Gemstone Connected to the Sun

1. Amber

amber meanings and benefits

The Amber meaning revolves around balancing and clearing your mind and feelings. It takes out negative energies and surrounds you with warmth. Other amber benefits include attracting good luck, eliminating fears, and helping you develop wisdom and patience. It is also used to alleviate stress, promote confidence, and clear out depression. Read More

2. Angel Aura Quartz

angel aura quartz meaning healing properties

Also known as Auralite, Angel Aura is a type of quartz that undergoes extreme heat and blends with metals to enhance the absolute power of the gemstone. It provides adequate energy to fill you with endless happiness and confidence, making it the perfect stone to help the emotionally unstable and distressed. The powers of the gem also provide a defensive shield that helps promote mental clarity, pure tranquility, and inner peace. Read More

3. Calcite

calcite meanings and benefits

Calcite benefits by doubling the power of energies around it while filtering out negative energies and transforming them into positive energies. This versatile crystal can amplify mental capacity, spirituality, vigor and vitality, confidence and inner peace. Just like “multivitamins” but for the soul, Calcite strengthens us and helps us maximize our potentials and abilities to the fullest. Read More

4. Carnelian

Carnelian meanning and benefits
Carnelian meanning and benefits

The Carnelian is a vibrant and colorful stone that exudes a warm energy. The most common one is in red and orange hues. It’s a stone that’s associated with motivation, endurance, courage, and leadership. This is why it’s often been worn by ancient warriors to gather courage and power to challenge their foes. Read More

5. Citrine

Citrine meanning and benefits

Citrine stands for manifestation and personal will. It is both life-giving and energizing while being warm and comforting at the same time—a feat made possible by the power of the sun that it possesses. It is an excellent tool for stimulating the chakras, achieving a clearer mind, and motivating oneself to take action. Additionally, it sparks imagination and creativity and inspires new beginnings. Read More

6. Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz may appear less interesting than stronger-hued gems. But let me tell you…this stone must not be underestimated. Bestowed with names such as “master healer”, “master cleanser”, and “master harmonizer” because of its profound ability to align all the chakras, Clear Quartz harbors powerful healing and protection properties. Read More

7. Jasper

Jasper meaning and benefits

Jasper benefits many kinds of people, not just those who are sad and stressed. It’s a very powerful stone that connects you to the energy of the earth–the soil under your feet, the source of all living things. This stone isn’t just a pretty ornament, it contains the wisdom of nature and imparts the ability to evolve and adapt to change and hardships. Read More

8. Lemon Quartz

lemon quartz meanings and benefits

Some of the biggest lemon quartz benefits include its ability to reduce cravings by improving metabolism – whether it’s as small as food or as big as drug addiction. It is also the right crystal for you if you just underwent a serious injury or suffer from illness as it will help speed up the recovery process. Read More

9. Peridot

peridot meaning and benefits

Top Peridot benefits include stimulation of the mind, the heart, and the spirit. As a potent protective talisman, the Peridot gemstone is excellent to use against the evils of the darkness. It is used to maneuver fears, alleviate stress, and fight depression. Read More

10. Pyrite

pyrite meaning and benefits

The Pyrite’s meaning lies in protection, vitality, and the spark of life. As the Pyrite gemstone resonates with both Earth and Fire energies, it is a perfect amalgam of stability and passion. Primarily, Pyrite reflects masculine nature, which is marked by action, will, and persistence. Read More

11. Rainbow Aura Quartz

titanium rainbow aura quartz meaning healing properties

Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz meaning lies in the fact that it revives and nourishes your life forces. It also serves as a striking emblem of peace, calm and tranquility. Meanwhile, significant Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz benefits also include a rush of insight, intuitive powers, and confidence. Read More

12. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz meanning and benefits

This mesmerizing stone is one that takes on different colors with an ethereal translucence. From the gray of fragile incense smoke, to the blackness of the deepest night, to the warm brown of healthy soil. Smoky Quartz meaning harks back to these colors–it is as ubiquitous as incense in spiritual rituals, absorbs and protects us from intentions as dark as the night, and keeps us grounded and growing like plants grown on fertile ground. Read More

13. Spirit Quartz

spirit quartz meanings and benefits

Spirit Quartz benefits all those who need a spiritual boost and an aura or chakra cleanse. Its power to uplift people and pry them away from bad habits and behaviorsgives Spirit Quartz meaning. Read More

14. Sunstone

sunstone meaning and benefits

The Sunstone meaning lies in the three V’s of life. Vigor, vitality, and vibrancy. Powered by the blazing Sun itself, the Sunstone captures its strength, warmth, and light. Resultantly, this collective power is invested in the crystal, which it channels into the wearer. Read More

15. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's eye meanning and benefits

Tiger’s Eye meaning lies in the concept of perception. Just as we use our eyes to see the physical world around us, so does the Tiger’s Eye gemstone allow us to see the metaphysical world around us.With this healing crystal, we perceive ourselves and others more clearly. Read More

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