Cryolite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

cryolite meanings and benefits

Are you on a journey of trying to understand yourself better and achieve contentment in life? Then, the Cryolite gemstone is the perfect stone for you. This gemstone is widely known for its spiritual effect that helps with your psychic abilities, communication, and energy. It has strong vibrations that resonate in your entire body for a full experience.

Top 3 Benefits of Cryolite Crystals

  • Awakening – Cryolite is a highly spiritual stone that is great for meditation and communing with higher beings. Use this stone to open your mind and surrender yourself to spiritual beings and angels.

  • Intellect – For those who feel that they can’t learn more, this crystal is perfect because it allows you to enhance and advance your way of thinking. This can be academically or artistically. Cryolite then becomes an ideal stone for those who need creativity in their lives.

  • Self-Discovery – This stone is all about understanding yourself and the world around you. It gets rid of distracting and unneeded thoughts that serve you no purpose. By getting rid of them, you then start to discover your true potential and purpose in life.

What Is Cryolite Stone Good For?

Because of its powerful vibrations and color, the primary purpose of the Cryolite is for unlocking your spiritual abilities. Cryolite is highly powerful and influential on the brain and mind. Because of this, it is often used to unlock one’s psychic knowing and stimulate their psychic gifts.

What it does is energize your prefrontal cortex, the frontal lobe of your brain that’s responsible for complex behavior and such. That causes it to stimulate your Third Eye Chakra as well as other sleeping parts of your brain. For that reason, people also say that Cryolite gemstones are one of the best for aiding light body awakening.

Similarly, the Cryolite’s meaning also ties closely with awareness and spiritual truth. This awareness can be of yourself or of your surroundings. When it comes to discovering yourself, Cryolite is the best as it helps with self-reflection. Aside from that, you can also use it to become more attentive of your surroundings. In these times, we often get too caught up in our problems to see the world around us.

Another thing Cryolite crystals are used for is aligning oneself to the heart center and higher self. Linking your mind and heart is a valuable step in enlightenment, and it helps you live a heart-centered life.

Lastly, this stone has been commonly used for Kundalini activation. What happens in this process is that powerful energy from the base of your spine travels up and unblocks all your Chakras along the way, helping you achieve a sort of state of enlightenment.

What Are the Healing Properties of Cryolite?

  • Spiritual
    A Cryolite gemstone is best for developing a connection between your heart and mind. It invigorates the brain by getting rid of thoughts and beliefs that do not add value to your life. These are often negative behaviors that keep us from achieving our full potential. Many of us struggle with these thoughts, and it can be difficult to overcome them. This crystal can help dispel them.

    Because this crystal can unlock your brain’s potential, it helps you form deeper connections with your surroundings and the higher plains. This allows you to have deeper meditations and can access wisdom from the angels.

    Cryolite gemstones also encourage introspection, and this is often the first step to one’s journey to self-discovery.

    Using this crystal can also help you with ascension and enlightenment. By releasing egoistic and self-deprecating thinking, you can transcend your mind to a higher way of thinking. This ascension can affect you in a number of ways, from the way you act around other people to what your senses are feeling.
  • Emotional
    For the emotional aspect, the Cryolite healing properties are all about finding happiness. Because of its composition containing a bit of Siderite, this gemstone would bring you more positive thoughts that would improve your mood.

    If you are the type to be easily scared of things or people, use the Cryolite to dispel those fears. Carry one with you to overcome your fears and become braver. It is the perfect crystal for those who want to face tough challenges or situations without being held back. That is why it is believed that the Cryolite is best for those who do public speaking because it helps ease their nerves.

    Another thing this crystal is great for is relieving one of stress. Similar to those who are easily afraid, people who are easily stressed can use Cryolite jewelry and gemstones to help them stay composed and calm.
  • Mental
    Oftentimes, these troubled emotions we experience are because of lack of faith in oneself. Since part of its abilities invoice self-awareness, Cryolite can increase our confidence and make us stronger. It helps you become more comfortable about being alone and rely on yourself. This is great for those who are anxious about their own abilities, and it can earn you the respect of others around you.

    When it comes to improving your speech ability, Cryolite gemstones can empower you to get over mental and psychological barriers that are getting in the way. It takes away all that negativity and replaces them with useful and positive thinking. In the same sense, you can use this crystal to help you get past stage fright and nerves.

    One way it also helps you mentally is by helping you focus on your goals. If you’re the type whose thoughts are always scattered and doesn’t know what to do in life, then the Cryolite can help you achieve clarity. It has the ability to stimulate your brain, making you more productive and prolific. This will help you think of goals or methods that can help in your personal growth and realize your true potential.

    Lastly, this crystal can bring you contentment. More than just understanding yourself, you understand the environment better. This gives you a new sense of satisfaction and appreciation for the things around you.
  • Physical
    Due to its strong connection with the Third Eye Chakra, the Cryolite is great for treating eye infections and maintaining eye health. It can also reduce pain and itchiness from infections.

    Its association with the Kundalini makes it ideal for rejuvenating your whole body. The flowing energy from it helps maintain good organ functions and improve your overall health. Use it to get rid of chills as well.

    You can also use this stone to get rid of or treat speech disorders like stuttering.

Cryolite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Cryolite is strongly connected and beneficial to those with the Aquarius or Gemini sign.

For the Aquarius, they can use this stone to stimulate their minds. Traits associated with this sign are largely connected to independence, intelligence, and thinking. The Cryolite has properties that positively influence the brain and improve cognitive function, and that is what makes it a perfect stone for them. Aside from that, it can also help them become more compromising.

As for the Gemini, Cryolite works well for them because it helps them become smarter and more adaptable. Being able to hold conversation and socialize is very important for Gemini, so this stone works great for them. It helps them have deeper and meaningful conversations with others.

Cryolite and Planetary Connection

Uranus is called the ‘awakener’ in astrology, and that seems pretty fitting for the Cryolite. This planet is all about transition and change. It is associated with things beyond the physical. Uranus is all about releasing yourself from mortal bonds. Spiritual awakening is one of the Cryolite’s traits, which explains its connection to this planet. Uranus also represents originality and individuality.

Cryolite and The Elements

The element of Cryolite is the Storm (sometimes called Ether). Elements generally reflect and are similar to the properties and healing abilities to the stones associated with them. This one is the fifth element, and it is all about achieving balance. Balance in spirit, health, and all other aspects of your life.

Storm elements are used for getting rid of the old to make way for the new. By getting rid of habits and traits that are not useful to us, we can become more holistic and enlightened. Cryolite helps filter out what we do and do not need in our lives. Storm elements are associated with big changes and strength.

Cryolite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Although it was mentioned earlier that Cryolite has strong connections with the Third Eye and Throat Chakra, this gemstone actually resonates with all the Chakras. The Kundalini energy allows it to connect with all the Chakras for a complete experience.

The thing about Chakras is that you need all of them to be balanced in order to unlock each of their abilities. Once they are all aligned, you can discover your psychic abilities and activate your inner vision. It may be overwhelming at first because you will experience an enhanced mental state. Also, you will be able to do other abilities like receive prophetic visions, commune with spirit guides, lucid dream, astral project, and ESP. 

Cryolite Meditation

Cryolites are great for meditation, so these are one of the best stones to use for your spiritual journey. These can be quite hard to find, but they are well worth it once you actually have one

There are many ways that you can use this stone to benefit you in your daily life.

  • Hold a Cryolite tumbled stone while praying or meditating.
  • Carry around Cryolite stones to dispel evil.
  • Place and Cryolite gemstones to bring creativity and spiritual healing.
  • Wear Cryolite jewelry. Because this stone can stimulate and benefit all your Chakras, any kind of jewelry will do.
  • Hold a Cryolite tumbled stone to try contacting angels from higher planes.

What Crystals to Combine with Cryolite to Connect with Your Angel Guide

Normally, a Cryolite alone is enough to do deeper mediation, but you can further speed up the process by making use of other stones. If you’re looking for something to pair it with, here are some gemstones to supercharge your connection with the angelic realm.


For centuries, the Amethyst has been widely used for its powerful abilities. It is often used to protect the wearer during astral travel as well as help them communicate with guardian angels. Not only is it good for protection, but it is also great for asking help from spiritual beings. This crystal is highly calming and is best used when your goal is to improve communication.


To unmask the hidden things in the world, use the iridescent Labradorite with your Cryolite. It improves your physical and spiritual vision to give you a better understanding of the universe. Known as the Stone of Magic, Labradorite can reveal hidden secrets and boost your self-awareness. Expect to have enhanced clairvoyant abilities as well.

Clear Quartz

Out of all Quartz, clear ones are the best for spiritual healing because of its pure color. It reflects and amplifies light energy, which enhances your meditation. Clear Quartz opens your heart and mind, and this lets your thoughts transcend and be received by spirits in higher planes. Alongside the Cryolite, you can further get rid of negativity and prevent yourself from being affected by others’ aura.


As can be seen from its name, this gemstone emulates the power of the moon. It used to open one’s mind to wisdom and knowledge. Moonstone encourages feelings of hopes and dreams of the future. This kind of thinking brings serendipity and synchronicity while strengthening your spirituality. A Moonstone and Cryolite pairing are great for those who are insecure because those who suffer from this condition don’t usually see their true capabilities.


Moldavite has a more intense vibration that you can sometimes feel when you touch it. It lights a fire in you in all aspects, and this manifests in the form of either creativity, inspiration, or motivation. These are things that you would need if you aspire for spiritual ascension. If you still need an extra push, use a Moldavite alongside your Cryolite crystal.

Rainbow Aura Quartz

This stone is more commonly used for healing and cleansing the body. Carry around a Rainbow Aura Quartz stone or wear jewelry to release negative thoughts in your mind. This will help you maintain a continuous and uninterrupted journey to spiritual awakening and advance your connection with the angels.

How to Use Cryolite for Feng Shui

In terms of Feng Shui, Cryolite exudes Metal Energy, the energy of intelligence, ideas, and creativity. The areas they cover are the northwest and west bagua.

The northwest area is about helpful people and compassion. In this area, you use it to show gratitude and appreciation for the people and blessings in your life. Crystals and gemstones in this area should have the Earth and Metal elements. This area is also for attracting people who are beneficial to your life.

Meanwhile, the west bagua is for children and creativity. The Cryolite is perfect for this space because it stimulates their young and developing minds. This room encourages clarity and expression, and the Cryolite will bring more precision to overactive children.

Cryolite in Folklore and Ancient Times

Historically, the Cryolite has been sued to scare away evil. People back in the day used to wear it around their chests because it gives them protection. They would set it in gold to wear and dispel phantoms.

How Is Cryolite Formed?

Cryolite were originally mined in Greenland, in a place called Ivigtut. That was where it was discovered by a Dutch physician and veterinarian named Christian Abildgaard. He chose the name based on the two Greek words mentioned earlier because of its appearance, which resembled snow. For 150 years, that was the only known area you can mine them from, but excessive mining led it to become extinct.

This crystal is taken out of Aluminum through a process that requires heating it up to a melting point. Nowadays, you can only find deposits of them in Greenland, Spain, and parts of America. There have been reports of them in Canada, Brazil, Russia, Norway, Czech Republic, and Ukraine.


When you’re struggling to find balance in your body, Cryolite is the best gemstone for you. It has properties that unblocks and energizes all your Chakras. Aside from that, this stone is highly powerful in stimulating the mind and heart, which are part of the top most Chakras in your body. Once you have used this stone to open your mind and embrace kindness and positivity, you can achieve a different state of thinking. Cryolite gemstones are truly made for those who want to experience enlightenment.


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