Fluorite: Meaning, Jewelry, and Healing Properties

Fluorite meaning and healing properties

If you are interested in minerals and precious stones in any capacity, Fluorite would need no introduction. In terms of popularity, it comes second only to quartz in both mineralogy and physical healing circles. It has unique physical and metaphysical qualities that make Fluorite jewelry, gemstones and ore among the most sought after in the world. 

What is Fluorite?

Fluorite is a crystal comprised of calcium and fluorine, with a chemical nomenclature of CaF2. It comes in a variety of colors, ranging from clear to rainbow, all with a glassy luster. While it may be hard to identify this mineral based on its color, it possesses other physical properties that set it apart from the rest.

When it breaks apart, it cleaves in a cube or an octahedron with four faces—the only commonly-found stone that does so. It has a score of 4 on the Moh’s hardness scale, making it quite easy to manipulate for a variety of purposes. It also has a relatively high specific gravity of 3.2. When placed under ultraviolet light, it appears to glow in the dark. This in fact where the term “fluorescence” comes from. Some samples of Fluorite gemstones also display thermo-luminescence—appearing to glow even by the heat of a human hand.

What is Fluorite Good For?

Fluorite is one of the most versatile stones in the crystal energy arsenal. Its is a focus stone—one that clears away the debris cluttering our mind, allowing us to concentrate on what is important. Its primary strength is its ability to give its wearer the ability to organize thoughts, making it easier to follow through with a plan, make wiser decisions, and create structure out of chaos. 

The name “Fluorite” is derived from the Latin word “fluo” which means “flux”. This is reflective of the crystal’s ability to allow an uninterrupted flow of information—making it excellent for those who need to memorize, learn a new skill, or retain a large amount of material. 

It is a protective stone that helps you see past those who try to manipulate you. It helps you see through deceptive words and actions to perceive the truth.

Fluorite has the special ability of amplifying the healing energy of other crystals, making it a shoo-in for crystal grids and arrangements.


FLUORITE unicorn
FLUORITE bracelet 1
FLUORITE pendant necklace
FLUORITE pendant necklace - gold chain
FLUORITE pendant necklace 3

Fluorite Physical Healing Properties

Fluorite healing properties relate to brain-related problems. It is considered a helpful supplement to aid in medical and psychological treatments for those experiencing mental illness, vertigo, motor coordination, spasms, and learning difficulties. 

Many people who are suffering from bone and teeth issues find that wearing Fluorite jewelry during treatment can help speed up healing, alleviating the pain of osteomalacia, posture issues, arthritis, broken bones, among others.

It strengthens the immune system, which makes it an ideal crystal for those suffering from highly infectious diseases and those who are constantly exposed to them.

Fluorite has also been used in tandem with traditional Western medicine in order to help treat respiratory infections like flu, pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis, and certain viral infections.

It helps protect the user against harmful electromagnetic waves that emanate from gadgets.

Fluorite Emotional Healing Properties

Fluorite helps balance the emotions by increasing one’s mindfulness. With this crystal, you will be able to feel your emotions without allowing them to control you—allowing you to respond to emotionally-charged situation in a conducive way. It promotes objectivity and removes bias that could impede the formation of intimate relationships, helping repair any conflicts or misunderstanding that arise. In the same way it stabilizes emotions, Fluorite also stabilizes relationships. It encourages people to act together towards a common goal, unhindered by personal prejudice and selfish thoughts.

Fluorite Spiritual Healing Properties

Fluorite gemstone clusters are also called “dream crystals” for their ability to commune with the spiritual realm. It helps align the body and mind with the spirit. Meditating while wearing Fluorite jewelry or while holding a Fluorite gemstone will allow you to look inside your soul and discover things you did not consciously know about yourself. At the same time, it will help you see how you fit into the greater plan of the universe, helping you find your purpose and passion.

What Does Fluorite Attract?

Remember that Fluorite is a focus stone that helps the user organize thoughts and make better decisions. In so doing, it attracts wealth, success in endeavors, increased intellectual ability, and stable, happy relationships. 

Fluorite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Fluorite healing properties work primarily on the Third Eye Chakra. This energy center for intuition, wisdom, and perception. When this chakra is balanced, one is able to step back from the situation and see things as they truly are—uncolored by bias and distractions. It makes us more aware of how our thoughts, words, and actions affect the world around us.

When the Third Eye Chakra is imbalanced, one may experience difficulty in reading situations. There is a tendency to react disproportionately to highly charged encounters. People who have a misaligned Third Eye Chakra may be described as scatter-brained, experiencing difficulty in making plans and following through with them.

To stimulate the chakra, lie down while meditating and place a Fluorite gemstone on the third eye between the eyebrows. 

What Are the Other Colors of Fluorite?

Fluorite gemstone comes in a variety of colors. Each has its own unique strength in addition to the healing properties all forms of Fluorite share.

  • Purple Fluorite focuses increasing the wearer’s intellectual and spiritual abilities. It protects against bad dreams, negative thoughts, and ill intentions. It brings peace of mind that allows for the opening up of the spirit to psychic visions.
  • Blue Fluorite helps people communicate plans in an effective way. Fluorite in general helps in organizing thoughts and processes, but Blue Fluorite’s strength lies in its ability to summarize those plans in a way that is easy to understand to others. Using this gemstone strengthens communication skills, whether the message is verbal or visual.
  • Clear Fluorite is a double whammy that helps balance both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It combines intellect with spirituality, allowing us to see what is the most effective way we can create positive change in the lives of others. 
  • Green Fluorite is the Fluorite of choice if you are looking for personal growth. It helps heal old wounds and replace bad habits in order to be a better and happier person. People who have been traumatized can benefit from green Fluorite’s healing properties.
  • Yellow Fluorite opens up the part of our mind associated with creativity. If you have been stuck on a problem for a long time, reach for yellow Fluorite. It helps you think of out-of-the-box solutions and opens up the imagination for new ideas.
  • Rainbow Fluorite appearance is reflective of its healing energy. In the same way that the crystal’s physical appearance is a beautiful union of different colors (usually with hues of green, violet, white, clear, yellow, and blue), the stone’s healing property focuses on building harmony between individuals. It also represents a merging of the three aspects of a person: mind, body, and spirit. Rainbow Fluorite has high vibrational energy, making it ideal for any endeavor that requires a unity of different entities.

Who Can Benefit From Fluorite?

Fluorite gives its user increased focus and mental ability. The following would benefit from these Fluorite healing properties:

  • Students of all educational levels
  • People studying for board exams or professional service tests
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People who have difficulty maintaining concentration

Fluorite gemstones help organize thoughts and streamline plans. It allows a balance between seeing the bigger picture and being detail-oriented. It helps the user become more forward-thinking, able to make wise decisions quickly when things go awry.

  • Multi-taskers
  • Event organizers
  • Start-up founders
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Those who work in fast-paced and high pressure environments
  • Anyone who aims to restructure and improve their lives

Fluorite helps one look at situations and people objectively. It helps balance emotions, making one respond in a more calibrated and well thought-out manner.

  • People who have difficulty controlling their emotions
  • Couples who are undergoing a rough patch in their relationship

Zodiac Signs that Benefit From Fluorite Healing Properties

If you are born between December 22 and January 19, you will receive additional benefits from using Fluorite. Being born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, you have a tendency to aim for perfection, relentless in your quest to being the best of who you can be. While this is a positive in most aspects, at times it brings about a tendency to be critical of others who are no as driven as you. By wearing Fluorite jewelry or using Fluorite gemstones, you become more self-aware about how your judgmental thoughts and behaviors affect others. By being more understanding and sensitive, you foster more intimate relationships with others.

Those born under the Aquarius sign are governed by the energy of Saturn and Uranus. Incidentally, Fluorite is the fusion of both these energies. It is the perfect foil for the free-spirited nature of those born between January 20 and February 18, giving structure to all their creative ideas.

Pisces is a zodiac sign represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This indicates a core conflict within each person born under this sign: other’s needs versus their own. Being a compassionate and deeply empathic sign, they tend to neglect their own needs in favor of other’s. Fluorite will help them keep that tendency in check so they are able to take care of themselves while assisting others. It helps them see situations clearly, to decide how they can balance achieving their own goals and extending help to others at the same time.

What Other Stones Work Well with Fluorite?

As you have read, you will notice that Fluorite healing properties are varied. If you want to focus on enhancing only one for your purposes, you may do so by pairing it with other stones.

If your goal is to use Fluorite to help in studying, organizing thoughts, increasing focus and keeping yourself disciplined, you may use it alongside:

  • Clear Quartz is a clear crystal that gives a crystal clear mind to its user. It removes mental blockages and helps minimize the temptation of distractions, making it easier to focus on the task at hand.
  • Turquoise is well-known for its soothing color. It helps you study by alleviating stress, absorbing negative energy that can hinder you from performing at your peak. It is a good stone to have when you are feeling pressured or dejected from previous failures.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a dramatic stone of brown-and-gold bands. It usually presents with a round, eye-like distortion in the bands that gives the stone its name. It helps when you are looking for information, making it an ideal stone for researchers.
  • Sodalite is a blue stone interspersed with veins of white and black. It helps you make sense of information, particularly when you are feeling overwhelmed with everything. It strengthens your intuition, helping you follow through with hunches to achieve important insights.

Crystals to Combine with Fluorite to Balance the Chakras

If you want to use Fluorite to balance your Third Eye and Heart Chakras, combine it with:

  • Amethyst is beautiful translucent purple crystal. Purple is the color of wisdom, which means that amethyst aids in aligning the Third Eye Chakra. It helps create awareness about the world around us, seeing the connections between ourselves and others. With Amethyst, we can achieve mindfulness.
  • Lapis Lazuli is a royal blue stone that has been prized for its healing energy since the time of the ancients. Its vibrations encourage enlightenment and the pursuit of truth. Using this gem will allow you to see reality clearly. It helps soothe anger and harmful thoughts.
  • Labradorite is a captivating stone that becomes iridescent with color when it catches the light. When used in meditation, it opens up the third eye, allowing one to see things in a new light. Self-discovery and new insights are hallmarks of using Labradorite.
  • Green Aventurine is an opaque, glossy stone that reminds one of growth and life. It is a powerful stone to open up a blocked Heart Chakra. With Green Aventurine, you are able communicate more intimately with yourself, learning about the needs and desires you have buried in order to please others. This stone removes that and opens your Heart Chakra to your authentic self. By living your truth, you become more confident and happy with who you are.
  • Peridot is a lime green crystal that activates the Heart Chakra. It gives off strong vibrations that helps one let go of anger and give way to forgiveness. It is a salve for destructive jealousy and a wounded sense of self that is the aftermath of betrayal. If you are suffering from what another has done to you, you may find peace by incorporating Peridot into your crystal healing.
  • Rose Quartz is a lovely pink crystal that enhances compassion and kindness. This opens up the Heart Chakra, calming the nerves and giving one peace. When people are in peace together, they are more likely to treat each other with gentleness and understanding. If your goal is to heal a strained relationship, this is the stone for you.

Crystals to Combine with Fluorite to Increase Creativity

If increasing creativity and opening up your imagination is your reason for picking Fluorite, strengthen it by using it with:

  • Carnelian is a beautiful stone that occurs in shades of red and orange. If you find it difficult to push through with projects after the initial excitement has worn off, you can reignite your passion and imagination once again with the help of this gemstone. It revitalizes creativity and helps you think of new ways around problems that have deterred you from progress.
  • Citrine is a form of quartz that can range from the color of pale dawn sunlight to bright lemon yellow to deep honey gold. Its uplifting color is reflective of what it does for the soul: it brings zest for life to new levels. With Citrine, it becomes easier to release negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs, fears and bad habits. With these out of the way, you are able to see things in a sunny new light—allowing you to open yourself up to new ideas.
  • Malachite is a verdant, forest-green stone that encourages personal growth and transformation into one’s authentic self. It helps people break out of their shell and express who they are truly are in a variety of creative outlets. By being brave enough to be yourself in all its glory, your imagination and drive goes through the roof.
  • Garnet is an alluring crystal that is usually found in shades of red. It is a stone that is thought to bring luck and good fortune, particularly in dire situations. When you feel trapped in a corner with no way out, garnet is your best bet. It will help you think of creative solutions to problems that have stumped you for days.
  • Opalite is a magnificent opaque crystal that, when observed closely under the light, shows a myriad of colors shining within its depth. In the same way, it helps its users peer into the depths of their soul to find the wonder and darkness within. It helps bring out the light in the form of creativity, self-expression, and self-love, while helping us get through the darkness by making us aware of past mistakes and behaviors to change in order to be better.

Opalite Necklace

opalite floral pendant necklace fluorite pairing

Opalite Hand Carved Unicorn

opalite crystal unicorn fluorite pairing

Crystals to Combine with Fluorite to Reduce Radiation and Negativity

If you want to take advantage of Fluorite healing property of reducing electromagnetic radiation and dispel negative energy from gadgets and machines, you can use it with: 

  • Black Tourmaline is among the best talismans for protection against all types of harm. It acts as a shield from which negative energy, ill intentions, and environmental pollution bounces off. Placing this near computers, laptops, telephones, mobile phones and other means of digital communication can help dispel the harmful electromagnetic vibrations that affect our thinking. In addition, it also empowers its user with self-confidence, a need for anyone in the workplace.
  • Shungite is a black, carbon-based stone that helps conduct energy towards a certain focus. When used near machines, it can purify the air to remove harmful radiation by absorbing it into its inky depths. Another bonus is that it also absorbs negative energies, making you impervious to the negativity on the internet.
  • Obsidian is an opaque, shiny black crystal with superb healing and protective powers. It will not only safeguard its user against electromagnetic radiation, it will also heal her/him of ailments caused by previous exposure. It also helps cleanse the aura of negative energy, making one more focused and happy in the workplace.

How to Charge and Program Your Fluorite with Your Intentions

Now that you know about what Fluorite can do for you, it’s time to put it in action! To maximize the benefit of your Fluorite gemstone, you must first cleanse it and charge it with your intention. 

The first step is to cleanse it to rid it of any negative energy it may have absorbed. You may do so by burning a sage bush and allowing its aromatic fumes to engulf the stone. Another cleansing method is to leave the Fluorite under the sun for a few hours to allow the warmth of the skies to wash over it. You may also leave it under the moonlight for a full night to let luna’s healing energy cleanse it. Burying it under the soil is one way to take away negativities in Gaia’s embrace.

You may now proceed with charging the stone with your intention. Using your dominant hand, hold the crystal firmly but gently. Clear your mind from clutter, worries, or fears. Focus on your intention. Think of a statement that summarizes your intention and repeat it to yourself while imagining the life you would lead if your intention was realized. Saying your intention out loud will help direct Fluorite’s healing energy towards your goal.

How to Use Your Fluorite Gemstone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

After cleansing and charging your stone, you are now ready to activate its healing properties.

The most common way is to hold a Fluorite tumble stone during meditation or prayer. Enter a serene place, allow your mind to calm down, and enter a meditative state while holding the gemstone gently in your hands. Feel the crystal in your hands and imagine its energy emanating towards you as you think deeply about your intention.

You may also use Fluorite mala or Fluorite prayer beads during meditation. As you reflect on your intention, allow your fingers to gently caress each bead. You may repeat your intention or a prayer as you go through each bead.

If the focus of your meditation session is to balance your energy centers, you may lie down during meditation and place the Fluorite gemstone between your eyebrows for healing the Third Eye Chakra, or on the center of your chest for realigning the Heart Chakra.

Meditation may take the form of journaling. As you write and reflect upon your day, keep the Fluorite tumbled stone in your other hand. You may leave it on top of your journal during the day as well.

To keep Fluorite healing properties activated around you as you go about your day, consider carrying a tumbled stone in your bag, or wearing Fluorite jewelry. Bracelets and rings, prayer beads or Fluorite mala, are effective because they allow skin-to-crystal touch that is powerfully activating. You may use a Fluorite necklace that reaches the center of the chest to heal the Heart Chakra even as you do other tasks.

You may also allow Fluorite healing properties to wash over you literally by using them in the bath or shower. You may hold the stones against the stream of water to allow the stone to shower you with its benefits. Otherwise, you can place Fluorite in the bathtub water as you relax.

A crystal elixir is another great way to take in crystal healing energy. You can use the direct or indirect method on Fluorite—whichever you prefer. 

  • The direct method involves pouring spring water over a cleansed Fluorite stone and allowing it to sit under the sunlight or moonlight for a day. Once the sun or moon energy has been fully imbibed by the crystal-water mixture, this is strained to remove any debris. The mixture is poured into a container until 2/3 full. The remaining 1/3 is filled with vodka or brandy as a preservative. The resulting solution is called the Mother elixir, and you may put some into a glass dropper bottle to infuse any drink with the crystal elixir. 
  • The indirect method involves placing a cleansed Fluorite inside a small jar, and placing that jar in a bowl or container filled with water. Allow it imbibe sun or moon energy for a day and you may drink it whenever you wish.

Fluorite is a great stone to include in crystal grids. When making a grid, you choose the stones whose healing properties will be most helpful in realizing your intention. Some combination of Fluorite and other stones were discussed above. Usually, crystal grids are arranged in either spiral patterns or concentric circles. Allow your intuition and aesthetic eye to guide you as you place your stones. Write your intention on a piece of paper and place it at the center of the arrangement. Then place the Fluorite tumbled stone on top of the paper.

How to Use Fluorite Gemstone in Feng Shui

Fluorite gemstones are frequently used in Eastern spiritual practices such as feng shui. You may purchase a Fluorite crystal ball. In this round, smooth form, the crystal healing energy of Fluorite is made auspicious.

Placement of the Fluorite crystal ball depends on the bagua aspiration you desire. Place it in the southeast part of your home for good fortune in financial endeavors, in the northeast area to bring success in intellectual pursuit, in the southwest corner for romantic happiness, and in the center if you want harmony and peace in your home. 

How is Fluorite Formed?

Fluorite is usually found as veins in rock, usually alongside metallic ores. It is formed when the rock is exposed to hydrothermal processes over a long period of time. At times it is found in fissures of limestone and dolomite.

Where is Fluorite Found?

Fluorite deposits occur all over the world. In Europe, France, Germany, Austria, Russia and England have yielded significant amounts of precious stone. This has also been sourced in both South America (notably Argentina and Mexico) and North America (particularly Quebec in Canada and Illinois in the USA). In the African continent, Fluorite gemstones have been found in Namibia and Morocco. Asia also has its fair share of deposits in China and Myanmar.

How was Fluorite Used in Ancient Times?

Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, was commonly used in ornamental decorations. Its chemical properties allow it to be manipulated into sculptures, talismans, amulets, vases, and bowls by nearly all ancient civilizations. Artifacts have been found from the deserts of Egypt to the plains of Native America to the ancient cities of Rome. Cups made of Fluorite gemstone have been historically documented as highly prized, thought to protect the drinker from inebriation and giving a distinctive taste to any liquid placed inside it. 

Fluorite has been used since the 1600s to produce the hydrofluoric acid needed for intricate glass etching. Fluorite healing properties were demonstrated by diluting a very small amount of acid in water to alleviate kidney problems, shrink varicose veins, combat baldness, and cure swelling in extremities. 

Metaphysically, it was thought to be light in crystallized form. Possession of Fluorite was thought to bring enlightenment.


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