Gemstone For Planet Saturn

1. Amethyst


The Amethyst healing crystals are famous for their stunning violet color and often used as jewelry. They work as natural stress relievers as they magnify positive vibes while cleaning the body of negative energy. They also boost your spirit and encourage spiritual growth by protecting your aura from the harmful metaphysical debris. Read More

2. Apache Tear

apache tear meanings and benefits

The Apache Tear meaning is closely linked to its rich history in Native American folklore and is popularly used as a calming, natural crystal. It is a form of volcanic glass composed of feldspar, hornblende, biotite and quartz and is formed by the rhythmic crystallization of molten substances. Read More

3. Black Obsidian


Black Obsidian is formed from volcanic molten lava that has undergone rapid cooling. Because of this process, the stone is also called “Volcanic Glass.” Other names include Glass Agate, Royal Agate, and Glassy Lava. Since it is obtained from volcanic lava, it is believed to have the most powerful properties combining the elements of Fire, Water, and Earth. Read More

4. Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz may appear less interesting than stronger-hued gems. But let me tell you…this stone must not be underestimated. Bestowed with names such as “master healer”, “master cleanser”, and “master harmonizer” because of its profound ability to align all the chakras, Clear Quartz harbors powerful healing and protection properties. Read More

5. Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli meaning benefits

A stone dating back millennia, Lapis Lazuli has been used to signify wisdom, truth, royalty, the gods, spirit and vision. Its meaning is related to its deep and rich blue hue. Buddhists recommend this stone to people who need inner peace and harmony. It can also aid in effective communication, which is why it can be used to improve relationships of all kinds. Read More

6. Lava Stone

lava stone meanings and benefits

The volcanic properties within it lights a fire in one’s soul to help you achieve great lengths. All aspects of its healing abilities relate to the spark that is ignited with the Lava Stone. It empowers you to push through personal challenges. It gives you a burst of creativity and inspiration for your daily tasks. It also grants you the wisdom to find the truth in the world. Use this gemstone when facing challenges, and it can grant you the knowledge to stay grounded and assess the situation. Read More

7. Moldavite

moldavite meanings and benefits

Moldavite is a Stone of Greatness. Its unusual origins, whimsical color, and shape are all indications that this stone isn’t an ordinary gem. In fact, the force that created it isn’t even from the earth, and it’s only found in one place–in the present-day Czech Republic. Read More

8. Sapphire

sapphire meanings and benefits

White Sapphires clear the mind in order for one to discern his or her life’s purpose. Blue, black, indigo and Yellow Sapphire benefits include sharpness of the mind and strengthened intuition. Blue and indigo help awaken psychic abilities. Yellow Sapphires bring endurance in order to achieve prosperity. Green and Pink Sapphires benefit relationships, emotional health and the affairs of the heart. Read More

9. Shungite

shungite meaning and benefits

Shungite is a beautiful stone that people have been using for centuries for its amazing healing power. It can be matte black or in dark grey with a silvery luster–either way, this dramatic crystal ensnares the senses with its mysterious allure.  Everyone from ancient philosophers to modern day crystallographers have been studying Shungite meaning in order to better understand how to harness its power for the good. Read More

10. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz meanning and benefits

This mesmerizing stone is one that takes on different colors with an ethereal translucence. From the gray of fragile incense smoke, to the blackness of the deepest night, to the warm brown of healthy soil. Smoky Quartz meaning harks back to these colors–it is as ubiquitous as incense in spiritual rituals, absorbs and protects us from intentions as dark as the night, and keeps us grounded and growing like plants grown on fertile ground. Read More

11. Spirit Quartz

spirit quartz meanings and benefits

Spirit Quartz benefits all those who need a spiritual boost and an aura or chakra cleanse. Its power to uplift people and pry them away from bad habits and behaviorsgives Spirit Quartz meaning. Read More

12. Watermelon Tourmaline

watermelon tourmaline meanings and benefits

As one of the most popular types of Tourmaline, the Watermelon Tourmaline is recognizable with its pink center and green parameter that resembles the sweet and refreshing fruit. But, it is also best-known as a powerful heart stone that soothes your emotions and helps you uncover the deepest parts of your heart.Furthermore, the gemstone instills joy in your mind and heart to aid you in combating stress, anxiety, and depression. Read More

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