wisdom, truth, royalty, the gods, spirit and vision. Its meaning is related to its deep and rich blue hue. Buddhists recommend this stone to people who need inner peace and harmony. It can also aid in effective communication, which is why it can be used to improve relationships of all kinds. Read More

13. Morganite

morganite meanings and benefits

Morganite’s meaning is all about compassion, love and healing – all the things that make up a happy relationship and marriage. Because of the meaning behind the gemstone itself, Morganite makes a great engagement ring as a symbol and a promise of everlasting love and compassion for your significant other and future spouse! Read More

14. Pyrite

pyrite meaning and benefits

The Pyrite’s meaning lies in protection, vitality, and the spark of life. As the Pyrite gemstone resonates with both Earth and Fire energies, it is a perfect amalgam of stability and passion. Primarily, Pyrite reflects masculine nature, which is marked by action, will, and persistence. Read More

15. Ruby

ruby meanings and benefits

Ruby gemstones are good for building a strong relationship with your reality and the physical world. It washes away anger and negative feelings and transforms these energies into positive forces that drive a person forward. Ruby is also good for enhancing one’s vitality, sensuality, and sexuality. Just like how it lights up a person’s mood, it also lights things up in the bedroom. Read More

16. Ruby Zoisite


Ruby Zoisite is a naturally-occurring combination of magenta-colored Ruby and green-colored Zoisite. At times, black-colored hornblende is a third component in this stone. It is also known as “Anyolite”, which means green in the Masai language, “Tanganyika artstone”, or “Ruby in Zoisite”. In ancient times, its striking colors were prized and in sculptures and figurines. Read More

17. Sugilite

sugilite meanings and benefits

Sugilite benefits those whose aim is to improve their psychic and intuitive abilities. That’s because Sugilite amplifies one’s ability to channel energy from the universe and into the earth. When you hold a Sugilite gemstone in your hand, you’re made aware of the reasons you have been chosen to walk on this earth. It infuses our minds and souls with the knowledge that we are here for a purpose. Read More

18. Topaz

topaz meanings and benefits

Topaz is known through history to be a symbol of luxury and opulence. Owning a Topaz benefits those who yearn for vibrancy, strength, true love, fidelity, and friendship in their lives. Its interesting history, as well as the history of the people it has helped, is what gives Topaz meaning. Read More

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