Gemstone For Planet Jupiter

1. Amethyst


The Amethyst healing crystals are famous for their stunning violet color and often used as jewelry. They work as natural stress relievers as they magnify positive vibes while cleaning the body of negative energy. They also boost your spirit and encourage spiritual growth by protecting your aura from the harmful metaphysical debris. Read More

2. Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz may appear less interesting than stronger-hued gems. But let me tell you…this stone must not be underestimated. Bestowed with names such as “master healer”, “master cleanser”, and “master harmonizer” because of its profound ability to align all the chakras, Clear Quartz harbors powerful healing and protection properties. Read More

3. Grape Agate

grape agate meaning and benefits

Grape Agate is the stone of internal and external expansion. On one hand, It helps strengthen one’s connection with their higher self. Grape Agates are said to imbue their owners with the gift of intuition, knowledge, and self-discovery—helpful tools for introspection and meditation. Read More

4. Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli meaning benefits

A stone dating back millennia, Lapis Lazuli has been used to signify wisdom, truth, royalty, the gods, spirit and vision. Its meaning is related to its deep and rich blue hue. Buddhists recommend this stone to people who need inner peace and harmony. It can also aid in effective communication, which is why it can be used to improve relationships of all kinds. Read More

5. Lepidolite

lepidolite meanings and benefits

Lepidolite is known as a Stone of Transition as it aids you in making major changes in your life. Its restrictions elements of your life whether it be old behavior, psychological patterns, and negative thinking. These gemstones aid in releasing those that are not beneficial and reorganizing your energies to bring hope to the future ahead. Read More

6. Moldavite

moldavite meanings and benefits

Moldavite is by far one of the most powerful and interesting stones out there. It’s called by several names–all of which attest to its power and benefits. It’s also the catalyst to many beneficial changes. The light of new beginnings is what gives Moldavite meaning. But there’s a lot we don’t know about Moldavite properties, benefits, and even risks. What makes this crystal so special and what is it really good for? How can we harness these so-called Moldavite healing properties? Read More

7. Spirit Quartz

spirit quartz meanings and benefits

Spirit Quartz has a lot of spiritual, emotional, and mental healing properties. As a spiritual stone, it heightens one’s awareness and psychic perception, opening and energizing the third eye chakra. Spirit Quartz benefits the light body as it resonates with the universal force of love. For spirit workers, it’s also a protective stone when you astral travel or journey to other realms to seek healing and spiritual growth. Read More

8. Sugilite

sugilite meanings and benefits

Sugilite benefits those whose aim is to improve their psychic and intuitive abilities. That’s because Sugilite amplifies one’s ability to channel energy from the universe and into the earth. When you hold a Sugilite gemstone in your hand, you’re made aware of the reasons you have been chosen to walk on this earth. It infuses our minds and souls with the knowledge that we are here for a purpose. Read More

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